Smear Campaigns Online: 4 Years Later


Hello and Welcome to My Story!

My name is Stella Reddy and I am recovering from a nasty online Smear Campaign that some tenants started online in November 2, 2017 with This domain was the first and  over time, there were more domains added, including the one in my personal name of in April 2019.

Currently, there are 6 domains online posted by the same Anonymous Administrator. I share all of it within the following pages. It is a very elaborate Smear Campaign!

Update: December 7, 2021

All of the links below to these Smear Camapign domains will either take you to the “accounts suspended” page or it won’t go anywhere, except if you have the internet archive. I included the links  anyway. The owners of the domains, Kory Read & Allison Read, didn’t do something for Orangewebsite and they suspended the accounts for awhile. In time, they all will go offline…

I have processed the fact they are gone now and I am very happy! I don’t even care that the links in my pages to these domains don’t work anymore, the contents are gone and these domains are even disappearing from searches!

My fear of these sites are gone as I know the truth and that is all that matters to me. Kory Read can write all he wants, I don’t need to do anything about it anymore, except use it as more examples of narcissistic abuse!

I have come to terms with it all and know now. Kory Read & Allison Read’s personal opinions about me, about anyone, don’t count as they don’t count. They are nothing and no one of importance to me, to anyone really, and as such, their opinions don’t count. They have no authority, they just thought they did, to negatively affect other people’s lives and incite hate. They tried for over 4 years with their many domains and it didn’t work. It never will as no one believes a word they say anymore!

I take it Kory Read no longer cares that no one will see his sites as they were anymore when people search my name online! He thought that his actions at the least would drive me to insanity enough to killl myself but Kory Read isn’t worth that. No one is…

Kory Read loves to speculate and in his speculations you see his true thoughts and confessions. Every word below that he wrote on the last page can be attributed to Kory Read actions, you can see it so clearly more than any other post he did. He is telling you what HE thinks, not anyone else, as he just don’t know!

Kory Read is promoting my suicide, speculating that I am living in emotions, which is true, but I have no guilt as I did nothing to be guilty for. The only guilt I feel is for not taking a hold of this situation back in August 2016 like I wanted to do.

When you look at these words, all that comes to mind is Kory Read’s actions of sitting in front of his computer all day, every day, obsessing about me and writing up his content on his many domains. Why would Allison Read let him do that for the past 4 years when she knows it was wrong? So much time, money, and effort that went into their domains and its contents I am surprised she put up with it like she has!

I share below evidence of ownership of all these domains and some of their personal ones. You can see they tranferred the domains into their son’s name, a teenager! Why would anyone put such domains in a CHILDS name? How terrible can you be to do such a thing?

As for help? Yep, I got it.  Did Kory Read get any help for his issues? I doubt it!

Before judging anyone else, Kory Read needs to look at his own life. What has he accomplished, really? This is why Kory Read is so mad, he has such envy and jealousy over other people he tries to negate them to feel better about himself. I lived my life, had a career I loved working in, and now I am retired. I have no problems with what I accomplished in my life and I have no problems with who I am as a person. I am ME, not any one else and have no wish to be!

Why would I want to be anywhere else than right where I am? I am happy and that is all that counts.

Kory Read projects his own thoughts onto others, like my husband below and my suicide, so he can try and feel better about himself. This is a perfect example of projection Kory Read has done! You can clearly see that there is no way he would ever know what my husband is thinking but with his speculations he is projecting his hopes of my suicide to him!

This is what a Narcissistic person does! Projection!

Either Russell Reddy is 100% behind her in her quest to seek as much information as they can out about our family, or he wants her to have another “episode” where she tries to kill herself, maybe not “stopping” her this time.

Or maybe her loving husband Russell Reddy is just waiting for nature to take its course and end it for him. 

Not sure what Russell Reddy’s motives are, but it is clear that he has to see and know she is in front of the computer every day, hours upon end, obsessing about our family. 

And that unnatural behavior alone would draw concern from any loving spouse who in turn should seek some help for them.

One has to wonder, has Russell Reddy ever gotten or even suggested help for his wife, Stella Reddy?

Really, why would any spouse who allegedly loves their partner allow them to behave in such an unhealthy manner for years upon end? 

Again, either Russell Reddy is enabling her, or he wants it to end permanently. And if he can’t stop her, maybe nature will stop it for him.

We will never know, as Russell Reddy sits by passively in the shadows, saying nothing, allowing his wife Stella Reddy to continue to burden and overwhelm herself with emotions and guilt, the whole time trying to justify in her head her inexcusable racist behavior since 2017.

Who owned in the past? (3 records)

22 APR 2019

Owner: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY (36.5 million domains)
Company: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY (21.9 million domains)

11 JAN 2020

Owner: Eexii Read (3 domains)  UPDATED
Geolocation: Toronto, ON, Ontario, Canada (27.5 million domains from Canada for $1,000)
Email: (8 domains)
Status: clientTransferProhibited

2 DEC 2021

Owner: PrivacyDotLink Customer 4608924  UPDATED
Geolocation: Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands (3.3 million domains from Cayman Islands for $500)
Status: clientTransferProhibited

Reverse Whois » EMAIL [ ]  { 8 domain names }

1 PDR Ltd. d/b/a 21 Apr 2019 27 Jan 2020 21 Apr 2021
2 PDR Ltd. d/b/a 21 Dec 2019 27 Jan 2020 21 Dec 2020
3 PDR Ltd. d/b/a 26 Dec 2019 26 Dec 2019 26 Dec 2020
4 PDR Ltd. d/b/a 26 Dec 2012 5 Dec 2019 26 Dec 2020
5, LLC 5 Feb 2018 5 Feb 2018 5 Feb 2019
6, LLC 2 Nov 2017 2 Nov 2017 2 Nov 2018
7 PDR Ltd. d/b/a 28 Jul 2016 3 Sep 2017 28 Jul 2018
8, LLC 14 Jun 2016 14 Jun 2016 14 Jun 2017

Eexii Read

Reverse Whois » NAME [Eexii Read ]  { 3 domain names }

1 PDR Ltd. d/b/a 29 May 2014 7 Nov 2020 29 May 2021
2 PDR Ltd. d/b/a 14 Jul 2010 28 Oct 2020 14 Jul 2021
3 PDR Ltd. d/b/a 21 Apr 2019 27 Jan 2020 21 Apr 2021

Reverse Whois » EMAIL [ ]  { 2 domain names }

1 PDR Ltd. d/b/a 29 May 2014 7 Nov 2020 29 May 2021
2 PDR Ltd. d/b/a 14 Jul 2010 28 Oct 2020 14 Jul 2021


When people look for my name, they will find my site and I am content with that. People need to see my story and know that they are not alone, and to avoid Kory & Allison Read and other people like them. They are Toxic to you and your life!

If you go by all the posters and articles online where Narcissism is the topic, it is becoming very bad! Not just in relationsips but in workplaces and on the street. Society is learning to tell the difference when someone makes accusations against another, especially when there is no evidence to back them up. People are learning to tell the difference between truth and lies…

I have found some articles online recently that tell you that PTSD, and CPTSD, is becoming more focused since the pandemic. People are tuning into the fact that dealing with a pandemic like this can cause mental health issues with shut-downs and having to isolate. All the issues created by this virus has opened up people’s minds about Mental Health and the stigma is going away.

This virus didn’t affect my life like that, I already lived in isolation and didn’t work when this came. It didn’t help my paranoia and fears, it made them worse espcially when I lived in Ontario! I was terrified of getting sick, as I am compromised and didn’t know what it would do to me. I don’t have those fears anymore as NL is very good with it. Right now we have 17 cases in the whole province and over 90% is vacinated! I feel very safe here with the virus and know I am lucky. I have family all over Canada and worry about them, but I know they are doing everything to stay safe.

I haven’t talked about the virus much as it hasn’t directly affected my life. I have to keep it in mind when I go out and I had to work with the regulations when we drove back from Ontario, but other than that, it hasn’t affected me since I moved back here.

My bubble is small anyway as I made it that way. I can only handle so many people in my life anyway so I don’t mind.*/*/*/*/*/*/*/


I have since learned that they are usually started by desperate people trying to blame others for bad things in their lives. Kory & Allison Read were facing eviction due to refusing access they admit to doing, so had to try and come up with some story to validate why they did that.

They had to try and cover up their actions with by putting the focus on someone else, namely me.

I was very angry for a long time over what they did and it has taken me this long to come to terms with it and accept that it was my own EGO that caused me to be so upset.

Ego is what causes individuals to become defensive and I was very defensive. I was stunned that total strangers felt comfortable enough to create such outlandish lies about me. I had put so much into building my reputation in the property management industry for 18 yrs and some stranger was doing his best to ruin it.

That was my biggest mistake, as a job is was not the total of my life, though it felt like it at times. I was not there to allow tenants to ignore the rules cause it was inconvenient for them! Kory Read wanted to control entry at all times and it don’t work that way. You can see it all laid out online in .*/

I am not angry anymore, I worked out all my angst by writing this site and all its contents. Some content in here is very angry and that’s okay, I had a right to be. Kory Read was very arrogant, acting as if his version is the only one! There are always 2 sides to everything!

Now, I just pity them, as they have proven themselves to be untrustworthy. Doing to others what they have done online just gives them away, not anyone else. They show with their nasty words on so many different personally named domains, just what type of people they are!

Kory Read will never be satisfied with his life, his writings tell you he will always find some excuse to blame someone else for his personal shortcomings! If he don’t get something he wants, its someone else’s fault, never his own!

They treat so many other people like shit, put them down and degrade them as individuals with their personal opinions and suppositions. Kory & Allison Read show the world with their words just what type of people they are, as normal people don’t do these things to others.

Kory & Allison Read are total strangers to me and will remain that way. They allude to a personal relationship, but you can tell by their writings online, they have no idea who I am as a person and they will never know.

I wouldn’t have people like that in my personal life, as I have come to see they are severely Narcissistic. My own doctor gave me that word, after reading some of their writings in 2018! I can see the traits in their online domains contents and so can others. I have researched so much on narcissism and smear campaigns, I will never be fooled again! Knowledge is POWER!

I have spent the past 4 years in counselling  and doing my own research, and have finally reached the point where it bothers me no more and I am recovering and learning to manage my C-PTSD. This past year, since I moved away from the area that caused me so much distress, has helped me more than the 3 yrs I lived there still. I knew I wouldn’t get better while still in that environment, I had to get out around normal people who were not involved in the situation to see it clearly and let go of the fear I had. I have done that this past year.

It also helped me greatly that I already had PTSD for the past 30 years! A lot of the strategies I learned then is helping me now. I consider myself very lucky in that regard, otherwise I would be dead by now with the stress and severe fear I was in. Psychosis is not easy to deal with, especially concerning such severe fear like I had and Kory Read constantly played on that, as you see on Kory Read constantly played on my fear and it is so easy to see him do it too!

Other sites, like, has helped me greatly. There are so many personal stories online like mine that it has shown me the truth, that they are Bullies and I need have no fear of them. I am not alone in being Smeared online, it happens to other people every day.

Way too many people are subject to this type of treatment and rather than hold the Bullies to account, they are allowed to walk free. It shouldn’t be. I do believe in karma though and I know it is working on them! and the way it is with the other personal domains tell me they are hiding! They “parked” all their own personally named sites, gave up all their personal social media too, and disappeared.

Finding the courage to share my side and to open myself up online for total strangers to read, was the last thing I needed to do to take my POWER back!

Kory Read came after me and tried to destroy me because I did my job and held them to account for their actions as tenants and breaking the rules of apartment living in Ontario, Canada. They came after me and others out of revenge, hoping to incite hate against us for the false allegations they made of racism and discrimination. They made the allegations against so many but have absolutely no evidence of it, which is why they lost! They flipped the script and lied about us, refusing to admit to what they did. It is all over their own content, once you look past all their griping.

That is what a smear campaign is after all! Kory Read can write the nastiest content and call me names all he wants, no one is accepting it, not even me anymore.

I have spent a lot of time the past year around people who have had no involvement in this situation and they have all pointed out to me that it is obvious this person don’t know me and it’s obvious that this person is trying to hide, hence the Anonymity and lack of contact info. The Administrator of these domains refuses to show who he is, so no one will trust his words. Every single person I spoke to and showed these domains too, tell me the same thing so time I accept it and moved on.

I am living my life these days in peace, not just physically but also mentally. I have learned to let go of what I can’t control and live for the now, not yesterday not tomorrow even, just the here and now. It has made me feel so much happier and FREE!

I wake up every morning feeling such gratitude to be here living among such beautiful scenery and wonderful people. I go out every day, taking in the fresh sea air and the smiling faces of the friendly people here. I made 2 new friends while I was out yesterday! What a life I have now!

I am very content with where I am and what I have in my life. I appreciate every day I can get up and go out to LIVE, not just exist. I find so much joy in the simple things each days shows me.

I am happy, as I choose to be. Simple really, isn’t it?

I am grateful that the powers that be saw through their lies! Just like everyone I come into contact with over the years have seen through their lies!

I am grateful, period, and I live in gratitude every day. I am ALIVE – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love and to JUST BE ME!

Update: November 24, 2021

Kory Read & Allison Read are GONE! Its been sinking in the past week that these domains are finally GONE!

Please note that since, and all its sub-domains I share here, have gone to, all the links to those domains will all show the same, gi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi. 

All accounts have been suspended so all the link to these domains on this site will take you to the same place, at least till they are deleted. All these domains have been suspended since November 16, 2021, and should disappear in about a week or so. Unless they come back, but I am not expecting that. Once they are offline, the links will take you to the below…

In the meantime, you can ckeck out all versions of these domains on,*/*/*/*/*/*/*/

On these pages above you will find all versions of the domains as they were in the past, before it was all suspended!

I am still in my glee over these domains and its nasty contents being gone after Kory Read so blantantly said they wouldn’t go anywhere.

Kory Read’s last post was July 21, 2021 of and I will never again see his malicious words online in any domain, they have run away due to the fact that my site is here exposing them. He had fun getting some free sites removed that I had, but once he realized this site wasn’t going aywhere and that I would continue to expose their words for the lies they are, they got scared and decided to disappear.

Once I spoke up for myself and stuck to keeping my site online, Kory Read & Allison Read have run away and are now hiding. I had to reach the point in my mental health recovery to be able to do all this and keep it online. Sharing so much of myself isn’t easy for me, but I believe it is important for me to do. Too many people hide away from their Bullies in hopes they will give up, which is why they move on to Bully someone else and never stop. They need to be EXPOSED!

Don’t ever trust Kory Read & Allison Read, nor people like them, they will turn on you for the slightest thing. If you come across someone who is loud and obnoxious, like this man is, run the other way and avoid them!

Don’t ever RENT to them, they will make your life miserable!

Kory Read wants you to believe that he and his family are special people and their possessions are also special to the point it causes others to become jealous and envious over! The sentence on his last page gives it all away! “More Than” tells you that they are better, smarter, and MORE than anyone else in the world! This is arrogance and tells you exactly who Kory Read is and what he truly believes about himself, THAT HE IS SPECIAL!  You can see it in all his writings! 


Now, who is competing with whom? 

 Our lives are solely about our children becoming doctors and being more productive in society, more than Stella Reddy and her family have nor ever will be able to.


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