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Kory Read & Allison Read



Welcome to My Story!


I am recovering!

I am the subject of the domains I list here on this site that make up Kory Read & Allison Read’s Smear Campaign. I am a target of resentful tenants who were evicted for their own actions, the legal decisions show it clearly. Facts don’t lie.

I was terrorized since August 2016, all for doing my job, by Kory Read & Allison Read. Kory Read severely Bullied me, on the property in person, and online within various domains, and on social media. I have learned that they don’t have the right to do what they have, no matter how angry they got. Read their pages to see their words written online, anonymously. 

They were tenants who were legally evicted by the Landlord and Tenant Board of Ontario on Oct 3, 2017 and what followed was a nightmare of false allegations, malicious domains filled with embellishments and outright lies, and severe bullying of myself and others, all because we stood up for the Landlords rights of entry to their own property. It was a job, nothing personal. 

Kory Read’s actions of inciting hate, online and in person, created a poisoned working environment for me to the point I had a mental breakdown and ended up diagnosed with C-PTSD with severe depression with episodes of psychosis. I lived in that environment for over 2 years while waiting for the legal actions to be over! I lived with severe fear of being attacked over the content within these many domains for way too long! That is my trauma.

No one around me was willing to stand up to them, except me and my family, which is why we became targets online in It is clear by their words they have great fear of being exposed for what they do, hence the anonymity online in all their domains. 

I then moved 3000km away to get away from the target these domains placed on me. I could not get better while still living in that environment and needed peace to heal my soul and get back to myself. I spent the past year living in Newfoundland recovering my mental health. Kory Read still continues his bullying onslaught, even including pages on Newfoundland on his domains! 

I am a lot stronger than I was and have reached acceptance of Kory Read & Allison Read’s actions. I can’t control what they do so have learned to let it go. They have no place in my life anymore, nor in my head. It is over. Their words bother me no more, as I know the difference and that is all that matters to me. 

I will never go away and allow them to use and abuse my name online in this manner and will expose their actions, no matter how long it takes. Bullies like these need to be exposed for what they do. 

Since my site came online back in August and he learned he couldn’t get it taken down, Kory Read hasn’t posted anything new on any of their domains. It has been over 2 months now since they made any changes to their sites, even personal ones, and though I could speculate why they disappeared, I will just accept it as a total win for me!

I live in hope that Kory Read is rotting in jail somewhere and can’t access the internet and his many websites, which is why they haven’t posted! I live in hope that they are broke, homeless, and in trouble, just the same position he wanted for me that never came. lol 

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The list of domains below contain only Kory Read’s personal opinions over actions of others, making it all hearsay. Anyone can have an opinion, it don’t make what they say, true. 

I no longer care what they say about me, I know the difference and in the end, that is all that matters. I am truly free!

Haters will hate, no matter what you do, so might as well let them. I refuse to live that way. 

I have a choice and I choose life, to be happy and grateful for what I have. I choose to be content, here and now, leave the past behind, and not worry about tomorrow. I can’t change it so might as well learn from it and move on… 

Karma will deal with Kory Read & Allison Read and I truly believe that. They will Bully the wrong person one day and will get what they deserve, if they haven’t already. I live in hope, always! 


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Kory Read’s opinion, as written within these domains I share below, is not my reality! Kory Read is speculating, trying to pressure others into accepting his opinions about other people and what they do. 

How can it be?

This question is what causes so much dissonance within my psyche and I have learned I will never get a answer, as there isn’t one. It isn’t possible for Kory Read to know me as he claims nor does he know how I think. Impossible, no matter what he tries!

As they say, if they don’t know you personally, don’t take what they say about you personal. 

Kory Read & Allison Read created a false narrative within, of me. They created a person that don’t exist except in their own delusional minds based on their own perceptions. I can’t help that nor can I control it. I know the truth. The people in my life, new, old, and ones I have yet to meet, know the truth about their narratives. 

As the poster says, in the end, the many lies they tell will only end up hurting them, not the people they write about! I do believe these words in this poster, as I have seen it for myself. 

Once you come to understand and see the words online for what they are, it frees you from their power over your emotions. 

As a result of that acceptance, I have gained the peace I needed and was looking for to recover my mental health. 

Within these pages I will share info of the nasty Smear Campaign currently online in my personal name, Stella Reddy, in, and highlight all the counselling, learning, researching, and clarity I have found since.

I have learned they are Narcissistic people, intent on laying blame on others for their own actions. 

They are no one important, to me nor to my life. They were past tenants, specifically one who rents or leases a dwelling (such as a apartment) from a landlord.

They paid rent to live there. There was nothing personal, just professional. 

Trying to place blame on other people for what they did to themselves!

I am sure that others will accept and believe that I went out of my way to lie and cheat to get these people evicted for my own personal reasons. I am sure, others are going to believe I would sabotage my own career over a couple of nasty tenants after working in the industry for so long!

Even if they did, what would it matter? Do any of these people willing to believe the lies on these domains have any influence on how I live my life? No, they don’t. I don’t need to listen to anyone I don’t want to listen too. 

I have a choice. Just like I choose not to let these words on to affect me anymore, I can choose not to allow strangers to have any sway over my decisions either!

No one can force me to do what they want me to do and no one can force anyone else either! There is so much freedom from this thinking!

Since I have developed this mind set, my life has changed so dramatically! People are going to judge you anyway, no matter what you do, so why bother wasting time on it when it will never change?

Caring about what people think of you, is useless. Living your best life, making YOURSELF happy, it what it is all about. It is the only thing that matters.

I am the one who has to get myself up in the morning, no one else does it. I am the one who decides when and how I do things… I am here for me, not anyone else. I don’t allow anyone else to control my body functions, why would I allow anyone else to control my brain and how I think?

People judge others out of their own insecurities, jealousies, and limitations. That’s their problem, not yours. You Choose what YOU do. 

Kory Read & Allison Read project, triangulate, humiliate, slander, gaslight, outright lie, embellish, Bully, manipulate, others out of revenge for being evicted. That is their choice.

They made and posted these domains after each loss they experienced in legal actions, hoping to sic the general public after me and all named instead. Kory Read don’t realize he is exposing more of them then they ever will of anyone else! It is their words there after all, not mine! 

The list of domains, with dates they became active are:

The pictures above are of the owners and narrators of the domains I will share with you, Kory Read & Allison Read. They are writing as Anonymous, hoping that you will focus on their words about other individuals, not them. They were tenants of a building I worked in from June 2016 till I quit in July 2018.

Imagine, tenants, not friends, family, not even co-workers, but just tenants who lived in the property I worked in! We had no interaction other than related to the job and mostly by email!

Just Tenants who speculate, imply, and outright lie about how I did my job, and about me personally when in fact they were not personally involved in my life. How can someone write about something they are not involved in? 

 Everyone has an opinion, its up to you to accept them. 

I don’t answer to Kory Read & Allison Read. I have no need to defend myself to their onslaught. They have no authority, no power to influence anyone against anyone else.

Read their words as written within these sites and see more of their own personalities than you ever will anyone else! Smear Campaigns give more of the writer away than they ever do the target. 

Recently they even started going after other individuals for whatever reason. – Corruption and Abuse in Dominica

I have accepted that they will do what they will do and it isn’t about me anymore, it is about them. It was always about them, not anyone else! 

They want to convince you they are innocent and do no wrong, that their troubles they found themselves in were someone else’s fault. They trying to claim they were targeted, that they were picked on because they were an interracial couple. You can see through this claim just by the words they have online. 

That is all these domains are about, trying to play innocent and be victims by tearing other people apart.

Innocent people do not need to tear down others to show the truth of any given situation. The truth stands on its own,, with no embellishments. 

They focus so much on my words and actions, speculating on what it meant, so you don’t focus on what they did or said that caused that reaction from me. 


Legal Actions from November 2017 till January 2020

My Bullies got mad they were evicted for their consistent refusal of access to the apartment. Order released October 3, 2017 and this Smear Campaign is revenge for this eviction.

My Bullies tried to Appeal with Divisional Court in October 2017 and the hearing held February 2019, 18 months later, they LOST! and

My Bullies even filed with Human Rights of Ontario in June 2018 and decided after 19 months not to bother to show up for the hearing finally scheduled January 2020!

They didn’t show up for the HRTO hearing as they knew they were losing!

If you bother to read any of their content online you will notice that My Bullies dehumanizes each individual he names with labels and put downs yet never admits to their own actions that got them evicted in the first place. Of course, they refuse to admit their actions got them evicted! 

My Bully doesn’t even bring up that they always refused access that got them before the LTB!

The first website showed up November 2, 2017 of and it has expanded ever since. I have saved all versions of each domain on the web archive of if you want to see how each have changed over the years!

I was very angry and hurt for a long time after they did this to me, in person on the property and online. The trauma I experienced was life changing and not something I would wish on anyone. I changed my whole life around to get peace and I don’t regret any of it. I am in a way better place now and am very happy. 

The extreme fear I felt, living in that building with these words online as they are, I was terrified some stranger would attack me. Racism is a touchy subject and I didn’t want to become a statistic. 

I have since learned my mistake. It took 4 years for me to learn it was my own ego that caused me to react the way I did. I spent so long feeling lost, wondering why someone would do that to someone else. I was lost in my own speculations and came to realize this was what was driving me crazy. I can’t control any of that, so had to learn to let it go. I am happy I did. 

I had to learn to let that go, as I know I will never know why Kory & Allison Read felt they could do that to me and other people. I am not responsible to figure them out, that is their story to tell. I can only tell my own. 

Writing out my story on this site, has saved my Mental Health and my life. It has helped me to come to terms with it so I can let it go and relegate it to history where it belongs.

I am not defined by other people’s words, but by my own. I am responsible for myself, not anyone else. 

I am free of the angst their words use to give me. I now see their words are a reflection of themselves, not the person they are writing about. 

This is where all the angst for me came from, trying to convince myself and others that they don’t know me well enough to write what they do. I had to let that go, as it is my ego talking and I don’t have space for it anymore.

I came to understand, who really cares? People will think what they want, no matter what anyone says. If someone wants to believe their words, I can’t stop them and it isn’t my problem. I don’t need to allow anyone willing to believe their words in my life, do I? 

As they say, what someone else thinks of you is none of your business, it is what you think of yourself that truly counts. I don’t need to allow disrespectful people in my life anyway and have the choice. 

I have come to see that it is what I THINK that truly matters, not anyone else. This is MY life, not theirs.  I know who I am, what I have done, and I am comfortable with myself. I am accepting of myself and what I do, as in the end, I live this life I have for me, not anyone else.

Once you accept that thought, you become free of influence from others. 

I am free to live my life my way and don’t owe anyone else, especially, Kory & Allison Read, any explanations for anything I do. They can believe what they want, their opinions don’t matter in my life. They have no authority to force anyone to believe them either! 

They made this site to humiliate, embarrass, shame, and instigate others against me, just for doing my job. They wanted me to be attacked, physically and verbally. They just couldn’t do it, as they are no one and have no power. 

They are welcome to think, believe, say and do what they want, it don’t make it true and it don’t mean they are being believed either. I don’t believe them and that is all I need.

What I think is more important than what they think. 

No one in my life now cares to know what some stranger has to say about my actions from so long ago during a job I once had. It is history and no longer pertinent. 

I have accepted that there is no reason for anyone to read and accept the words written online in these domains, as personal opinions from total strangers don’t really count to other people in my life. They prefer to make up their own minds about me and it is what they will do. 


I accept they are nasty human beings intent on trying to destroy others out of revenge.

The very fact these sites have been online for the past 4 years and I am still here living free of any influence they hoped to do, is proof they don’t have any power to force others into believing what they write online.  This knowledge has freed me too!

I have friends, my hubby has a great job doing what he loves with great co-workers and we have gained total freedom from any influence these domains and their contents may have on our lives.

I have been home in Newfoundland a year and the only times these domains came up was from me, asking my new friends to read them and give me their opinions. How else was I to learn that no one in my life cares to know what these anonymous people have to say if I didn’t ask?

I have had a year to work though all this angst and while I know I still have work to do on myself, I am stronger for it. My peace of mind is more important that some words from a asshole anyway. 

I have a great social life now, even joined a Dart League and fear controls me no more. I am out just about every day and with the recent windfall we got, we now have financial freedom! 

 These words copied below, are just that, words. This is only Kory Read and he just do not have the control to bring any of this about. He can’t FORCE anyone to search my name online, nor believe his words if they find them. This is just Kory Read trying to manipulate me into thinking he has that control when he does not. 

It does not matter; the point here is that Stella Reddy is in a continuous losing battle because, in the end, everyone who searches her name from friends, family, or future or current employers and co-workers, will all see the truth about her and will deal with her accordingly..



I have a normal life these days and see the beauty in all around me. I have learned to slow down, appreciate every moment I have in this life, to appreciate the beauty, in nature and in people.  I refuse to dwell in the past anymore and live in fear and anxiety. I don’t want it and I am determined to get past it. 

I have attained peace. Nothing anyone says or does anymore has any bearing on my own personal emotions. I have learned to shut my ego off, as it don’t serve me any good purpose. I am where I need to be and I am content. 

I don’t intend on wasting anymore of my life living in anger, fear and resentment. I let my ego go and am free to be who I am meant to be. 

This is my story of recovery! 

Stella Reddy’s Story!