Why Was I Abused?

Why Was I Abused?

The poster I share here, is what I came to understand about being Bullied by Adult Tenants, Kory & Allison Read.

It wasn’t about me, my personality, my behaviors, nor about how I did my job there. I was abused as Kory & Allison Read made the deliberate decisions to Abuse me.

They decided to make up a lie of a prior meeting they claimed we had where I said racist things to them. It was that 2 1/2 months of interactions and no mention of any alleged meeting, that tips you off it is a lie. Also, the words they assign to me that they claim I said, especially talking that I am a “Canadian working in Canada” also tips you off this is all a lie! I haven’t heard anyone talk like that, did you?

They were the ones who made 859kennedroad.com on Nov 2, 2017, after they were legally evicted by the Landlord and Tenant Board for their constant refusals of access and non-compliance to Rules of Entry on October 3, 2017. Their own words of denying entry, ever time, was what did it and the fact that Kory Read stood there that day and said it too!

They also made the deliberate choice to make and post the other domains, after each loss in the judicial systems they had, like stellareddy.com. The timeline of their registrations corresponds with each release of legal decisions from April 2019 till Dec 2020. The last one, in December 2020, is now gone, socialjusticetribunalsontario.ca. It expired April 26, 2022 and hasn’t returned yet, not like davidstrashin.com, which has been renewed for another year and now also goes to the Internet Archive, like the rest. Kory Read moved the site once again to a new server but it is still parked and going to the Internet Archive.

They deliberately moved their domains around to new servers, with stellareddy.com having had 23 different servers since it came out in April 2019, after each of my complaints over PII got them removed! That shows a lot of determination by them to continue Bullying me online. 

Kory & Allison Read have shown by their actions with this list of domains, that they are making the deliberate choice to be Smear Campaigners against so many individuals, not just myself. 

I will never know why they choose to Bully me, not completely, but I do know they have a lot of hate for me over the fact that I had power in my job to hold them to account for breaking the rules of apartment living, like refusing access. They resent that I fought back and wouldn’t let them keep abusing me.

I have written so many emails to various agencies, domain providers, hosting companies, the list is endless of agencies and companies I reached out to the last 6 years, looking for help to get these sites down.

At least, I spread the word of what they were doing and that I was the person they are writing about, anonymously! So many people now know what I think about that site in my name they have online!! 

They resent that I stood my ground and wouldn’t let them Bully me into giving them what they wanted. This personal attack of me in a domain in my own name, is a choice they made, and now they have to live with it.

You can tell by their own words how selfish they are in their thinking. All they do is complain about what they didn’t get in their tenancy, claiming they were entitled to it, and try to claim that other people got what they wanted. They are totally selfish people, even said we should take a parking spot away from a paying tenant, so they could have it. They show they have no regard or consideration for anyone, except themselves and what they wanted. 

Kory & Allison Read are responsible for all this mess, because they made the deliberate choice to Bully me, in person and online, since July 1, 2016 when we first met, over the cash rental payments. As far as I am concerned, there was no need for them to react the way they did, it was unreasonable. Just as it was totally unreasonable for them to post stellareddy.com, because they lost their Appeal on their eviction. Their outlandish allegations, and personal speculations, just kept getting bigger and bigger…

There is no explanation I can give for a choice they made and no need for me to look within, as I did nothing to make them do all they did. I am not responsible for what they do!


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