About: Mental Health Recovery is Important After A Smear Campaign!

The Narcissist's Villain

A narcissistic smear campaign is a form of psychological manipulation and abuse used by narcissists to discredit, devalue, and ultimately destroy an individual’s reputation.

Please note that currently, the domains listed on this site of stellareddy.com, lorriereddy.com, davidstrashin.com, sjtomemberkevinlundy.com, 859kennedyroad.com, and socialjusticetribunalsontario.ca were removed from the Internet Archive around June 6, 2023. It took a while, but they won’t show up on this server anymore, they have been “excluded”.

The Facts

The Tenants lost the eviction in October 2017 for interference with the Landlords interests by persistently refusing access for repairs and created 859kennedyroad.com in November 2017.

They lost the Appeal in April 2019 and made stellareddy.com with the rest that followed…davidstrashin.com, sjtomemberkevinlundy.com, sjtomembervandanapatel.com.

They walked away from HRTO in January 2020 and made another site, socialjusticetribunals.ca in June 2020. (this domain was cancelled in June 2022.)

I moved away and left Ontario in 2020 and they made lorriereddy.com in July 2022 to follow me, once they found my new Facebook and where I was living.

I received a threatening email from them on June 27, 2022, which I took to my local Police with evidence of this new domain. After an investigation over a few months, they found no criminal charges could be laid, but I am content that now the Police are aware of the situation.

As far as I know, their antics online are being monitored.

All were made in attempts to play the victim and discredit everyone else. That is what a Smear Campaign is!

Legal Actions

These Adult Bullies got mad that they were evicted, legally, for their consistent refusal of access to the apartment. The order was released from the Landlord and Tenant Board on October 3, 2017. http://canlii.ca/t/hpbxw

My Bullies tried to Appeal with the Divisional Court in October 2017 and in the hearing held in February 2019, they LOST! http://canlii.ca/t/hzs47 and http://canlii.ca/t/j2z21

My Bullies even filed with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario in June 2018 and decided after 19 months not to bother to show up for the hearing finally scheduled for January 2020! http://canlii.ca/t/j4z4w

They didn’t show up for the HRTO hearing as they knew they were losing! http://canlii.ca/t/hz14r

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