Your Reality: A Short Film on Gaslighting

This short video will break your heart and make you cry but it shows the devastation that gaslighting can do to you and your life. It shows the poison, bit by bit until you don’t know what is real anymore.

I am very thankful that my gaslighters were just tenants from my workplace, therefore it is easier to see their gaslighting tactics on display. They don’t know me, no matter how much they gaslight you into thinking they do.

I am also thankful I changed from the person I was back then! I recognize gaslighting now whenever I see it around me.

I find it terrible that some gaslighters can convince so many people of their lies about someone else, especially to family and friends who should know you better. It doesn’t always work, thankfully.

If people truly care about you, they will see the truth about the situation, as most did in my case. When you see all the blatant statements being made about me, you will come to see it as gaslighting too!

Please, educate yourself on these tactics that other people will do to you out of their own selfish needs. Living this way isn’t worth it. Education is key forward from gaslighting.

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