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I moved hosts recently and have been reposting all the posts I did in the past year here… Nice to just copy and paste and I will fix them up over time with the posters that I had in there, or even add new ones…

A lot has happened since September 2022! I went to my local police after the email I got and the posting of lorriereddy.com on July 2022 and after months of an investigation between the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary and Niagara Regional Police and their Cyber Crime Unit, they determined there was NO criminal offence and no charges would be laid against these Adult Bullies who posted these sites I shared here.

The Niagara Regional Police did go and speak to them and they have left me alone ever since. NO MORE EMAILS and I have no fear of getting any either. While there are no charges being laid, there is still a lot of good that came from my complaint! I now know that all their online actions will be monitored by their Cyber Crime Unit! If these Adult Bullies do cross a line, the Police there will catch them. I am content with what came out of that.

I spent a few days typing up this timeline below this past September 2022 and upon its completion, I have felt like a great weight has lifted off me! I came to see very clearly all the mistakes I personally made during this situation and I have taken this knowledge and used it to work on myself.

I have expanded my bubble and got into various Community Events put on by various Agencies here where I live too. I met up with some women recently and had a fantastic time making Valentine’s Cards by hand and attended a Day of pampering they held. I recently won some very nice self-care items of candles, bath soak, and body butter, in a contest and they shared my name on their Facebook as the winner and IT DIDN” T BOTHER ME ONE BIT! Why would I feel any embarrassment over them sharing who won one of their contest? I am ecstatic I won…

I have also been busy with Doctors. My Ortho specialty thinks my Stenosis is spreading to my lumbar region and I am waiting on a CT-Scan to confirm. My balance is pretty bad these days and I fall often. Not like I did last year when I broke my ankle, thank goodness!

I also finally connected with a Cancer specialist and am scheduled for a wide local excision and coloscopy on Wednesday, March 1 to have it removed. It’s possible that after 10 years of being clear, my Cancer has returned. Yeah, it was only 3 weeks ago I saw her for the first time but as I have had a lesion growing for the past few months, they got me in pretty quickly to remove it. I had my pre-op appointment yesterday at the hospital and everything is all set…So, here I go again!!

To be honest, I have reached the point after 18 procedures already that it is only skin, and it will heal. I will be laid up for a bit, but I don’t mind, everything can wait and I am in no rush to get anything done. I am very grateful it is happening now and not in nicer weather! I don’t mind staying home as it is hard for me to get around in the snow anyway!

Yes, I had a free site there for a bit, while trying to decide if I wanted a paid one again, as I cancelled the Orange website, it was expensive, even with the discount I had… I found a cheaper one and even have unlimited space! I can share as much as I want!

Below, is the Timeline of this situation I completed at the request of the Police. It is pretty long…Upon writing this Timeline, I came to see how it all went so very wrong… I also see where they turned a professional decision from my job of their eviction and tried to make it personal about them instead. 

I have come to terms with the smear campaign and cyberbullying that Adult Bullies do in my name online. I don’t care anymore, and all their negativity is theirs to keep. I prefer to live in the SUNSHINE! 

I admit that some of my behaviour with sending emails was not appropriate but after doing this Timeline I see just how screwed up in the head I became with paranoia and fear of attack on myself or any of my family.

This timeline really shows the escalation, on both parts, that created this mess. All I ever wanted, was the truth to be exposed about their false allegations of Racism and Discrimination.

I spent from the Fall of 2000 living, and working, in Residential apartment buildings in Ontario, so yes, I was naive and isolated as a result from current events. I was busy enough with my work and family that I didn’t pay attention to much, I still don’t. Unless it affects me directly, I ignore it as I have enough to worry about.

I have said before, in my job I was physically assaulted, yelled at, and threatened before by Tenants and it didn’t faze me. I had my car stolen and was even shot at once, and I was okay.

I had jumpers from the building I had to look at and tell Police who they were. None of that fazed me, not like this situation of false allegations of racism and websites have done.

This situation has really screwed up with my Mental Health and I know I will never be the same again. I have fear now, of people and places and I lost my trust and faith in my fellow human’s. I don’t know if I will ever get that back. I lost friends, even family, over this situation as they are terrified of a website showing up online in their name too. I don’t blame them. Would you?

My Mental Health will never be the same and will always have issues with anxiety because of this situation. Nothing I have done has ever released it.

Interaction during my Employment and their Tenancy.

May 23, 2016– Our interview for employment for 859 Kennedy Rd for Alto Properties Inc, 5:00 pm at the property with both owners. We were called and hired the next day. It is a 5 story, 34-unit building. I quit on July 4, 2018 while in psychosis for 2 days caused by email from KR that was sent to the owners, where they discuss my personal Human Rights complaint, I made against them with the owners that was not their place to do and advises the owners to “check” my behaviour. My husband last day of work was September 14, 2020. We vacated the next day and drove to NL, got here Sept 19, 2020.

June 23, 2016 – We went over and cleaned apartment #401-859 Kennedy Rd so it would be cleaned before we moved in. This was our only time there after interview and before moving in and I didn’t meet anyone at that time.

June 29, 2016 – We moved into 859 Kennedy Rd.  I picked up the work cell phone and all the keys, the day before on June 28, 2016. We hired movers but they didn’t show, so we rented a U-Haul ourselves for the 29th.

We were hired to be Building Superintendents for property owners of Alto Properties Inc. and lived on site. July 22, 2016 -Job Contract was signed.

#303-859 Kennedy Rd – Tenant File States AR moved in June 1, 2015 into #303, a 2-bedroom apt., with 2 children. Darwin Charles is also on application as co-signer who I later found out was Tenant’s brother. I do not know when KR moved in with her, as he was not there when she moved in. Letter in Tenant File with application for rental, said she was in a shelter after leaving her husband and was looking for a place to live with her children.

July 5, 2016 – First contact with AR, leaseholder, when she came to the office to pay her balance of rent in cash. The rest was paid directly by Ontario Works. I did take it that day but said no more due to my personal safety. I was attacked before for cash on site on rent days and explained that to her. At the time, there was only 2 Tenants who paid in cash. This was the only tenant to get upset over the change.

July 28, 2016 – Issued letter to all Tenants about removing storage items on balconies and about propane BBQ’s, asking tenants to clean up their balconies and remove propane BBQ for safety. Referred tenant to the Landlord and Tenant Board.

August 1, 2016 – second meeting, AR came to office with the male whom I thought was DC, to once again pay her balance of rent by cash and when I wouldn’t accept it, she got irate and tried to record me on her cell phone not accepting her cash rental payment. Male didn’t say anything to me that time, just got AR to leave the office.  Later, sent letter to AR about hers and her partners aggression and raised voices, over not accepting her cash rental payment and her act of recording me on her cell phone. I let her know at the time that I did not give permission for her to do that and reminded her of the Privacy Rules. Referred tenant to the Landlord and Tenant Board.

August 2, 2016 – AM – Male from #303-859 Kennedy Rd brought printed documents to the office in the office about propane BBQ, said I was misinterpreting the rules over propane BBQ on balconies. In the end, it didn’t matter as the Owners were afraid of an accident as the balconies were small for propane BBQ’s to be on. My first meeting with her B.F, as noted in my work journal. Referred tenant to the Landlord and Tenant Board. PM- AR came to the office to discuss E-transfer for her rent. She did spend some time in the office discussing changes I was making on site, and why, such as no cash. We also discussed a letter I sent about short rental payment, as I was fixing up the Interest owed on deposits made for last months rent. Tenant File didn’t say there was a husband, so I assumed the male who came looking for her, was a boyfriend. AR was in the office alone at that time, alone.

August 3, 2016 – Got email from AR over alternate payment of rent, stating she cannot afford to pay outside of her rent. I responded 2x, the same day. First to let her know I didn’t forget and that I sent a message to the owner, and the second to let her know the email to sent the transfer to.

August 22, 2016 – August 30, 2016 Sent Notice of Entry for pest control to come to their unit on August 29, 2016 between the hours of 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Tenant signed & returned permission slip from form. Magical Pest control scheduler screwed up our dates, moved all treatments to Aug 30 in her system, rather than 2 separate days. Spent afternoon calling, texting, and emailing all 5 units affected, for permission to enter for the changed date the next day, as I knew it was less than 24 hours and needed permission from Tenant. Got Text saying “okay” to the change from AR cell phone.  Still, no one was home to give access for Pest Control treatment, so didn’t get done. Management had no key for this unit and even if did, dog was left loose all the time stopping entry. Pest Control was on site from 10 am – 1130 am as had 10 units to do treatment on and 2 units didn’t get done due to no entry.

August 30, 2016 – Got email from AR concerning my personal Swann camera we placed inside the elevator, facing the elevator door, to catch vandalism we were having of the inside of the elevator. Swann camera worked on motion and record pictures on a SD card that was inside that we had to remove daily to get any pictures of active vandalism. I sent picture from the camera to show them it does not have a view of inside their apartment at no time, as they tried to claim it did. Referred tenant to the Landlord and Tenant Board.

August 31, 2016 – Received email from AR looking for of all the owners last names and their contact information for her application to the Landlord Tenant Board.”. I responded at 2:44 pm and gave them the info for PEIDA and informed them that for a Landlord and Tenant Board application, it had to be issued in the company name, and provided the proper info to them for their application, as personal name of the owners could not be used. Even offered to help them fill in the forms for the LTB, sent them the info to contact the Scarborough Legal Clinic that is there for Tenants for help with tenancy issues. Referred tenant to the Landlord and Tenant Board.

August 31, 016- Issued First Form N5 to Tenant AR for refusing Pest Control Treatment on August 30, 2016, giving them 7 days to comply with treatment. As per Notice of Entry given 7 days in advance, which they agreed in writing to the change of date to the 30th in text, N5 was valid to be given for the refusal of access that they agreed to give for Pest Control. I called and verified validity with the LTB. 

August 31, 2016 – Received 7-page letter from AR where she alleges in vague terms that I am racist. She states. “ I have to say that from the moment I met you, I had a strange feeling that you had some kind of issue with me. You asked inappropriate questions, at first you refused to accept my rent on the grounds that you “were not comfortable: with taking it, and then the excuse changed to it was “a liability issue “Now there is the issue of owners and yourself ( Stella Reddy ) placing a camera that looks into my unit and takes pictures. Add this threating and intimidating N5 evection legal document that is based on information the 3 of you (Alto Properties Inc. owners and Alto Properties Inc. property manager Stella Reddy) know is deliberately inaccurate and false. Has only strengthened my beliefs that I am being targeted by the 3 of you.”

Sept 1, 2016 – Sept 2, 2016 – Issued Notice of Entry for Pest Control on Sept 2, 2016 1-5 pm. Pest Control was completed in 303. Noted in Tenant File on Pest Control treatment form that Technician noted “excessive” powder placed about the unit and he was concerned about the dust being dispersed when they walk in it, as what the Tenant was using was toxic to humans too.

October 4, 2016 – I did an inspection of this apartment, that was to be a yearly thing for maintenance and other issues. Noted window glass missing, bathroom ceiling needed to be sanded and painted, as was already plastered.  Later that day, hubby issued Notice of Entry for Oct 7, 2016 from 1-5 to measure for window glass and had No issues with entry and glass measurement.

October 11, 2016 – October 19, 2016 – Issued Notice of Entry for Annual Fire Inspection by Mircom Guardia, Fire Safety Company on contract for property, scheduled for October 19, 2016. Fire Inspection was completed in all units by Mircom Guardia and property owner went around with them with my husband. They found the smoke detector that was supplied to this unit #303 was disconnected by the Tenant, as he said it was beeping but he didn’t notify staff. Smoke detectors in units are connected to the building fire system.  I did ask the owner of he wanted me to call the Fire Marshall about the disconnected smoke detectors located in the building, not just this unit, but he said no. We found 5 units with smoke detector disconnected.

October 14, 2016 – October 17, 2016 – Notice of Entry given for Ace Glass to come and install window glass on October 17, 2016 from 9-5 pm. As per Ace Glass, technician was coming to take measurements as wanted to do their own, leave to cut glass, and return the same day to install. Would need 2 entries at 2 different times in the day. – Got a call from Ace Glass in am that they had to reschedule as technician daughter was sick and had no child care, so had to stay home with their child. Issued a new Notice of Entry for next day for Ace Glass.  AR, she sends email claiming fire inspection not needed and claiming I am making “off the cuff” appointment to inconvenience them. Claiming I am deliberately screwing up dates on purpose. “Obviously you are not capable of, or just don’t care about what myself and family have planned for the week enough to following up with contractors and informing me in a properly, professional or even in a reasonable manner of any “sudden” changes. So from this date forward we will work together to ensure that things are done properly and respectfully of everyone schedules and rights.I am forwarding this email to inform you that I will not be allowing you access to my unit ( 303 ) on October 18, 2016 as you have request to once again look at replacing the window that you have not been able to fix since I first requested it in or about September 2015. Once again you set the time and the date for your convenience, and once again you failed to show up as scheduled. In the future I will inform you when I will be able to allow you access to my unit regarding the window. As this is not an emergency issue, there is certainly no sense of urgency that would require it to be done immediately which would inconvenience me and family. ”

October 18, 2016 – Tried to arrange meeting in Office with Property Owners and tenants to discuss their emails and letters they sent but Tenants refused to meet in the office, wanted the meeting in their apartment which the Owner refused to do as not professional setting.

October 20, 2016 – Issued Form N5 to AR for refusing Ace Glass entry on October 19, 2016, as per Notice of Entry given. Gave 7 days to allow access for glass replacement. Ace Glass refused to return so I called another glass company, they too were denied entry. As Tenant advised entry would not be gained for Glass company, I had issues getting a Glass Technician to come to replace the glass needed in this unit. Any contractor becomes weary about attending to a unit when there are issues with entry and I don’t blame them. Owners told me to give up, so I did. The Applicant stated “ I have given you access to my unit on 3 separate occasions already within the last month and half, and each time you have made no attempts to try and accommodate myself or my family in regards to the time and dates and if they worked for us or not. ”  “ It also again appears to me that you are also deliberately screwing up dates in hopes of again trying to get into my unit alone with someone being there. I am not sure what your fascination is with getting into my unit unattended?

July 13, 2017 – Sent a letter to AR about their Air Conditioners dripping onto the window sill, and balcony, below them, that I saw while out walking the property, causing discoloration on the brickwork and splashing into the window of the unit below. They later tried to use this letter against me with the Tenant of that unit, tried to cause more trouble.

August 21, 2017 – August 24, 2017 – After ignoring these tenant for 11 months, they sent a Maintenance Request for bathroom ceiling only for repairs. I issued Notice of Entry for 2 days later, so there are no complaints about not getting enough notice, and I was refused entry again by the male there whom I thought was DC, calling me racist and out to get all black people removed from the building. He was very vicious in his verbal attack of me, and it did scare me. I went home and filed a Human Rights Complaint myself for the treatment they have shown towards me, File Number, File # 2017-08-24-17-30-08948. It was later dismissed as I didn’t get mail they sent.

August 23, 2017 – AR once again emails a complaint about Notice given to her.  Hello Stella, I received the letter and the notice of entry. I do not understand why you need to come and see what needs to be done and then make the necessary arrangements to have the work done. Seeing that this is not a new problem you saw the ceiling late year when you came to do your yearly inspection. And did none thing. Just thought that you all were just coming to fix the problem not come take a look and I have to wait again. Not sure for how long this time. Anyways see you tomorrow.

August 24, 2017 – AR, Tenant Wrote in Application to Human Rights these sentences concerning these dates- Again we have more questionable and problematic actions by Stella Reddy who is again deliberately using the worse possible method of trying to get the Applicants bathroom ceiling repaired. These deliberate and malicious actions by Stella Reddy once again clearly show again that she was doing everything within her power to inconvenience and harass the Applicant and her family. They now begin to understand what has behind Stella Reddy Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour or OCD to have the Applicant and her family removed from the building

August 25th, 2017 –The Tenant sent email at 14:25 where she stated “ Dear Stella, I want to review immediately the video from yesterday ( August 24, 2017 ) from 3:15 pm to 5:30 pm that was recorded from the security system in the hall towards my door ”  Upon not receiving a response me, the Tenant forwarded a second email at 15:18 where she stated “ Dear Stella and Louie, I am informing you that I want to see the video from yesterday ( August 24, 2017 ) between the times 3:15 pm to 5:30 pm. I believe that you tried or did enter my unit while I was out yesterday. If you delete the video, I can only conclude that you are trying to hide your actions from yesterday. I will be filing a complaint” After reminding the tenant we have no key, she sent this email at 18:35 and stated “ Dear Louie & Stella, According to your email, you have stated that you do not have a key for my deadbolt/front door. I find it particularly interesting that after me living here for over 2 years, whereas you have been the super for over a year of the time. And suddenly the day after you came to my unit, apparently after drinking and smelling of alcohol, without a contractor to assess the work that need to be done. And refusing to allow you into my home once again for a 5th time to only view an ongoing problem that you are already aware since last year and have made no attempts to fix. You now suddenly serve me again with another spiteful N5, and you just now realized that you do not have a key for my unit? So the question that now needs to be asked is where did the key to my unit go that you had? When I moved in I was told that the deadbolt was a brand new unit and I only got 1 deadbolt key, 1 front door key and 1 mail box key. I would assume that the building would have kept a key for themselves from the new package as they commonly come with 2 keys. Which according to you has now suddenly disappeared/got lost and cannot be located. I would suggest that you go to the office and do another extensive search for my key as maybe it was misplaced while you were renovating the office. I do not feel comfortable with the idea that there is a key to my unit out there and you have no idea where or who has it. It also appears that you have no idea when it went missing while in your care. If you are still unable to locate the key to my unit. I would expect you to replace the deadbolt for my unit with a brand new, still in package unit and I will get extra keys made. Of which I will forward you the receipt and take it of my rent for that month, seeing that I had to make 2 brand new copies previously at my own expenses when I moved in. Being that the building lost the key to my unit. You will be responsible for the replacement of my extra keys. If that does not work for anyone. I will go and buy a brand new deadbolt, get a third key made and I will forward you a key and the receipt of which I will again take it off my rent for that month. Labour is free. ”

By this day in August 2017, I was starting to feel that no matter what I did, or how I did it, it would never be good enough for these Tenants and I was feeling micromanaged, my every act and word was being watched and picked apart by their personal speculations over why they feel I did or said what I did.

August 29, 2017 – September 1, 2017 – Sent Notice of Entry to Tenant to change the apartment door lock for ease of Entry in the future, but once again Tenant refuses to allow it to be done at the time requested. Tenant wrote at the time the following about me: It is pretty obviously Stella Reddy only motives for filing her bias and racially motivated eviction application where not that because of the refusal of a lock change, where it will be proven that Stella Reddy threw away the key from. lock box to create the tool that provoked the lock change as to inconvenience, stress and harass the Applicant and her family. . It cannot be argued that Stella Reddy harassed and inconvenienced the “Black” Applicant only because she refused to no longer tolerate Stella Reddy bias, bully, racist, bigot and childish games towards her and our family. It is also going to be proven with Stella Reddy own documents that she had intended to present to the tribunal alter and fake documents as factual evidence in an attempt to have the “Black” Applicant and her family removed from building. It has already been shown that there is a pattern of bias behavior that is consistent throughout this application Stella Reddy is someone who was trying to harass, obstruct, coerce, threaten and interfere with the reasonable enjoyment of the Applicants and her family. It will also be proven with Stella Reddy own words that she makes discriminating and prejudice charged statement against her own family and community in a public setting at a Landlord and Tenant Hearing without fear of any repercussions. And it finally it has been shown that Stella Reddy sees the Applicant as nothing more than just a “Black” person and that in every opportunity Stella Reddy has gotten, she tried to taint the Applicant and our family as being uncivilized and uncooperative with misleading and even with outright lies.

September 5, 2017– Issued Form N5 to Tenants for refusing access for the lock change, and as it was the 2nd N5 given to them, both Forms were used to file for mediation with the Landlord and Tenant Board, which was filed online that afternoon, over refusal of entries. Hearing was scheduled for September 26, 2017

September 8, 2017- September 11, 2017 – I get a request from tenant for copies of Maintenance requests in tenant file and I give it to her on Sept 11 when she proceeds to claim I “forged” hand written notes on the documents. It appears by looking at this altered document that the untruthful words “No Keys” is an afterthought and written as a side note after the original not was made. It also appears to have been written in a different pen, maybe different color as it appears to be a slightly thicker stroke than the pen that was originally used to write the other note. So again, it appears that Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy had deliberately made false statements on a legal document that she used or intended to use to have the Applicant and her family removed from the building. Why else would Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy have created this legal document if she never intended to submit it to the Government agency, like the Landlord and Tenant Board?

September 2017 – This is when my paranoia kicked in and I was starting to feel like I am being Stalked within the property, my every move was being watched and examined by KR & AR and their friends in the property they had gained by then.  I became aware of a Tenants Association being set up in the property and there was a petition going around by KR asking tenants to sign it to take to Landlord and Tenant Board to get me fired. I had a couple of tenants come to me about KR knocking on their door, requesting that they join him in getting rid of the “racist staff”. As per HRTO files, KR made contact with another Tenant of #406 and spoke about letter they received over A/C dripping onto Unit below. The Applicants husband and the husband from unit # 406 speak on numerous occasions on the phone in regards to Tenant Association and other topics. Tenants of #405 also joined but later told me they wanted nothing to do with it, it wasn’t what they thought it was. I had many Tenants come to me during this time as they were feeling very pressured by KR & AR to join them against me and the Property Owners. It was becoming very uncomfortable for me. I over heard KR in the Lobby talking to people as they came and went about their eviction and how I am racist, all while I sat in the office and able to hear every word he said. The Property Owners did send out a letter to the Tenants about it on Sept 21, 2018.

September 26, 2017 – October 3, 2017 – Landlord and Tenant Board Hearing:  When waiting for hearing to be held at the Landlord and Tenant Board we were given Tenant’s Application paperwork for their own filing with the LTB that was scheduled for October 31, 2017. Hearing held at LTB where I learned of husband’s name, KR. I also heard details of this alleged prior meeting they claim we had at some restaurant that had since closed, where they claim I went up to them outside while they waited for a table and asked where she was from and called her children malutto. They admit they had no evidence to prove their claims. I know this meeting never happened.

It appears that Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy wants the SJTO adjudicator Kevin Lundy to believe that a Caucasian, late 50’s female, born and raised in Canada did not know what the word “ Mullato ” meant. For Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy to even try and convince anyone of this, only shows here desperation to try and free herself of her actions. I guess that Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy will say that she does not know what the words Nigger or Spook means next, and that she will have to go once again to her niece to get some cultural awareness lessons on inappropriate vocabulary. It is so ridicules for Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy to make such a far-reaching statement, and to believe that she believed she could convince the SJTO adjudicator Kevin Lundy or anyone in the gallery listening to it. And still Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy acts as if she is so naive as to know what the word “ Mullato ” means, and yet she claims she cannot be a racist despite using prejudice slurs like the word ” NEWFIE ” in a public forum.

September 26, 207 October 31, 2017 – Received AR’s application for LTB scheduled for October 31, 2017. Upon being called before the Adjudicator, KR & AR  dismiss their application. 

October 20, 2017– Received paperwork for their Filing with Divisional Court for Appeal on Eviction. Hearing was held February 19, 2019 and Decision Released April 15, 2019 lifting the Appeal and allowing the eviction to continue. Sherriff was applied for on April 21 and they had not come by the time Tenants moved out on their own June 1, 2019.

October 21, 2017- Personal Journal EntryThe issues with 303 is driving me nuts. They state some big conversation that happened in some restaurant last yr yet the letter we got never mentioned any restaurant nor that was it in June. If this all happened in June why did they wait to complain in August? They are lies but a lot of their issues are based on lies. They hope the process to wear us out and give in. I am pissed as well. When all this started with these tenants last yr I should have stuck to my guns and followed through then, not give in to A when he asked me to let it go and allow them to pay by etransfer. We are here now and it could have already been settled last year. A lot of my conversations with A lately make me feel bad as he is always questioning me about what could happen. He was saying yesterday that the paralegal recommended we get a lawyer for the hearing with divisional court and he was complaining about the money, about the hassle. Unfortunately, in this business it happens. Either you fight the tenant or you give in to their demands to keep the peace and he tends to go for the latter for less hassle. I feel undermined and micromanaged and it is slowly getting to me. No one likes to be questioned all the time. He even mentioned that J the paralegal asked who took care of it hearing and when A told him I did J said it might cause issues, like this is all my fault. Its bloody depressing! Everything has been pissing me off. L always asking me if I am ok, saying I don’t look happy, that I look like I have a lot on my mind. Of course, I do. No one can be happy and upbeat all the time. I’ve told him what is going on with me, my health and the stress of all the crap from tenants. Geez what does he think I am? Someone who can ignore everything going on and stay chipper and smiling all the time? There’s too much going on with all the buildings and this landlord licensing. The stress of what needs to be done and what I can actually do it wearing me out. My mind is always in conflict, over what I want to do and what I can do and its making me feel worse. I just can’t do it anymore, the round and round of my thoughts is crazy, and I end up feeling like crap. I am depressed, hurt all the time. I am tired. Tired of fighting with tenants, fighting for fairness and to follow the rules for everyone’s safety. Tired of not dependable contractors, tired of listening to complaints. Just tired of all this job. I am also tired of feeling crappy. My whole body feels seized up and hurts all the time. Headaches so much lately, feeling weak and not much energy. I force myself to do the smallest thing and just the thought of moving, walking the stairs, walking anywhere. I need to do something, need to make a decision. I am a strong person, in thought and determination, but I can handle only so much.

November 8, 2017 – KR begins his smear campaign within the property about me to other Tenants. His application to HRTO clearly shows his attempts to gather other Tenants against me. He phoned the male occupant from unit # 406 at 15:04 and asked if he could drop by so they could talk about unit #203 signing a letter about the air conditioner. At 17:41 the male occupant from unit # 406 calls the Applicants husband and ask him to meet him in the stairwell of the building. At that time the male occupant from unit # 406 stated that Alto Properties Inc. owner approached him and began question him as to why he was talk with the Applicant and her husband? The male occupant also went on to say that Alto Properties Inc. owner made a threat to him about giving problems to Alto Properties Inc. owner Stella Reddy, and that he needs to stop or he will have to “Remove” him and his family from the building. At the time the male occupant reassured the Applicant husband that he was not intimidated by the comments made by Alto Properties Inc. owner, and that he will definitely now get in contact with unit # 203 for him. – Fast forward to June 3, 2018, the Applicants husband phone the male occupant from unit # 406 to discuss what was previously talked about in the stairwell back on November 8, 2017. The male occupant again clarifies that Alto Property Inc. owner did threaten him and his family with eviction if they did not quit giving Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy about her behavior.

November 15, 2017 – December 20, 2017 – KR and his friends in #402, were pushing his Agenda with other Tenants for his Tenants Association and petition against me, especially with #406 & #203, trying to get the Tenants of #203 to sign a letter for them to put with their Divisional Court app that I lied about talking to someone there about water dripping off A/C. Reading this in this document given to HRTO, really scared me. If he did this, I can only imagine what else he did!  They started discussion how it was that no one from their home complained or discussed with Stella Reddy the Applicants air conditioner dripping on their window ledge. I can video you stating that this conversation about my air conditioner never happened and I can play it for ghetto judicator. I totally understand you might be scared and worry for your family. But if you let this slide you are playing right into what she wants. Stella and Alton Properties do what they do because everyone is scared. If you do nothing they are going to know you got a copy of the letter and did nothing. If you think Stella is bad now with her N5 ‘ s. Do nothing and then watch her. Right now she being quite because of all the court stuff I am doing to her and Alto Properties. But when that is all said and done she will return to her old bully ways. Your letter or conversation with Stella will go a long way in getting her out of here. Plus I have to think that if she is found to be guilty of lying about you and your family. There has to be some legal compensation you can go after in the Landlord Tenant Board or civil court . There is no way she can call your name in something without your permission. Especially when it is a lie. Anyways please let me know where you stand about this issue and how you would like to proceed in dealing with Stella. If you do not reply I will assume that you are not willing to stand up against them and I will not bother you anymore. Thanks Kory ”  “I am going to tell the human rights board they can call you but do not let Stella or Alton Properties know what you talked about or even that they called you because of concerns for retaliation. It would be so much easier if you and 203 just wrote me a quick letter, but it appears 203 has had a sudden change of heart in regards to talking to Stella about the letter. Please let me know. We can’t have Stella and the owner trying to intimate and threaten people and getting away with it. The problem will only get worse. Strength comes in numbers. Thanks Kory ”- On this same day at 10:18/10:19 the Applicants husband sends a WhatsApp text to the gentleman from unit # 203 where he stated “ Alto Properties Inc. owner is a bully just like Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy and they both have the same mentality. Cross our paths and we will have you removed from the building in retaliation for disrespecting out authority.”

December 28, 2018 – I found website 859kennedyroad.com on the internet by doing a Google search of my personal name, stella reddy. When I researched it, it showed it was registered with Uniregistery on November 2, 2018 and even though it has changed content over time, it still remains. “This site was created as an information sharing site to alert the public as to the racist and anti-black behaviour of the owners of 859 Kennedy Road in Scarborough Onatrio Luigi Liscio and his son Anthony Liscio  Alto Properties Inc” This site contains pictures of myself, my husband, one of the Property Owners, and one of the building and had personal info about me and where to find me. I even had strangers make excuse to see a vacant apt. just to meet me because of the content in that site. Finding this site online made me very scared and paranoid. I also found the post and Polls on various Groups on Facebook that day. You can imagine what this did to my mental health and it just deteriorated quickly from there.

January 8, 2018– KR claimed that they found what could be the more evidence for why we were so motivated to have the Tenant and her family removed from the building, that I want to help make money for Alto Properties Inc. owner, and his son Alto Properties Inc. owner. He claims that “Stella Reddy believes that if she keeps lining the owner’s pockets with new forms of income from around the building. That owners will overlook her racist rants, prejudice behavior and deliberate attempts to inconvenience and stress out the Applicant and her family.” “It appears that the saying – Money talks, and bullshit walks has new meaning. It appears that as long as Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy finds new ways to fill the owner’s pockets with cash, she is secure in her job.”

March 14, 2018 – March 17, 2018Parking Issues- KR threatens to deduct rent if he gets a parking ticket for parking in Visitors. They continued to park in this area until they vacated as they refused to pay for parking, tried to say it was free. I would no longer call Parking Enforcement over this area either. KR did walk the property at night and took pictures of Tenants vehicles, inside and out, and their parking spots, even walked the property and took pictures of Tenants balconies and it was a serious invasion of their privacy. Again it appears to us that Stella Reddy has allowed for her personal beliefs and feelings towards Allison and our family to play a role in this poor decision making. She once again is trying to inconveniencing us. Someone with 2 parking spots should be the ones to find alternative parking for one of their cars/motorcycles as I was told for my one car. If not and you force me to find alternative parking and I have to pay for it. I will be deducting it from the rent. And Stella Reddy, herself had 2 parking spaces, 25 & 22. So apparently Stella Reddy wanted to keep the fact that she had a 2nd parked indoors from everyone in the building.

 KR did proceed to discuss my two vehicles. What did my vehicles, and where they were parked even how I got them, have to do with KR & AR?

June 1, 2018 – AR made a short rent payment, as she deducted funds for a toaster oven. When I asked her about it, she got upset once again. Alto Properties Inc. owner and Stella Reddy now decided they should capitalize on what they think is the Applicant and her husband finically challenging times, and they will seize the opportunity to try and build a new case to have the Applicant and her family removed from the building. Stella Reddy figured that this would be a great opportunity to kick the Applicant and her husband while they were down and now, after 8 months request the last month’s deposit that was used in October 2017.

If there could have been any doubts in anyone’s minds that Stella Reddy are not always trying in every possible way to inconvenience the Applicant and her family at every possible chance given to them. The actions of these 3 on them on June 2, 2018 remove any doubts. The question the Human Rights Tribunal has to ask is;

Why is it that suddenly Stella Reddy are so now interested in the Applicants last month’s deposit that was used in October 2017?

Why hasn’t Stella Reddy not try to make any attempts for the past 8 months to collect it?

Why is it that Stella Reddy have made absolutely no attempts for the past 9 months to repair anything in the Applicants unit, despite getting an Order from the city to do so?

With so much evidence against Stella Reddy of their racist, prejudice and inappropriate behavior. Why have they all continued to try antagonizing and inconveniencing the Applicant and her family?

With so much overwhelming evidence, why does Stella Reddy continue to fight this in the courts?

The fact that Alto Properties Inc. owner allowed Stella Reddy to file the original N5 to have the Applicant and her family removed from the building. Knowing all this evidence is against them and their staff and they still continuing to participate in the Appeal process, clearly shows that this is far more than just a landlord and tenant issue. This is evidence that this has become something very personal for Stella Reddy.

The Applicant and her family pay their rent on time, in full and take great care of the unit. They do not disturb other tenants and they get along with anyone in the building. So it is clear that these above facts are not any grounds to want an Applicant and her family out of the building. But what does make sense, is that Alto Properties Inc. owner have been following blindly and condoning the words and actions of Stella Reddy for personal reason that are truly only know to them. Whatever the reason are Alto Properties Inc. owner continue to endorse Stella Reddy and her employment and behavior. Their recent action is just another great example of everyone working in collusion to have the Applicant and her family removed from the building. And for all of their bad-minded intentions and actions over the past 2 years, creating such a negative and hostile environment for the Applicant and her family. They cannot be rewarded and need to be corrected. Their behaviour is not social acceptable nor at any time have they acted in good faith or tried to cooperate with the Applicant and her family. All they have done is try to have the Applicant and her family removed from the building in retaliation for her enforcing her rights and for calling them out on their behaviour and actions.

Human Rights of Ontario Process June 4, 2018 – January 17, 2020

Teleconference was held by telephone January 17, 2020 and Tenants, never showed. January 22, 2020 received letter that all applications were dismissed, as the files were considered abandoned. I just did not have the Mental Health to re-apply as they said I could.

June 4, 2018 – I receive 2 Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario applications, with a 107-page Statement of Fact, on June 4 against myself, one for the Parents, KR & AR, and the other for both of their children.

They allege I violated their Human Rights in Race, Color, Ancestry, Place of Origin, Citizenship, Family Status, Marital Status, Receipt of Public Assistance, Association with a Person Identified by a Ground as Listed Above, Reprisal or Threat of Reprisal in Housing and claim they were Discriminated against in Goods, Services or Facilities. And the last date of discrimination was June 2, 2018 when I asked about the Short Rent Payment they made for June 1 by e-transfer.

June 6, 2018 – June 14, 2018– I email Human Rights of Ontario about these files, as I was very confused over why I was getting applications against me from the very same people I filed against. and was forwarded a letter response on. “On March 19, 2018, I wrote to advise you that the above captioned Application, filed under Section 34 of the Human Rights Code, and received by the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) on August 25, 2017, was incomplete and could not be processed by the HRTO. In that letter I identified the issue with the Respondent’s contact information and that you provide alternate contact information or confirm that the Respondent still lives at the address provided. A deadline for a response to this issue to the HRTO was set for March 26, 2018. I never got this letter. It was because I had DC as one of the respondents, as noted on the rental application. They did inform me that day that any issues I may have with these Applicants, I can also get addressed in this process, but as their Human Rights Applications were dismissed because they were a no-show for the hearing, nothing about my complaints was ever done. I was told in January 2020 that I could re-apply, but why would I put myself thru that all over again? As per HRTO policy, I also had to forward this email I sent to KR & AR.

June 9, 2018 – I sent a personal letter to KR & AR- Word Document – This is a letter from me, personally, not from the company. I am really tired of reading the crap you write as it actually makes me physically sick, it is so twisted. Those papers are not a statement of facts, it’s mostly your own personal opinions, hearsay, and speculations on what YOU think, and they are also full of your own discriminations and prejudices as well as opinions on how we should operate the building. All the emails, letters, posts on Facebook and the website you did, withholding rent, defying the parking rules, making threats that you will deduct rent over parking tickets, sharing personal information about other tenants on paper, even without names, as well as various others including what got you evicted, is breaking the rules, not only of the RTA but also of Privacy Act and Human Rights. You even added in there your harassment of another tenant in trying to get him to sign something for you! Where in that letter do I say I got a complaint or spoke to tenants? The adjudicator, whom you called “ghetto” in these papers, which is discrimination, took a week to complete the eviction order as he took his time, but in the end, he knew the tenant/landlord relationship had deteriorated to the point where it can no longer be fixed, which is a reasonable conclusion to come too after hearing everything, and as a result, you and your family were evicted based on the fact that you both were so vehement in your refusals of entry for repairs. He states that in the order and this is why he chose the eviction. There was no bias, no one will give a shit what I said out of frustration over your lies, as in the end, it was what you did that got you evicted! My reaction is a normal human reaction to hearing details of a lie you perpetuated to base your accusations on and as you seem to be continually keeping it up, without even proof that this even happened, is harassment as defined by the Human Rights. As he stated in the lines below, you both were so vehement in your refusal to cooperate with access and it is this continued vehemence that got you evicted. I am sure the hearing recording as well as the transcript of the hearing, will show this vehemence from both of you. You and your family were evicted based on your own actions! As you still continue to be so vehement in your actions and words, which these 107-page papers prove with everything else you have done since this hearing, especially with the visitors parking, it is only strengthening those convictions within everyone that you will not be able to live in this building peacefully and be able to abide by the rules like everyone else.

June 9, 2018 – December 2019 -I received a lot of these emails, or similar to it, over the 19 months of HRTO, mostly when he didn’t get the response out of me that he wanted.; We are forwarding this email to inform you that we wish for you to stop harassing us with your pointless and ranting emails. You will have you day in court to present your defence. You again have brought stress upon the Applicant and our home. I n the future resist your urge to vent via emails to us. Please forward any LEGAL documents or anything related to your Human Rights application. Our emails are not here for you to plead your case or to tell us how wrong we are for enforcing our rights. All the best KR & AR

 These emails were sent to my employers in the hopes that my employers would get sick of the hassles this man was creating, and turn on me to fire me. He was looking to triangulate me with my employers and became a regular thing

June 10, 2018 – After I sent the personal email to KR June 9, from my personal email, they respond with the email above and cc’d my employers, for which I got very embarrassed and overwhelmed by. This Tenant was talking about my private issues, my personal HRTO application, with my employers that they have no business doing. At this time, they knew my personal applications were dismissed, but I didn’t. I didn’t find out till June 14. I sent the response to them.  Please be advised that the Human Rights complaint, File #2017-08-24-17-30-08948. is a personal one, which is why I use personal email, and does not include Alto Properties Inc. nor the property owners, as the alleged conversation that you say happened took place away from the building before I was even employed here, and therefore you have no right to forward any email in regards to this personal Human Rights complaint to them. As such by you sending this email to them is against my privacy as well as more harassment, as you deliberately sent a email to the company and the property owners I work for concerning an issue they are not involved in in an attempt to demean, belittle, or cause personal humiliation or embarrassment, and any act of intimidation or threat. Just as you did in October 2016 when you first sent those allegations of racism against me to my employers.  If you continue to send emails to the office and the property owners about anything concerning my personal Human Rights complaint not only, will they be used as more definitive proof of harassment but I will also file a complaint under the Privacy Act of Ontario for your sharing personal information with my employers over a personal issue, which is my right.

June 11, 2018 – June 12, 2018 – I sent email asking for specific date of this alleged prior meeting they claim we had, as I was leery about printing our so much paper for my Google timeline I had for every day in June 2016, but as I got no response, I did that anyway to show I was not in that restaurant, and never did go there. I also printed out my text and phone recorded for the hole month of June 2016 to show my whereabouts and actions for the whole month to show I was not near KR & AR as they claimed.

July 4, 2018 – I was on the phone with one of the property owners discussing work in the AM, an email pop up from 303- KR once again, out of the blue. I started reading out this email to L over the phone and the next thing I remember is sitting on my bed, with all my clothes in garbage bags at my feet, and I was crying on the phone with the Mental Health Helpline, 2 days later! They got me to go to a Walk-in Clinic on Eglington/Kennedy area where I saw a psych doctor by video link. He gave me medications to calm me and referred me to the Scarborough Mental Health Dept. I was told I was in psychosis and to go home and not make any decisions or do too much, till I got to see a doctor for counselling.

 Subject: Email # 1  Hello, This email has been forward requesting that you please tell your employee Stella Reddy to quit emailing and harassing us. We do not have to live here and live this way, constantly being lectured by your employee who tries to insults us, bully and goes on excessively long and pointless rants. As you have encouraged this behaviour from her in the past, we would hope that this time you would ” Check ” and correct your employees’ behaviour. Our emails are not for ANYONES personal rants.

We request that you “check” your employee immediately. KR & AR

My husband won’t tell me everything that I said and did those 2 days, not even now, all he said was that his wife was not there and he didn’t sleep for 2 days either. All I know is that this email to my employers, the shame and humiliation of this situation, the pain and frustration of being personally attacked in that manner, accumulated that day and drove me into psychosis and I have not been the same since. The fear of being on display, put there by strangers to me, is what plays on me and these people use that to their advantage at all time. I quit my job, by email, and I became a hermit in my own home until I left Sept 15 2020.

August 13, 2018 – Received email from HRTO about consolidating the 4 files from KR & AR and as I no longer worked there, I didn’t want them consolidated but the Read’s responded they did.

August 19, 2018 – I sent 6 emails with my Submission of documents for Stella Reddy file # 2018-32809-I and 2018-32811-I response. Typed response letter dated August 15, 2018. Racism@859kennedyroad.com printout of website I found online, KR posts made on Facebook about Stella Reddy, including pictures of inside elevator , the application to Landlord and Tenant Board for hearing for eviction based on refusal of entry and Divisional Court Application they made for Appeal of Eviction they received. I am sending Exhibits # 10-13 showing email of Human Rights application I received in personal email as well June 4, 2018 including other emails I have received in my personal email for work related issues and their complaining to the property owners in order to embarrass me that triggered my psychosis on July 4 as well as emails received August 4 when I was no longer working here. Divisional Court application we received and the Landlord and Tenant Board application for hearing from form N5 we used that got them evicted Sept 26, 2017. Please find enclosed my google timeline from June 1, 2016 – July 1, 2016.

August 21, 2018 – I get email from KR bout harassing them with the CC’d email to HRTO I had sent on the 19th. I sent my submission to their applications and they claim it is harassing them to send it to them? Subject: Re: Emailing: 322014-081918 August 19, 2018 Response to HRTO Dear Stella Reddy, We are again forwarding this email for a 3rd time to inform you that we wish for you to stop harassing and trying to provoke a response from us with your pointless and ranting emails. As we have said before, you will have you day in court to present your defence. So please in the future, again try and resist your urge to vent via emails to us. Again please only forward LEGAL documents or anything directly related to our Human Rights application, and not your opinions. Our emails are not here for you to plead your case or to tell us how wrong we are for enforcing our rights. If you continue to behave in this manner we will have no other option that to seek some form of Police assistance in correcting your behaviour via a restraining order. All the best KR & AR   They were threatening to call the police for CC’ing them as required in the process of human rights.

August 21, 2018 was the first time I tried suicide by taking pills. October 18th was the 2nd time when hubby found me banging my head on the brink wall in our bedroom, trying to get the nasty words I had to read from KR out of my head. The nasty words in the 107-page Statement of Facts were like a rollercoaster in my head and wouldn’t stop. All their recriminating words played over and over every day and night for all this time of the Legal processes.

August 27, 2018 – Sent a written page to HRTO to be added to my response to their Applications  Their accusation of racism against me is very traumatizing as I don’t get where it is coming from. To me it don’t matter what they look like, how they talk, or where they are from, they are still people. Hearing these accusations after 18 yrs looking after apartment buildings in Ontario was a shock to my system as it has bothered me extremely badly. I know they are not true; I also know the alleged meeting they said we had before I moved in to work here is also not true, but the accusations are still there and talked about in the building and they are online for anyone to see on that website they did. All you have to do is look for the building address or my name and it comes up and it plays on my mental health daily. Any prospective tenant looking for a place to live and does a search online for this property will find this website, as I have been told by some new tenants whom have moved in the past few months. 2 of the new tenants I rented to saw that website, and even though they told me they didn’t believe any of the info based on their interactions with me, it still bothers me that it is there and they saw it. It has been very demoralizing for me and played a part in why I quit.  It is hard to work when you get paranoid over what the tenants are thinking and if they saw that website or not.

August 28, 2018 – I had a visit from the Toronto Police Service as KR had called them to see about having me charged for harassment under them, which he was informed he has no case for that. We were both instructed by the TPS that we were to have no contact with each other, not even by email, not even cc for this application and Mr. R broke that and I have informed the Police. KR called the Police and while I was speaking to them, they told me that while we were in process with HRTO, there was nothing they could do about the gossip and smearing going on in the property with other Tenants.

September 6, 2017 – Received a copy of letter KR & AR sent out to all Tenant about their Tenant Association that they and Tenants of #402 wish to start.

September 6, 2018 – Beginning of many emails from KR to HRTO with other complaints. This one is demanding a copy of their complete tenant file and how I, and the property owners, have “poisoned” the new Property Manager they hired against them. Reading Stella Reddy, response to our application, it is very clear and obvious that there are throwing around a lot of accusations that can easily be discredited by us. All of their accusations are purely based on he said/she said evidence, which means they could later, after being confronted with the truth. Altered and/or create some form of new paperwork forcing the HRTO to then determine who is telling the truth, based on these after the facts documents. It appears that have, as simple put by Stella Reddy. They “poisoned” him against us, without him ever meeting or interacting with us. With the above said, we are more than willing to present our case in full, but to do it without having a complete and secure copy of our tenant file in the hands of the HRTO. It would certainly put us at a disadvantage, and would again like the Landlord Tenant Board; offer the above named an opportunity to once again manufacture after the facts documents that would cast doubt on our application and claims. If the HRTO does not or cannot request a copy of our tenant file. Then we are extremely limited on what we can respond to in regards to everyone’s responses, and by forcing us to presenting our case in full under this bias, it would allow the above name to get in cahoots and work in collaboration in an attempt to possibly create more fake documentation to cover up their actions and claims by us.

September 11, 2018Received part of KR & ARs Reply as per HRTO policy. These 7 emails contained their allegation over operational items with BBQ’s Balconies, and building issues and schedules, and is the beginning of their defiance in following the policies as laid out by HRTO.  They include numerous pictures and videos of other Tenants vehicle and balconies. “ At this time the Applicant and her family do not think that there is any need to address the respondent’s response.  What the Applicant wants to clarify is that the Appeal in Divisional court has absolutely nothing to do with Stella Reddy or Alto Properties Inc. owners Luigi Liscio and Anthony Liscio. (?)

The Appeal is based on the fact that the Adjudicator Kevin Lundy had an obvious bias against the Applicant and her family when making his order for eviction. Therefore, the claims made by Alto Properties Inc. owners that the Application filed by the applicant should be dismissed are unfounded and implausible. “The Applicant and her husband also would like to reserve their rights to elaborate more on the responses of Stella Reddy and Alto Properties Inc. owners in the future if they feel there is a need for it. The Applicant and her family request that they should not be limited to only the above text when explaining their case.”

October 5, 2018 – Received 2 requests in email from LinkedIn, requests on Facebook and Instagram, wanting to be added to my network there, Rhino life Fitness and DJ NOT NICE, which I later found out belonged to KR. My family members got the same requests. They did get into my family members social media as pictures they took from these sites, show up in their documents to HRTO and on the content of their websites online. They still Stalk me online to this day, lorriereddy.com shows evidence of that.

October 9, 2018 –Submitted Request for a Summery Hearing that was ignored. I notified HRTO in email of the stalking KR was doing on my family members social media. I have had to notify all my social media contacts to watch for the names and to not accept the friend requests and for those whom have public accounts they will look for them. I also had to give them their names as well. I have learned that they have sent a few to my family through Instagram since Friday October 5, 2018. I am starting to feel like I am being stalked. Do you have any idea how embarrassing it was having to explain to all my social media contacts who these people were whom may try and befriend them?  I have become very paranoid over the actions these applicants, Kory & Allison Read, have taken and as paranoia is also a symptom of the psychosis I have been experiencing, it is becoming very difficult to function. It seems I am just waiting for the next thing these people will try to get at me and cause more drama. The past couple of days seeing friend requests from the applicants in my social media and hearing from family that he tried to befriend them as well, makes me even more uncomfortable and gives me the creeps and I would appreciate it if they would stop. There is no need for them to access social media of myself, my family, and friends. By trying to do so, is just proof they are up to no good.

October 11, 2018 – I got physically sick upon seeing these 4 pages in attached document to HRTO from KR where also shares evidence he Stalked me and my family members online, even admits to it, as he shares pictures here in this document of my niece, nephew, and their 4 children, who are my great-nieces and great-nephews, comparing skin tones with the children, my great nephews. I called the TPS over them sharing pictures of young children to strangers, and how they got these pictures, and they wouldn’t do anything.  Well thanks to social media, we have been able to come across some recent pictures of Stella Reddy’s nieces and nephews. As you can clearly see in the comparison pictures of the Applicant and Stella Reddy nephews and nieces. There is an obvious direct difference in everyone’s complexions.  He speculates on propane BBQ’s, claiming I was stupid enough let my own sister move in with a propane BBQ after asking tenants to remove them? He still refuses to admit there are different types you can get.  Alto Properties Inc. Employee Stella Reddy and Alto Properties Inc. owners Luigi Liscio and Anthony Liscio were making exceptions to their new rules and playing favorites for Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy’s sister Cindy Jones and her BBQ.

October 11, 2018 is also the first time I see a Doctor at the Scarborough Mental Health Clinic. Sent email to HRTO : I just came back from seeing a specialist, a psychiatrist, this morning, finally after 3 months, and was diagnosed with severe depression with psychotic tendencies and suicidal and PTSD symptoms have come back. I was given more medications and had others increased and I am at my wits end as they say with these false allegations by KR & AR. I already had a mental breakdown in July and I am at that point again. I still live here and it is getting very difficult. I understand that this is complex due to all the paperwork they sent but I need a resolution soon as I do not want to end up in the hospital but I was told this morning that if I don’t improve that it may be a option. I did send in the papers for a summery hearing, which apparently this email below was supposed to be in response too, as I am going a bit nut with the stress of waiting, but I see that yet again they refuse to follow proper procedures. I have read and re-read their papers and I can find nothing in no letter, email, or notice that I sent that shows any of their claims against me and they have not provided any proof that I have. I know I did none of the things they are claiming. They just keep going on about my sister electric BBQ and invaded my niece’s privacy to get pictures of her and her family. No where anywhere do they underline any word or sentence in any paperwork I gave them where I say anything against them.

November 2018– I got connected with the Scarborough Mental Health Clinic through Scarborough General Hospital and saw Dr. Basatti until February 2020 when the Pandemic shut everything down. The first 6 months it was 2 times a week then slowly got to Once a month. They also tried to get me involved in Group Therapy but my nerves couldn’t handle it. Tried various medications too with no good results, they made me into a zombie and I couldn’t function. I had to be sane enough to manage HRTO applications. I still had to respond to HRTO.

December 3, 2018 – December 4, 2018 KR looks for an extension to complete his paperwork required, for which dates of submission have already passed, and HRTO gives him till January 9, 2019 The applicant is granted until January 9, 2019, to complete and deliver the Reply to the Response (Form 3) to all parties named in the Application and file it, with a Statement of Delivery (Form 23), with the HRTO

Hello sir…I just got the other set of material from Luigi and Anthony today. I see that it was also sent out 2 weeks ago today. It appears that Canada Post workers are living up to their reputation of SNAIL MAIL. I want to know if I can get an bitvof an extension of let us say just a week? The issue of defer is a pretty big topic I have to deal with. I have a lot of case law, documents and arguements on the matter. And just sitting down and looking at what I have so far and where I want to be, well there is some distance between them. I dont want to rushed and forget some facts as I only get one kick at this can.

Subject: Extension # 2 Hello, I just spoke with the Legal Rights Support Center, they have as us to also request a 30-day extension so they can review our material and help us with our Applications in regards to the defer and dismissal requested by ONLY the 3 Respondents. So I would like to make that request please. I have attached all parties involved this time.

December 9, 2018- After getting an extension to finish his part of the process, answer to our replies and the questions within, KR send a Form 10 to HRTO It is not fair to the Applicants that the HRTO has placed the Applicants into this situation, by not address their own request for consolidation from 4 months ago. Yet, here we are, the Applicants are being asked to supply at least 3 replies in connection to the HRTO now wanting to bundle with the Respondents.

By the HRTO making a finding on consolidating, it would at least give the Applicants some clarification and direction on what how to argue and preparing their reply(ies). My Response the same day, I have no interest in anything but the truth and the proof of that truth. You state I am a “racist, bigot, and out to get all black people removed from the building”, you claim I “lied and did illegal things in my job to create issues for you and your family and get you evicted” and I want that proof, not legal strategies. You can’t make something out of nothing by using “legal strategies”   Previous cases nor legal groundwork has nothing to do with this. You made allegations against me that you have to prove. It is that simple. Either you can prove it or you can’t, with all the letters, notices, emails I have sent to you while I was working here that you already sent to HRTO in your application.

December 9, 2018 – Back and forth email with KR this day, received personal email from KR- asking me to withdraw my Defer request, and I responded that “I would recommend that you complete the paperwork sent to you from the HRTO that you recently received, and asked for an extension that was accepted, for January 9, 2019. KR then proceeds to send an email to HRTO Hello, I am not one to get into trivial things like others in the world, but I just felt the need to address the most recent attempts by Stella Reddy to again pull us into the rabbit hole with her. She has once again conveniently left out some of the emails in hopes of the HRTO buying into her outlandish and puzzling behaviour and at best conspiracy theories. Stella Reddy has no control over herself.  Instead of just responding and staying on topic, she rants, insults and then conveniently forgets to include this ranting email when complaining to the HRTO about myself. This in turn just forces me to address her behaviour and her deceitfulness. Which in turn just bogs down the whole process? Seeing how she is willing to behave like this openly with the HRTO and LTB, you can only imagine what she is like in person when others are not around? I guess I should not have unblocked her in hopes of seeing her response to today’s Form 10. I should have known better that Stella Reddy would have again used this opportunity to insult and tell us how wrong we are for filing with the HRTO and Divisional Court. Thanks and sorry for this stupidity.

December 10, 2018– Received another personal email from KR – Dear Stella Reddy, you do understand you did refer to your own blood – As Black As You Can Get -You do know that there is a recording of you saying it? I mean, you said it, so own it. Do t be embarrassed by it now. If I was you I would stand on the highest mountain and say the words…. My nephew is a black as you can get! There is no need for ne to try and embarrass you, you did that yourself. The funny part is that you claim you did nothing wrong but you wont acknowledge what you said. LOL… you are definitely scared that your words are going to come back a hurt you. Because if I was in your position, I would be. As I said take pride in what you said, there your words. No need to be scared now about them. I responded the same day and cc’s HRTO Once again you are trying to put the spotlight on me and my actions instead of your own. I am sorry, it isn’t going to work. I await the response of the HRTO and January 9, 2019 for the next installment of this mess you have made. Do what you are required to do or dismiss it, it is your choice, leave me alone in the meantime. .

Attn: Registrar:

Please note I will not be responding to anymore emails unless requested by this office as Mr. Read just uses them as an excuse to get at me more with his assumptions and I am tired of it. Please do what you need to do to get this settled. I hope now that everyone can see why I have been experiencing so many mental health issues since being here and dealing with these people and their actions with me. All the twists and turns of his words and assumptions would drive anyone crazy, I think! I am sorry I got sucked into those emails yesterday but I am so tired and fed up with reading the crap they write and the delays they are causing and I am getting pissed off over it all As I said in my email, I have nothing to hide.

December 11, 2018 – Attn: Registrar, I am writing to inform you of my conversation yesterday with my Doctor. As the applicants has taken another opportunity to attack me by email and once again put me under extreme stress, I are asking that this application be dismissed for vexatious reasons. They filed this application and have since gone out of their way to ensure that the respondents, like myself, do what we were required to do but they continually refuse to do so.

This process of receiving all emails over this application has been very stressful as every day I am waiting to see what crap they come up with, as I know they will always find something else in which to attack me over or to delay this application once again. I have been as traumatized by the application process just as much as the actions of the applicants have perpetuated against me. After reading more of Mr. R’s verbal abuse yesterday I went and saw my psychiatrist and I was an emotional mess. I did show him some of these emails and yes, I should not have engaged, but it is understandable for an reaction when I see what this person has written once again. Not only do I have to still live in the same building with these people and take the chance of running into them, as I have done at times like the past Friday, whenever I leave my apartment, but I also have to take the chance of opening my email every day and seeing more crap they have written. The emails written by Mr. R the past couple of days were made in the hopes of once again trying to show me in a bad light and shows where he takes everything and twits it into what he wants people to see. It is what he always has done, on paper and in person, and I am extremely fed up with it.

The taunting and assumptions that Mr. R continually makes over anything I say or do is very traumatic and has been constant and my mental health can’t take it anymore. I am not able to maintain the emotional stability to continue with this process. If their goal was to drive me crazy, they are succeeding, and I hope it makes them happy. Please let me know what I need to do to speed this up and have this application dismissed as I am not able to engage in the process anymore. I have been told that if this stress continues, I will end up in the hospital to get me away from everything and everyone and I will be unable to engage in anything and I cannot have that. I am not ending up in the hospital over these people, I refuse to let it get to that.

December 31, 2018 – January 2, 2019 – Received 27 emails from KR that include his extensive Exhibits and 184 pages in written submission for his Reply as per HRTO policy. Right at the beginning, KR is trying to backtrack, claiming HRTO is for just him and the children, and not AR anymore, is case of conflict. Therefore at a minimum, the HRTO complaints filed by father, daughter and son can move forward freely as there are no issues of conflicts under the Human Rights Code. Both parents at this time would like to withdraw their consents for the HRTO request to consolidate all 4 complaints against the 3 Respondents. They started to see they were losing, became more irate, so set out to create more false allegations against me, as there are quite a few in this document.

KR spend the first 12 pages writing about my own personal applications with HRTO that I filed for and was dismissed. It is in this document where I sensed KR & AR focus changed from attacking me on a professional level to personal. It is around this time in the process, when he had no choice than try and convince HRTO of his claims that he had no evidence for, not even a link to show it was possible to have occurred as he claimed. I changed from Alleged employee to Alleged Property Manager.

  • Pages 13-22 write about other Tenants parking spots and show Pictures of other Tenants vehicles. KR clearly shows evidence that other Tenants are like just like them and don’t want to follow the rules.
  • Just like pages 23 – 29 discuss Tenants balconies and BBQ’s. By then, some Tenants had bought electric BBQ’s and also like them, there was a couple of tenants who refused to remove it.
  • Pages 30-41 he writes about how I stated I was “I am rule driven” It seems like a bit of hypocrisy of the behalf of the now alleged former Alto Properties Inc. Property Manager Stella Reddy to be lecturing and scolding the Applicants about lying when she, herself has been caught without debate so many times lying to the HRTO in her attempts to portray the Applicants in an unfavorable light.
  • Pages 41- 44 KR once again shares the page he made with pictures of his family and compares their skin tones to that of my family member, specifically my Nieces 4 young children. It is pretty clear and pretty obvious that the now alleged Stella Reddy has not only lied to the HTRO, but has also lied to the LTB about the complexion of her own nephew in hopes of trying sway and influence the LTB in her favor. It is also pretty obvious that the now alleged former Alto Properties Inc. Property Manager Stella Reddy never considered the idea that the Applicants would be able to find anything on social media of her nieces and nephews, eventually exposing her lie.
  • Pages 44-49 discuss Defer and/or Dismiss and this texts at the beginning are repeated numerous times within these 184 pages. It is the Applicants position that Alto Properties Inc. owner Luigi Liscio and Alto Properties Inc. owner Anthony Liscio have chosen to forfeit their right to have any place at the table to argue any issues relating to their own request for a deferral and/or dismissal, as they have deliberately not provide a physical copy or digital copy of their authorities, present explanations about their authorities that are so vaguely explained or in some cases lack any type of explanation at all to justify their request for a deferral and/or dismissal that they had requested.
  • Pages 50-61 – Other Ongoing Legal proceedings. It is the position of the Applicants that due to the inadequate responses by the 3 Respondents, it is clear that they are relying solely upon the fact that there are two legal proceedings ongoing to justify having the complaints by the Applicants to be deferred and/or dismissed. The rest is copies of other proceedings in the past.
  • Pages 62-76 “Before Me” It is mind boggling to think, that she thinks these irrelevant issues can possible have any relevance or role in her defence to help justify her own request for a deferral and/or dismissal. It appears the now alleged former Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy is doing as she has previous done with others, and that is trying to play like she is the victim and that she has been dealt such a rough hand in life.
  • Pages 77-84 Overlapping documents. This section is about the HRTO will see that Social Justice Tribunals Ontario Member Kevin Lundy denied the Applicants their right to present a full defence against the 3 Respondents. The appeal is strictly about the many bias and serious errors of law made by the Social Justice Tribunals Ontario Member Kevin Lundy against the Applicant. It also appears that the Social Justice Tribunals Ontario Member Kevin Lundy found no importance it the racially charged language and prejudice slurs and actions made by the now alleged former Alto Properties Inc. Property Manager Stella Reddy during the hearing in front of him. The Social Justice Tribunals Ontario Member Kevin Lundy allow her to repeatedly say staggering things and then he consciously wrote it off as her being “oblivious” to her own ignorance to justify his illegal eviction order. The Applicants take the position that the now alleged former Alto Properties Inc. Property Manager Stella Reddy was not “oblivious ” to her racially charged language, prejudice slurs and racially motivated actions. The position of the Applicants is that the now alleged former Alto Properties Inc. Property Manager Stella Reddy JUST DID NOT CARE, AND DID IT WITHOUT FEAR!
  • Pages 85-101 –  It is pretty straight forward and obvious that the Divisional Court will be dealing with only issue of bias and serious errors of law made by ONLY the Social Justice Tribunals Ontario Member Kevin Lundy. Upon reading the Applicants Notice of Appeal and Appellants Factum filed with the Divisional Court. It should be pretty clear and obvious the proceedings in Divisional Court will not be addressing any of the allegations raised in the HRTO complaints filed by the Applicants against the 3 Respondents in regards to their harassment, discriminating and acting in a reprisal manner against them. When Social Justice Tribunals Ontario Member Kevin Lundy created his order – it was an intentional and premeditated attempt to deny and block the Applicant to her rights to be heard and have equal justice. The Divisional Court will not be making any findings in regards to any of the her racially charged language, prejudice slurs, racially motivated actions of harassment, discriminating and acting in a reprisal manner complaints filed with the HRTO against the 3 Respondents
  • Pages 102- 107 Remedies LTB hearing – October 31, 2017 – Initiated by the Applicants, but never proceeded forward as they withdrew the complaint on the date of hearing without prejudice, as the outcome of this hearing would have played no factor is in the illegal evection notice by the Social Justice Tribunals Ontario Member Kevin Lundy dated October 3, 2017. The Applicants basically withdrew the complaint and essentially freeing them up to proceed to the HRTO. At the time of filing the Applicants were working with a very tight deadline to file with Divisional Court and had no idea how the Appeal Process worked.. It is the conduct and bias of the Social Justice Tribunals Ontario Member Kevin Lundy. The Applicants are asking the Divisional Court to ONLY deal with the eviction order and NOT the racially motivated actions of harassment, discriminating and acting in a reprisal manner against the Applicants by the 3 Respondents. The Applicant is seeking no remedies from the Human Rights Code for their racially motivated actions of harassment, discriminating and acting in a reprisal manner against the Applicants by the 3 Respondents, nor do they intend to in Divisional Court.
  • Pages 108- 113- 1 year limitation. –As the 3 Respondents have decided to deliberately not elaborate on this issue, the Applicants are very puzzled as to their grounds and what time frame they think they are working with. A quick review of the document provided by the Applicants, the harassing, discriminating and acting in a reprisal behaviour against the Applicants by 3 Respondents has been ongoing since the obvious meeting in June 2016, August 2016, October 2016, August 2017, September 2017, October 2017, March 2018 and June 2018. Just by reviewing the Applicants 107 Statement of Facts provided, it is pretty obvious the 3 Respondents have been harassing, discriminating and acting in a reprisal manner against the Applicants since the now alleged Property Manager Stella Reddy meeting in June 2016. Given the obvious illegal N5’s given to the Applicants, the denying the Applicants parking privilege despite giving other tenants the same parking privileges, there deliberately actions to inconvenience the Applicants, alter documents to justify an illegal N5 and the numerous amounts of lies over and over that have been proven that cannot be disputed Even the Social Justice Tribunals Ontario Member Kevin Lundy noticed the behaviour of the now alleged former Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy through her own words and actions. There can be no more doubt that the 3 Respondents were harassing, discriminating and acting in a reprisal manner continuously since 2016.
  • Pages 114- 134-Absolute Privilege- Pure speculation and conjecture over my motives over words I had said. No matter how times the Applicants read Stella Reddy 16 page response given to the HRTO. They can make absolutely no connection between above irrelevant issues and the HRTO complaints against her, and absolute privilege. Upon reading the documents supplied by the Applicants to the Divisional Court. It is clear and obvious that the entire appeal is based on the conduct of the Social Justice Tribunals Ontario Member Kevin Lundy. The 3 Respondents are now so irrelevant to the appeal that they will not even have to speak in regards to their harassing, discriminating and acting in a reprisal manner against the Applicants. The now alleged Property Manager Stella Reddy does not hold any legal standing with the Law Society of Ontario or anywhere in Canada and therefore cannot practice law, and therefore she cannot be considered counsel for Alto Properties Inc. Reviewing the transcripts and listening to the recording from the LTB hearing on September 26, 2018. There can be no arguments that it was in fact Stella Reddy using all racially charged language, prejudice slurs and racially motivated actions at the LTB hearing. But amazingly Alto Properties Inc. are trying to claim/piggy back their absolute privilege on the behalf of the their alleged former Alto Properties Inc. Property Manager Stella Reddy. The HRTO complaints could proceed as two different hearings on two different days. It is Applicants position that the racially charged language and prejudice slurs and actions by Stella Reddy are not to be considered absolute privilege as they are NOT THE BASIS of the complaints filed against the 3 Respondents.. It is clear that the Applicants are not relaying on the now alleged former Alto Properties Inc. Property Manager Stella Reddy racially charged language and prejudice slurs as the foundation/basis of their complaints against the 3 Respondents and their harassing, discriminating and acting in reprisal behaviour. The Applicants are only wishing to use the obvious racially charged language and prejudice slurs to support their claims against the 3 Respondents.

There was absolutely no reason for Stella Reddy to try and justify her racist beliefs as legal the only issue before the LTB was did the Applicants refuse her entry, YES OR NO?

Stella Reddy may have wanted to discuss the conversation that transpired between the Applicants. But in actuality all she had to do was state I gave proper Notice and I was refused.. Done… There was absolutely no reason for her to bring up what happened or what was said. It had absolutely nothing to do with… DID THE APPLICANTS ALLOW YOU IN YES OR NO?

Again there was no need for Stella Reddy to utter the slur “ Newfie ” numerous times in front of the Applicants, arbitrator and public. Stella Reddy may have wanted to discuss this topic, but in actuality all she had to do was state I gave proper Notice and I was refused.. Done…

The Applicants found Stella Reddy prejudice slurs offensive about New Foundlanders and to be unwanted harassment, despite it not being directly towards them. The Applicants position is that a person does not have to possess a certain characteristic themselves for it to be considered unwanted harassment.

Again there was no need Stella Reddy to say the racially charged “ Mullato ” statement towards and in the presence of their children again. Stella Reddy may have wanted to discuss this topic, but in actuality all she had to do was state I gave proper Notice and I was refused.. Done…

Stella Reddy statement was insensitive and shameful and it is classified as harassment. Again the racially motivated conduct Stella Reddy was unwanted and not needed in a public LTB hearing. This was the 2nd time Stella Reddy had referred to the Applicants children as “ Mullato ” in their presence and in a public area. The Applicants wants to remind the HRTO the racial charged slur “ Mulatto ” is a considered a derogatory term by society, because came into use during slavery when referring to the bi-racial offspring of African slaves and most often their white European slave masters.

Stella Reddy also stated my “ I have very beautiful great nephews and nieces who are half black, and my nephew is as black as you can get. He’s even darker than she is. ”” while point at the Applicant, embarrassing and shaming her about her complexion. Again all the now alleged former Alto Properties Inc. Property Manager Stella Reddy may have wanted to discuss this topic, but in actuality all she had to do was state I gave proper Notice and I was refused.. Done…

But instead Stella Reddy wanted to either imply to Applicant that despite her great “ nephew ” being even “ darker than she is ” that he is still beautiful. So one has to wonder if her great nephew had a lighter complexion than the Applicant, would she still think he is as beautiful?

The real irony of this whole racially charged language and actions “ He’s even darker than she is. ” that were made by Stella Reddy in perjury at the LTB hearing. Is that her great nephew has a far lighter complexion than the Applicant herself. So now that it has been confirmed that her great nephew has a lighter complexion than the Applicant. Does she really still think he is more beautiful than when he was untruthfully darker?

So what was the motive Stella Reddy making this racially charged deliberately misleadingly derogatory statement? Does Stella Reddy believe that by committing perjury, using racially charged language and prejudice slurs and actions in a public forum proves that she is not a racist? How does her nieces and nephews having children with individuals that have a different skin complexion make her not a racist? It is the position on the Applicant that any perjury that is committed in the act of a legal proceeding is not covered by absolute privilege because it is uttered with malice and intent to deceive the system. The topic that Stella Reddy lied and committed perjury about was not a topic relating to the Entry of Refusal.

The questions here is what was real reason behind Stella Reddy sudden mysterious use of all this racially charged language and prejudice slurs and actions in a public forum at the LTB hearing? What was real reason behind Stella Reddy filing all the letters from the Applicants where they called her out about her racist behaviour from a year earlier?

 It almost appears that Stella Reddy was coached, maybe by some familiar with the law to come into the LTB hearing and to file these irrelevant letters, use irrelevant racially charged language and irrelevant prejudice slurs as to try and provoke a response from the “ BLACK ” Applicant and her husband? Afterwards Stella Reddy would use the Applicants provoked frustration to justify the harassment and racist motivated behaviour towards them in small claims court which she intend to file. Was she thinking that her racially charged language and prejudice slurs and actions could not be used against her, because she was coached, maybe by some familiar with the law into believing that it would qualify as absolute privilege? It would have been a win, win, win and win for Stella Reddy in her mind. ( win #1 ) She could provoke a negative response from the Applicants, ( win #2 ) use it against them in the LTB hearing, (win #3) and in Small Claims Court, and ( win #4 ) there is nothing the Applicants could do about it, as she believed it would be covered by absolute privilege. So Stella Reddy think that she deserves some praise or some form of congratulations for resisting the urge to be even more racist than she already was? It is the Applicants position Stella Reddy has not been living under a rock or in a cave her entire life. That despite their being a large population of whites in New Foundland vs. visible non – whites. There is absolutely no way a 52 year old, born Canadian, white woman with a “diverse” family is “naive” that what she said and did in a public forum wasn’t offensive, inappropriate and racist. With the above facts, the Applicants take the position that Stella Reddy racially charged language and prejudice slurs and actions were not need and uncalled for in the LTB hearing, and in fact may have been said and done as a way to protect herself from any future litigation .

  • Pages 135-136 The Social Justice Tribunals Ontario Member Kevin Lundy basically conned the Applicants into giving the 3 Respondents a free preview/heads up into the Applicants case against them for October 31, 2018 on September 26, 2017. It is pretty clear and obvious that the LTB and the Divisional Court have not and will not be dealing with the substance of the HRTO complaints against the 3 Respondents. The substance of the LTB hearing was that of the 3 Respondents filed for eviction order for a Refusal of Entry. The substance of the Divisional Court is the behaviour and bias of the Social Justice Tribunals Ontario Member Kevin Lundy. The substance of the HRTO is to address the harassing, discriminating and acting in a reprisal manner by Stella Reddy where she used her position with Alto Properties Inc. against the Applicants for calling her out. The substance of the HRTO is to address the harassing, discriminating and acting in a reprisal manner by Alto Properties Inc. owner where they used their position with Alto Properties Inc. against the Applicants to support Stella Reddy and because they enforced their rights under the law.
  • Pages 137-164Reprisal -This is a long list of Past Behaviours they claim I had where they speculate on my words and actions to such a degree, trying to convince you they know me and what my motives were. It is clear that Alto Properties Inc. had as much of a hand in the racially motivated discrimination and reprisal against the Applicants as Stella Reddy did. It is clear by reading the Applicants 107 pages of Statement of Facts that the 3 Respondents did not and would not have made the mistake of making any ought right threats to the Applicants by leaving any kind of paper trail. Instead the 3 Respondents used illegal N5’s, which they knew were illegal and threats of eviction to try intimated the Applicants into compliance. Their constant attempts to deliberate inconvenience and harassment the Applicants and their endless attempts to put finical and emotional stress upon the entire family. Of course the 3 Respondents are smart enough to understand that implied ( read between the lines ) threats are far harder to prove then outright threats. It is the position of the Applicants that all the harassing, discriminating and acting in a reprisal manner by Stella Reddy against the Applicants had to be given the okay/thumbs up and embraced by Alto Properties Inc. owner. Alto Properties Inc. owner are as guilty of the same behaviour Stella Reddy as they stood by intentionally passive while giving Stella Reddy the green light to do their bidding in retaliation for their letters.
  • Pages 165-168 Abuse of Process  -. This only confirms why they hired Stella Reddy back in June 2016. This explains why they have hidden behind the curtain as the puppet masters while encouraging Stella Reddy to do their bidding. They both have the exact same mentality. The moment you stand up for yourself and enforce you rights under the law. They consider you to be challenging them and you are abusing the system and the process. The HRTO has to realize that practically every email Stella Reddy has ever sent to the Applicants, she has chastised them for their actions in regards to the legal system. She has constantly told them that they have zero chance in Divisional Court and with the HRTO. Why? Because of people like the Social Justice Tribunals Ontario Member Kevin Lundy who allowed her to get away with her behaviour, lies and words and never dealt with it! It is plain and simple! Because of people like Alto Properties Inc. owner allowed her to lie in the LTB hearing, used racially charged language, heard her use prejudice slurs, watched her own racially motivated actions of harassment, discriminating and acting in a reprisal manner, participated alongside with her, and did nothing about it. It is that plain and simple! It appears to be the 3 Respondents that have continuously acted in bad faith It is pretty clear by this time to the HRTO that this hearing is needed and that the documents and 3 Respondents statements prove it.

Any undue prejudice to the 3 Respondents will have been brought upon themselves through their own words, actions, documents and the Applicants have no control of that. As the remedies requested in the LTB and the Divisional are not the same as the HRTO, It is obvious that they are trying to defeat the ends of justice. As this has absolutely nothing to do with the Divisional Court and the Applicants have not asked for the Divisional Court to stay the proceedings until after the HRTO findings. It is pretty clear that there is no intended to delay on the behalf of the Applicants. The Applicants position is the more the merrier.

  • Pages 169-171- No Reasonable Prospect of Success – Now this argument is probably the most fascinating and far reaching requested of them all. The Applicants and the 3 Respondents know that proving discrimination is a very hard case to prove, that it leans in favor of the 3 Respondents. But if this case was not at least justifiable to be heard, one can only imagine what the threshold must be? Just with the Applicants original complaint filing on June 04, 2018. The Applicants supplied the HRTO with 148 exhibits. Of the 148 exhibits, 75 exhibits/50% are the 3 Respondents very own paper work. (emails, letters, NOE, ect.) One would have to be hard pressed to believe that there is NO REASONABLE PROSPECT OF SUCCESS.
  • Let us remember the outright lines to the HRTO that have been told…
  • Example 1 – The Applicants being the only tenants to have a BBQ in the building.
  • Example 2 – NO Tenants are allowed to park in visitor parking,
  • Example 3 – Applicants did not return the required parking forms
  • Example 4 – Her nephew’s complexion
  • Pages 173-175 -Double Recovery – So it seems pretty obvious that the Applicants do not need to address this issue. Despite Alto Properties Inc. owner placing it in their response.
  • Pages 176-180 Summery – The Applicants have changed their position in regards to the behaviour of Stella Reddy. At first the Applicants believed that it was a Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour or OCD. But after doing this reply, it has become in their opinion that Stella Reddy is just a Narcissist This Narcissist behaviour now sudden shines a whole new light on everything she has done in regards to her own racially motivated actions of harassment, discriminating and acting in a reprisal manner against the Applicants. Alto Properties Inc. owner have allowed and enabled Stella Reddy to retaliate against the Applicants in a racist and discriminatory manner despite it being brought to their attention on different occasions by the Applicants. There is no doubt that Stella Reddy is aware of her behaviour. She joyfully takes responsible for getting the Applicants evicted. She gladly admits that she made racially charge comments. She enjoys scolding and lectures the Applicants about her knowledge of the system. She eagerly continues to lie to the HRTO about the same things even after being caught. She proudly can’t wait to get in front of the HRTO to justify her actions. She happily inconvenience the Applicants every chance she could.

Another example of her narcissist behaviour is when Stella Reddy thought everything was going her way between June 2016 to July 2018.

  • During this time not once did Stella Reddy complain about her many health issues.
  • She did not have health issues when …
  • she was made the pattern of her making the Applicants sit around, waiting 3 times for her, and she never bothered to show up without warning.
  • She did not have health issues when …
  • when she was building the 3 Respondents provoked case to have the evicted.
  • She did not have health issues when…
  • she was throwing away the key to their unit to justify her illegal N5 to get them evicted.
  • She did not have health issues when…
  • she was in front of Social Justice Tribunal Member Kevin Lundy of September 26, 2017, lying.
  • She did not have health issues when…
  • she refused the Applicants parking at the building, but at the same time gave the all-white 306 tenant that same privilege she refused the interracial Applicants. But as soon as the Applicants file their HRTO complaints against her and she reads the basis of it. Suddenly Stella Reddy has become plagued by so many health issues it is hard to keep up.
  • It appears to the Applicants that there might be a connecting to these sudden health issues and the filing of their Application on June 04, 2018 against Stella Reddy? If this connection is true, it would again be another classic symptom of a Narcissist doing what they do best, and that is try and manipulate the situation. By what it appears again to be Stella Reddy trying to gain some form of sympathy from the HRTO. The Applicants also take the position that Stella Reddy alleged medical issues are not relevant to their HRTO complaints against her. Based on the facts that at the time of her racially motivated actions of harassment, discriminating and acting in a reprisal manner. She was of solid mind and good health, and what happened after the fact is not relevant to her behaviour pre-HRTO complaints. Her health issues that appeared only after the pre-HRTO complaints no matter how fake, or serious they are. Are irrelevant as a defence for Stella Reddy. It appears to the Applicants that Stella Reddy is planning to try and use her medical issues as some way to rationalize all of her pre-HRTO complants, racially motivated actions of harassment, discriminating and acting in a reprisal manner.

Again it is the opinion of the Applicants, as they are not doctors they cannot say with certainty about her being a Narcissist, but as the old saying goes. If it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, acts like a duck and looks like a duck… it’s probably a duck.

In regards to Alto Properties Inc. owner who have heard and seen the racially charged language and actions of that Stella Reddy in person at the LTB hearing. They have continue to rally behind her, united in their fight in the HRTO and Divisional Court to have the Applicants removed from the building. They have read all the documents provided by the Applicants, they have seen the huge amount of outright lies that Stella Reddy has been telling to the HRTO and probably themselves. And still they continue to sit on their hands, ignore the facts in their joint effort to fight and spend more money in the HRTO and Divisional Court to have the Applicants removed from the building. Because Alto Properties Inc. owner is upset that the Applicants called them out for their behaviour and for enforced their rights to appeal in Divisional Court that it “affected” him and “you hit my business” and they “should known better”. There can be no other determination other than Alto Properties Inc. owner have acted in a reprisal manner against the Applicants. Alto Properties Inc. retaliated because the “Black” called them out for their lack of actions and concerns about Stella Reddy racially motivated actions of harassment, discriminating and acting in a reprisal manner. Alto Properties Inc. owner retaliated because the Applicants enforced their rights under the law to appeal the illegal eviction order made by the Social Justice Tribunals Ontario Member Kevin Lundy.Alto Properties Inc. owner retaliated because the Applicants called them out to the HRTO for their participation with Stella Reddy in the continuous harassment and inconveniencing of them. The Applicant would challenge any of the 3 Respondents to prove with where the Applicants have lied or mislead the HRTO? To continue down this long written road of going through their current paper work and that of the remaining paper work the Applicants have. It would only continue to confirm that when the 3 Respondents were called out on it by the Applicants in their letters, the 3 Respondents decided to retaliate against the “Black” Applicant and her family by using their positions with Alto Properties Inc. to achieve it. The whole time encouraging and enabling each other and trying to build a case against them so they could have them removed for multiple benefits.

  • There really is no need at this time for the Applicants to continue addressing the 3 Respondents Stella Reddy was their – GO TO PERSON for Alto Properties Inc. owners. The Applicants reply, without any doubt shows that despite any words or lack of words the 3 Respondents try and use, to try explain away their prejudice and discriminatory behaviour towards the Applicants. The reality of this situation for them is that they have provided no visual case law, presented no acceptable arguments or explanations to justify why everyone was in NOT in cahoots in their attempts to have the applicants removed from the building.

It is pretty clear and pretty obvious that Stella Reddy is far from being “ obvious ” or “ Naive ” as it has been claimed. She freely makes narcissist statements like “ I could have said worse, ” She has NEVER shown a touch remorse for her behaviour or even hinted at a apologizing, She brags how “ no will give a shit ” racially charged language, prejudice slurs and her own racially motivated actions She makes false claims “ I see people as people. To me it don’t matter what they look like, ” yet they has open compared, referred to and insulted the Applicant and her own nephew based on their complexion. She continues to lie to the HRTO, despite being unquestionable caught. The HRTO needs to dismiss the 3 Respondents request for deferral and/or dismissal. The Applicants wish to enforce their rights to add to this Reply as needed or requested.

January 2, 2019 – I sent email to HRTO letting them know I wouldn’t be reading the 27 attachments sent to me, I sent them to someone else to read for me and let me know if there was anything I needed to know about. I never read this Reply they sent from Dec 31, – Jan 2 in its entirety until last year. I have received the various emails from the applicants since January 1, 2019, including the emails received this morning, and I am notifying you that I have not opened them as I am refusing to read them as I am afraid of how it may affect my mental health and am doing so on the recommendation of my Doctor. I am also taking various strong medications for anxiety that affect my thinking so this will affect my reactions to reading these words.  I am not able to manage the strong feelings generated by these lies they have perpetuated against me so I am refusing to engage in it anymore. They are welcome to say what they wish as I know the truth will eventually win out, of that I have no doubt. I also know there is no explanation of the applicants actions in regards to the website in these papers, www.859kennedyroad.com and the Facebooks posts that they made, as they refuse to account for these things. What they did with that website and the Facebook posts have greatly affected me, with other people I deal with and my reputation has been affected by the false allegations they made online for the world to see. They refuse to answer for their actions but have no problem coming at me for every little thing I say and do and twist it to what they want people to see. They make assumptions that they believe are true over my character and my actions to make it fit what they want, but the truth can be gained in reading everything, not just what the applicants highlight. They are retaliating over the eviction for the continual refusal of access to the apartment for repairs. They admitted they continually refused access on Sept 26, 2017 at the LTB hearing and is heard in the audio and can be seen in the transcript. That’s the bottom line and they are doing anything and everything to not be evicted. I will await the decision from your office over this application and will go from there to do what I need to.

PS: I was just informed that the applicants have labeled me the ” Alto Properties Inc Property Manager Stella Reddy” in these papers which is incorrect. Being a Property Manager implies certain powers that I did not have while working for any property management company. My job description did not contain any management powers or control.  My job contract states that I am part of a Building Superintendent Team and therefore had no control over anything with the property and this has been my job label since Sept 2000.

January 6, 2019– I sent response to HRTO for this Reply. Please, do not allow this farce to continue and dismiss this application. As copied and pasted above from https://www.canlii.org/en/on/onhrt/doc/2017/2017hrto208/2017hrto208.html?searchUrlHash=AAAAAQAKaGFyYXNzbWVudAAAAAAB&resultIndex=7  you will see that I included my health issues to show how this harassment has affected me to the point where I could no longer function and went into psychosis and developed severe depression and anxiety that made me quit my position here. The impact of harassment by another has been proven many times over various issues and even though the applicants seem to believe it is “fake” it is not and due to their actions, my life will never be the same again as I will never be able to work in any stress. That website they put online is a major factor in this as well as their continual lies over an alleged meeting.

January 9, 2019, I sent a long email to HRTO reminding them of actions by KR & AR that I find was harassment.

Please understand that this situation has been very traumatic for me, and I am very angry and very emotional and the sooner it is decided the better. As I tend to see one of the applicant at times in the building, I am getting to the point where I am afraid of what I may say to this person, or of going into psychosis once again and doing something crazy, as I am reaching the end of my tolerance. If my husband wasn’t there last Friday I may have flipped at this person waiting by the elevator. The words they have written keep going around in my head, as I am so shocked over their imagination and how they can do what they do with no conscious. They need to be made accountable for their actions.

January 9, 2019 – January 11, 2019 – Various emails back and forth with KR that accumulated with me having to go to Scarborough General Hospital due to high anxiety and psychosis. I spent a few hours there and they let me go once I calmed down. In response to the email I sent above, I received the response of Ohh boo hoo.. I was becoming very agitated and I did send some email responses that show my agitated state. From: Stella Reddy Sent: January 11, 2019 1:50 PM Subject: End of rope Attn:Registrar,

I am sorry I am at the end of my rope and am in my way to the Scarborough hospital as I am afraid i am getting overwhelmed and feeling phychosis coming on and am afraid I may do something drastic once again.DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS ASS OR I WILL, PRISON OR NOT.

January 12, 2019, I resent the Request for Summery Hearing   I had a visit from the Toronto Police on January 9, 2019 after I got home from the Hospital to complete a “welfare check” on me. The registrar called the Police upon my last email as they got the sense that I was in a bad shape, which I was, but all the applicant saw was that I am sending emails to Allison Read and that they are only picking up for their rights. The applicant seems to think that where “All this because we enforced our rights to file with the HRTO.” that I should just sit back and let them do their thing with no response as they are looking out for their rights. They always seem so surprised when I respond and fight back against their claims and complain when I do. They don’t seem to understand that I have rights too as all they are concerned about is themselves. They are selfish people who only have concerns for themselves.

Of course, the applicant in this last email only mentions the comments I made about calling Children’s Aid and that I brought up prison, but of course he left out what I said about making a website about them and standing in the lobby to talk to other tenants about the actions they have done in invading other tenant’s privacy. I threatened to do to them what they did to me online and with the tenants in the building and they leave that out. Why? Any mention of a website and they ignore it as they don’t want to answer for the one they did. Even though I know the accusations are all lies, it is still very bad to my mental health over the past 2 years, as it is always there. I have felt very violated and bullied by the applicants over their actions and accusations yet they have never provided any proof that what they claim is true.   

January 13, 2019 – Received 6 emails from KR, sent only to me at that time, where he spends 6 pages laying out his evidence that I was the Property Manager for Alto Properties and not part of a Superintendent couple. He was still stalking me online, as he showed he looked up my LinkedIn account. This text is also on stellareddy.com with minor changes here and there. The HRTO can clearly see that the alleged Alto Properties Inc. Property Manager Stella Reddy and her husband Alto Properties Inc. Property Manager Russell Reddy have personally signed every Notice of Entry with the title of ALTO MANAGEMENT under their signatures. According to the alleged Alto Properties Inc. Property Manager Stella Reddy she never had the title of “ Property Manager ”

It would be interesting to know if the alleged Alto Properties Inc. Property Manager Stella Reddy and her husband Alto Properties Inc. Property Manager Russell Reddy where not Property Management than what was their Management title? So now let us please review the alleged Alto Properties Inc. Property Manager Stella Reddy LinkedIn account that she has subsequently taken offline and put into private mode since no earlier than October 7, 2018 from being viewed by the public

January 14, 2019 Attn: Registrar, Mr. KR is trying to push me to see what I would do in the hopes of getting me more in trouble. I believe he is trying to send me into psychosis so I would do something drastic so he can show everyone just how crazy I am and use it at Divisional Court. He is deliberately acting in a way to push my mental health over the edge as he is hoping I would do something as he keeps changing his views and accusations to fit what he wants at that moment as a way to drive me crazy and send my mental health over the edge. This way, he is hoping I would be out of the picture and unable to defend myself and he could proceed with his lies unopposed and hope to get away with it. If I am disposed, either in the mental ward or in jail, I wouldn’t be around to defend myself and he could once again do what he wants and get away with it. This is the way he thinks, as there is no other reasonable conclusion to come to right now and after reading so much of his lies and personal opinions over every little thing I did in my job, it is a reasonable conclusion.  I see the applicants are getting desperate as their Divisional Court case is coming soon and they are hoping to dispute me so they can bring it up at Divisional Court. If the applicants get what they want from HRTO they are hoping to use it in Divisional Court to prove that I was out to get them and the eviction can be voided due to that.

January 22, 2019 – I sent an email requesting an update: Good Afternoon, I was wondering if it is possible to get a update on the file numbers above? The Divisional Court hearing is Feb 19, 2019, 28 days away, and I would appreciate if we could get a decision before then so I can put some stuff in place for their eviction next month, as I am afraid he will try something. Once the legal route is past and he has lost, I am afraid he will go the illegal route to get at me, as he is very determined to blame me for everything. The applicants have become really quiet here in the building, he don’t even mumble under his breath anymore when he enters the building when my husband is cleaning in the mornings, and it is making me nervous as we feel Mr. Read is plotting something. It feels like the calm before the storm, to be honest. My instincts are telling me that Mr. Read is up to something and its making me really nervous. He hasn’t even emailed me since. I have been very medicated the past week but my nervousness over Mr. Read’s possible reactions is still getting through. I know I have been a bit obsessive over this stuff that he has been saying, after hearing and reading it so much over the past couple of years I don’t think anyone can blame me, but I am trying really hard to let it be and wait for a decision but with the end coming I am getting scared.

January 29, 2019 January 30, 2019 – KR submitted recordings, with transcripts he typed up, to HRTO that contain audio of the interaction he and I had at their apt. door on August 24, 2017 and a conversation he had with one of the Owners, in the Lobby about why the owner was ignoring his emails. KR shows he was walking around the property recording conversations he had with others.  79. KR: No, I mean the chick goes and says racist things in court, seriously? KR: She’s had it out for, she’s had it out since the first time we seen her over at that Happy Panda. Since that day when I sluffed her off. 90. L: She claims she has never been there. 91. K Is she gonna admit it? 92. K: The chick is on a power trip L simple as that. K: Did they kick the hornets’ nest? Did they piss everyone off? Nobody in this building likes Stella. 133. She has her little click like her sister, she has I think.. I did respond to HRTO I really do fear for my physical safety from Mr. R as his vindictiveness is very apparent against me in his writings and it only seems to be getting worse the closer the eviction comes and by sending this email, and any future ones now for this application, is only more proof that the applicants are up to no good. I do not trust them.

January 31, 2019 – KR sends email request to HRTO Hello, I am forwarding this email in regards to Stella Reddy’s claims of getting the Police report from January 11, 2019 when the Registrar had to call the Police on her after she AGAIN issued threats of violence and retaliation against me and the family in an email at 11:20am. Did Stella Reddy supply the HRTO with this these officer(s) report(s) and she did not give it to me and/or David Strashin?

February 1, 2019 –February 2, 2019 – KR sends anther letter to HRTO, asking it to be placed in file. It is pretty obvious that Stella Reddy is the one twisting the situation and deliberately exaggerating her fears. I have NEVER threatened her or her husband or family. I have NEVER in any of our meetings raised my hand or implied that I would place any harm to Stella Reddy, her husband or her family. Because STELLA REDDY is a pathological liar , who will do anything to retaliate against someone for calling her out to be the racist she is. She will even threaten to call the Children’s Aid Society in an attempt to have our children removed from their home and their parents in an attempt to even the score. She even threatened to go to PRISON for me, because she was pissed off at me. “ DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS ASS OR I WILL, PRISON OR NOT.” And yet, I am the one with anger issues and Stella Reddy needs to be afraid of me retaliating? Stella Reddy does not have any metal health issues; she has ANGER issues and needs anger management in her life, period! There is NO misconstruing these statements made by Stella Reddy. Stella Reddy always means what she says, and says what she means!

I am not one to get into these tit-for-tat conversations and I wanted to bit my tongue of this issue, but Stella Reddy has been escalating this situation since as far as we can tell March of 2018 to levels that I am positive is unheard of by the HRTO.

There needs to be no more addressing Stella Reddy on this issue, as she clearly has once again been caught in behaviour that is beyond words and still Louie Liscio and his son Anthony Liscio do nothing to fix the situation. They stand arm in arm with their Stella Reddy in their fight to have the Applicant evicted from the building despite never having “ a bad relationship ” with them and “could have gotten fixed ” I responded I am so really tired of your assumptions! Why can’t you just let these people do their job and get on with making their decision? What do you think these emails will accomplish? Are you really so determined to drive me right around the bend? While I can appreciate that this situation is very stressful for you and your family, there really is no need to make more false assumptions over what I say all the time. I have seen too many times how stress can affect people in these situations, myself included as I am a human being as well. Human nature is what it is and people react in weird ways sometimes. Whether you believe me or not I do feel for your family and the situation you find yourself in and yes, it could have been an easy fix for this Landlord and Tenant relationship: all you had to do was co-operate with how the management did their job, whether you agreed with how it is done or not, and you have shown it wasn’t even having to do with me, as you refused access before I was even working here. Would you go to Rogers Cable and tell the technicians how to install cable and when, all because you want it your way? Would you call CRA and tell them how you wish your tax return to be processed and when to do it? What is the difference for here? It is still a business and procedures need to be followed. Your stubborn determination in controlling access to the apartment on your terms is what got you into this mess and trying to shift blame onto me and everyone else, isn’t going to change that. As I have always said, the truth always wins out in the end and the time has come for this to end.

February 4, 2019 – KR sent 2 emails to HRTO, one containing This is a private message from Stella Reddy to me via Facebook on January 5, 2019 and a video of the same. I responded Attn: Registrar, this is getting very much out of hand don’t you think? I apologize Mr. Strashin for not including his email address in these emails, and I am sure he thanks me for it as this stuff is irreverent to the case he handles for the property owners here. I understand his frustration in seeing most of these emails from the applicants as I have it as well. This sentence alone is inflammatory and proof once again of the applicants attempts to get me upset by continuing to state his lies in the hopes that I would do or say something to help them. “should be aware of what there former Property Manager and now tenant is doing in their building”. He writes about what I say and do at all times but refuses to answer for that website. Very telling don’t you think? The applicant is implying that I am doing illegal things that will affect the property as a whole and that the owner could come after me for, but I am not. I am picking up for my rights against that website and Facebook posts and I am entitled to do that. This website, and the Facebook posts, were deliberately made to incite others and to defame my character and cause libel online. This website, and everything in it, is still deliberately left online to cause distress to myself and ruin my personal and professional reputation to the point where I had to quit my job due to the untold stress it caused and to cause hardship to myself from others whom have emailed about it or questioned me about it.

February 7, 2019 – I sent email through HRTO to KR & AR trying to mediate this situation.  In the interests of resolution, and the spirit of mediation, I am writing this morning to offer the applicants an opportunity to make things easier, and less stressful over the next few weeks. Please understand this is not being done out of fear of losing but out of consideration and empathy for the children in the household of the applicants. As a parent myself, I understand the uncertainty the children must be feeling and with the stress of having to pack and move everything within a short period of time, it will be harder on the children, and I would like to take the opportunity to alleviate that for them as much as I can now. It is all throughout their paperwork, how things have escalated by their false claims, the changing stories, the constant suppositions as well as their own racial comments about other people. They show how they tried and failed to get other tenants here to make false allegations against me to support their claims so as to not be alone in their endeavours against me. There were no issues with racism from me towards the applicants in any word or deed I issued while working here, and they have not proven any of their allegations against me, as there is nothing there to prove. Am I perfect? No, I have admitted I have not been perfect and at times I reacted unprofessionally, but I am human. I have no trouble admitting my mistakes and I will accept the consequences for my own actions. This is part of being an adult and I hope the applicants are willing to do the same and accept responsibility for their actions in this mess.

KR’s response? But let me throw something by you, and the property owners. You come to Divisional Court as a witness and admit you filed the N5’s in bad faith against AR. I can have the website taken down and the Facebook post removed. And I can ensure that this issue will not be on the internet or social media again. That way it is a win, win for everyone.

Again , Hello Everyone.. Stella Reddy, the offer still stands. It appears that maybe David Strashin is concerned about this idea, as he is ONLY looking out for the best interest of your former employers during these mediation talks. David Strashin cannot do anything to you in regards to you speaking about your N5’s, that you filed with the LTB. The same hearings he was not even at. If you wish to present evidence in regards to the reasoning for your filing that contradicts your previous reasoning’s. That is your right to do. If you wish to correct a wrong, that is your right to do. I will request that you be able to speak at Divisional Court, and I will be granted that request. I am not asking you to lie, I am asking you to tell the truth and for telling the truth. I can have the website and Facebook information taken down.

I wrote back- Can I assume that you are basically threatening me that if I don’t do as you wish and help you and your family avoid being evicted you will continue to keep this website and Facebook posts online and continue to defame my character and commit cyber- libel online against me?  I also assume that you refuse to admit to your fabrications about this alleged meeting you claim we had that you based all your accusations on if I refuse to do as you wish?

February 12, 2019 – AR issued a Form 10, dated January 11, 2019 where they are asking HRTO to We would like to request an order be created that prevents Stella Reddy from re-submitting the same old regurgitated arguments and false claims that she has previously filed with the HRTO in the past. Stella Reddy being a Narcissist, thinks that everyone, including the HRTO has to address her wants and needs because she says so. This is so overwhelmingly obvious, as her behaviour over the past couple of months has grown even more ignorant and demanding in her emails to you where she has continuously try to bully, strong-arm the HRTO into coming up with a decision in her favour and on her timeline. She has gone from using her past family history and illnesses in an attempt to gain sympathy with the HRTO, to now making unfounded allegations of fear that I will physically attack her after Divisional Court to try and gain some form of sympathy from the HRTO in her favor. It is clear that Stella Reddy is deliberately trying to bog-down the HRTO with all these frivolous emails and regurgitated false claims in an attempt to get the adjudicator confused and frustrated with the whole situation in hopes that they will just dismiss it. This is obvious just by the amount of worthless emails and repeated false claims that she has sent over the past few weeks She has become so desperate, that she is now including issues from Divisional Court proceedings despite them having nothing to do with the HRTO. My response: Every time I talk about the effect of these lies they perpetuated and try to get them to account for them, this is what I get, them tattle tailing on me to others in their attempts to get me to shut up and allow them to go on doing as they wish while I remain quiet and let them. They refused to complete the Reply correctly as they didn’t answer to the new issues I raised, such as providing proof of this alleged previous meeting they claim we had, the website and the Facebook posts and they are the ones who have continued to send evidence, such as the transcripts and recordings a couple of weeks ago that started this process now.

January 13, 2019 I respond to the Form 10 sent. Mr. R, you made this website and the Facebook posts out of malice and spite, you admitted to the fact that you can have it all removed in a recent email and state I wouldn’t be bothered by it every again, if I lied for you, and you wonder why I believe you would do something else, even physical, against me for retaliation of all this crap you started? As you have already done these things, how can my fear of your reactions be unfounded? YOU DID THESE THINGS ALREADY! What do you think I am, stupid? Do you think everyone else is stupid that they can’t read the venom you write about me and the assumptions you have made of my character and try to pass it off as the truth?? You have already shown you are willing to do anything and everything to get your own way even if it involves walking all over other peoples rights by making this website let alone the Facebook polls and posts!  If you are capable of doing this website and the Facebook posts with no conscious or concerns over what it will do to the personal and professional reputations of the people you are attacking in there, then yes, you are capable of doing worse. Even the hand written note in the tenant file with the application your wife submitted to move in here tells me that you are capable of much worse than verbally attacking someone, as this note came from your own wife about how she was in a shelter with 2 children after leaving her abusive husband, and yes, it is very concerning and this previous actions of yours have shown that I have every right to be fearful of you and your behaviour. Nothing you say will convince me otherwise as you have already done various actions that would concern anyone over my physical and mental safety from you!

The only desperation I am feeling is to have this all over and have you and your family out of the building and out of my life! I need to get my mental health back on track and get rid of this debilitating anxiety I have over leaving my apartment, all due to that website and the comments you have made to other tenants here in the building! You have been bullying me since I started working here with your impossible demands over the apartment repairs, the consistent refusal of access for these repairs, and your lies over those issues! As the time is coming closer for all this to end, I am getting anxious like any normal person would. I am so very tired of your lies about me, your arrogant assumptions, and your attitude that you do no wrong, that its everyone else fault for the position you are in. You blame everyone else and refuse to accept your own culpability, which I have never been afraid to do and have done, even in this process. I just want this over and I want you made accountable for your actions with your lies, the website and the Facebook posts and you will continue to hear about these things till either you remove this stuff freely on your own or are forced to do so, either way that stuff will be gone from the net and your lies will have to stop at one point. 6 more days to go for one part anyway!

February 15, 2019 Found more posts on Facebook by KR. KRFebruary 3 at 8:45 PM ·  So some time ago, I posted about our Property Manager being racist against our family. some people have messaged me to ask me what happened since. Well she filed a Human Rights Compliant against us claiming alleging discrimination in employment contrary to the Human Rights Code because we appealed the eviction order she got in the LTB with the Divisional Courts. Well the HRTO finally made a decision about Stella Reddy application without us ever having to give a response. Check out the link to read it. It is on the canlii.org site. https://www.canlii.org/…/20…/2018hrto1107/2018hrto1107.html…

Attn: Registrar:  Please accept the possibility that once the applicants lose on Tuesday February 19, 2019 at Divisional Court for their appal on the eviction, they will walk away from this application as they have lost what they wanted to keep the most, the apartment. I already mentioned that I was afraid the applicants would keep up with retaliation against me and I was shown right by what I found today that I sent to you and this will continue until they are forced to remove it all.

February 20, 2019 – Got email from HRTO Dear Parties, The HRTO is currently in the process of addressing outstanding matters on the above noted files. Please note that until the outstanding matters have been addressed and further instructions are provided by the HRTO, parties are requested to make no further submissions and to file no more documents. 

I responded the same day:  I came really close to leaving my husband the other day in my urgent need to get away from this building and the applicants, all due to running into this person while I was doing laundry! I got this urgent need to leave and even went so far as to start packing as I could not stay here any longer feeling as I do. The flight response is very strong and it is getting worse. The pressure of sitting here waiting for decisions to come from other agencies before I can do something for my future is too much. I feel stuck and am so sick of staying home out of fear of comments made by others, including the applicants, and I need to move forward before I go absolutely crazy. You have no idea what my life has been like the past few months and while I appreciate you have a job to do, the process is not conductive to feeling like my rights are being protected here. If this continues much longer I am afraid that when the time does come that you require something else from me, I won’t have the mental capacity to do it as I am losing touch with reality and just have this urgent need to get away from them and everything that reminds me of them and what they have said and done against me.  Please, for my sanity, let me know what is going on and when I can expect something.

March 8, 2019 – I was getting very paranoid and scared by this point. The isolation and mental health issues were getting to me.

Attn: Registrar, Serious Safety Concerns

I am writing to you this morning as I have reasons to believe that the applicants, Kory & Allison Read, are using their friends in the apartment next door to mine to spy on me of when I come and go from my apartment. I have heard the applicants a lot recently going back and forth next door the past few days, as he make it a point to be very loud so I know he is out there. They were also hammering out there the other evening. As I am in the corner, the neighbours door is at a 90 degree angle from mine and the peep hole in their door looks right out at my doorway so it would be easy to place a camera there to watch when I come and go. As I don’t leave very often, their apartment door opened this morning when I left to do laundry and when she saw me, she said she thought she heard a knock and closed it again. I think she was looking to see who left our place. Just now when I left to get my clothes I noticed that the peep hole looks different then the others around, as it is much smaller.

I also got a message Tuesday from someone in the building whom informed me they watched the applicant, KR, use a keyless entry code to enter the building that day and as that code is not given out, I have concerns over how he got this code. I have spoken to my husband, whom is staff here, and this keyless entry will be removed from the system. It was in place for access for the owners when they came. You can’t imagine my thoughts when I heard that K R has the keyless entry code to enter the building as I do not know what he had hoped to use this code for or even what could have happened if it wasn’t caught. I can see him giving it out to someone so they can come and either do damage to the property or attack me. I even had thoughts of Mr. Read doing it himself once they are evicted, as the keyless entry does not require a key and people can cover their faces to bypass cameras. This caused me serious concerns as I have great fear for my mental and physical safety from Mr. Read, as I expressed numerous times and the Police won’t do anything until he actually does something. My mental and physical health can’t take even one incident with Mr. Read anymore so I can’t afford to let anything happen.

As no decisions are forthcoming yet from either here or Divisional Court, I have no choice than to leave my husband and go stay with my Mom in Brampton until the applicants have vacated the building and I have a restraining order in place to keep him away. Either they are evicted or my husband gets another job, either way I do not feel safe staying here anymore while they are still living here and can no longer tolerate the anxiety and stress of it. I have become very paranoid and it is affecting every aspect of my life and it cannot continue anymore for my own sanity.

The same day, March 8, we received an Interim Decision from HRTO telling is the files were consolidated and that they will set up a Summery Hearing but didn’t say when.

March 10, 2019 I sent email to HRTO with some questions, most important being: What will happen if the applicants abandon this application?

As I have mentioned before, I have great fears that the applicants will abandon this application once the Divisional Court dismisses their appeal for the eviction but I am afraid that they will then amp up the online stuff to continue to cyber-libel and defame my character as well as others. I also have great fear that they will cross the line and do something illegal to get their satisfaction. As the applicants actions these past few weeks, even with the accessing and using of a keyless entry code to the building knowing they shouldn’t even have it, let alone use it, have continually shown that they cannot be trusted and do not care about procedures nor rules set out by anyone. As I sent in a earlier email, I had a tenant tell me about seeing Mr. R using this keyless entry code and Mr. Rthen turns around and attacks me, saying I am lying and he wants the video showing this person whom saw him and that if I don’t produce the video it is proof I am lying. Like I am going to tell Mr. R who this person is so he can terrorize this person too? I won’t expose this person to Mr. R’s attitude. My husband kept a video of Mr. R using the keyless entry to access the building and has saved a couple more videos since, as Mr. R still continues to use this code, as it has not yet been removed and this show of defiance will continue as long as he can do it.

March 12, 2019 – KR sends email to HRTO where he clearly says they provided 300+ pages of proof of outright lying by me, not that I violated their Human Rights as they were claiming, but what a LIAR I am! ; There is some confusion on our behalf as to what you are looking for in regards to answers. As this case has become substantially clouded with endless amounts of deliberate fake facts, misleading lies, conscious deception and senseless and redundant rambling in attempts to confuses the reader by Stella Reddy. And Luigi Liscio and his son Anthony Liscio have made absolutely no attempts to provide ANY explanation for their behaviour or attempted to discredit our applications with the absolute silence. We are unsure what it is that you are requesting in regards to arguments as we have supplied the HRTO in the neighbourhood of 300+ pages of arguments and hundreds of pages of case law and documents and numerous amounts of proof of Stella Reddy outright lying to the HRTO. We are confused as to what specific topics/incidents the HRTO is still uncertain and unclear about? Some clarification as to a specific HRTO concerns would certainly speed up the process and avoid any more confusion on the HRTO behalf. Just based on this email and the questions asked by the applicants I can reasonably assume they can not provide the proof of their allegations as requested. It seems all the applicants are concerned about is proving what a liar I am, not that I violated their human rights and showing proof of that. They just seem intent on blaming me for all their problems and causing as much trouble for me as possible in retaliation for the eviction I am so fed up with these applicants and their assumptions! They take every chance they have to disrespect me as a human being and make digs towards my character and think that is all they have to do, is make a claim I did or said something and it would be accepted as the truth. This interim decision is telling them that unless they can PROVE their claims of human rights violations against us, the application will be dismissed and the applicants have lost. As they don’t have any proof to show their rights were violated by anyone, this application should be dismissed. They are just being vexatious now and causing more delays.

March 18, 2019 – I completed an submitted, my paperwork for Summery Hearing though I didn’t know when it would be where I write out my thoughts on Delays, Reprisals, as noted in the Interim Decision.

Attn: Registrar, Please find attached the statement I completed for the summery hearing that will be scheduled shortly for the file numbers above. I wanted to get this out of the way now, and even though we are still waiting on a decision from Divisional Court, that decision won’t change anything I have in here. I still submit that the applicants will abandon this application, as they cannot provide proof for something that didn’t actually occur and they will lose the apartment, which is what this application was supposed to help prevent, I would still like to see them held accountable for their own actions of human rights violations against myself and others. This website, and the Facebook posts, is all the proof you require to show the applicants went out of their way to go after me personally and professionally in retaliation for daring to go against them and making them accountable for their actions of consistently refusing access to the apartment, as per the landlord’s rights.

March 28, 2019 – I found the website, 859kennedyroad.com gone from the internet and KR’s posts on Facebook groups were also gone. The website returned April 2, 2019.  I thought I would bring to your attention the fact that I found this morning the link to the website made by the applicants of www.859kennedeyroad.com has been removed from the internet, as you can see from what I copied and pasted below. I don’t know when this was removed but I found it just now. Some of the links on Facebook have also been removed. As the applicants recently blocked his own personal Facebook site I am not sure if the posts are still there or not.

April 9, 2019 – sent email to HRTO about domain: Attn: Registrar

The status of the applicants website they made in retribution. Please find below the link to the website the applicants of this case has made and is still accessible, just the link has changed. It is now located directly under koryread.com, which is their own domain. Clicking on this link will take you directly to their website. I went through the site and I don’t see any additions but I will go through the copy I have to verify. Their online campaign of cyber-libel continues of their unproven allegations…. I do not know what they are trying o accomplish by changing the link to this website as it can still be found by anyone familiar with searching the internet. http://koryread.com/859kennedyroad/

April 13, 2019 – I was getting frustrated and scared, thinking that HRTO will wait too long : I will take Mr. Read’s famous words here and say that it appears the applicants are now not taking part in this process anymore as it is not going as they wish. As they were asked to provide more proof of their claims, which they cannot as nothing happened to get proof of, they are now ignoring the process. In the meantime, the website www.859kennedyroad.com has been up online and they have added to it and the Facebook posts are still there. The applicants are still promoting public to retaliate against me through this website and Facebook posts over their unproven allegations and it has caused unenumerable mental health issues for me having it there. I need for them to be held accountable for this cyber-libel and defamation of character they have done with this website and the invasions of my families social media for nefarious reasons and accessed them under false pretenses with other names. This process has done so much to my mental health and it now seems that the applicants get to walk away from it all without having to answer for these things.

I have stated for months that I feared that once the applicants see that this application is not proceeding as they wished, they would walk away from it and ignore it completely and it has reached this point. As I have dealings with the applicants over the past couple of years I have become familiar with their reactions. As the proceedings are not going as they wish, and they are required to provide more proof of their allegations that they are not able to do, they will now ignore everything. They feel its okay to leave the website online with the Facebook posts and polls they did all because they want to do so and have no concerns over even their own children’s safety. Mr. Read does not care that this public online stuff can be traced back to himself and his family, whom also have social media with pictures and personal information. Mr. Read does not seem to care about the effects this is having on others as long as he gets the response he wants, which is to have the public come after me and the property owners over their false allegations they posted on this website. The applicants posted these things online for public sympathy over their false allegations and to find others to work on his side as he couldn’t find any tenants here to do so. It is all about public perception and he will do what he wishes to get it, even if it comes down to posting lies about people as it gets the most responses.

April 15, 2019 _ received email from Lawyer, David Strashin with attached Order released from Divisional Court. The Appeal on Eviction was dismissed! The Divisional Court has now rendered its’ decision in the matter of Read v. Alto Properties Inc., Court File No. DC-17-623. A copy of the decision dismissing the Read appeal is attached.  I replied: Thank you Mr. Strashin! You just made my day!!

April 23, 2019 – I was being ignored by HRTO – Got no responses to my email I sent and my anxiety was terrible for a long time. I was getting the feeling that KR & AR were ignoring their HRTO files now that they realized it wasn’t going as they wanted. I submit that as the decisions are not saying what they wanted, they are now ignoring everything they can. I included them in this email but I know they won’t see it as my email has been blocked. They no longer wish to participate in this application, nor any other they started, and I am sorry it does bother me greatly. Now that the damage to my personal and professional reputation has been done, they think they can walk away from it all, as the decisions are not reflecting what they wanted. Their actions tell me they believe they can walk away from it all and not be held accountable for their lies against me. Please do not let that happen.

April 26, 2019 – I wrote once again to HRTO: Attn: Registrar I hate to be a pain and bother you so much over this but my nerves are at a breaking point once again as I am so terrified the applicants, KR & AR, will be evicted before their actions are addressed of violating my human rights with that website, Facebook posts, and the continual verbal bashing he does of me to anyone who would listen and I am very afraid of what they may do, to me and to the building, before they leave. The verbal bashing is still ongoing here in the building with the other residents, even after the release of these decisions, and they have now added the judicial systems to the bashing. Of course to them everyone now is wrong and the judicial system is just as bad as I am. They will never accept responsibility for their actions, its always someone else’s fault they are in this position. If your office are not going to address these things I would need to know so I can file with Small Claims instead and have them served before they are forced to vacate.

Their behaviour has not changed here, they still shout out when outside so I know they are there when he takes the dog out or they come and go in their vehicle which is parked right under my balcony. Mr. & Ms. R still are loud in the hallways when entering and leaving their friends, which is my neighbours in 402. They go out of their way to ensure I know they are still here with his loud voice, which I know there is no need to be that loud, as I am on the 4th floor, but he wants to ensure I hear him. I have a sense that they have no concerns over any consequences of their actions against anyone, as there has been no change in behaviour nor in what they say to others. This has to be put to an end please.

April 26, 2019I was given a copy of Notice sent out to ALL Tenants of 859 Kennedy Rd by KR & AR notifying them of the stellareddy.com website and I called Toronto Police, just to have it documented

 Attn: Registrar, I am writing to you today to let you know that the Police were here and I did receive some advice on some options I have open to me. In the meantime, I am writing to you to once again request a final decision on this application and that you advise me on whether or not your office will be seeking judgement on the violation of my human rights that the applicants have done with these websites. The one I sent, http://stellareddy.com/, has been expanded somewhat since yesterday but has enough personal information in there and also items he knows he has not proven in any judicial system. The cyber-libel and defamation of character continues and needs to be stopped. I understand the end is coming soon but I do fear greatly for more retribution, as they have escalated their attacks and it is more personal now just against me and I do not trust them. If they are willing to do and say these things online can you imagine what he would do if he managed to get me in person

April 28, 2019 – Get email from KR claiming to HRTO that it was ME who sent out a notice to all Tenants there!  Subject: Calling Out A Liar Hello, Well unfortunately I have to unblock Stella Reddy to do this, but in the interest of transparency and uncovering a liar. I will. Stella Reddy, I dare you to provide a list to the HRTO of all the SELECTED units that you say you gave your lies to in your letter. I truly dare you. As I know you gave it to everyone in the building a over the past few days several tenants have approached us about you and your recent actions and their disgust for you. I have social media conversations and have people willing to sign a copy of your letter stating you placed it in their mailbox. So let’s see if your units can match mine?  I know already Stella you will not supply the HRTO with this list of units; because you have no idea who I have talked to and who is willing to vouch that they got your letter. This means that you cant call their unit number in your list if you dont know who they are.⁷ As I said, Stella you again have been caught in a lie, that you could easily prove differently by supplying the units you gave the letter to, and me not being able to get proof from any other units.  But we both know Stella you are a liar and that you gave every unit a flyer. And we both know that you will not supply a list to the HRTO because you know you have once again been caught lying. As I said, I dare you, prove me wrong. By not giving up a list that could support your lies, you clearly are refusing to discredit me and my accusation against you. And logic says… Why wouldn’t you want to prove your telling the truth this time and make me look like the liar?  Because you can’t!!! I call you out again for your lies like when you said we bumped into you in the lobby. HRTO… I will now be blocking Stella Reddy again. If she provides you with a list, let me know and I will provide you with social media and signed copies of her letter by all the tenants that have approched us, and let us see if the two list match up! I dont need to see or know her list to provide my evidence that she gave the entire building her letter. Thanks KR

April 28, 2019 KR send a email accusing me of stalkign them thru the security system.  Hello. Everyone. Can someone please explain to us why it is that Stella Reddy is monitoring the security system to stalk our family?  Also can someone explain to us why Stella Reddy is sharing and sending videos of our family walking and talking to other individuals in the building with other tenants? Can someone explain to us why Cindy Jones ( Stella Reddy’s sister) is telling people visiting the building that were are “nasty’ and that I am racist “prejudice “?

April 29 and April 30, 2019 – I sent emails to HRTO: I am writing to you this morning to let you know that I am becoming very concerned over the behaviour of KR & AR over the past few days and my stress levels are high once again. As you know by my email Friday Mr. R made another website about me, www.stellareddy.com, where he once again shares only parts of documents and emails of what he wishes for people to see, with a picture of myself as well this time that he snitched off social media under one of the other names he has with the copy of the spiteful letter he sent to all the tenants here. There are also the demands and accusation below in the email he has sent where once again KR states accusations and suppositions without evidence or proof. He acts as if his opinions and his beliefs are the only ones allowed and true and no one else is allowed to respond, as per his habit of blocking emails after he says his piece. These statements and accusations he has made below about the security system I can see KR spreading these rumours to other tenants in the building trying to incite them by claiming I am home spying on all the tenants all the time and creating more drama and discord in the building once again. My husband, whom does check the camera system every day as part of his job, has informed me that he has seen KR in the elevator yesterday afternoon after he sent this email looking at the camera and making rude gestures, with his children there watching and laughing with him. Please, made your final decision and help me get KR & AR to back off from their lies and speculations and spreading them to others to create as much trouble and drama as possible before their eviction here, as this is what they are hoping to do. The fact that KR felt comfortable in emailing your office after ignoring the Interim Decision should tell you something of his state of mind and to his intentions, as it does to me. I do not trust them and I believe they will do more damage here before they are forced to move out. Please say something to them about their behaviour as I know they are violating my human rights and something should be done about it sooner than later.

Attn: Registrar, https://www.suicideinfo.ca/resource/bullying-and-suicide/ Please accept the link above as it will remind you of the effects of bullying, like what I am going through. I read this article last night and it spoke to me, as it is just what I have been going through the past couple of years here with Kory & Allison Read. The actions of Kory & Allison Read of making websites to share personal information about myself is a classic case of cyber-bullying. Not only does Kory & Allison Read have another website, www.stellareddy.com , but I was also informed yesterday that Mr. Read is calling and emailing city officials such as MPP and the Ombudsman to complain about the unfair treatment he is getting from everyone he has applied too. He is trying to find someone sympathetic enough to believe his unproven lies of racism and to work on his behalf to cancel the eviction. I also was told he refuses to sign off on the Divisional Court decision so it has to be addressed with the courts, which was sent in yesterday as it was the cut off for submissions of costs. He is still claiming that I targeted him and his family due to being racist even though he walked away from doing that with the Interim Decision. Kory & Allison Read are doing everything in their power to denounce any judicial decisions that have been made and are claiming now that everyone is out to get them and they are being picked on. They are claiming that everyone dealing with their applications, the appeal and with your office, are wrong and that you are all now in cahoots with me to get them evicted. If you don’t work with Kory and Allison Read to give them what they want, then you are against them and they will ignore you and denounce what you have to say. It has been this way since I met them. They will not accept any decisions made that they don’t agree with and if you try to enforce the rules and try to make them face them, they get aggressive and attack you for daring to go against what they want with whatever they can to get you to back off and give in to them. If you don’t, this is what you get, what I have been going through the past couple of years as I wouldn’t give in, your professional and personal reputation in the mud by aggressive bullying through the internet and behind your back with others in person, rumours spread about you, lies made up to put the attention on you instead of what they do. Whatever your office can do to help stop this behaviour do it please. I do not know ho much more I can take of this shit as it is only going to get worse and I have great fear KR will get physical, as the time is getting short and he is getting desperate.

May 13, 2019 – Received email from Anonymous: I also wanted to make you aware that the bullying emails are continuing as I received the email copied below yesterday. I know it from KR as it has some of the exact wording and spelling of a email I got back in January 2019, which I also copied here.

“Name: Anonymous
Email: youare@pathetic.com
“Ohh boo hoo..” you have a pity party blog. You are so sad and pathetic.”

From: K
Sent: Wednesday, January 09, 2019 9:31 PM
To: Stella Reddy
Cc:A ;
Subject: Re: RE: HRTO FILES: 2018-32808-I, 2018-32809-I, 2018-32810-I, 2018-32811-I.

Ohh boo hoo..

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May 13, 2019 – My husband received by email from KR the application they completed and submitted against him personally. We never heard from HRTO about this file, so I assume it was not accepted. This applications wording scared me, it was so personal towards me and my husband, and our marriage. Its not my fault my husband still works here and as he is worried about my mental health, he shares updates on the Rs movements to me. As I am very paranoid over their actions and what they will do in the property it is something that helps my mental health greatly. My husband also lets me know when they are here or not so I can leave for my appointments knowing I will not run into them. 

2) They are hoping Stella Reddy has a stroke or commits suicide and they can walk away from this mess. What is this sentence about above that I copied from this application? This is the wish of KR, as it came from his written words as there is no way anyone else is “hoping” this would happen. These are more bullying words from KR’s mouth. This is just more to get at me and cause stress and aggravation and it needs to stop! I submit this was emailed to Russell Reddy today, incomplete, knowing that my husband would inform me, as an attempt to “push my buttons’ as it were and get me worked up. As for the wording in this application, I can clearly see it is all about me once again and is another attempt to get at me emotionally. This is why the words I copied and pasted below bother me so much, as this is what KR wishes would happen to me, otherwise why say it? It is very sad to see words like this written about someone else, supposedly from an adult, and is a perfect example of bullying. They knew I would see this application and are hoping I would get so worked up over their false claims once again that I would do something drastic. They are getting desperate in their endeavours to get to me, this vexatious application is proof of that to me.

May 14, 2019 –  I also sent HRTO; I am sorry to be a pain but these words below keep going round and round in my head and I couldn’t even sleep last night due to it. I don’t understand how they could write that they wish me dead, especially so openly. The more I think about it the worse it gets in my head. No, I won’t do anything, I am mentally stronger now than I was months ago, but I am flabbergasted over the words and accusations once again written by the applicants KR & AR. Something needs to be done to stop them. I know it may not make a difference, as they have no respect for the judicial system, as you can see written here, but something needs to stop them, the sooner the better.

These papers sent yesterday is a taunt to me to lose it and go to their apartment where he will be able to get to me in person, maybe even physically. Every email sent, all the websites done, the posts and polls on Facebook, are done to try and get me in front of him to get to me physically and to make me go insane mentally. They are bullies who are going out of their way to cause as much distress to myself as they can and this application is more proof of that. Please, do what you can to get these people to stop. If KR does manage to get me physically, with my health issues, it will kill me. I can’t even take a strong push and I am falling. This is why I try really hard to avoid seeing him as I do not trust him at all and what he is capable of. With the words in here, It gives me an idea of how far he will go. I am very fearful of them.

May 25, 2019 – I contacted HRTO about a video my husband found on the security system:

Attn: Registrar, I am sending you the attached video my husband copied with his phone from the security system, so you can see what I am dealing with, as it is one of the applicants, KR, in the elevator today and putting his phone to the camera in there showing a marked up picture of myself with a beard. My husband does have another video he did showing KR in the elevator making rude faces and hand gestures to the camera. I haven’t seen that one as my husband won’t show it to me but I am aware that KR has made rude gestures in front of many cameras in here. When you look at this video you can see the vindictiveness and hatred KR has towards me and is also more proof of why I have fear of him getting to me physically and damaging the building. I overheard KR myself talking to another person from my balcony in front of the building about how “Stella Reddy is nothing but a racist bitch and how I kicked them out cause I don’t like them.” They are also telling people they had me fired from my job, not the truth, that their false accusations drove me so crazy that I had a mental breakdown and had no choice than to quit.

Please, I am still waiting on your final decision as nothing has been heard from your office since March 8, 2019 with the release of the Interim Decision. I am expecting the Read’s to be evicted from the building before the end of May. 21, 19

May 27, 2019 – Noticed that 859kennedyroad.com content changed to reflect a new site he was in process of setting up.

May 29, 2019 – I notified HRTO in email of KR & AR vacating the apartment on June 1, 2019. Attn: Registrar, I am writing to you to let you know that I received confirmation from my husband that the applicants, Kory & Allison Read, are moving out on Saturday June 1, 2019 in the AM. They have booked the elevator for that morning to vacate the property. I do not know where they are going. I am letting you know this as the final decision has not yet been sent out I am afraid they will not get it, as I am sure they will not give you a forwarding address. The applications submitted in my husbands name a couple of weeks ago has not yet been addressed either. Please, finalize this application before they vacate the property and cannot be reached.

May 31, 2019 – Received documents from HRTO containing a Case Assessment Direction

Unfortunately, the parties have purported to file a great deal of material by e-mail that mostly consists of allegations of misconduct about their opposing parties. Rule 1.12 of the Tribunal’s Rules of Procedure states “All written communications with the Tribunal, including e-mail correspondence, must be addressed to the Registrar, with a copy delivered to all other parties” [Emphasis added]. The parties have ceased complying with this requirement.

The Tribunal’s jurisdiction is limited to managing the applications filed with it. The filing of an application with the Tribunal does not make the Tribunal the arbiter or referee for the parties’ relationships. The material the parties continue to file is irrelevant to these proceedings. Processing the parties’ back and forth complaints is an unnecessary burden on the Tribunal and amounts to an abuse of process. The Tribunal is not a platform for the parties to heap abuse on each other. Further, documents not filed in accordance with Rule 1.12 do not form part of the Tribunal’s file and will not be considered by the Tribunal.


[6] In order to be able to properly manage this matter, the Tribunal hereby directs the parties to immediately cease serving or filing any further documents or material in relation to this matter with the exception of documents to be used in the summary/preliminary hearing or unless specifically requested to do so by the Tribunal. Any documents the parties file in contravention of this direction or of Rule 1.12 will be discarded by the Tribunal.

My response to HRTO : The Interim decision sent March 8, 2019 gave the applicants 35 days to respond, which ended April 12, 2019, but nothing was received from this office till today. I have had many serious mental health challenges throughout these proceedings since June 4, 2018 but I still tried my very best to respond by following proper procedures set out by this office and tried very hard to stay consonant to these proceedings. At times that was very hard for me to do in the state I was in and I was seeing my doctor 2 times a week for months to help me stay sane. Even your office called to have a Police check done on myself due to concerns you saw in my writings a few months ago, yet still I am here waiting for this to finish. As the applicants have ignored the Interim Decision I expected a quick response, but it didn’t come and it has played on my mental health once again and I had to do something. I understand that your mandate do not take mental health of a person into consideration, but this mandate does not make these things go away. As a respondent, these proceedings have taken a toll on my mental health almost as much as these false allegations made against me. If you wish to name me a vexatious litigant for these words written here, I have no problem with that as long as this gets finished sooner rather than later. My opinion is that with the applicants moving out and no longer living at this address, they will totally ignore this application now anyway. They had a hearing scheduled at Divisional Court yesterday and didn’t show up for it, so I expect the same for this application from now on as well.

June 11, 2019   I started receiving various emails from KR thru HRTO:

Please forward a paper copy of all correspondence between HRTO and Stella Reddy since March 10, 2019 to May 29, 2019 to our post office box, you know the post office box one that you gave to Stella Reddy despite our request to privacy and safety issues of her and her husband Russell Reddy stalking us.


PO Box 69079

St. Clair Ave.

Toronto, ON

M4T 3A1

 #2 Please provide me with the email where Stella Reddy asked the HRTO to redact out her info­rmation with her fir­st Application again­st us? KR

June 23, 2019 – I notified HRTO I changed my cell phone number just for these files as I didn’t want KR & AR to have it. I used another number for my personal use.

July 22, 2019 – I email Ipage support@ipage-inc.com’ I am writing to you today as I have an issue with a website you gave out, stellareddy.com. This is MY name and I have not given KR, the owner of the domain koryread.com whom made this website, permission to use my name as a website. Please have this site removed. This website, and the other one KR made, 859kennedyroad.com, removed under copyright as no one gave KR permission to use either of them! I do not want a website made using my name. If this is not removed I will be going the legal route as I am not having this online anymore.

August 1, 2019 – Sent Email to HRTO about websites:

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to you this morning to see if it is possible to get a update on the status of the files noted above? I haven’t received any communications since the last letter sent May 31 and nothing on the files since March 30 when we received the Interim Decision informing about the Summery Hearing that would be taking place at some point. May I ask what the delay is? As the applicants vacated the property June 1 I have begun the process of recovery from their in person bullying and daily rants here on the property to others that they did and have reached the point where I am ready to finish my recovery and move on, but waiting for this process to finish is delaying that recovery. I want to be done with them and their false allegations and forget about them but I cannot with this still hanging over my head. I have no fear of them coming back to the property as they know they will be charged with trespassing. Over the past couple of months I have come across other websites that the applicants have online that I copied and pasted below and I am aware that Alto Properties Inc. now that the Divisional Court process is over, have started with a civil case against them for defamation and libel.




August 5, 2019 – Received email from KR: Subject: Your So Pathetic Really Larry Reddy in an email and now Lamond Reddy on Instagram. That is hil-Larry-us…

Subject: No Reply Required…There is no need to respond, We would rather not here from you Larry or is it Lamond or are you still Stella or Lorrie? Makes no difference, no reply needed…

I responded with: I see, more fantasy accusations from your fantasy world. I just heard from a Larry Reddy about a job, thanks to your website, but I don’t know a Lamond Reddy. Still more tricks? Don’t you ever give up? ITS OVER! TIME TO GROW UP AND MOVE ON!!

August 8 2019 – I get a blank email from KR: From: Kory <kory@koryread.com> Sent: August 8, 2019 3:58 PM To: Stella Reddy Subject:

August 22, 2019 – Received by email Summery Hearing by Teleconference was scheduled.  Date: January 17, 2020 Time: 1:30 p.m.

September 3, 2019, I submit my document needed for the Hearing that was to be held January 17, 2020. Attn: Registrar, Please find attached the Form 11 for my response to the Summery Hearing and the Form 23, showing I emailed all applicants and the other respondent, as you see above. I will ensure I am available for this hearing scheduled January 17, 2020 at 1:30 pm as nothing will interfere with getting these applications finished and done on my end.

Sept 25, 2019 – October 16, 2019 – KR starts submitting HRTO Form 10’s. There are 10 in total

Sept 251. looking for information that I asked to redact my info in my appliction I did with HRTO in August 2017 to give to Ombudsman Office to show thet HRTO was showing me “preferential treatment”. 2. KR was looking for evidence of “lying” about HRTO calling the Police to do a welfare check on me. 3. Looking for clairfication on the Preliminary issues noted in the Interim Decision. They state they can’t present a proper presentation in January if they don’t know what they are looking for. 4. Please forward a paper copy of all correspondents with the Respondents since March 10, 2019, claiming there have been secret communications without their knowledge.

October 2, 2019As the SJTO/HRTO has a clear pattern of deliberately stalling any attempts to provide us with any clarification and other information in regards to the Vandana Patel Order requesting a Summary Judgement hearing in January 2020. We are requesting an Order suspending the Summary Hearing and setting an undetermined date in the future after and not until all of our complaints are fully heard by the Ombudsman’s Office in regards to this and other issues. As there are probably more than thousand legal documents, emails, pictures, audio and video recordings, transcripts on file, showing the endless amounts of racist and discriminatory behaviour by the Respondents over the years. Is not 99% of all filed SJTO/HRTO Applications based on an Applicants ALLEGATIONS AND ACTIONS by the Respondents towards them, without any SOLID proof or a confession? Our family sure hopes that unlike Ruth Carey and Kevin Lundy who spoke about our family and our October 31, 2017 LTB Application prior to our September 26, 2017 hearing where Kevin Lundy had a pre-determined opinion of Allison Read and our family. That Jacqueline Baines or anyone else from your office and Vandana Patel are not doing the same thing. Again this planned ambush tactic by the SJTO/HRTO towards are family for Vandana Patel to address her “ outstanding preliminary issues relevant to these files, at the Preliminary/Summary Hearing ” is undoubtedly and without argument is bias against our family and favours the Respondents. It is clear that the burden at this stage is on our family to prove the Respondents have acted racist and in a discriminatory manner against our family, and for the SJTO/HRTO to stated that we will not learn of Vandana Patel “ outstanding, issue ” until 10 minutes before we are to present our evidence relating to 3 issues that we do not know what they are. It is clearly bias and another attempt by the SJTO/HRTO to allow Stella Reddy, Luigi Liscio and Anthony Liscio to walk free of our Applications, so your racist member Kevin Lundy can to, also walk away free. At this point the phone call Summary Hearing will have to be over the period of 3-5 days, as we would have no choice but to argue and explain old and new evidence in better clarification and understanding for Vanda Patel who clearly could not absorb our material fully the first time around. October 5, 2019- As required, I sent a Form 11 in response to the Form 10’s received. This process is becoming very prejudicial to myself so I refuse to take part anymore from this point forward. The constant disrespectful barrage of words from the Applicants, being sent under cover of legal forms full of accusations and outright lies, is becoming very tiresome and I have reached the point where it is no longer beneficial to respond to any of these missives from the Applicants, as they don’t seem important to the proceedings anyway. I am done with participating with these applications, and whatever comes, will come. I finally realized I have nothing I need to defend myself for so I am done with ALL this. The Applicants can try all they want, they won’t get anywhere, as nothing happened, no matter what they claim otherwise and this is why they are now so upset and making accusations at the employees of HRTO. It’s the Applicants M.O remember? Don’t get anywhere so come back with accusations and try to intimidate your way instead! This is what they do and I have had enough of it. My intention with my emails was to remind the Registrar of their own mandates and that the long delays, allowing the applicants leeway in the time limits for submitting documents, and lack of correspondence from this office has made these files now very prejudicial to myself and my mental health as they have given the applicants time to smear me more online. Due to my mental state, I am no longer able, nor willing, to be involved in them and refuse to do so. I can’t take opening up any more emails from kory@koryread.com full of his spite and accusations. You may not accept them as part of the files, but I still see them and they do affect me. You have my response to the summery hearing set for January 2020. If I show up, I show up. Time will tell but right now I am done with all this.

October 10, 2019 – KR emails me looking for my Internet History. Helly Stella, I have a proposition for you. Since you are now accusing myself of filling out the Canada Post online request for new mail box keys. How about we both sign and agree to allow the Police and the SJTO/HRTO to look at out internet history from our cell phone and homes and see what they come up with? I will agree to allow the SJTO/HRTO to create an order for my internet history,, are you willing to do the same? I suspect not, as I know that Allison nor I did it, and that your internet history will show most certainly you were on the Canada Post website that same day at that same time. Maybe you were ordering keys for your mailbox at the time instead. I will wait for your reply. I really hope you would agree to it. It would certainly put this issue to rest. I am more than willing to clear my name because I have nothing to hide or worry about. How about you? Are you willing to prove me wrong and clear your name? I respond : Mr. R, As nothing in the email below has to do with the alleged racism and prejudice you claim I have shown towards you, as noted in your applications, this email is redundant. As this is a serious accusation, I would suggest that you contact the Toronto Police and the Toronto Police are very welcome to come to my home, with a warrant, for whatever they want. Please stick to the applications you submitted not cause distractions from them with trying out new accusations you can’t prove. I am sure if the Police felt you had a case they would have been here by now and its not the burden of the Tribunal to decide for you either. You have to prove your case of racism and prejudice, as noted in your applications, not go off on redundant issues that have no place here to distract everyone involved from your of responsibilities for the Summery Hearing that is scheduled, that I have yet to see. Instead of wasting so much time with new stuff in your endeavour to drive me crazy with accusations and getting me to react badly in a way you can use to show how crazy I am, you should stick to your original applications instead. Stop wasting so much of people time, please, and concentrate on the applications you already did not try to start new ones. I don’t have the patience for it anymore and will not rise to your false accusations as I once did.

October 14, 2019 – Email from KR How much time does the SJTO/HRTO need so they can address all of our recent Form 10’s? We would like a response no later than Wednesday, as at that time we will file with the Ombudsman Office like Stella Reddy. The SJTO/HRTO does not need another week to determine if they are going to address the forms or continue to ignore our families request. A simple update as to the SJTO/HRTO position will be adequate by Wensday.

October 15, 2019 Get another Form 10Again it is clear that there is preferential treatment being given, as proof of your own and Stella Reddy words. Our family expects a response in regards to this Form 10/Request A.S.A.P., if not we will once again block Stella Reddy and move this along to higher powers. The SJTO/HRTO is no longer going to be allowed to sit back behind the curtain, and hide from the actions of Stella Reddy and the other Respondents as if it does not happen.

Our family is entitled to fair treatment and justice under the law, and we are now going to enforce our rights under said law.

NOTE… I know up until this time we have talked a lot about enforcing our rights and we have not. We have continuously put our faith in the SJTO/HRTO to do what is right. But it is clear that our family’s safety, dignity, peace of mind and Applications are certainly not at the fore front of the SJTO/HRTO agenda as it is clear you are still trying to protect your SJTO/HRTO racist member Kevin Lundy from being held accountable for his racist behaviour and lack of actions. Well I ( KR ) will inform you that there are 3 things I don’t do in life,

1 – Lie,

2 – Steal, and

3 – Bluff…

Do not mistake my patience as weakness. I tolerated the SJTO/HRTO lack of control for Stella Reddy and the other Respondents up until this point out of respect for the SJTO/HRTO and your mandated rules. But it is clear that the SJTPO/HRTO thinks that you are above the law and can do as you wish without accountability. This problem is at my own feet as I allowed the SJTO/LTB/HRTO to get away with it.  Well now the Rooster has come home to roost and I am now going to take care of business and get things done that need to get done. We will no longer sit back quietly HOPING the SJTO/HRTO is going to do their jobs. You will do your jobs and that is the bottom line.

No more quiet and polite family who will put their trust in a system that refuses to hold one of their own accountable.

September 20, 2019 – I made my first website, koryread.ca and called it KR’s confession that I had for 4 months and as you can see with the submission, they made to HRTO in the Form 10, is full of more false allegations and unreasonable requests. I felt bad over this site and took it down. Emotional dissonance they call it, when you feel uncomfortable with an action you did as it goes against your moral code. October 5, 2019 – KR submits a Form 10 to HRTO about it, also claiming I made up a bunch of fake emails too! Talk about Hypocrisy!

It has come to our family’s attention that again Stella Reddy has escalated her racially motivated and hatred filled personal attacks in retaliation against our family to levels that have now become illegal and even more concerning to our family for our safety. On September 20, 2019 Stella Reddy began stealing and using KR’s identity on her website for her own personal gain.

https://kread91.wixsite.com/koryread   First, why would Stella Reddy expect anyone who views her self-serving, phoney website assume that it was anyone other than KR writing these false, misleading, shocking and self-condemning post?  In fact, Stella Reddy also does not make any mention during these eight days that she is in fact stealing and assuming KR’s identity, the whole time impersonating him for her own personal gain. The whole time pretending to be KR in this extreme over the top and malicious manner with no with fear of consequences or repercussions, while portraying KR as hateful, spiteful and an overall terrible individual. Reading the rest of Stella Reddy’s disturbing and alarming phoney website ( KR’s Confession Blog ) in its entirety. It is obvious and clear that it is very offensive and abusive towards KRand our family. The SJTO/HRTO has to realize that this website is nothing more than Stella Reddy making deliberately inaccurate, fabricated, untruthful and appalling statements on the behalf of KR for her own personal gain, joy and relation for filing with the SJTO/HRTO.

So let’s clarify. Stella Reddy claims “ I want to catch anything noted about me, ” This statement is so grossly exaggerated and an outright lie that it again goes to show how Stella Reddy will just make up false propaganda to try and prove and justify her threating and stalking behaviour. This is the same type of racist, arrogant and narcissist behaviour that we have all seen from her in past, when she deliberately tried to lie to the SJTO/HRTO to try and get what she was after. It has all been noted in the documents, with evidence and placed in the SJTO/HRTO file. Think about this… If Stella Reddy is willing to lie to the SJTO/HRTO over a simple thing like just being called a Property Manager vs. a Superintendent. What isn’t Stella Reddy willing to lie about to the SJTO/HRTO? The issue of Property Manager vs. Superintendent is such an insignificant issue, yet Stella Reddy HAD TO TRY and lie and convince the SJTO/HRTO that she was not a Property Manager. FOR NO REASON! This act of lying by Stella Reddy alone, says a lot about Stella Reddy and what she is capable of doing to make her look like the poor innocent victim in all of this. Our family is confused as to why Stella Reddy would say such a thing? Is it because our children are bi-racial ( Black & White ) that Stella Reddy makes these false and misleading statements about our children? Is Stella Reddy now trying to portray them as ANGRY BLACK CHILDREN like their ANGRY BLACK WOMAN mom? It appears that Stella Reddy loves to label Black People as angry, why?

Because you’re racist member Kevin Lundy allowed Stella Reddy to portray Allison Read as a stereotypical Angry Black Woman at the LTB hearing without Stella Reddy ever having to produce a single piece of evidence to support her racist arguments. So, now Stella Reddy thinks that she can get away with labelling our children as Angry Black Children, who are shit disturbers and are actively involved in all of this foolishness, by implying to the SJTO/HRTO that they have previously post things about her on their social media accounts. Again without ever offering a single piece of evidence to back-up her implied bigotry comment about or children. You see Stella Reddy got away with this stereotypical racist Angry Black Woman tactic at the LTB hearing with Allison Read, and her behaviour was not corrected by your racist member Kevin Lundy. So being who Stella Reddy is, she now thinks she can again escalate this new racist lie to now included our children under the same Angry Black Person persona. Let us remember that our family finally moved out when it was exposed that Stella Reddy and Russell Reddy were video recording our family from around the building, and that they were sharing it with other tenants. This unhealthy behaviour scared our children to the point where they would not travel around the building alone. Our daughter would wait outside the building for ½ hour until I ( KR) got home from picking up her brother Eexii from school, because she was scared she would run into Stella Reddy or Russell Reddy in the elevator, hallway or stairwells. Their admitted unnatural and disturbing stalking behaviour of our family and children was the turning point for our family. We no longer felt safe and the children were trapped in their own home as they would not leave it without one us ( their parents ) being present to accompanying them to the park or by a friend’s house. And yet, Stella Reddy can not find one piece of material/evidence that our family has ever threatened or even implied any harm to her and her family. Despite all the prejudice things she said and done to our family over the years. The funniest part of all this is that Stella Reddy told the SJTO/HRTO that she needed to have a Summary Hearing via phone because she was so fearful of our family, and the SJTO/HRTO conveniently bought right into it.

You gave Stella Reddy what she wanted without any proof ever being offered by her to justify her request. And now Stella Reddy again wants something and as previous patterns and habits go with Stella Reddy. She is going to try her luck again with the SJTO/HRTO and her – play the pity card, and the I’m so scared routine to get what she wants. Stella Reddy figures she suckered the SJTO/HRTO into believing it once, she can do it twice! But do Stella Reddy’s fabricated claims of fear of our family really warrant her scared pity story? NO! It appears more like that Stella Reddy loves the idea of trying to antagonizing our family, the whole time looking for a response. People who are legitimately scared of people don’t go out of their way to..

– kick the hornet’s nest,

– poke the bear, or

– wake up the sleeping giant.

But here is scared little Stella Reddy doing all of the above, and then putting on a big show about how she is so frightened of our family and the retribution that we MIGHT do to her based on what? ABSOLUETY NOTHING!!! What Stella Reddy is truly afraid of is having to go to trial or having a hearing where she has to appear in person ( hence her request for a Summary Hearing via phone ). Where Stella Reddy would have to then explain everything in person, having to try and explain away all of her discriminatory behaviour, all of her racist remarks and actions and the endless amounts of lies she got caught telling to the SJTO/HRTO and the world. Stella Reddy’s biggest fear is appearing in person, because she can not hide behind her computer monitor and ignore the facts. She can’t just sit back and take her time while in person trying to think of excuses until she gets one that she likes. Stella Reddy is a horrible liar, and even worse when trying to lie on the fly. This is what Stella Reddy is really afraid of…

You see Stella Reddy loves to deliberate lie and use exaggerations based on absolutely NOTHING in her attempt to embellish and portray our family as a group of crazy lunatics that are unpredictable, unstable and violent.

But this is not the end of Stella Reddy and her unlawful and fearless behaviour. Stella Reddy has now use KR’s identity again, this time to try and illegally obtain a 2nd set of mailbox keys to our families mailbox on St. Clair Avenue. That leaves only Stella Reddy, who has shown by her own actions and words to be spiteful, ventitive, verbally abuse and offensive towards our family since filing with the SJTO/HRTO in June 2018. This illegal behaviour by Stella Reddy to commit fraud against the Government of Canada/Canada Post and against our family is directly at the feet of the SJTO/HRTO, as you chose to enforce the ACT over the needs to protect our family from admitted stalkers and their clear and obvious threats of violence and harm to our family and children. It is clear that Stella Reddy, who has openly admitted to the SJTO/HRTO to threatening our family with violence, openly admitted to stalking our family and now has arrogantly openly admitted to performing identity fraud, without fear, by using KR’s identity to run an internet blog, under his name, and using his identity to making false claims and self-implicating statements to clear her own racist and discriminatory behaviour.

Who has sent our family numerous emails in her attempt to harass and be nuisance, along with again threats of violence to our family. Who wouldn’t believe that Stella Reddy could not and would not apply online, hidden behind her computer monitor, under KRs identity, making a false application for his families mail box keys to a Government Agency/Canada Post using information obtained irresponsible through the SJTO/HRTO?

Our family does not have to explain, nor justify why would Stella Reddy would do such a blatant and illegal thing, but we can say that Stella Reddy has taken her pattern of lying to the LTB and the SJTO/HRTO to new levels and now has done it to the Government of Canada/Canada Post. Stella Reddy being the opportunist that she is, could not resist the opportunity to reach out and again in retaliate against our family for filing with the SJTO/HRTO in June 2018, with the same mailing information provided by the SJTO/HRTO to obtain a second set of keys for our mailbox. Stella Reddy’s racist hatred for our family is so deep, that she used this same SJTO/HRTO privileged information given to her in confidence, for her own personal gain to retaliate against our family. Stella Reddy did not care if it makes the SJTO/HRTO look bad in the end, for putting themselves out there, to give her our mailing address, despite her and her husband’s Russell Reddy well document threats of violence and stalking behaviour. In Stella Reddy’s world it is all about Stella Reddy and what she wants in the end, and Stella Reddy will screw over anyone, including the SJTO/HRTO for her own personal gratification. Again, Stella Reddy was using these fake identity’s, fake emails address, multiple times over the past few months, prior to Canada Post in her attempts to harass and intimidate our family.

And because Stella Reddy got away with these previous fake identities for a couple of months, Stella Reddy escalated her identity fraud to now included KR and the Government of Canada/Canada Post.

Again, this all goes back to Stella Reddy and her narcissist attitude that when she is not checked by Government Agencies for her behaviour. Stella Reddy will accelerate her pattern of racist and vindictive behaviour to a higher level as she interrupts it as being acceptable because no one said anything about it. This is a complaint that our family has been arguing and pointing out since the beginning of this whole situation and yet NO ONE from Luigi Liscio, Anthony Liscio, David Strashin, Kevin Lundy, the LTB, Divisional Court, the SJTO or the HRTO have cared to address with Stella Reddy or dealing with her. We make this request because as of right now the Police will not get involved, and it is only with the assistance of the SJTO/HRTO that they will even begin to investigate this illegal behaviour of Stella Reddy and possible her husband Russell Reddy. If the SJTO/HRTO does not make an order to request Stella Reddy’s internet activities/history/usage for her home computer and cell phone than it is clear that the SJTO/HRTO is again trying to protect Stella Reddy and her illegal behaviour in their attempts to protect their racist member Kevin Lundy.

There is more than enough reasonable evidence to suggest that Stella Reddy commit fraud against the Government of Canada/Canada Post in her attempt to obtain illegal keys to our family mailbox.

A printout of Stella Reddy internet activities/history/usage will certainly without a doubt, show the numerous emails and threats sent to our family hidden behind a fake identity will have been sent at the same time Stella Reddy was visiting the site/page. Comparing the times of the emails to Stella Reddy internet activities/history/usage will undoubtedly show a direct connection to Stella Reddy the “ anonymous ” email and other emails. Getting Stella Reddy internet activities/history/usage will put to rest any doubts these emails that were sent to our family with threatening statements like “ I am coming for you!! ” and “ I AM HOPING THAT YOU GO KILL YOURSELF OR HAVE A STROKE AND DIE! YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A FUCKING ASSHOLE AND YOU BETTER HOPE I DONT FIND OUT WHERE YOU LIVE AND GET MY HANDS ON YOU! ” were in fact sent from Stella Reddy.

Stella Reddy’s behaviour in part from beginning has always been the classic tale of a racist and a bigot who hates the idea that a Black Woman with an interracial family are doing better in life than she is

I went to the hearing by Teleconference on January 17, 2020 and with the Lawyer, David Strashin and the Adjudicator with HRTO, we waited the required hour for KR & AR to show, but they never did. Received Dismissal of all Applications on January 22. 2020.  


859kennedyroad.com registered November 2, 2017

Stellareddy.com registered April 21, 2019

Davidstrashin.com registered April 26, 2019

Sjtomemberkevinlundy.com registered December 26, 2019

Sjtomembervandanapatel.com registered also December 26, 2019 (gone)

Socaialjusticenetworkontario.ca registered June 1, 2020 ( no longer registered but content is on Internet Archive.)

Lorriereddy.com registered July 8, 2022, not long after he sent threats to me about more to come…

Sent: January 3, 2020 10:48 AM
To: abuse-contact@publicdomainregistry.com
Subject: Re: Website Hosting of Stella Reddy.com

From: no-reply@icann.org <no-reply@icann.org>

Sent: January 9, 2020 9:19 AM

Subject: [#OVQ-543-01765] Whois Inaccuracy complaint re: stellareddy.com closed

March 2020 – Went to Property Owners about Civil Court, was told not “financially feasible” for them to do that and too time consuming. Hubby gave his Notice to Quit and his last day of work was September 14, 2020, we left in a U-Haul on Sept 15, 2020. Got to NL and our new home on Sept 19, 2020.

June 29, 2020 – I sent email to 43 Division with TPS but no one did follow up with me.

To: 43Division  Subject: Criminal Harassment Please check out the following domains online for Criminal Harassment , especially www.stellareddy.com. All domains are www.stellareddy.com   www.859kennedyroad.com  www.sjtomemberkevinlundy.com   www.davidstrashin.com   www.sjtomembervandanapatel.com I was advised by a retired officer I know that www.stellareddy.com is heading into the criminal harassment area now, especially with the added content of 14 pages comparing me to someone in the US. Please respond to my email.

July 15, 2020 – Sent email to my father:. Hi Dad, I can’t handle it anymore Dad, I have to get away from this building and from Ontario, as soon as possible. I have such a knot of anxiety, fear, stress, you name it, in my belly that won’t go away. I can’t eat, sleep, go out, do much of anything anymore with this insidious fear I have been feeling. The extremes KR has gone on www.stellareddy.com content and on www.859kennedyroad.com, and www.sjtomemberkevinlundy.com. It is disgusting really the news jacking he is attempting to do with the current news on racism and even though I know most people have the common sense to question what they claim on there, there are some who would use it as an excuse. I was told this by Toronto Police last week when all the comparison stuff showed up on there.  There is no way to know what a stranger will do over inciting content like that. I can laugh at most of it, but some will not. I can’t live with the unknown of it anymore.

I reached out to Newfoundland a couple of weeks ago and asked about getting an exception to move back there this year and I got it in email on Friday. I then emailed the property owners here and had a meeting with them in the office on Monday afternoon. I told them I can’t take the target on my back anymore. Either R and I get out of here as soon as I can manage it, or I will end up leaving on my own to get away from it and in the process leave R.  They are thinking about it, still have to talk to R. I am hoping to hear back soon, as preparations need to be made. I even looked at the GoFundMe stuff, that is how desperate I am feeling.

I know this is what KR wants, but to be honest with you I just don’t care anymore. I need peace in my head…. I need to LIVE not just exist as I have been doing. I am stagnant in my recovery and I can’t move on while I still living here in this environment.  I don’t want to get back to the state I was in, feeling so hopeless and trapped. I refuse but I am not strong enough yet mentally for his written words to not affect me, it’s that simple and I won’t get strong while I am still here.

As I told R the other day while bawling my head off, I need to leave as I need peace in my head and I that I felt stuck between what is needed for us as a couple, which is the stability staying here offered and what I need for myself, for my own mental health, which is for me to leave and find a quiet place in St. John’s where I can finally relax and feel safe to go outside!  He had the perfect answer for me. He said that he is willing to support me in what I need to do as he can’t watch me lose myself anymore, that I was more important to him than a job. I know he had gotten use to the thought of putting it off till next year with all the pandemic going on but I won’t last that long. I know that. I am also hoping that once we are no longer living here then those sites will become moot and disappear online. Either way, no one in Toronto will be able to get to me in NL! In the meantime, I am taking it one day at a time. Its all I can do. Don’t worry Dad. I am looking after myself and doing what I need to do for me and my mental health. I will keep you informed!!

From Sept 2020-March 2021, all was quiet from KR & AR and there were no emails or new posts on their sites, though they remain online. I was emailing with hosting companies and did manage to get these sites removed for Personal Identifying Info they contained that went again their policies. Stellareddy.com has been hosted with 25 different servers since it came online in April 2019.

February 19, 2021 – Emailed ? as it came to my attention from online content in stellareddy.com that KR went to this place to talk to the current staff about myself and my husband’s employment there. The current staff did talk about me and R: It has come to my attention recently that your staff at 3969 Kingston Rd spoke to a couple of people, KR & AR in 2018 or 2019 about myself and R, as copied from the website below. Please do something as I am very upset over that action and they should be held accountable for doing that.  Its ridiculous that we can’t expect our employment history with this company to be kept private, that staff will talk to anyone who asks and spread rumours to total strangers who ask. I have been dealing with this garbage for over 3 years of having my private info shared with others and it needs to stop.

March 1, 2021 – Received email from KR Subject: D-Generation X – SUCK IT!!! Allison and I just wanted to share these two remarkable letters that Kniighetti received over the past few weeks. As you can see, they are letters of acceptance for her to attend medical school after graduating from high school this year. Yes, you did read that correctly. Kniighetti will be attending Medical School without having to go to university. As you are not very educated yourself. The usual process is that one must attend university and obtain an undergrad degree before applying to a medical school. The best part about it is that you have done nothing but spew your hatred for our family with your racist and ignorant lies and deliberate attempts to portray our family as being nothing but a bunch of pitiful individuals for the past five years. On endless occasions, you have referenced our children and ourselves in your hatred and racist comments on your websites/blogs as lazy bums, who lie, have no ambition. You have endlessly criticized and insulted our children and our parenting skills. Unlike your failure of a child TJ. Our daughter will be attending medical school this coming September 2021, straight out of high school. It is clear that once again, you have proven that you know nothing about our family, and that you have never known anything about our family. From this point on, if you choose to reference Kniighetti, we all would appreciate that you referenced her as Dr. Read, something that you and your failure of a child would never achieve. With that said, you can now go back to your life of being a Pot Head every day, crying about how the world has done you so wrong, and continue on with your imaginary PTSD so you can continue to live off us, the taxpayers. Our work as failure parents has obviously paid off for Kniighetti. We are just glad that we were not as big of a failure as you were for your children. So you can now continue to hide in Newfoundland with all your racist friends and family, and hopefully Covid-19 will find you, because you are a disgusting Donald Trump supporter who can not stand the idea that a Black person is more successful and makes far more money than you ever have. I can only imagine how pissed off you must be to see the “Mulatto” Kniighetti being more successful at 17 than you or our family have ever been. It has to burn you inside. So in the words of D-Generation X – SUCK IT!!!

I got upset after living in peace for many months and responded, though I know I should not have: Mr. R, I don’t understand why you would think I would actually care about anything you and your family does, outside of those websites and the content in them.. I only care about those cause they have my name. I never did, except in your imagination. You really are not that special, never were.  I feel pity for you, if anything. You seem to care more about money, status, and what it can do for you than having a good life and caring about others. I want no part in that. I grew up with money and it don’t make you happy. I am very comfortable hiding out in NL and have everything I need and could ever want. I have no debt, nothing I owe to anyone for anything. I am happy with that. I do what I want, when I want and answer to no one, especially you…I am very comfortable living here and am very safe, I assure you. It is okay, you are entitled to your opinions and are welcome to them. It’s your life, not mine. I have found my place and am very content.  You can have your crappy life, sitting on your ass tearing down others online for doing better than you ever will. Your opinions about me don’t count and have no bearing anything anymore. No one cares what some anonymous administrator has to say about other people online and your websites are being seen as Smear Campaigns and Cyberbullying. Its too obvious that they are being used to smear other people, as that is all they are about.
While it may be salacious reading for a bit, in the end it is too implausible to believe. Its full of rhetoric and propaganda, trying to convince strangers that you and your family were just so important to go after that I ruined my own future retirement to do so. You want people to believe that I, and all the others, took the chance of ruining our own careers, just to go after you and your family. You must think you are a VIP hey? The Stella Reddy you have online apparently had this big dream to retire at 859 Kennedy Rd yet, she threw all those plans out the window just to go after you and your family, did illegal things, forged documents,  and ruined her big dream of retirement? Just to get you and your family evicted from the property? Don’t you see the arrogance in that? Actually, your arrogance was pointed out to me in your writings by various people, as you make it sound like you are so special and important that others want to take down? What is it about you that you think others are so jealous over they would do as you claim? You really need to get over yourself, as your arrogant assumptions are way over the top. You might grow up one day, but I doubt it. Stella 

March 15, 2021 I reached out to the Ministry of Justice and got a response: Subject: Correspondence from the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada Dear Ms. Reddy: Thank you for your correspondence concerning cyberbullying. I regret the delay in responding.

At the outset, I would like to express my heartfelt sympathies for your personal experience. I hope you will understand that, as Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, I cannot comment on a specific case. However, I can provide you with some general information. It may interest you to know that I have been mandated to address online discrimination, hate, and harassment, as well as developing options for victims of hate speech. Additionally, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has asked my colleagues the Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, the Honourable Steven Guilbeault, Minister of Canadian Heritage, and me to work together to advance Canada’s Digital Charter and to enhance the powers of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, in order to establish a new set of online rights.

Although the Criminal Code’s reference to “repeatedly communicating with, either directly or indirectly” in the context of criminal harassment may not explicitly apply to online communication, the Criminal Code includes a provision to clarify that offences with elements of communication can occur within networked spaces. Accordingly, criminal harassment already captures the use of the internet for stalking or harassment purposes. The Criminal Code also clarifies the language surrounding the public incitement of hatred, specifically as it relates to online hate speech. Furthermore, due to the explicit elements of communication contained in the defamatory libel offence, online forms of the conduct are also captured by the word “publish”.

In Canada, each level of government has autonomy to act within its jurisdiction. The Parliament of Canada enacts criminal law, which is then administered by the provinces and territories. The administration of justice includes the prosecution of Criminal Code offences. The Honourable Doug Downey, Attorney General of Ontario, is responsible for the administration of justice in your province. Should you wish to share your concerns with Minister Downey, he can be reached at attorneygeneral@ontario.ca.

Matters regarding anonymity on the Internet and the regulation of social media may also be of interest to Ministers Bains and Guilbeault. Accordingly, I have forwarded a copy of your correspondence to them for information and consideration.

Please be assured that our government will continue to examine the Criminal Code to ensure that the criminal justice system is fair, relevant, and reflective of Canadian values.

Thank you again for writing.


The Honourable David Lametti, P.C., Q.C., M.P.

Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada


c.c.:      The Honourable Navdeep Singh Bains, P.C., M.P.

Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry


The Honourable Steven Guilbeault, P.C., M.P.

Minister of Canadian Heritage

July 7, 2021 – Found a LinkedIn account in Stella Reddy with stellareddy.com and notified LinkedIn it wasn’t me and they removed it. I found https://www.linkedin.com/in/stellareddy/ and it is not ME! I am Stella Reddy, the person in the content of stellareddy.com but I didn’t make the site. The website noted is a smear campaign instigated online by KR & AR and one of them stole my name to set up this account. They are hoping to influence people against me by sharing this site here. They are committing fraud! Please have this account deleted! It has been over 4 yrs since they started.

August 25, 2021 – Found rooselveltskerrit.com online as a subdomain of stellareddy.com and it terrified me to think the Dominican Government will be coming after me for that site against their Prime Minister. It is easy enough to find it is a sub of the one in my name and anyone would think it belonged to the person who’s name it was under! I did contact them to let them know it wasn’t me who did that site. Can you imagine?

Sent: June 9, 2022 10:07 AM
To: ‘Internet.bs’ <abuse@internet.bs>
Subject: RE: 668495 Re: Ab

Sent: June 10, 2022 2:28 AM

Hostinger Abuse Department


use Complaint

June 27, 2022 Received email threat from KR: Subject: YOU HAVE BNEEN WARNED!!! If you bad mouth my children’s website and continue to try and destroy their ambition and ability to make some money this summer. I will be filing another human rights application against you. You are still clearly obsessed with the hatred belief that Black people are getting ahead of you. LEAVE MY FUCKING CHILDREN OUT OF YOUR Racist games!!! YOU BETTER FUCKING UNDERSTAND IT! They have done nothing to you, and the only reason you would try and bring them down is because they are biracial and from bi racial couple! You have been warned!!!

June 28, 2022- I reached out to Niagara Regional Police for the first time over the email I got from KR the day before.

July 5, 2022- I reached out by email to RNC here in NL for the first time and got no response so I ended up going to the Station on July 7, 2022 and filed a complaint. Cst. came to see me in my home on July 31, 2022 to discuss and go over the sites.

July 5, 2022 – I also contact Legal Aid and was told my case was too complex for them.

My Site: I registered stellareddy.xyz on April 21, 2021 with Uniregistry and hosting with Orangewebsite. I figured KR couldn’t complain about my site, in my personal name, that is hosted on the same servers as theirs was at the time. At first, I did share their personal info, but I am not comfortable with that and removed it a few months ago. I now try to focus on my mental heath recovery and sharing articles and posts to support that. If I had my way, I wouldn’t have it at all and would gladly give it up in December at renewal.