Saturday February 25, 2023

Hello and Welcome!

I recently switched hosts and have been reposting all the content I created over the past year. It’s convenient to just copy and paste, and I plan to improve them gradually by incorporating the posters I previously used or even adding new ones.

Since September 2022, a lot has unfolded! After receiving an unsettling email and the appearance of in July 2022, I decided to approach my local police. Following an extensive investigation conducted by the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary and Niagara Regional Police’s Cyber Crime Unit, it was determined that no criminal offence had been committed, and no charges would be pressed against the Adult Bullies responsible for posting these sites I shared here.

The Niagara Regional Police did visit them, and thankfully, they have left me alone ever since. There have been no more emails, and I no longer fear receiving any. Though no charges were laid, my complaint yielded positive results. I now know that their online activities are being monitored by the Cyber Crime Unit. If these Adult Bullies overstep their boundaries, the Police will intervene. I am satisfied with the outcome.

This past September 2022, I dedicated a few days to completing the timeline presented below. Once I finished it, it felt as though a heavy burden had been lifted off my shoulders. I gained a clear understanding of the mistakes I personally made throughout this ordeal, and I have used this knowledge to work on improving myself.

Moreover, I have expanded my social circle and taken part in various community events hosted by different agencies in my locality. Recently, I joined a group of women and had a wonderful time crafting Valentine’s Cards by hand. I also attended a pampering day they organized. In a stroke of luck, I won some exquisite self-care items like candles, bath soak, and body butter in a contest, and they even shared my name as the winner on their Facebook. I couldn’t be happier about it. Why should I feel any embarrassment when they simply announced the winner of their contest? I am absolutely thrilled to have won.

Additionally, I have been occupied with medical appointments. My orthopedic specialist suspects that my Stenosis is spreading to my lumbar region, and I am currently awaiting a CT scan to confirm. Unfortunately, my balance has deteriorated, resulting in frequent falls. However, it’s not as severe as when I broke my ankle last year, thankfully!

Moreover, I finally connected with a cancer specialist, and I am scheduled for a wide local excision and coloscopy on Wednesday, March 1 to have the lesion removed. After being cancer-free for a decade, there is a possibility that it has returned. Although it has only been three weeks since my first visit with the specialist, they promptly scheduled the procedure due to the growth of the lesion. I had my pre-op appointment at the hospital yesterday, and everything is in order. So, here I go again!

To be frank, having undergone 18 procedures already, I have reached a point where it’s just skin, and it will heal. I’ll have some downtime, but I don’t mind. Everything can wait, and I’m in no rush to get anything done. I’m grateful that it’s happening now rather than during the nicer weather. Besides, I don’t mind staying home since navigating in the snow is challenging for me anyway.

Yes, I briefly had a free website while deliberating whether to get a paid one again. I cancelled my Orange website as it was expensive, even with the discount I had. Fortunately, I found a more affordable alternative with unlimited space. Now, I can share as much as I want!

Below, you will find the timeline of this situation, which I completed at the request of the police. It’s quite lengthy. Writing this timeline helped me realize how everything went so terribly wrong. I also realized how they distorted a professional decision made by my employer and attempted to make it personal regarding them.

I have come to accept the smear campaign and cyberbullying that Adult Bullies engage in under my name online. I no longer care, and I leave all their negativity with them. I prefer to bask in the sunshine of positivity!

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