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I saw this article a few days ago and wanted to share it here as it is important.

The picture above I took over the weekend after our hike on the Sugarloaf Trail to see the views I knew were there. It took a lot for me to walk this trail, it was really difficult in spots on my legs and back, and I had to stop often to rest, but I was determined. I got rewarded for my determination! Look at that view!! I love where I live! I have become a bit obsessed with the scenery here in NL, it has seeped into my soul and given me such peace.

As an individual, we all have rights that are fundamental to everyone, as listed in this post below. I have always been a strong believer in these rights since I left home. My childhood was where I forged my strong sense of independence and I know this belief has helped to save my sanity with these Tenant Bullies and the situations they forced me into in 2017 due to their actions.

What do you believe about yourself at your core?

I am a human being and have a right to life. Every person is different, it is what makes each individual unique to themselves, and I have a right to live my own life and decide my own fate. I strongly believe that I can heal and be whole, mentally and physically. All it takes is wanting to do so, and I will! I have fought so much already, such terrible things that tried to take me out, but here I am, still LIVING. I am a human being and I have a right to life.

My life experiences have shown me how resilient and strong-minded I am, I have a really strong sense of individualism, as I know I have a right to be myself and have my own beliefs. I choose, not some random sick prior Tenant who has Grandiose beliefs that he has some control over me and the people in my life.

I have always been very strong in sticking to my own personal belief system and never had any problem standing my ground either. I fought a lot more people than KR to have the right to live my own lifeImagine the pressure from your family when you become pregnant at 18 and are not married! I survived that and kept my child, as I refused to give in to what other people wanted!! Even when my second son came to a couple of years later, I made my own decisions. I always made my own decision that I felt was right for me, as I knew in the end, I was the one living it, not them!

Everywhere you turn, you have people trying to pressure you into doing what they want of you, and you don’t need to allow that. They don’t live it for you! I have never been really bothered by whether I was “liked” or not, I needed to be comfortable and follow my own path. My comfort was always more important to me than other people’s thoughts about what I was doing, as I was living my life, not theirs. Other people’s opinions never really meant much to me, it was the incitement of Hate I saw that scared me with this situation.

KR will never stop me from going out in my community and engaging in life and with others, not anymore. He has tried for the past few years and over time, I came to see what a joke it all is. I came back to my senses! Over time, the truth has become very clear to me. KR has no control, he just thinks he does!!

None of KR’s words on any website in my name online will ever stop me ever again from engaging in my community. He just doesn’t have that control and I refuse to live in fear anymore of possibilities. I have been shown there are no more “possibilities” that could come against me due to their actions on the internet. They have done all they could and LOST. They will always lose as they do not have the authority.

Time has shown the truth of all their lies. They are Adult Bullies intent on a smear campaign out of revenge for enforcing the Landlord’s rights of Entry and evicting them. I did my job and they hate that I had that power and this is their way of trying to take it back, by attacking me personally over a professional decision that had to be made.

I look back now on this situation and see that Toxic Adult Bullies had no control at all over how my personal life progressed. They had no control over what I did or didn’t do. I may have felt “hunted” at times, but I still did my own thing, still used my own voice, not followed the crowd, and gave in to pressure from others. I still do that now!

It is who I am, an independent soul with a mind of my own and the confidence to live my own life. I follow the Laws of Canada, and society, keep to myself and don’t bother anyone. I have my few close friends, I have my family, but most of all, I have a very supportive husband who will always be there for me. My husband has been my strongest support for the past 27 years since we met and I know that will never change. I am loved and supported and it gives me the strength to keep going. I have a life to live, and more wonderful scenery to check out and explore. I still have a lot of life left in me yet!

Each of these personal rights listed below is yours too, all it takes is truly believing in your own autonomy and personal authority over your own life. I choose what I do, and who I am around, not some strange prior Tenant who thinks they can control me and what I do. In essence, they are nothing to me and I have absolutely no interest in what they have to say. Their words don’t count to me, it was always the intentions behind them that bothered me so much. I did not want to be attacked by other strangers and now I know I never will be!

As long as they don’t continue to commit Fraud online by using my personal name with their domains to sign up for any services, I am good. Their words of recrimination can remain on the internet all they want, it does nothing to my current life and my mental health is safe now from their antics. I have my education and it does help!

I have a right to Heal and Be Whole. I have a right to live my life without fear of being attacked due to incitement of hate being done by past Tenants from my career, from 6 years ago. I left Ontario and walked away from that life. It is over for me. I have taken my life back.

Your Right to Heal and Be Whole

Nine healing rights you may not know you have.

Posted September 3, 2022 |  Reviewed by Vanessa Lancaster

What do you believe about yourself at your core? Do you believe you can heal and be whole?

Here are nine individual rights that, if we believe enough, we can feel how we want more often: healed and whole.

You have the fundamental right:

1. To exist and take up space. You have the fundamental right to be here–for no other reason than the fact that you are already here.

You may have been made to feel small or non-existent at some point which may have led you to feel the need to stay small or puff yourself up to overcompensate. You may have believed you needed to do this to be loved, but your worth cannot be diminished. It is never less than another’s. You have the right to take a full breath at any moment.

2. To have needs and wants. Needs and wants may be emotional, physical, or spiritual. You may have learned that you can have needs but not wants, or perhaps that you should not have either. You may have learned you can have needs and wants with conditions in place. You have the right to both, and you get to define what they are. You can have respect, love, work, play, and fulfillment. You can live with deep integrity in how you care for yourself with boundaries, nourishment, and kindness.

3. To be separate and also belong. You have the right to join, participate, separate, rest, and be still and silent. It is your right to be apart from others, individuate as a person and express your uniqueness. Right now, you belong exactly where you are without needing to contort yourself to fit in. You have the right to healthy communication that helps you connect and disconnect as you want or need to. You are connected even when alone.

4. To not know and make mistakes. You have the right to learn and grow. You have the right not to have an answer, not to anticipate all the things that may go wrong, or to become obsessed with preventing them. You have the right to be unsure, change your mind, and have your answer for yourself. You have the right to be imperfect, make mistakes, and still enjoy life.

It is okay to fail. You have the right to try new things without knowing what will happen. You may leave problems unresolved. You can adapt and change and mature throughout your lifespan. You have the right to be different than you were a minute ago, to stretch yourself, and awaken to something new. You also have the right to transform.

5. To be ordinary. You have the right to be “as is.” You also have the right not to stand out, achieve, or be more extraordinary than you are. You have value without needing to “arrive” anywhere personally or professionally to feel special.

You are a paradox: broken and whole simultaneously, a sinner and a saint, wounded and healed, ordinary and extraordinary. You can stop striving and embrace yourself without more self-improvement. You have the right to grow organically without becoming the best. You have the right to stop achieving and lie fallow.

6. To love and be loved how you want. You have the right to unconditional tenderness for yourself. Your inherent worth entitles you to dignity and intimacy. You have the right to love who you want and how you want and continue growing this way. You have the right to be kind to yourself, express compassion and gentleness, and relax. You can move through life with an open heart, giving and receiving support. You have the right to infinite intimacy with this moment, which is enlightenment.

7. To find your path and tell your story. You have the right to follow your heart to live authentically. You are your authority. It’s okay to complain, to hold a different opinion, and to speak it aloud. You do not have to go along with the status quo or anyone else’s insistence about how things are or who you are. Find wisdom from your own lived experience and trust it.

8. To live with contentment and ease. You have the right to deep relaxation and gratitude and to live with more simplicity and less effort. You have the right to experience the full spectrum of emotion–grief, pain, anger, loss–and still, connect with inner peace and joy. You have the right to equanimity and contentment at any moment despite your circumstances or feelings.

9. To connect with beauty and freedom. You have the right to experience nourishment and joy, to find the ordinary extraordinary at any moment you choose. You have the right to see the sacred in everything, live creatively, and experience pleasure daily. You have the right to drop any façade or pretense and live freely.

Live creatively and release prefabricated ideas and constructs about yourself, the world, or your God. You have the right to assume the best about yourself and connect with beauty. This is part of awakening.

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