We Are Buried With Snow!

We woke up this morning to find ourselves buried in snow… my hubby is out there now digging us out…

Between Friday and Saturday, we got about 63.8 CM of snow in the City of St. John’s. https://stjohns.weatherstats.ca/charts/snow-daily.html

Mar 8 2024 53.0 cm 
Mar 7 2024 10.8 cm 

Below, you will find a couple of pictures I took from the doorway. You can see where the snow drifted in places…I guess I stay home again for a bit, until some of this gets cleared from the streets and sidewalks.

I love the snow and would love nothing better than to go out and play in it, but my body won’t let me. I find it so hard these days to walk in…

Gonna take a while to get rid of this lot!!

13 thoughts on “We Are Buried With Snow!

    1. Isn’t it beautiful? So much of it here but alas, we have heavy rain coming this evening to take most of it away… At least, till next time!!

      1. I understand that feeling…Hard to shovel though sometimes…

        It is great snow for snowmen! I wish I could go out and play in it… lol

  1. Omg that’s a lot of snow. In my first year in Canada it snowed like this till April and I was so unprepared for it lol.

    1. Yes, Canada is famous for its winters…I hated winters in Ontario as it got way colder than it does here in NL. Our City was shut down Friday and Saturday…Nothing was open except emergency services and some gas stations. I even saw a skidoo going around downtown and people using ski’s to get to work at the hospital.

      We have a new weather alert, this time for Monday into Tuesday and calling for lots of rain, which will met most of the snow we just got. Weather here is all over the place… lol

      1. Yeah, Ontario is crazy during winter although some winters were quite nice most of the time. But my first one was the worst one I experienced there and it snowed non-stop for months.

        Omg yeah the weather seems a bit random there haha although there’s usually rain after snow.

    1. Yes, it looks very pretty but hard to walk in, especially when you have mobility issues. Some places, there are drifts taller than me! They are great for making snow forts though!

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