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Recovering from a Smear Campaign

Welcome to my Story of being a target of Adult Tenant Bullies, Kory & Allison Read, who wanted revenge against me for my part in their eviction from an apartment. All this took place in 2017!

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Narcissists Write The Story And They Always Play The Victim

This Article below was the one that made the “light bulb” moment for me and what I was going through. It was given to me by someone in one of the groups I did to help with anxiety and social situations. By this point I was so scared of being out in public that I would throw up even with the thought of leaving my apt. Not only was I afraid of verbal attacks, I was also at this point afraid of physical attacks from the smearing websites online. That fear is not easy to deal with but this article did help quite a bit.

6 Stages of Recovery from Abuse

Healing from Emotional Abuse that comes with a smear campaign in your name, is never easy. Having domains on the internet filled with lies about you is embarrassing but, it is no longer shameful. I have worked through all of the noted below, though I didn’t go in that order. I have reached my goal, […]

Hypocrisy Of Kory Read, The Narcissist! Adult Tenant Bullies: Highly Hypocritical! Hypocrisy of Kory & Allison Read I am writing today as I wanted to share some of the things I have newly learned these past few days. I have become very confident in my knowledge I have learned about Narcissism and their many traits and hypocrisy is […]

Journaling Changes Perspectives For Stella Reddy

Writing your way to happiness… such a apt statement. For the past year, I have been writing my way to my own personal happiness. With every post, I release so much from my mind and spirit, over all this mess. I am so much calmer over it all…. I came to terms with my fears […]

Stella Reddy’s Beautiful New Mindset

I wake up now every morning and take time to feel gratitude for all I have and where I am, in my life. I am thankful for everything that brought me to this place in time where I can appreciate the simpler things in life. No more living from pay cheque to pay cheque, no […]

Canadian Human Rights Protections

Some Interesting Info for Canada!! How did I miss this? New Tort of Harassment in Superior Court in Ontario? I found it now and it has given me such hope for targets of Bullies, like I have been. I sat down last evening and read this article out to my husband, and I cried as […]

Stella Reddy is Unstoppable, Persistent, and Optimistic

Every morning, I wake up and greet the new day with my daily affirmations. Every day, I am closer to my goals!!  Every day I am unstoppable, persistent, and optimistic, that I will have a great day. I make sure I do! I go about my day, doing what I want, when I want. I […]

Stella Reddy: Proposed Changes to the CHRA in Canada

I am sharing with you this morning something I am very excited about! The proposed changes that are coming for the Canadian Human Rights Act is something that is very much needed here in Canada with the age of the internet. These changes I copied below, are the coming changes I have talked about for […]

Quora Digest: What’s the Future for a Narcissist?

  Relationship with Narcissist Follow Answered by Karolina May 12 What is the future for a narcissist? Narcissists are destined to get older and then experience nothing but loneliness and sadness. They’re destined to end up alone. Because they never learn from their mistakes. Which is why you should not feel bad for them. They had plenty […]

Article Found by Stella Reddy: Journal Prompts to Explore Anger

I just read this article just now that I got in my email and am sharing to you. It is another blogger I follow for a few years. I am going to take some time over the next little while and work on these, see how it helps me. I am wiling to try anything, […]

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