Wishful Kory & Allison Read: Promoting My Suicide


These words below show Kory Read & Allison Read’s mentality like nothing he ever wrote before. To Kory Read, this is all a game. Playing with my Mental Health is NOT A GAME! 

I found on a previous website I did, in the analytics.

Viewed Search Results for “go use some rope” – Kory and Allison Read Are Bullies/?s=go+use+some+rope

Page title Search Results for “go use some rope” – Kory and Allison Read Are Bullies Page URL/?s=go+use+some+rope

Wishful thinking for Kory & Allison Read! Sorry to disappoint you, but ain’t gonna happen! Here are grown ass adults, promoting that I go use some rope and kill myself. This is the height of bullying, don’t you think?

How old are Kory Read & Allison Read, really? No wonder Kory Read can’t keep a job and sits home all day spewing his vitriol out on websites. He is useless and feels it, so projects his nastiness on others. 

Kory Read sits at his computer, looking at all the success other people have and gets so jealous and resentful, he has to try and take them down a peg or two, to feel better about himself. This was one. He was upset I did my own site, highlighting their actions online against me and he didn’t like it. Showing his hypocrisy once again.

How can Kory Read get mad at me for doing what he is doing?  

Kory Read takes his other family members success, like his daughter getting into medical school, and uses it to “one up” other people, like it was HIS doing she is able to do that. His daughter is doing all this on her own, it is her brain after all that does all the work, yet Kory Read is trying to take all the credit! Just like he tries to take the credit for his wife and her success in event planning. You would think by the way he write, that it is all his doing is family has any success. How can that be, when he don’t do anything?

Kory Read is hanging onto his families coattails, taking all the credit for their personal successes like it was his own, all while he remains his lazy self.

Your attempts to get under my skin no longer work, I am happy to say! I now accept and understand that you are nothing and have absolutely no influence, on anything nor anyone.

Your written words are just that, words. Such whiny impotent words that no longer make any sense and are no longer revenant to anyone anymore. Your complaining over a situation long done and over, crying “wolf” still, is just pathetic.

The same written words, on 6 domains, all whining about how they were “targeted”, by so many people who were in “cahoots”. The past 4 yrs of it being online, in some form or another, yet here I am.

You have no support, no lawyer backing you up, no agency supporting you, no one else with you willing to backup your allegations against anyone. You don’t even have any evidence to back up your claims that prove beyond a doubt that anyone “targeted” you and your family for eviction in 2017.

In the end, the proof is in the released Orders from the Landlord and Tenant Board, Divisional Court, and even Human Rights. It is also in the various documents Kory & Alison Read so kindly share on their domains.

Kory & Allison Read are nasty human beings who think they have a god given right to smear and tear down any person who they are mad at for disrespecting them. The various domains they have online with the content within them filled with his personal opinions, not facts they can prove, is proof positive of this thinking.

Kory Read wants me dead so I don’t contradict his lies anymore that he has online! He wishes that I “have an episode” where I tried to kill myself and my husband just stands there and lets me.

These words below show Kory Read & Allison Read’s mentality like nothing he ever wrote before. To Kory Read, this is all a game. Playing with my Mental Health is NOT A GAME! 



In a small way, it is comforting to know that Stella Reddy and her enabler Russell Reddy have become so pissed off over the site that they have jointly now devoted their lives to trying to follow our family and our daily activities via the internet.

But you see, we don’t hand them information as we do not promote illegal behavior like stalking. We keep our lives private. If Stella Reddy and her enabler husband Russell Reddy want to be our unhealthy fans/stalkers, they need to work for their own information.

You see, it is clear that Russell Reddy is just as obsessed with our interracial family as his obsessed wife Stella Reddy because he allows her to devoted endless amounts of time in front of their computer, typing away her long-winded rants, search for our family through social media, posting endless lies and false claims, and maybe encouraging her to deliberately commit illegal acts like trying to hack this site administrator account.

Realistically, would any loving spouse sit back, passively, and watch their ( so-called love/wife ) spend every day in and every day out, day after day, devoting their entire existence to an unhealthy obsession/stalking against a group of individuals thousands of miles away? 

Either Russell Reddy is 100% behind her in her quest to seek as much information as they can out about our family, or he wants her to have another “episode” where she tries to kill herself, maybe not “stopping” her this time.

Or maybe her loving husband Russell Reddy is just waiting for nature to take its course and end it for him. 

Not sure what Russell Reddy’s motives are, but it is clear that he has to see and know she is in front of the computer every day, hours upon end, obsessing about our family. 

And that unnatural behavior alone would draw concern from any loving spouse who in turn should seek some help for them. 

One has to wonder, has Russell Reddy ever gotten or even suggested help for his wife, Stella Reddy?

Really, why would any spouse who allegedly loves their partner allow them to behave in such an unhealthy manner for years upon end? 

Again, either Russell Reddy is enabling her, or he wants it to end permanently. And if he can’t stop her, maybe nature will stop it for him.

We will never know, as Russell Reddy sits by passively in the shadows, saying nothing, allowing his wife Stella Reddy to continue to burden and overwhelm herself with emotions and guilt, the whole time trying to justify in her head her inexcusable racist behavior since 2017.

So this game will start over once again as my daughter and spouse will be moving here with my son and I, so our daughter can attend medical school at 17. We will all once again be together after a couple of months apart.

Will Stella Reddy finds us this time? NOPE!!! 

Stella Reddy claims that she is currently mentally sick, but she was not mentally sick when getting our family evicted. Nope, Stella Reddy was of sound mind and strong will.

Only after filing with the Human Rights and creating this website did Stella Reddy start playing the pity boo-hoo card of I was not mentally in the right place. Very convenient it was.

Stella Reddy is a performer who puts on whatever face/mask is needed for the time. It is that plan, and it is that simple. This website drives her crazy because it exposes just that, her act.

With that said, our family has moved on with our lives. Forgetting about Stella Reddy and her ignorant family. Our lives are solely about our children becoming doctors and being more productive in society, more than Stella Reddy and her family have nor ever will be able to.

Racism, unfortunately, will always exist because Caucasians like Stella reddy and her enabler husband Russell Reddy can not stand the idea that a Black female is more successful than they are, or ever will be. It is such as shame that they live their lives competing with others.

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