We Had A Fantastic Time!

Sometimes, having some good old-fashioned fun reminds me of what is important! I had an idea for a new post today, but I don’t want to feel any negativity so I will save it for next week! I am feeling too good this week to focus on negative behaviours!

Hubby and I had a wonderful time last evening at the show put on by Mary Walsh, I laughed from beginning to end. It was wonderful and I haven’t laughed that much, that hard, in a long time! it was just what I needed!

She played some of her old characters and showed some videos of her past work, and she even showed us some of her new stuff!

It was a packed house too, so much demand she is putting on another show this evening! I saw a few people I recognized, said a quick hello or waved, but spent the evening focusing on Mary Walsh and my hubby. It was absolutely awesome, I can’t say that enough.

It is also fantastic to go out and experience something like this with no fear! Being surrounded by so many people, even sitting down, used to cause me to have a panic attack from feeling trapped, but not anymore. My psyche now knows I am safe and I can relax, knowing no one is going to get at me.

Today is a rest day for me… I have done quite a bit this past week and am feeling it today so time to rest my back and hope I am good to go to the Spring Market tomorrow. If I don’t make it, it is okay, there are many more Markets to come! I still haven’t heard of a date for my back surgery and know it will come when it comes. I’m managing in the meantime and still get to have some fun!

I don’t have any plans for the weekend, except to rest up for my adventures next week and cooking of course… I have fresh Cod for Good Friday and ham for Easter Sunday. I’ll get to see my son and daughter-in-law this weekend! I don’t go all out for Easter anymore, it’s just me and hubby for the holidays but I do love to cook!

It is a long weekend here and hubby is off tomorrow, so I am going to take a few days off as well with him and just relax… We have some rain coming, with some double-digit temperatures, which I hope will wash away the rest of the snow we have…It will be nice to not see any more snow in the yard…

I do hope you all have a fantastic Easter Weekend and get to spend time with family and friends…

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4 thoughts on “We Had A Fantastic Time!

  1. Happy Hoppy Easter, Lorrie <3 !!! So glad to hear you having a good time 😉 and cod sounds scrumptious for Good Friday !!

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