You Are Not Broken

I found this awesome poster this morning and it spoke to me. Nothing about me is wrong, I just had some Toxic Tenants from my last place of work label me, trying to place the blame on me for their eviction when their actions caused it. I have survived the 7-year nightmare of this smear campaign and cyberbullying they have done.

Surviving being Bullied isn’t easy, you need to believe in yourself and know who you are and what you have done, not accept the accusations of others. I may have been riddled with doubts from all the gaslighting they did, but I knew they were lying deep inside and I stuck to that. I was always a stubborn independent person and that basis helped me navigate the past few years!

There was no “prior meeting”, there were no “forged and altered documents” nor were there any “illegal” Form N5s. I never asked any of them “where they were from”, nor did I ever state “Canada” in any of my sentences. I made no “fake” emails nor did I try to get post office box keys from Canada Post. I did not lie. Anyone who knows me knows I can’t lie for shit…My anxiety gets in the way!

Yes, I said inappropriate things at the LTB hearing such as “black as black” as I was upset and flustered upon hearing the details of this alleged “prior meeting” they claimed we had, but I didn’t “point” at anyone. I was willing to atone for those things with Human Rights and admitted as much, but it never happened as these Tenants didn’t show up for the hearing. I was there, ready willing and able to proceed, not my fault they were not.

I am feeling whole once again! I got my wish, the sites are gone, at least for now, but either way, I am done with them. I have achieved what I set out to do just over 2 years ago, I shared my story of being Bullied by previous Tenants and showed how I came to that conclusion and the education I got on Toxic Traits and narcissism. I learned what I needed from others and through counselling, enough to feel confident in my assessments!

I control my thoughts once again and there is no more space for Toxic Tenants and their outright lies and false accusations, about me or anyone! My feelings are mine and I feel free! I am loved, as I am lovable. I am forgiven for my mistakes and am finally able to move on from all of this mess these Toxic Tenants created all those years ago in my name.

I asked myself if I was crazy and we all said no! So once again, the personal opinions and speculations of my personal life made by strangers within websites they created in my name, don’t matter. They are strangers for a reason!!

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