What Toxic Tenants Believe!

Narcissists believe

Narcissists believe that everyone around them should be a certain way, act a certain way, and think a certain way, that satisfies them and meets all their expectations. They need to micromanage everyone around them. They believe they are perfect, therefore demanding perfection out of everyone around them. Disagreeing with them, not being “compliant” with what they demand, doing something they see as all wrong, or standing up for yourself to them, will lead to conflict, punishment, verbal attacks, devaluation, disrespect, and other abuse, including bullying. They believe it’s everyone else who is “the problem” and never themselves or their need to control.

When I started re-reading all the documents I received last year under the Request for Information I did with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, what I got back wasn’t much. I wanted to see if there were anything sent that I didn’t know about, but there wasn’t. In the end, there wasn’t much accepted by HRTO for their applications against me.

It didn’t include any of the emails they sent after they did the application! Actually, all their emails didn’t get attached to their files, not even when they requested it to be! The Many Nasty Emails Stella Reddy Received from Toxic Adult Bullies

Today I am talking about what Toxic Tenants believed that I should have done my job in a certain way. They spent a lot of time and effort writing their narratives to include their feelings over how I delivered notices, how I notified them of a cancelled appointment by Contractors, and even how I wrote my letters and notices. Everyone else was always the problem to these Tenants, never anything they did!

They loved to give suggestions on how THEY FEEL it should have been accomplished and degrade how I did my job any way they could. Below, are a few more examples and I have a whole lot more!

I do find it funny now after getting educated on the many traits I was seeing in their writings. Better late than never, hey?

There is so much information out there that others have written, even psychological articles, that show me what these Toxic Tenants were attempting to do to me. It took time for me to see I had nothing to worry about, as I am sure the Adjudicators could see what I was starting to see for myself in their writings…

Adjudicators of the HRTO were able to see what I learned to see, the many Toxic Traits their writings were showing. Just as I am sure anyone else reading can also see!

This stuff written here shows me the “control” I learned about that narcissistic bullies will try to get away with. They wanted me to show them special treatment, just because they felt they “deserved” it.

This sentence below is correct, I didn’t care about what “she and family had planned for the week”, as it wasn’t my responsibility to care. None of this was ever in my job description and never would be, no matter where you live in the World.

Toxic Tenants believed that I should have done my job duties so that they were not “inconvenienced” in any way, as per the letter sent on October 17, 2016, which I share below. This is why they were also evicted, as Tenants can’t demand these things as written here, as it doesn’t matter if I accommodate the Tenants in the timings of repairs and inspection. That isn’t my job, my job was to ensure they were done!

When they contacted the HRTO they complained that they were never notified of a contractor cancellation until after the fact. How else could I notify them of a cancelled appointment, except after it was done? They show no logic.

This letter shows the extremes these Toxic Tenants went to in attempts to control every aspect of their Tenancy and also shows their demanding nature.

Nothing showed me their arrogance than their Form 12 sent to HRTO on October 16, 2019, and was one of the last documents they sent to them. In this letter, you see their list of what they believe was my “no fear” moments where these Toxic Tenants were trying to get you to accept that they knew me and what I was doing so blatantly.

Once again they claim they never did anything that could be seen as being threatening and intending to harm me and my family, as they refuse to acknowledge their many domains and all the evidence that has been accumulated over the years in Psychology that shows how harmful these actions could be.

They made websites that were titled in my personal name and all contained my picture and name, including the address I had at the time. That alone is threatening behaviour!

Did these people really think that nothing would come out of their many domains towards me? If he didn’t want the “general public” to see his many allegations, why did he make a website?

This is how Toxic People try to control you and they don’t care how they come across either.

More examples of their writings show how they wanted to CONTROL what I did or didn’t do.

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4 thoughts on “What Toxic Tenants Believe!

  1. That’s exactly the issue with narcissists, they never take responsibility because they never understand that they’re in the wrong.

    1. Yes, it was hard for me to accept there are some people who act this way, which is why I got so mixed up. I just found it hard to understand how someone could act that way towards someone, especially someone they don’t personally know. It took time to accept that. It was eye opening for me.

      1. Yeah, it’s tough when we have to deal with this sort of behaviour. I’ve had to deal with a narcissist too and found it very confusing why they wouldn’t just admit to what they did.

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