“You Win Again” by the Bee Gees

I love this song! I love Bee Gee’s music and have every album they made, as I built my collection over time. This is one of my favourites they did, as I find it empowering.

Do you like their music?

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7 Replies to ““You Win Again” by the Bee Gees”

    1. Thanks Pooja! The Bee Gees are awesone, I grew up listening to their music and I find their songs have so much meaning behind them. Their music is timeless…

      I hope you are having a great day Pooja and feeling much better from the cold you had!

      1. I grew up listening to them too since my dad was a big fan.

        I am much better now, thanks and hope all is well with you too!

      2. Morning Pooja, I am glad to hear you are feeling better!

        All is good over here in NL, and I feel great! The cold and wet weather has finally set in the past few days but I don’t mind. I can’t wait for the snow! I’ve been getting into the Christmas spirit early this year, even going to take out my decorations this weekend…

      3. Thanks! That’s really great and hopefully it’ll snow soon. Oh nice, can’t believe it’s almost Christmas time. Time flies!

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