Workplace Bullying Like Stella Reddy Endured

I have been reading up on workplace bullying, as I have noticed it is on the rise, not just in the US but also in Canada. It is sad when you see so many people feeling unsafe in the workplace and it won’t help you keep employees. Most will leave, like me, when you don’t feel appreciated and you refuse to look after their psychological health. I know I am not alone in that situation and it needs to change.

My story isn’t unique, it happens every day. Every time you walk into a Government Service office and harass the person behind the desk, it is bullying of that employee. Every time you walk into a rental office and make a demand, you are bullying that person.

Working in the property management industry can lead to Bullying of the building staff by tenants, employers, contractors and even some City Officials. Over my 18 yrs I experienced too much of yelling, demands, even physical pushing and shoving from tenants. I was even shot at once, good thing I dropped my keys and bent over to pick them up or it would have got me in the head. It was almost constant at some places I worked and it is never okay.

Employers need to step up and ensure their employees don’t have to experience this alone. Don’t shut them down when they come to you, investigate, no matter how small and trivial you may think it is, as it is important for your employee to feel safe in the workplace. If you don’t look out for your workers, they will leave and your reputation will suffer. Next thing you know you won’t find anyone to work for you!

I find it really sad and disheartening. I appreciate that the process is long and overwhelming, but it is in place for a reason and should be followed.

My last employers refused to investigate my request when we received that letter August 31, 2016 filled with vague accusations against me, and tried to bury their heads in the sand, pretending it didn’t happen and look where it got them!  They lost 2 good employees and the trust of their tenants for their handling of these false claims against their staff. Their reputation as landlords will never be the same as Trust has been broken in them as employers.

Their lack of action caused me to be terrorized in their property and I ended up in serious mental distress from it all. They refused to hold these Bullying tenants to account so I held them to account for their lack of action. Do not ever be afraid to pick up for your employment rights! These services are there to support you.

If I had the choice back then, we should have left when I quit in 2018 but I truly thought that once all legal action was over, that they would go after them and their domains in Civil Court.

I truly thought that they would do what needed to be done, so I was very shocked when they told me in 2020 that they were not. That was the final straw for me and I lost all faith in them as a result. I was shown that in the end, all they cared about was themselves.

They lost my husband then as I refused to stay there anymore and allow him to work for people who did not care about what their tenants were doing to the staff. Even after I quit in 2018 I still had them trying to control what I did in my own defense. They promised me resolution and then backed out when it came due. You wonder why I lost trust and faith in people then?

Pick up for yourself as in the end, no one else will! Use the services that are in place to help you pick up for your rights. Every time an employee lets something go, it hurts the next person who comes in to work there. It will never end!