“Always Be Home To Me” by Rhonda Blundon

This song, “Always Be Home To Me” by Rhonda Blundon, is a beautiful song about Newfoundland, by a Newfoundlander! It expresses how I feel about this little Island off the East Coast of Canada.

I spent 21 years living on the Mainland, from the Fall of 1999 till I returned in Fall 2020. I don’t regret my choices, I learned a lot living in Ontario, but Newfoundland was always my home and I knew in time I would return. This Island, and its people, seep into your soul.

I have returned to my authentic self here on this beautiful Island and am no longer caught up in looking outside myself for the peace of mind I have been looking for in recent years. I have returned to my roots and planted myself once again. I belong here.

“My little isle of Newfoundland will always be home to me”!

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