The Real Stella Reddy’s Perspective


Grown Man Telling Lies

I have come to see the funny side to, as the way it is laid out online, you would think that these Anonymous Administrators are mind readers. The ONLY person who truly knows me, is ME! 

They make claims of “This is classic Stella Reddy racist behavior.”  How would they know how Stella Reddy behaves? These Tenant Bullies have no idea what classic behavior is for Stella Reddy.

They were TENANTS, which implies a non-personal relationship. How could they think to pass off that they KNEW me well enough to write what they do in their content? 

This is Gaslighting! has become something to laugh at for the extremes the writer go too, to try and convince readers he knows what he is talking about in terms of Stella Reddy and her intentions. It is a joke! This person has so much gaslighting and triangulation, it’s hard to miss once you know what to look for! 

The only reason is online is for revenge and hoping that someone will do what he wants and attack me. The Tenant Bullies want to affect my present and future, hoping to turn people against me. This Bully is hoping his nasty words of degradation of my very existence would cause me to become so distressed that I would kill myself.

This Bully does not have that much power over my emotions, thankfully! 

Writing their opinions online for the world to read, don’t make what they write, the truth.

I have come to see it highlights their own actions. All people see is that these Anonymous Administrators are writing about someone else in a domain in someone’s name. My site is in  my name and it shows I am the author of all the posts. You would think with, the author would also be Stella Reddy but it was left as Administrator, showing the writer wanted to be stay anonymous. 

I did nothing wrong and they know it.  Innocent people don’t walk away after 19 months of a legal process! 

Nothing these Tenant Bullies can do will have any affect on my life anymore because no one cares what they have to say about me. All I need to do is say he is a previous tenant who got evicted, and being online is out of revenge for that. Once you start reading the content on that domain, you will see for yourself they are deliberately attacking me online. 

People have learned to not take websites like this seriously. 

You see the title,, with the author, Administrator, and look at the titles of the posts, and you know what this site is all about. All domains in this smear has the same theme.

They can try and sign up for online services in my name using, like they did recently with LinkedIn, and I will be there to inform these companies it is fraud and impersonation. The time is coming that people will know once they see their names that this is what they do to other people. 

These Adult Bullies are not a part of my life anymore, except their ownership of Kory Read is using as a way to abuse me online out of revenge for my part in their eviction. The Adult Bullies are mad I got to walk away from them, unscathed. Well, except for my mental health, that is healing. 

No matter what they try to do against me, it will fail as I am stronger than they think. I am no longer willing to sit back and allow them to continue their nasty smearing of me online. Everything they do, I will find and expose. I have learned I have a right to do what I need to do for myself and nothing anyone says will stop me. No more influence of me and my emotions by any strangers not involved in my life!

I have no reason to “react” to their written content  these days. The newly added pages, copied below, tell what they are doing to me online so blatantly. These words are from a master manipulator and it shows.

Kory Read is a con artist, gaslighter, manipulator, and smear campaigner, showing his actions so clearly online. Such outright lies on these pages… The way this person writes, you would think he thinks he is a mind-reader to write what he does in these pages. 

With these newly added pages, Kory Read shows his hypocrisy once againHe gets my site removed, all while he admits to it on this domain that he did that. He states his sites are “legitimate” while mine are not. What makes a “legitimate” site anyway? Is Kory Read the arbitrator of that too now? 

Kory Read shows his arrogance. Doing to me so blatantly what he complains I was doing to him. That is a hypocrite. 

Hypocrites are frustrating to deal with as they go out of their way to purposely misunderstand you!

I don’t want this site to be another angry one filled with my defense, as there really no need for it anymore. The past is done, gone and over. Kory Read & Allison Read are done!!!

All I can do now is work out this Smear Campaign in my own head and let it go.  I plan on doing that with this site and its content. Ensure that if you find, you will find showing my side of this nasty situation. Either way, my site will be online for as long as I need it to be. I could keep it here for as long as is registered. 

I want to show the world that Kory Read & Allison Read own and maintain the content within and the rest of the domains, as part of a smear campaign filled with lies, gaslighting, and manipulations, trying to discredit all who took part in the eviction their own actions caused.

 I want people to know just the type of people they are dealing with here and to educate you on their actions so you can protect yourself from them, and others like them.

Why should I have to ignore them and what they do online? If I had, my name would be everywhere on Facebook, on websites, and on every job site you can find, trying to discredit me and have me labelled as a “racist”.  Over the past few years I have found my name on various places and reported it and had it removed, like the new LinkedIn account he had online. They are nasty people out to do damage to my life. 

Who really cares if Kory Read & Allison Read think Stella Reddy is a “phony and outright liar”?

It is only Kory Read who thinks his opinions about me count in any way.

No, Kory & Allison Read don’t have the right to do online what they are doing in my name.

I don’t care what he thinks I did, there is Never a good reason for their actions. 

Should I have to ignore all this garbage about me online and hope in time it all goes away? What happens in the meantime, while I wait for them to give up? Do I just allow them to put my name online, with my pictures, wherever they want? Nope, not doing that. I don’t agree with that, no one should.

I am no longer willing to sit back and allow these Bullies to continue tearing my name apart online with their nasty opinions. 

 There is no need even for Kory Read to keep going, as nothing he says or does now will ever change the outcome, but as long as they do, I will be here finding it all and showing what they are doing. I am defending my name, which is my right. 

Nothing in the world will ever convince anyone of their narratives, no matter how hard they try. I have come to accept that.They walked away from their applications. Innocent people don’t do that. Innocent people don’t go out of their way to sabotage me so blatantly online like he has within these domains either and in other sites. 

They are just individuals bashing others online out of a personal vendetta. It is Cyber-bullying and a Smear Campaign instigated by Narcissists and I will show it to you within these pages.

You will see Kory Read’s own words that instigated the reactions he shows online, as he only shows the result of his Bullying way towards me, not what he did or said that got that reaction.

I will share everything so you can see why I believe what I do.

Kory Read & Allison Read are narcissistic and should not be trusted. They prove so clearly what they do to people who disagree with them and what they want within their domains, like All you need to do is read some of their content to know their intentions for it. 

They defraud websites, pretending to be me, slyly getting my name all over the internet for nefarious reasons.

So, here I am, putting my name online in my own way, to discredit what they do and complain to the companies who is behind the account, as it clearly isn’t me. I am getting their names known for impersonating me online.

Kory Read & Allison Read are becoming known for fraudulently using stella reddy and to set up fake accounts online in my personal name.

I am making Kory Read & Allison Read well known for their actions of fraud and impersonation with my personal name online. is NOT by ME and anyone trying to use the name and the site is fraud.  So many companies who provide any internet service from jetpack, google, bing, yahoo, linkedIn, twitter, facebook, instagram, etc all now know to watch for stella reddy and and impersonations. This is my right.

My experience with meeting new people the past months in Newfoundland, has taught me that no one truly cares what Kory Read & Allison Read have to say about me. No one goes home and does a search of “stella reddy” and is influenced by these words online by an anonymous Administrator….

Kory Read tries to intimidate me with his words but I have learned it is all lies, just like everything else he does. This is gaslighting, trying to convince me that it didn’t happen like I believe it did. 

Kory Read has no power over my life and how I live it, he just thinks he does. His arrogance is his downfall… Continually putting online, trying to imply I am a racist still after all these years without success, shows you just how vindictive he is being.

Why would anyone take the written words of a anonymous Administrator online, about anyone or any given situation? Are these people friends to me? family? Do you really think they know me?

No one cares, to be honest, except me. It is my name after all that they are abusing online so yes, I have reason. I will defend my name till the bitter end and show what hypocrites my Bullies are.

The few who have read any of their content on tell me they feel for my situation and can tell this anonymous person is “out to get me”. The wording on their domains content gives it away… It is just nasty vitriol!

You end up feeling “dirty” like you came into contact with something vile. The angst these words give you, is not pleasant so I can understand why people don’t want to read any of it. Right off the first page, you can tell it is about Stella Reddy, not by Stella Reddy.

This site was created as an information sharing site to alert the public as to the anti-black and racist behavior “.  “

“So with that said, Happy Anniversary, Stella Reddy; we have many, many more years together in this journey to expose your racist behavior to as many individuals as we can. Because remember, racist people like you need to be “called out.””

It’s been a vicious cycle…

Narcissists also like to truncate the story and present only the bit where the aggrieved party reacted to their toxic behavior, such as the quotes and most of the pages on this domain, framing it as if that’s where the story started.

Or they twist it by using euphemisms and deceiving language. Kory Read sends me a email March 1, 2021 and when I “react” by making a free website on WIX, he gets it taken down for the PII within it, but turns around and makes a page talking about it, but did not mention the email he sent, did he? Of course not.

If a narcissist dislikes you and tries to bully you but you stand up for yourself, they will frame it as if they are the ones being a victim of bullying. Deflection!

In their narrative they were just doing their thing and you started being mean to them. Meanwhile, they simply left out what happened beforehand when they bullied you, so actually you “being mean” to them is a normal response to toxic behavior. By leaving out or downplaying their aggression they simply frame you engaging in self-defense, as vile aggression against them. It is vilification at its worst!

I have experienced so many of the below! 

  1. Smear campaigns
  2. leading us to our suicide
  3. murder
  4. leading us into a mental institution with their constant gaslighting
  5. influencing the loss of important relationships in our lives
  6. creating chaos in our families
  7. giving wrong advice purposely against our well being
  8. trying to control us even when the relationship is over
  9. giving false reports to the Authorities so that the narcissist will get you in trouble
  10. Ruining another family member’s 
  11. Cancelling meetings at the last minute with intention
  12. Humiliating you in public with a purpose.
  13. Spreading false rumors with neighbors

The list is endless. If you are fearing some kind of revenge, watch out as they can get very obsessed with doing everything to destroy you and your life. This is what I clearly see happening here! I left Ontario so Kory Read STILL has to try and influence!

It does not matter; the point here is that Stella Reddy is in a continuous losing battle because, in the end, everyone who searches her name from friends, family, or future or current employers and co-workers, will all see the truth about her and will deal with her accordingly.

When you look at the bare facts of this situation from the beginning, you can clearly see where it was instigated.

My Bullies were trying to make it personal about them, when it was professional. I was doing my job, just like millions of other people do every day. To me, all tenants were nameless and faceless as I truly didn’t care who they were or even what they looked like, as to me they were just apartment number.

You see, I was hired for the apartment and property as a whole, not the people living within it. They were tenants to be tolerated until they moved out and more moved in. As long as they followed the rules, why would I care about anything else? I had enough to worry about, as it is a stressful job.

I would also like to know what was so special about these tenants that they would even think I would go against all my training, even my own integrity, to “target” for eviction and lie and cheat to get that result, when I never did it before the 16 yrs at that point I was working in the industry? Of course, Kory & Allison Read even went to my previous hob to try and find some “dirt” on us, but didn’t find a thing. All their actions did was cause that staff to be fired for talking about us to strangers! 

I don’t see anything special about Kory Read & Allison Read that would cause anyone to go against their own grain to “target” for anything, as truly, they are not worth the hassle! What made these people so special that anyone would ruin their own careers over?

Apartment rentals have rules that need to be followed, just like any industry, and called the Residential Tenancies Act.

The Residential Tenancies Act of Ontario is very specific over what you can and cannot do in a rental and questioning, let alone outright, refusing access for repairs and inspections are one of them that is not allowed. These Bullies continually kept refusing access and this is why they were evicted.

  • My Bullies were mad over not being able to pay in cash, and it shows.
  • They were mad over the propane BBQ, and it shows.
  • They were mad over the parking, and it shows.
  • They were mad over every aspect of how I did my job there and every decision I ever made there, and it shows.

They question every aspect of how I did my job, from notices to procedures. Then turn around and make the claim that they “began to feel that Stella Reddy was trying to intimidate and threaten them into compliance” Personal feelings that they have, is not evidence that what they feel is actually occurring. Not even close!

Kory Read  & Allison Read refuse to accept that their personal feelings, like this, is not evidence. I don’t care what they “began to feel” was going on and it isn’t my problem they refused to accept anything I say about my own reactions. It isn’t my fault they prefer to Gaslight people to their way of thinking! 

I share below some copied and pasted info from their own domain, where they lay out their perspectives over these first encounters and you can clearly see their brains turning “At that very moment the interracial married couple / tenants began to feel that Stella Reddy was trying to intimidate and threaten them into compliance with being okay with what she wanted.” 

Based on their own personal feelings, not any evidence they have ever been able to show, they began to believe that Stella Reddy was “out to get them” and as a result, their resentment and antagonism built towards her. You can see it in their own written wordsIt is pure projection!

All of their actions have always been based on their own personal feelings. They never care about what anyone else has to say, they only care about their own perspectives. They claim I did it, so as far as they are concerned that is the end of it. 

They resented me for the changes I was trying to make that they didn’t agree with, such as the cash payment and removal of propane BBQ’s, that they projected this resentment onto me, trying to make it sound like I was out to get them, instead of the other way around.

With the very first notice I sent out for Tenants informing that cash payments for rent will no longer be accepted and on July 5, 2016 Allison Read deliberately ignored it. She shows, in her own words, how she ignored the request from building staff, not once, but twice, July 5 and August 1, 2016.

If a person ignores change to procedures for any company, what does that action say about this person?

When Allison Read ignored this request of no cash, no matter the reason it was asked for, this action told me that she didn’t care about anyone else’s position, only her own. They verified this by their comments in August 1, 2016 that she didn’t care if I was comfortable with taking the cash or not. Allison Read didn’t care that she Bullied me into taking her cash payments and caused such a ruckus that we went out of our way to set up interact payments. This behavior, right from the beginning, told me all I needed to know about them, not only as tenants who will question every procedure, but also as people.

The next issue was the BBQ’s and Kory Read lays that out so very clearly on his own domain. Kory Read didn’t think there was anything wrong with printing out documents and taking them to the office to try and prove Stella Reddy wrong about the rules. That’s all that was, Kory Read showing his superiority over Stella Reddy and trying to get her to back off from making the change. Once again, Kory Read was attempting to Bully Stella Reddy into compliance with his wishes.

What purpose was behind this action of printing out documents and taking them to the office, if not to try and influence the end result? Would you take printed out documents to any other company and tell them they are misrepresenting the rules? WHO does these things?

Yes, right from the beginning my Bullies were aggressive and constant with their criticisms over every change I was making in procedures. You can see it in their own website of where they lay out their perspectives.

In the end, it wasn’t Kory Read nor Allison Read place to question how the procedures of any apartment rental office were. They had no say in how the building was managed, they were not even owners of their unit they lived in, so had no right to question anything.

It is a Smear Campaign!

JULY 5, 2016

The next time the female from the interracial married couple / tenants encountered Stella Reddy was on July 5, 2016 when she refused to take $121.00 cash from the female from the interracial married couple / tenants for the remaining amount owed on the July rent.

The female from the interracial married couple / tenants explained to Stella Reddy that she did not care if she was “comfortable” with the idea or not.

Eventually Stella Reddy had to give in and took the $121 cash payment as she was unable to find any justifiable reason why previous Angie could take cash, but she ( Stella Reddy ) now could not?

At that time Stella Reddy stated that the interracial married couple / tenants was “either going to have to write checks or get money orders made in the future to pay your rent, starting next month. ( August 2016 )”

JULY 28, 2016

( Exhibit # 7 ) – The interracial married couple / tenants find a letter in their mailbox by Stella Reddy stating in a threatening and bully manner that their BBQ is “not allowed under City of Toronto Fire Code regulations, as they require BBQ’s to be at least 9 feet away from doors and windows.”

( Exhibit # 8, 9, 10 ) – The male from the interracial married couple / tenants went to the unit and grabbed some documents that he had previously prepared to give to Alto Properties Inc. property manager Stella Reddy in regards to the BBQ letter that was previous left in their mailbox dated July 28, 2016.

The male from the interracial married couple / tenants went to the office and handed Stella Reddy the printed pages from the City of Toronto website in regards to what where the actual facts about the “Use of BBQ on a balcony.” The male from the interracial married couple / tenants stated “I think you have misread the act in regards to BBQ’s and balconies”

The male from the interracial married couple / tenants also supplied Stella Reddy with a copy of the TSSA ( Technical Standards & Safety Authority ) 2 page requirements print from their website that stated “Using propane BBQ’s on the balcony? You may be one of many Ontarians who live in an apartment or condominium – but are you aware of the safety issues and restrictions involved when using barbecues on balconies?, If barbecues are permitted in your building, there are still some regulations you need to be aware of.

Stella Reddy quickly reviewed the documents for approximately about 10 seconds when the male from the interracial married couple / tenants stated “A window and a door is not considered to be a building intake.”

Stella Reddy indignantly replied “all propane tanks have to be 9 feet away from any opening, and therefore they do not meet fire code requirements set by the city of Toronto.”

The male from the interracial married couple / tenants stated “What you are doing is taking some of one part and adding some of another part and making up your own rules.”

Stella Reddy abruptly cut the male from the interracial married couple / tenants off and stated in a bully tone “In my 20 plus years as a superintendent, I have had to research this as I have seen MANY propane tanks exploded.”

Stella Reddy continued “in my last building, before I got ill with Cancer, there was a barbecue area right next to the building. One day a propane tank suddenly exploded right next to a gentleman who was barbecuing and it caused the building to catch on fire causing a huge amount of damage.”

NOTE: Searching the internet and speaking with Property Management at 3969 Kingston Rd, Scarborough, Ontario. There is no record of there ever being a propane tank explosion or anyone being hurt at Alto Properties Inc. property manager Stella Reddy previous place of employment as she claimed.

The male from the interracial married couple / tenants replied “WOW, I have never heard of any propane tanks exploding on news here in Toronto, let alone causing a building to go up into flames.” He then stood there for a few seconds just looking at Stella Reddy thinking how she was a phony and an outright liar.

The male from the interracial married couple / tenants stated “interesting” and then turned around and walk out of the office, amazed about how Alto Properties Inc. property manager Stella Reddy was willing to make herself look like a bold face liar just to try and prove her inaccurate point.

Later that same afternoon, the interracial married couple / tenants went to the office to pay $121 in cash for her remaining rent for the month of August 2016 as done every month since moving in 13 months earlier.

The male from the interracial married couple / tenants went into the office with his phone video recording the interaction, as they anticipated that again Stella Reddy would again try to refuse her cash for rent and wanted proof of the refusal.

The female from the interracial married couple / tenants attempted to hand Stella Reddy the $121 cash, but she refused to take it for that month’s rent.

Stella Reddy again stated that she was “not comfortable” with taking the cash.

The female from the interracial married couple / tenants replied that she again did not care if Stella Reddy was uncomfortable with the idea of her paying her remaining rent in cash, and that it was not her problem.

The female from the interracial married couple / tenants stated to Stella Reddy “that if you are going to be a superintendent of a building you need to be comfortable with handling cash.”

Stella Reddy replied that the interracial married couple / tenants were “either going to have to write check or get a money order made to pay your rent.”

The female from the interracial married couple / tenants stated that she was “not going to go buy checks for $67.00, and I am not going to spend $11.30 every month to make money orders because you ( Stella Reddy ) are not comfortable handling cash.”

Stella Ready suddenly changing her position and argument from being “not comfortable” to now Alto Properties Inc. owner Luigi Liscio says “it is a liability issue and the owners NEVER wanted it.” And “that because there is no safe in the office, I cannot take cash.”

The female from the interracial married couple / tenants asked “Did Angie and Chris take Alto Properties safe to their apartment when they were fired?”

Stella Reddy replied “There was never a safe.”

So the female from the interracial married couple / tenants asked “How did they manage to protect the money I gave them, and you can’t?” and “What change in this situation that did not exist before that suddenly Louie now thinks it is a liability issue?”

Stella Reddy ignored the questions completely and stated “according to your lease, all rent must be paid by check or money order, and if you decide not to pay using one of these two methods, than I will be forced to evict you for not paying your rent.”

At that very moment the interracial married couple / tenants began to feel that Stella Reddy was trying to intimidate and threaten them into compliance with being okay with what she wanted.

The female from the interracial married couple / tenants began to remember how the last time she was in the same office with Alto Properties Inc. employees Angie and Chris, when they also tried to ambush, intimidate and threaten her into compliance with an eviction because she was not okay with their idea of allowing people to enter her unit illegally and without proper notice.

But now it was Stella Reddy who was trying to intimidate and threaten interracial married couple / tenants into compliance with an eviction for questioning her on how they were suppose to pay her rent.

The male from the interracial married couple / tenants stated to his wife “if that is the case, than we will hold onto our rent and eventually Louie ( Luigi Liscio ) will have to take us to court, and at that time, he can explain to the Landlord Tenant Board why he is now suddenly refusing to take our money for the rent after 13 months of taking it.”

Stella Reddy replied ” I am very familiar with the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act because I have been a superintendent for 16 years here in Canada, and Alto Properties can implement whatever new polices they want and whenever they feel the need to do so, because The Act allows for it.”

The male from the interracial married couple / tenants quickly jumped on Stella Reddy statement stating “You said earlier to me you’ve been a superintendent for 20 years, now its 16?”

Stella Reddy got very defensive and replied “No, I told you 16 years!”

The female from the interracial married couple / tenants jumped into the conversation to end the debate and stated “Look, Louie cannot just start enforcing his own rules after 13 months on not wanting too, especially when it results in me now having incur an expense to pay my own rent. Louie has chosen to accept my rent for the past 13 months using cash, and now suddenly Louie wants to implement new policies for rent payments? He needs to continue to offer me something that is still free.” Such demands here hey? Since when is any of this in the Residential Tenancies Act? How is service fees incurred in payment methods the responsibility of the landlord?

After some more conversation between the parties, Stella Reddy finally either realized that she was being video recorded and/or just realized that this was a no win situation and stated “I will speak to the owners ( Antony Liscio ) about doing a onetime e-transfer for your remaining rent.”

Stella Reddy went on to state “at their other properties, they already have in place an e-transfer feature for the tenants to pay their rent there.” The female from the interracial married couple / tenants asked “Why doesn’t Louie just offer it here and then the problem is solved?”

Stella Reddy stated “I am going to bring in an interact machine soon, so you can pay your rent that way.” The female from the interracial married couple / tenants replied “How much is that going to cost?” Stella Reddy replied “Not sure yet?” and that was the end of the conversation.

Stella Reddy stated “I will get back to you tomorrow about the e-transfer.” and the female from the interracial married couple / tenants replied “ Okay, thanks.” and the interracial married couple / tenants left the office and went back to their unit.

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