As this accusation is at the base of the Tenant Bullies’ claims against me I thought to clarify my thoughts on the subject.

Since this accusation, and the severe gaslighting about what a liar I am, I have done soul-searching to see if it could be possible that I had an unconscious bias against these tenants, but I have come to accept the simple fact that I do not. I know who I am and what I believe in. They do not.

There was never any racism or discrimination. All my actions as Building Staff were based on the Tenants of 303 breaking the rules of Entry for repairs and inspections from July 2016 till the filing for a hearing in August 2017.

They denied entry by word in email and in letters received, they also said it in their own words at the Landlord and Tenant Board. 

That is why they were evicted, as due to their strong opinions over the matter, the Adjudicator didn’t even think they would abide by an Order to allow entry. It was their own actions that brought all this about.

I have never had any issues with any person who came to me looking for a place to live and everyone was treated the same, they were tenants or prospective tenants, nothing more. No name, no race, no language, just a tenant looking for a place to live. As I said before, as long as they follow the rules and respect their neighbours and the property, I am good.

The thoughts and motives displayed on, are all based on the writer’s own perspective, not the person being written about. These Bullies’ thoughts are skewed by their own minds. 

My thoughts on the subject are below. 

I share the fact sheet for the Ontario Human Rights Commission website and you can see that discrimination is a distinction, conduct or actionwhether intentional or not, but based on a person’s race, which has the effect of imposing burdens on an individual or group, not imposed upon others or which withholds or limits access to benefits available to other members of society.

In terms of these Tenant Bullies, the “distinction, conduct or action, was me filing with the Landlord and Tenant Board for a Hearing in Sept 2017, that ultimately lead to their eviction, which did “impose a burden on the individual“.  

But, this distinction, conduct or action. WAS also imposed on other tenants, as they were not the only ones to receive From N5 in that property! 

As these Tenants also had access to the Landlord and Tenant Board, there were NO withholds or limits on access to benefits available to other members of society. 

Every Notice of Entry had the rules there on the bottom, including the number for the LTB. I even gave them the number and address of the Scarborough Legal Clinic, which also was access to benefits available to them. 

They claim this distinction, conduct or action  was based on race. If that is the case, why was every letter, email, and Form N5’s given to them, all state they were refusing access for repairs and inspections, that they admit to doing?

How do they figure their persistent refusals of access play in this scenario? Do these Tenant Bullies think their refusing access for over a year not a good reason to take a tenant to the LTB? 

As it states, discrimination is a distinction, conduct or action, done by someone just towards them, no one else, that withholds or limits their access to benefits available to others in the same position in society. 

For this to be true, it would mean I ONLY gave these tenants Forms from the LTB, no other tenants living in the property got those forms, and I never filed on any other tenant for a hearing. 

Toxic Adult Bullies have never been able to provide any “distinction, conduct or action” on my part that would ever prove racial discrimination. They can’t, as it didn’t happen, and their own documents they share that I gave them, prove that. No one ever stopped them from getting help from outside sources, so there was no reprisal either.  

Toxic Adult Bullies had access to any and all benefits available to everyone in the same position in society. They were never prevented by anyone from availing of any agency to support their rights and find information.

They proved this access by filing an application with the Landlord and Tenant Board, with the Divisional Court of Appeal on their eviction, and even filing with HRTO!

If they didn’t have the same access to benefits available to others in the same position in society, they wouldn’t have been able to file these applications, would they? 

I find it really difficult to write possibilities, as this situation is all fact-basedas far as I am concerned. The simple fact of it is that they refused access, all the time, no matter the reason and they did it in letters and emails, detailing in their own words why they are not allowing access. 

They broke the rules and were evicted for it. 

Racism is an ideology that either directly or indirectly asserts that one group is inherently superior to others. I can’t think this way and was not brought up this way. I was taught that every person is the same and is to be treated the same.

I appreciate that these Tenant Bullies may have experienced racism, I did not act that way and they had no right to accuse me of it.  They played the race card as far as I am concerned and used it as an excuse to target me, all out of revenge.

They had a year, from Aug 31, 2016 – Sept 26, 2017, to make up this lie of a prior meeting at some restaurant that had since closed. The letter sent didn’t have any details as they gave on Sept 26, 2017. So many discrepancies they can’t gaslight away anymore. I am done with it all, to be honest. 

I lived and worked in apartment buildings in Ontario for 18 years and believe me, if I had any ideology like these Bullies claim I had, I would not have lasted that long in the Property Management industry there. This is what Gaslighting does to you!

I did get mad over their constant hype over every little thing I said and did, but that is a normal reaction. It was a headache all the time trying to get into the apartment to get anything done. I got to the point where I didn’t bother anymore. 

Why should I continue to put myself in the position to be subjected to his verbal abuse? I didn’t need to keep putting up with that. 

Every decision I ever made in my job was based on the actions of tenants breaking the rules of apartment living. Every single building I lived and worked in was the same, I did my job and enforced the rules of apartment living. No different than millions of people every day.

Should every person, working in any position serving the public, have to worry about an interracial couple/tenants making false accusations against them because they don’t do things the way they want them to do it? Should anyone have to tolerate this type of behaviour against them online? 

What if Toxic Adult Bullies wanted a certain parking spot on the property, and it is free, but there are no transfers allowed, will he make accusations he is being discriminated against because he is part of an interracial couple/tenants? Just based on what he did to me, yes I can see him do that.

I find really sad when a Tenant behaves in this manner. Even though these Tenants lost all their legal actions, they still proceeded to put all their nasty unproven allegations online, on websites in my name.

That is the worst part, they lost legally but still were able to post all their caustic garbage online about other people for over 6 years.

It was only when I made my own site he couldn’t get removed by his lies, did he all of a sudden allow those sites to go offline. It took signing up with the same domain company and same free speech server, moving over 3000 km away, to get these Tenant Bullies off my back and stop posting their many lies and embellishments.

It took emailing various internet companies notifying them of fraud in my name, by using stella reddy with, to stop having my name being abused online with various services, like LinkedIn. 

My truth, showing all the traits at play within their Smear Campaign, showed just how perverted this situation all became, all because a Tenant refuses to accept accountability for refusing access, even when they stood there and said it for themselves. Every which way, LTB, and Divisional Court they ADMIT to denying access. 

This is all a game to Toxic Adult Bullies, as playing with my emotions is what he loves to do. The madder I can get, the more he can say I am a crazy liar. The more I write, the more he can take it and try to gaslight it away. The more hurt I get, the more he claims I am inhuman and my feelings don’t get bothered by anything he does or writes.

It makes me really sad that there are people in the world like this who go out of their way to try and cause damage to someone else, a total stranger to them, like these Tenant Bullies, have. 

We really need to be able to do something about situations like this that don’t take too much effort. Trying to take people like this to Civil Court is emotionally hard to do, especially when you are screwed up by the many tactics they did to Bully you.

Every person in Ontario has the right to be free from racial discrimination and harassment in the social areas of employment, services, goods, facilities, housing accommodation, contracts and membership in trade and vocational associations.

There is no fixed definition of racial discrimination.  However, it has been described as any distinction, conduct or action, whether intentional or not, but based on a person’s race, which has the effect of imposing burdens on an individual or group, not imposed upon others or which withholds or limits access to benefits available to other members of society.  Race need only be a factor for racial discrimination to have occurred.

Racism is a wider phenomenon than racial discrimination.  While the Code seeks to combat racism through public education and the advancement of human rights, not every manifestation of racism can be dealt with through the current human rights complaint mechanism and process. Nevertheless, racism plays a major role in fostering racial discrimination.

Racism is an ideology that either directly or indirectly asserts that one group is inherently superior to others.  It can be openly displayed in racial jokes and slurs or hate crimes but it can be more deeply rooted in attitudes, values and stereotypical beliefs.  In some cases, these are unconsciously held and have become deeply embedded in systems and institutions that have evolved over time. Racism operates at a number of levels, in particular, individual, systemic and societal.