Earth Day 2024

Happy Earth Day 2024!

To celebrate this day and with the theme of ‘Planet vs. Plastic’, I thought to share this article from CBC about the Chemist here at Memorial University and her graduate students who are experimenting with a new type of plastic.

When hubby and I worked in apartment buildings in Ontario, we had training for garbage and recycling with GFL, the Waste Management company we used. In every property I ever worked in, we used Waste Management and yes, we spent many hours separating the garbage from recycling because the tenants did not do it.

It is a bit different here in NL, but not much. Hubby and I are still diligent in our recycling efforts as we know how important it is to our Planet.

I hope that I am still around to see some changes being made for plastics and their uses!

You can click the link below to get to the full story but I am sharing an excerpt below:

Monday is Earth Day. What is one way do you think you know from a scientist interview that we can all act to to respect our mother Earth?

I think a lot of it is down to making the right choices and trying to make a little bit of an extra effort. 

Like I mentioned before, it’s all too easy to be lazy and just put something in the trash rather than wash it and put it into the recycling. 

And sometimes we’ve got to ask ourselves, ‘Do we really need that new dress or shirt or pair of sneakers?’ Because every time we buy something new, we’re taking from the earth, and it’s time that we start thinking about giving back.

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