What a Narcissist Says To Escape Accountability

Yesterday was a bit of a challenging day for me. I was taken aback when I discovered the modifications made to all the Smear Campaign websites, namely stellareddy.com, lorriereddy.com, davidstrashin.com, 859kennedyroad.com, and sjtomemberkevinlundy.com. These unexpected changes have left me feeling quite unsettled, and I must admit, I found it rather distressing for a time.

However, I am determined to face this situation head-on once again and find a proactive approach. I have forwarded all new information to the appropriate authorities once again. Maybe they will get sick of hearing from me and finally enforce their policies.

I had to take some time to remind myself of all I learned about the Toxic Traits of Narcissistic people and re-center myself. It is important to understand the characteristics and behaviours associated with narcissism in order to protect oneself from the potential harm and manipulation they do!

Narcissistic individuals often exhibit traits such as grandiosity, a sense of entitlement, a lack of empathy, and a constant need for admiration. These toxic traits can have a detrimental impact on relationships and can cause emotional and psychological damage. It is crucial to recognize the patterns I see in these Tenants and take the necessary steps to maintain my emotional well-being.

By educating myself about narcissistic behaviour, I was able to develop healthier boundaries and protect myself from toxic influences. Taking time to re-center myself after encountering such individuals is essential for self-care and personal growth. It allows me to regain my focus, reinforce my emotional resilience, and continue on my journey of self-discovery and self-care.

I went searching for articles and re-read some of the Tocix Tenants’ earlier works. I did this as a way to remember the Toxic Tenant’s tendency to threaten me by using potentially damaging information about me they claim to have, with the intention of keeping me anxious and fostering feelings of paranoia.

Saying someone “is going crazy” is a classic response from Toxic people when they have nothing else to say. It is a way for them to dismiss the other person’s thoughts and feelings without taking any responsibility for their own actions. It shows a lack of empathy and understanding, as well as a tendency to belittle and invalidate others. It is what I have learned they do, and this is no different!

This type of behaviour is harmful and serves no productive purpose, and they know it. They resort to dismissive and toxic language as they are immature and don’t know what else to say.

The funny thing is that they don’t realize I already wrote extensively about how I felt I was going completely insane there for a while!

It’s truly unbelievable how quickly everything unraveled back then and I found myself teetering on the edge of sanity. Periods of psychosis are not fun! The world around me seemed to warp and distort, engulfing me in a chaotic whirlwind of emotions and perplexing thoughts. Each passing moment felt like an eternity as I grappled with the suffocating grip of my own mind. It was a very difficult period for me that I refuse to go back to!

It was an indescribable experience, one that tested the limits of my resilience and left me questioning my very existence. Yet, through it all, I somehow managed to find glimpses of clarity amidst the storm. I penned my thoughts and emotions on paper, pouring out my soul and documenting this turbulent journey of self-discovery. Now, looking back at that period in my life, I can’t help but marvel at the person I’ve become.

I’ve emerged from the depths of my own madness stronger, wiser, and with a renewed appreciation for life and living! Life’s unpredictability has a way of pushing us to the brink, only to reveal our inner strength and resilience. This is what this situation did for me!

So, yes, it’s rather amusing that they remain oblivious to the fact that I’ve already expressed my descent into insanity with such vivid detail in my own posts.

I also share how I recovered my mental health! During my journey toward mental well-being, I discovered various strategies and techniques that proved to be very beneficial for me. These practices encompassed both physical and mental aspects, and I am forever grateful for my inquiring mind!

For instance, cultivating mindfulness through activities such as deep breathing allowed me to develop a stronger sense of self-awareness and better cope with my daily challenges. Seeking support from loved ones and professionals was another crucial step in my recovery process. Their empathy, advice, and guidance provided me with the reassurance and encouragement I needed to overcome these difficulties.

Furthermore, I prioritized self-care by indulging in activities that brought me joy and relaxation, like reading, writing, or simply spending time in the abundance of nature my home Province provides. Taking time for myself and nurturing my passions played a significant role in restoring my mental equilibrium. I was reminded of who I am!

In summary, by adopting a holistic approach, combining physical exercise, mindfulness, support from others, and self-care activities, I was able to regain control over my mental health and find a renewed sense of well-being.

I won’t go back to that dark place anymore, no matter how much they taunt me. I have learned my lesson and I am committed to moving forward and embracing the light. That time may have been filled with sadness and despair, but I refuse to let it define me. I am determined to create a brighter future for myself. I will surround myself with positivity and strive for happiness. No matter what challenges I may face, I will always remember the strength within me.

So, Toxic Tenants can do their worst, it won’t affect me. In fact, no matter what kind of trouble these toxic individuals may cause, it will have no impact on me whatsoever. I am immune to the negative influence of such individuals and their actions these days, I use their writings to remind me of their traits and to teach others what to look for.

My resilience remains unshaken and unwavering. Their efforts to bring harm or create chaos will be in vain, as I am unaffected by their toxic behaviour these days.

Rest assured, I will continue to stand strong and immune to their toxic traits, focused on my own path and unwavering in my resolve.

Below, you will find numerous compelling instances that unquestionably illustrate the traits I have previously elucidated, providing you with the invaluable opportunity to directly observe and experience them for yourself.

They are fearless in their malicious words. They confidently and without hesitation express their harmful thoughts and intentions, showing no fear in their choice of language. They have a strong desire to inflict extensive psychological damage, pushing the boundaries of harm as far as possible.

I actively witness the toxic behaviour they exhibit through their actions, and it is undeniable. The emission of toxicity from their every move is evident, leaving no room for misunderstanding. They intend to cause harm. Their actions are fueled by a deep-seated malevolence, seeking to sow chaos and despair wherever they go. It is their sole purpose to inflict pain and suffering upon others, leaving a trail of devastation in their wake.

They take pleasure in relishing the misery they create. They use fear as a weapon, exploiting the vulnerabilities of others to further their malevolent agenda. But there is hope amidst the darkness they sow. There are those who stand against them, daring to defy their malevolence. It is vital that we recognize their true nature and remain vigilant.

You fight their malicious tactics by staying true to yourself. Fight your fears, for they are the hurdles that hinder your progress. Confront and conquer the doubts that hold you back.

Trust in your abilities and defy the limitations that fear imposes upon you. Rise above the trepidation and unlock the power within you to overcome every obstacle. Align your values and aspirations, forging a path that is authentic to your dreams. Hold steadfast in your pursuit of genuine growth, for it is through your authenticity that true victories are won.

Be yourself, and you will set yourself free!

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