Vulnerability Means I Am Alive!!

There is no need to fear Vulnerability. We are all vulnerable at various times in our lives and there is no need to hide from it, use it as a way to learn about yourself. I have been in a very vulnerable state the past few years and I learned to not hide from it anymore, as it shows I am ALIVE!

Why should I hide my true self? The thing I had to learn was that I didn’t put myself in this position. I may have contributed to my own heartache by giving them fodder for the content of their sites, but I didn’t initiate it. I am still worthy of love and belonging, even if some people might not think so, there are more than enough who do!

This situation came about as there were no protections in place for me as an employee and no one stood up to the Bullies, they were too afraid of becoming a Target as well.

There are no protections in place for any individual to protect their personal name from being used as a Domain title for a website where the person is Cyberbullied in the contents out of spite and revenge by an Anonymous person. Sure I could go to Civil Court and I know I would win, but the damage has already been done, mostly to my own mental health. As you can tell, money is not the driving force for me, I AM!

I didn’t create, not even, someone else did. I may have reacted badly at times but that doesn’t make me a bad person, just shows how emotional I became over this mess. I was in a very vulnerable position there as an employee. I was trying to gain control over my own stories, it is my life after all, and stop the narratives being made up about me by someone else. That is my right.

Vulnerability refers to being open to harm, damage, or attacks. It can be physical, emotional, social, or digital in nature. Vulnerability often arises due to a lack of protection, control, or support in certain areas of a person’s life.

Vulnerability is not inherently negative; it can also foster connection, growth, and empathy. Individuals can develop healthier relationships, gain support, and cultivate resilience by acknowledging and embracing vulnerability.

I choose to show myself so I can have healthier relationships, gain support, and cultivate resilience as that is what is important to me. If someone chooses to Bully me for those things it shows their own lack of character and has nothing to do with me.

Choosing to be vulnerable and let my true self be seen, shows the world I am thankful and grateful I am alive! I am living my best life these days, constantly learning and growing as a person with every conversation I have, and every article, post, or story I read. I learn something new every day that helps make me a better person! Why should I hide away from that?

Acknowledging and embracing vulnerability is an important aspect of personal growth and developing stronger connections with others. Here are a few steps to help you acknowledge and embrace your own vulnerability as I have:

Understand the power of vulnerability: Vulnerability is not a weakness; it is the courage to show up authentically and be your true self. Recognize that vulnerability allows for deeper connections, empathy, and personal growth. As these things are important to me, I have no problem showing my true self to others.

Reflect on your emotions: Take time to reflect on your emotions and identify when you’re feeling vulnerable. This self-awareness will help you understand your triggers and navigate through them effectively. It made me stronger to feel and acknowledge all those deep feelings I have!

Practice self-compassion: Treat yourself with kindness and understanding when you feel vulnerable. Remind yourself that it’s okay to have these emotions and that they are a part of being human. This is hard to do but with practice, it becomes easier. I am allowed my feelings.

Share with trusted individuals: Choose a few trusted individuals in your life with whom you feel safe and comfortable opening up. Start by sharing your vulnerability with them, whether it’s your fears, insecurities, or struggles. This will help foster deeper connections and encourage others to do the same. Being honest is the only way to live!

Embrace discomfort: Vulnerability often comes with discomfort as it involves stepping outside your comfort zone. Embrace and lean into that discomfort, knowing that it’s an opportunity for growth and forging genuine connections. It is scary, I won’t lie, but so well worth it!

Cultivate empathy: Practice empathy towards others by genuinely listening and understanding their experiences. This will create an environment where vulnerability is valued, allowing everyone involved to feel safe and supported. Don’t listen to respond, just LISTEN. It makes a world of difference!

Remember, vulnerability is a constant process, and it takes time to become comfortable with it. By acknowledging and embracing vulnerability, you open yourself up to new experiences, growth, and stronger connections with others. I can vouch for that!!

When you have been Bullied so publicly through websites on the internet that anyone could read, it makes you feel very vulnerable, which is why I choose to go with it and not fight it anymore. I acknowledge it and use it to my advantage to make me a stronger person.

My vulnerability shows I am ALIVE and living life to the best of my ability, regardless of Bullies and their smear campaign websites, and I embrace that vulnerability, as it makes me human.

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