Why I am Being Attacked Online

It is getting easier to not let this get to me anymore. I am very hopeful these days!

There is so much online now about Smear Campaign and Adult Bullies and all you need to do is read ONE article to know that this is what Kory Read is doing to me online. They lost all their legal options so turned to a online smear campaign to assassinate my character. 

Knowledge about this type of Abuse is paramount if you want to heal and recover from it. I have read so many articles, blogs, and posters that has helped me come to terms with what was going on and it opened my eyes. I came to see these Smear Campaign was done all for my Bullies to try and control the narratives. I appreciate that they got upset for being shown they have no control over entry to the apartment, they didn’t have to tear down other people because of it. Rules are Rules, don’t matter if you agree!

In my job, I refused to cater to Kory Read’s ego over access to the apartment and enforced the landlord’s rights, and stellareddy.com is their revenge for that.

At the center of a narcissist’s destructive behavior towards others is an excessive sense of entitlement. Narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths believe that the world owes them something. When others fail to comply with their demands or cater to that sense of entitlement, they suffer what is known as a “narcissistic injury.” Any perceived slight or threat to their grandiose ego sends them into “narcissistic rage.” As Mark Goulston, M.D., asserts, “Hell hath no fury or contempt as a narcissist you dare to disagree with, tell they’re wrong or embarrass. There is a saying that when you’re a hammer the world looks like a nail. When you’re a narcissist, the world looks like it should approve, adore, agree and obey you. Anything less than that feels like an assault and because of that a narcissist feels justified in raging back at it.”

No one really knows what it is like to be Bullied so badly by Adults online like this. The simple fact of it just knowing it is online, is what plays on me, not necessarily the content, though that is terribly abusive. It’s knowing your name is online with so many labels, name-calling, and so much personal info about my life they gained during a legal process, that they applied for, is online for the world to see. 

I am getting past that thankfully! 

This is why they do it, and I know it. It has nothing to do with anyone else helping them. At this point, they don’t care about support, they only want to affect my psyche. This is the intention of a smear campaign online, drive the target to insanity. 


Narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths can inflict long-lasting damage on their victims. Their emotional and verbal abuse, combined with their cruel, persistent attempts at sabotage, can even drive their victims to self-destruction and suicide. For part one of this series, here are five ways these covert saboteurs can infiltrate your life and attempt to destroy it:

“Covert predators like these will spread falsehoods to slander your reputation or smear your credibility to others. This is a form of gaslighting intended to manage your image in the public eye to ensure that no one would believe you were being abused” – Psychcentral.com


In part two of this series, I asked survivors for examples of the following behaviors from their experiences with malignant narcissists. These experiences include retaliation, discarding victims during the worst possible moments, ruining holidays, birthdays and special occasions, destructive conditioning, hypercriticism, and withholding praise. Here are six ways these covert saboteurs can infiltrate your life and attempt to destroy it.

Retaliation is a way for narcissists to inflict tangible damage on the victim – whether it involves an assault on their privacy, their good name, their work, their future relationships or friendships, the narcissist seeks revenge to punish you and reestablish control over you.


The best way to reduce the effectiveness of smear campaigns is to call them out and educate people on what they are and how they’re used. We can help to reduce the impact of these manipulative, psychopathic techniques by educating others on how they work so that they can recognise a smear campaign in action themselves.

Let’s eradicate the smear campaign from the face of the earth.

I refuse to give in to their Bullying ways anymore. They can shame and embarrass me online all they want, they are exposing their own actions against me by doing so. The more they write about me, the more they show their projection. The longer Kory Read & Allison Read keep this up, the more they expose themselves and their actions.

In time, they will cause their own downfall. I have no doubt about that. They try so hard to place blame on others, they don’t see they are exposing their own actions in the process. I see it now and so are other people. That makes me happy. 


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