The END of My Struggles

Below, I share a personal letter I wrote in June 2018 addressed to Toxic Adult Bullies, as well as a response to a Summery Hearing where I discussed the impact this situation had on my mental health. It is a testament to all the healing I have done since!

In my writings during this period, it is evident that I was going through significant emotional distress. I was deeply affected by confusion, frustration, hurt, anger, and resentment. I felt attacked and falsely accused, all out of a desire for revenge. The relentless bullying took a toll on my mental well-being, and the signs of distress were evident in my writing. I am grateful I am not that way anymore!!

This situation began like any other encounter with difficult tenants making unreasonable demands. Typically, once they are made aware of the rules, the situation resolves itself. However, this was not the case with Toxic Adult Bullies.

At the start, I was determined to follow the proper procedures and seek mediation through the Landlord and Tenant Board to address the persistent refusal of access by Toxic Adult Bullies. I believe that attending a hearing would help clarify the rules of entry and allow us to move forward. Little did I know that they would eventually be evicted.

From June to August 2016, I had limited in-person interactions with Toxic Adult Bullies, mostly related to rent payments and issues surrounding a propane BBQ. Most of our communication was conducted via email, where I have documented their consistent refusal to grant access, which is valuable evidence.

Throughout this period, every letter, notice, and even the Notice of Entry that I provided to Toxic Adult Bullies included the contact information for the Landlord and Tenant Board. I even went out of my way to provide them with information about the Scarborough Legal Clinic. This demonstrates that I was not engaging in any reprisal activities.

I took these steps out of frustration, as it was challenging to explain the rules to individuals who refused to acknowledge them. Toxic Adult Bullies acted as though I had invented these rules myself, so I encouraged them to seek confirmation from others to hear it from a different source.

Initially, the situation seemed relatively straightforward. Toxic Adult Bullies proved to be difficult tenants, consistently questioning any changes we made in the building. They insisted on having an alternative payment method that did not incur fees for them, as I refused to accept cash due to safety concerns. They also disputed the removal of propane BBQs and the clearing of balconies from stored belongings. Additionally, they consistently obstructed access to their apartment for repairs, inspections, and pest control.

During this time, Toxic Adult Bullies never mentioned any prior meeting, which they later claimed occurred at a restaurant “some time” in June 2016. This alleged prior meeting was something they invented to justify their feelings that I had an issue with them. However, they failed to mention it during any interaction from July to August 2016.

If this meeting had indeed taken place, they would not have waited so long to mention it vaguely in a letter. They would have immediately escalated the situation and notified the owners with detailed information, as they did during the hearing in September 2017.

They consistently refused access for over a year, and when I received their Maintenance Request on August 22, 2017, I responded diligently, giving 48 hours’ notice instead of the standard 24. I also requested that they clear the area for photographs to minimize entry by contractors. However, their response highlighted their uncooperative behaviour.

Toxic Adult Bullies displayed a complete disregard for the impact of their actions on my mental health. Despite my repeated expressions of how their degrading behaviour on and other sites affected me and disrupted my life, they persisted and even worsened the situation by using my words against me on their site.

I hold them accountable for their actions and I fully believe one day, so will others. They were fully aware of the consequences but continued their conduct, even going as far as boasting about going to my previous place of employment on Kingston Rd. Their behaviour was incomprehensible to me.

I now understand that they deliberately misunderstood and twisted my words to suit their own narrative. When I expressed my feelings, they invalidated them by gaslighting me and asserting their own emotions regarding my actions. I gradually realized that they intentionally misunderstood me and used my responses to further their twisted agenda.

Initially, I felt guilty about creating websites containing their personal information, as I know how it feels to have someone target you online. However, I have come to terms with my actions. These websites were a reactive response to their abuse and false accusations. Although many articles advise against engaging in such behaviour, it is challenging to think clearly and follow that advice when you are so focused on defending yourself against their lies.

Therefore, this site focuses on showcasing the traits of smear campaigns, bullying, gaslighting, triangulation, and manipulative behaviour displayed by Toxic Adult Bullies. Their actions align with those of a narcissist who seeks to bully and seek revenge for perceived actions against them, without ever presenting any concrete evidence. Revenge is their motivating force.

Despite their claims of a prior meeting between us, they have failed to produce any evidence of its occurrence. They lived on the property for two and a half months without mentioning it to anyone, even when they sat in the office with me. Not once did they raise this issue, even when they attempted to record me during a dispute over rent payment.

Toxic Adult Bullies accuse me of presenting illegal and forged documents, yet they have not provided any evidence to support their claims. Where are these documents? The adjudicator declared my second form N5 as void but not illegal.

They levied various accusations but failed to provide any evidence for their claims, whether it was regarding propane BBQs, parking, Canada Post, or sharing video footage from the camera system. They even went as far as accusing me of damaging their car by throwing objects at it, which is ridiculous.

Toxic Adult Bullies’ behaviour and words are mind-boggling and profoundly degrading toward another human being. I will never comprehend it. Such actions are not in my nature, and I am grateful for that.

Exactly as the definition suggests, this campaign involved deliberate and calculated acts meant to destroy my reputation through various tactics, which are evident in their behaviour. I wish I had known then what I know now, as it would have made everything much easier. Nonetheless, here it is.

I do not know Toxic Adult Bullies personally, and I have no desire to do so. However, I do know the words they sent me in documents, emails, and what they have posted online. I am familiar with the content they created under my name as an anonymous administrator, as well as their attempts to use my identity on other platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. That is all that concerns me, as I now understand that they had no right to do what they did.

Toxic Adult Bullies never had the right to misuse my personal name as the title of their domains, extracting and distorting personal information that they obtained through the legal process of the Human Rights of Ontario. I have every right to address this abuse on my own website.

I am glad I took that step, as it prompted them to take down all their websites. Despite their boasts about renewing the domains and projecting a long future together, Toxic Adult Bullies allowed the sites to be suspended and subsequently removed. However, they remain registered, and some have even been renewed since.

I believe Toxic Adult Bullies will eventually put them back online once they figure out a new strategy in which to attack me. They have shown their determination but this time, there is a big difference, as I am on to them and their intentions and as a result, it won’t be as bothersome to me anymore.

June 8, 2018

This is a letter from me, personally, not from the company. I am really tired of reading the crap you write as it actually makes me physically sick, it is so twisted. I probably shouldn’t even be writing this but I want you to know that I have no intention of backing down and I will stand up for myself against your harassment and the more you send me the more evidence I have against you. You have just given me the evidence to prove my own case of harassment, as these papers are full of it and will be added to the rest.

Those papers are not a statement of facts, it’s mostly your own personal opinions, hearsay, and speculations on what YOU think, and they are also full of your own discriminations and prejudices as well as opinions on how we should operate the building. It’s your words in there and cannot be denied or retracted. Did you even get anyone else to read those papers before you submitted them? I couldn’t even finish reading it all, and still haven’t read it all, just sent them to my lawyer and to Human Rights. And you say I am racist and show discrimination? What do you think you have in these papers? Do you even know what harassment is? These writings are the perfect example of harassment as described below. Once we get before the Human Rights Tribunal, I won’t even have to speak, every letter and email you have sent me will be everything I need to show what you are doing.

Definition of Harassment

Under the Policy on Harassment Prevention and Resolution, harassment is defined as:

improper conduct by an individual, that is directed at and offensive to another individual in the workplace, including at any event or any location related to work, and that the individual knew or ought reasonably to have known would cause offence or harm. It comprises objectionable act(s), comment(s) or display(s) that demean, belittle, or cause personal humiliation or embarrassment, and any act of intimidation or threat. It also includes harassment within the meaning of the Canadian Human Rights Act (i.e. based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, disability and pardoned conviction).

More specifically, harassment is normally a series of incidents but can be one severe incident which has a lasting impact on the individual.

Essentially, the definition of harassment means that more than one act or event is needed in order to constitute harassment and that taken individually, this act or event need not constitute harassment. It is the repetition that generates the harassment. 

In other words, harassment consists of repeated and persistent behaviours towards an individual to torment, undermine, frustrate or provoke a reaction from that person. It is a behaviour that with persistence, pressures, frightens, intimidates or incapacitates another person. Each behaviour viewed individually may seem inoffensive; it is the synergy and repetitive characteristic of the behaviours that produce harmful effects.

However, one single incident can constitute harassment when it is demonstrated that it is severe and has a significant and lasting impact on the complainant.

Each and every time you go against the rules of the Residential Tenancies Act, the Landlord and Tenant Board, including even the property rules, it reflects badly on you and will be used against you. By defying all these rules all it does is tell people that you believe the rules do not apply to you and that you feel you can do what you want in the property. 

All the emails, letters, posts on Facebook and the website you did, withholding rent, defying the parking rules, making threats that you will deduct rent over parking tickets, sharing personal information about other tenants on paper, even without names, as well as various others including what got you evicted, is breaking the rules, not only of the RTA but also of Privacy Act and Human Rights. You even added in there your harassment of another tenant in trying to get him to sign something for you! Where in that letter do I say I got a complaint or spoke to tenants?

You have broken so many rules it’s hard to keep track.  Do you really think doing these things are helping you?  Do you really think anyone who reads just that 107 page papers you sent the other day will expect the property owners to allow you to stay in a building where you have no respect for the rules, other tenants, the staff, or them? Based on those papers alone no one will expect that you be allowed to stay in this building with property owners where the relationship is so bad.  

All the harassment you throw out about the staff and owners does not show any willingness to work with them in order to be able to stay either. You can complain and make accusations about staff throwing away keys, illegal notices, letters, complaints about forms, parking spots that OTHER tenants have, the current cost of rents and parking all you want, it is not going to make any difference because in the end, you do not have the right to tell the owners how the building should be run and it is more harassment. Where is your proof that we did these things? Don’t you think that if my Forms were illegal it would have gotten you evicted?  If all these things we are doing to manage this property is so illegal, why is it that we are here still doing it 2 years later? Don’t you think that if I was doing wrong things it would have been exposed by now? Most of the complaints in those papers are about the operation of the property, speculations and suppositions on what YOU think, which is hearsay, and the bottom line is that you have no say in that, so complaining about it is a waste of everyone’s time.  You try so hard to prove I am doing illegal things, it just points out your own wrongdoing instead and makes you look culpable.

The adjudicator, whom you called “ghetto” in these papers, which is discrimination, took a week to complete the eviction order as he took his time, but in the end he knew the tenant/landlord relationship had deteriorated to the point where it can no longer be fixed, which is a reasonable conclusion to come too after hearing everything, and as a result, you and your family were evicted based on the fact that you both were so vehement in your refusals of entry for repairs.

He states that in the order and this is why he chose the eviction. Copied and pasted below directly from the order. These are the facts and cannot be changed. There was no bias, no one will give a shit what I said out of frustration over your lies, as in the end, it was what you did that got you evicted! 

My reaction is a normal human reaction to hearing details of a lie you perpetuated to base your accusations on and as you seem to be continually keeping it up, without even proof that this even happened, is harassment as defined by the Human Rights. As he stated in the lines below, you both were so vehement in your refusal to cooperate with access and it is this continued vehemence that got you evicted. I am sure the hearing recording as well as the transcript of the hearing, will show this vehemence from both of you. You and your family were evicted based on your own actions! As you still continue to be so vehement in your actions and words, which these 107 page papers prove with everything else you have done since this hearing, especially with the visitors parking, it is only strengthening those convictions within everyone that you will not be able to live in this building peacefully and be able to abide by the rules like everyone else.

  1. Given the lengthy history of refused access to the rental unit and the Tenant’s and K.R.’s vehement policy of non-cooperation with the Landlord’s employees, I do not find that they would likely comply with a conditional order to cooperate with all lawful notices of entry served by the Landlord.

The tenant/landlord relationship is so broken that with any result with the appeal, you will still be required to move out, as in the end, no one will agree to allow you to continue to live here with the landlord/tenant relationship being as it is, even if I wasn’t here. It is just not done.

You only have yourself to blame for what your family is going through. No one else did this to you, as it was your own vehemence in trying to control access to the apartment for repairs, but you seem to have conveniently forgotten that fact. The judicial system is a lot smarter than you think and you can try and bury these facts in as many accusations against others as you want and in building operational complaints, it won’t change them and everything that you have done since is only reinforcing those facts: that you have no respect for the rules and regulations of apartment living, the property owners nor the staff, including other tenants, as you refuse to follow the rules then, and continue to do so now, without regard for anyone else, and it is for these reasons alone that you were evicted from the apartment.

All your own words in these papers show that. There is nothing you can do at this point to change that. It was your own stubbornness in wanting to control whom enters and when, and what for, is the reason you have to move out. Blaming others for your eviction is just a smoke screen to try and cover your own actions, but the truth always wins out in the end. It takes time, but eventually it all comes out and it will in this case too, as the end is close. I have no doubt about that as I have every confidence in the system.

Stella Reddy

October 2018.

Request for Summery Hearing File # 2018-32809 and 2018-32811-I, Stella Reddy

  1. On what basis do you claim that there is no reasonable prospect that the Application or part of the Application will succeed? Include any facts relied on and full submissions in support of the request.

The applicants, have alleged that I gained my “racist and prejudice views about the applicant and her family” from a prior meeting that never happened at any time in June 2016. There is no way they can prove this meeting actually took place and everything they claim I said was a fabrication they made up after they had issues with how I was doing my job in looking after the apartment they live in from July 2016- October 2016, as shown in their own documents timeline.

All the documents that they submitted to the HRTO that I issued in my job while I was working here, such as Notices of Entry, Form N5’s and all letters and emails from the time I started in June 29, 2016 till last day of work of July 4, 2018 were all professional in nature and deemed correctly done, as they were reviewed by MLS and RentSafeTO, as well as accepted with the Landlord and Tenant Board. While I appreciate that the LTB adjudicator said one of the Form N5 was void, it was not illegal.

In my position as part of a Building Superintendent Team looking after the apartment building where they live, they claim that I proceeded to commit “illegal” activities yet they have not proven these acts were committed and no where in the documents given is there any proof that I was doing so. The only time I made any personal comment was when I noted in a letter they included that I had no ill will towards them nor any tenant and that I was only doing my job of enforcing the rules and regulations for the safety of all tenants and the property.

They made numerous allegations against me without providing proof that what they say is true, and they invaded other tenant’s privacy in their endeavor to get me in trouble. In the application and their reply, the applicants, spend so much time talking about other tenants living in the property and they also tried to find other tenants on the property whom would be willing to claim that I was also doing things against them but no other tenant was willing to state something that did not happen. The applicants refuse to accept that I am bound by the privacy laws to not discuss any tenant’s matters with them, that includes any parking others may have, what they have on their balcony and even what rent another tenant pays or even if they pay for parking, even now that I no longer work here.

In my response, I sent the documentation for the website the applicants, posted online,, where they posted my name, the company website, the office telephone number, and made various slanderous comments about myself, the property owners, and the LTB adjudicator. This website, and the Facebook posts, are what I have such an issue with as it is defamation of character through libel and having this website online has caused me numerous issues, professionally and personally.

In my last few months in my job, I had numerous people ask me about that website, current and prospective tenants alike, and it is very embarrassing. Having these lies posted online has caused my paranoia and anxiety over other people and what they are possibly saying, to become extreme. Even though I know the accusations are all lies, it is still very bad to my mental health over the past 2 years, as it is always there. I have felt very violated and bullied by the applicants over their actions and accusations yet they have never provided any proof that what they claim is true.  No where in any letter, notice, or email given did I make any discrimination against them or their family.

They also posted online in that website the Landlord and Tenant Board application that they filed September 30, 2017, for which a hearing was scheduled for October 31, 2017 and which the applicants cancelled themselves when called before the adjudicator on that date.

As this application was dismissed by the applicants, they had no right to post this in a public forum for anyone to see as the allegations in the paperwork online have not been proven.  None of their accusations against me have been proven, yet they speak of them online and to others as if it is the truth. They claim this application filed by them and the associated paperwork for it that they gave to the adjudicator on Sept 26, 2017 was why the adjudicator was biased against them, as they were not given the chance to discuss this.

This application and paperwork for it was given to me on that same day. As noted in the transcript provided by the applicants, we were given the option to adjourn the hearing we were there for that day until Oct 31, 2017 but we refused, which was our right to do so, and it was accepted. The adjudicator then was well within his rights not to have the applicants, discuss any of their allegations as they had to wait till Oct 31, 2017 for their hearing to discuss these matters. As this hearing was then cancelled by the applicants, they lost the right to discuss those matters they filed about so posting this info online is discrimination against me on their part.

On October 5, 2018 I also received a “friend” request from DJ NotNice and once I looked up the info it came back to the applicant, KR. I was also told by other family members and friends that they also received a friend request on Instagram from the same user name so I had to inform all my social media contacts, which consist of family, friends, and professional contacts, about the possible request by these user names of DJ Not Nice, RhinoLife Fitness, and KR, for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc.

It is reasonable to assume that as this applicant do not know these people and would otherwise not know any of their names, the fact that they are trying to access their social media is just another way to spy on me and what I do.  Otherwise, what other reason to try and befriend my contacts? This is more evidence of their harassment of myself.

The applicants refused to answer to this website nor have they answered to the Facebook postings they made where they shared this website with various public groups and actually state in their response that they don’t fell the need to do so. I also believe they would not answer to why they are trying to access my social media accounts as well as my friends and families either, if asked to do so. I considered their Reply that they sent very disrespectful to the process, as they didn’t follow proper procedure and answer to the new issues I raised, as required. They waste time being concerned about “after the fact” documents that they accuse me of making up yet have provided nothing proving I have done so in the past. As the applicants own documents show no proof of racism or prejudice on my part towards them during the time I worked here, and the alleged meeting they based their accusations on did not happen, there is no case against me.

The Reply submitted by January 4, 2019 did also not contain any reference to the alleged meeting, the website, nor the Facebook posts but included new information not submitted with the original application, which is also against the Rules of Procedure. Emails received since have also inferred that the applicants are withholding information, as they claim they are waiting for “the” hearing to bring forward, as they implied they wish to ambush me with more information. The applicants also complained of sending emails to AR, but as explained to the applicants before, proper procedure is to cc all people associated with the application therefore Ms. R has to accept the emails. HRTO has already reminded the applicants to include all parties of the application in all matters before and needs to be reminded once again of proper procedures.

I am requesting this summery hearing as the applicants have also refused to follow proper procedures of the HRTO process. They refused to answer to new matters I raised in their reply. They expect us to not send a main applicant, Ms. R, no emails over this application. They claim they are withholding information they say is important to the application when they should have submitted everything by now. The applicant Mr. R has tried to claim in the Reply that he and his children are not part of the Divisional Court proceeding but Mr. R is the one whom completed and signed all paperwork for the Appeal and the Appeal is based on the Applicant and her family.

They persistently try to include issues of other tenants that is out of their control and should not be included in the application. Their opinions have no place and they have no proof of what they claim against me. I wasn’t even in cahoots with the property owners like they said I was.

The applicant’s whole case is based on their personal opinions and lies they fabricated in retaliation for the eviction, which have no place in a judicial system, as it should be based on facts that can be proven. The applicant, Mr. R, has been obnoxious, condescending, and outright rude and crude in their responses. After the past couple of days and the emails I have seen, I have come to the conclusion that the applicants have no empathy for anyone else as they just don’t seem to understand that their actions can affect other people. I copied and pasted below the last email received which made me see that they really just do not get it as it is not in the person to understand. They are too selfish.

“Hello,I would like to note that A blocked  Stella emails some time ago just for today’s reasons. It appears that Stella Reddy has gone out of her way to created a brand new email account  just so she can harass A with this foolishness.” ( as Ms. R is a main applicant, this is not allowed as per rules of procedures)

A again has block Stella Reddy, disabling her ability to try bring unwarranted harassment upon her. ( as Ms. R is a main applicant, this is not allowed as per rules of procedures)

It appears that Stella Reddy does not understand what harrassment is. I do not appreciate these childish games that she is playing.  She has threatened us today with calling the Childens Aid today, Threatened us with some kind on illegal actions that would put her in prison.

It is this paragraph above which made me realize the applicants don’t have the capabilities to understand the depth of feelings that come with these kinds of cases and just do not get what they have done, as I now see just how selfish they really are.

For a grown man with his own children to respond to an email where I talk of my mental health issues with “ohh boo hoo” is not capable of feeling for anyone else. The applicants are just not capable of feeling empathy for anyone else nor did seeing that their lies and actions have created such severe depression and anxiety in myself that it brings out strong emotions like what I went through yesterday that cause me to make such claims as noted above. They don’t realize that their lies and actions have caused me to be suicidal and did not see any of that yesterday either but the HRTO did, which is why the Toronto Police showed up.

To them, my reactions are a joke and an excuse to attack me more with their entitled and condescending words and used as an excuse to show how superior they are. They do not grasp the concept that their actions and lies have created severe mental health issues for me as they just don’t care. Their resentment and hatred is what is driving them and they are determined to make me suffer for daring to interfere with that they want and what happened the past couple of days is proof of that.

The applicants don’t care if I get emotional, they don’t care what their words and actions are causing to me and my life and for this reason alone is proof that they are vindictive, not truthful. Their ability to say and do what they wish without caring for the consequences is proof that they are out for themselves and this is just another way for them to fight the eviction.

All the applicants were concerned about were their own opinions and beliefs and claim I am “playing childish games”.  They just don’t have the capacity to feel empathy for anyone else which is why they come across as cold and unfeeling.

The registrar called the Police upon my last email as they got the sense that I was in a bad shape, which I was, but all the applicant saw was that I am sending emails to AR and that they are only picking up for their rights. The applicant seems to think that where “All this because we enforced our rights to file with the HRTO.” that I should just sit back and let them do their thing with no response as they are looking out for their rights. They always seem so surprised when I respond and fight back against their claims and complain when I do.

They don’t seem to understand that I have rights too as all they are concerned about is themselves. They are selfish people who only have concerns for themselves. Of course, the applicant in this last email only mentions the comments I made about calling Children’s Aid and that I brought up prison, but of course he left out what I said about making a website about them and standing in the lobby to talk to other tenants about the actions they have done in invading other tenant’s privacy. I threatened to do to them what they did to me online and with the tenants in the building and they leave that out. Why? Any mention of a website and they ignore it as they don’t want to answer for the one they did.

I am requesting a dismissal of this application as they are being vexatious and frivolous in their accusations. They refuse to follow proper procedure, make demands they are not entitled too, they refuse to answer for their actions, and I want this over before I lose my mind. I am afraid the mental health issues will only get worse and I do not want to end up in the hospital. I do hold the applicants accountable for my mental health issues.

Thank you for your time.

Stella Reddy

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