What Are You Grateful For Today?

Its Friday! Even though I don’t work anymore, my hubby does and I am always excited about the weekend to come so we can spend the weekend together.

Friday is also my errand day! I usually go shopping on Fridays and today, I am heading to the Mall to get some Christmas shopping done.

I love Christmas and am so excited for it to come… I do most of my Christmas shopping at the Craft Fairs we have here in abundance…The next one is in a couple of weeks and as it is a big one, I expect to get all my shopping done in one day… I love the Craft Fairs we have here!

It is also Pizza Fridays!! It is something hubby and I started a few years ago, we have Pizza Fridays where we sometimes make our own.

I am very grateful I am where I am, as I do LOVE where I live. It looks like a chilly day but the sun is out so I am off to enjoy it.

I took the screenshot below from the NTV webcam as it is an awesome view of St. John’s. They have more!!

Admirals Green Cam – NTV+ (ntvplus.ca)

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!

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