Very First Letter Filled with LIES Written by Kory Read & Allison Read To Bully Stella Reddy

Kory Read Word Salad

This letter below is the very first one received on August 31, 2016 from my Smear Campaigners where they give vague details of some conversation they allege we had where I asked where she was from and asked about her children being “malado”. 

Yep, I used the word correctly at the hearing, I had learned by that point what it meant. As for saying it that day? How else was I to tell the Adjudicator what they had accused me of, without saying it?

This letter does not mention any restaurant, nor does it mention I apparently said these things to them at some outside place away from the building either. They give no details, just conjecture and speculations.

Kory Read nor Allison Read ever said anything when they came to the office to pay rent in cash on July 5, 2016, nor on August 1, 2016, about this alleged meeting, not even when they got aggressive over me not accepting their cash on August 1, 2016 did they bring up any of these claims.

Kory Read didn’t even mention it when he came with printed papers on propane BBQ’s!

They didn’t bring any of it up until the hearing that was held over a year later, in Sept 26, 2017. You can hear my shock on the audio.  Kory Read & Projecting Obsessions & LTB Audio!

At no time from the date I started working there of June 28, 2016 till they gave me this letter August 31, 2016 was this EVER mentioned.

Don’t you think that is weird? If this alleged prior meeting was so upsetting to them, why did they ignore it for 2 1/2 months?

There was no mention of any prior meeting, as it never happened.

No matter how many times they repeat it to anyone who will listen, it won’t make it true.

My Bullies would like for you to believe that Stella Reddy was stupid and hadn’t learned what was appropriate at her age, 50 at the time, after working in the rental industry for 16 yrs. Not only that, Kory Read wants you to believe he can remember enough to quote what he claims I said, but he can’t remember the day it allegedly occurred on. Such Gaslighting he does!

I was shocked when I read this letter as I really didn’t understand where it was coming from and there were no details I could use to show it was lies either, as they gave none. I even asked various times if they would give me a date, but they refused. I went to the restaurant in question, spoke to the owners who had it and they did try to help me by looking for the security camera recordings, but they were gone.

I find it really funny that they remember enough that they can quote what they claim I said, but can’t remember the date this occured? Not even a time frame? In the beginning, it was “sometime in June” then after the hearing it became “mid- to late June”.  They refuse to give a specific date as they know I can produce evidence of where I was to discredit it!

Don’t you love Google for stuff like this? I produced for HRTO a complete copy of my movement recorded by Google on my phone for the whole month of June. I also made a copy of all my bank statements to show my income that month to show it was not possible for us to go to this restaurant. They wouldn’t give me a date, so I did them all for the whole month.

No matter what Kory Read claims, I can prove it didn’t happen. This is also why they walked away. They didn’t want to be humiliated again.

I tried to get the owners to speak to them, even tried to get a meeting set up but my Bullies refused to meet in the office, that is there for that purpose, and covered by cameras. So, it was decided to ignore them, which lasted until they gave a Work Order for the bathroom ceiling on August 22, 2017 that led to their eviction. I still believe they submitted that work order just to see what would happen. They instigate, which is just what this letter is!

This letter clearly states “I have to say that from the moment I met you, I had the strange feeling that you had some kind of issue with me. You asked inappropriate questions, at first you refused to accept my rent on the grounds that you “ were not comfortable “ with taking it, and then the excuse changed to it was “ a liability issue.”

This clearly implies this conversation apparently happened when she came to pay rent and “from the moment I met you, I had the strange feeling that you had some kind of issue with me”, is clearly projection, as she is clearly claiming here that SHE had a strange feeling, not anything she can prove.

I have told these people in letter and email many times that I have no ill will towards them and was only doing my job. They refuse to accept anything I say, claim I am a liar over everything.  Awe well, that is their choice but they don’t have the right to try and force their personal opinions onto others, like they are trying to do online with these domains content.

Practical examples

  • Victim blaming: The victim of someone else’s actions or bad luck may be offered criticism, the theory being that the victim may be at fault for having attracted the other person’s hostility. In such cases, the psyche projects the experiences of weakness or vulnerability with the aim of ridding itself of the feelings and, through its disdain for them or the act of blaming, their conflict with the ego.[24][full citation needed]
  • Projection of marital guilt: Thoughts of infidelity to a partner may be unconsciously projected in self-defense on to the partner in question, so that the guilt attached to the thoughts can be repudiated or turned to blame instead, in a process linked to denial.[25] For example, a person who is having a sexual affair may fear that their spouse is planning an affair or may accuse the innocent spouse of adultery.
  • Bullying: A bully may project their own feelings of vulnerability onto the target(s) of the bullying activity. Despite the fact that a bully’s typically denigrating activities are aimed at the bully’s targets, the true source of such negativity is ultimately almost always found in the bully’s own sense of personal insecurity or vulnerability.[26] Such aggressive projections of displaced negative emotions can occur anywhere from the micro-level of interpersonal relationships, all the way up through to the macro-level of international politics, or even international armed conflict.[21]
  • Projection of general guilt: Projection of a severe conscience[27] is another form of defense, one which may be linked to the making of false accusations, personal or political.[21]

Now we all know these questions are not appropriate for any building staff to ask any tenant and especially for someone who has worked in the industry as long as I had by this point. I have no problem with anything I did in my job there, as I have learned I did nothing wrong.

Do I really strike you as a stupid person? I learned what was allowed and what was not, in my job.  Actually, I did training many times over the years, all supplied by the companies I worked for, as it is important to stay on top of all the changes that happen over time.

Now, don’t you think that if I was really as portrayed within my bullies websites of that it would have came to light long before then, especially after working in the industry for so long? If I was a racist, don’t you think someone would have complained long before these Bullies did? I worked in various buildings of various sizes from Brampton, to Toronto, even Hamilton.

It is these type of things that cause so much emotional distress, as I know they are lies, the people who know me know they are lies, but unfortunately strangers off the street looking for a place to live, didn’t know that, but people are learning. I actually had people come to see a vacant apartment, just to meet me as they saw these domains online while looking, and I was asked inappropriate questions!

How can my Bullies think this is OK?

Kory Read & Allison Read think writing as an Administrator will absolve them of their accountability for the content within, but too many people know now and it will only grow. It is too obvious by the wording they use, the tactics at play, what they are trying to do and there are way too many resources online that show this is what they are doing. Gaslighting, all of it!

People are learning that this type of website is all about attempting to control and have power of one individual over another. In the end, it is not acceptable behaviour and in time, it will be shunned.

Look through this letter and see for yourself the truths revealed by it, compared to their content within their websites, like

—–Original Message—–
From: My Bullies
Sent: August 31, 2016 11:26 PM
Subject:  303 – 859 Kennedy Road

I have attached a letter addressed to Louie, Antonio and Stella to this email.

Allison Read & Kory Read

Dear Louie, Antonio and Stella ( Alto Properties )

I want to acknowledge that I have received your frivolous and empty threat of eviction due to YOUR INABILITY TO GIVE PROPER NOTICE. This is why the letter was sent, not to voice any complaints about my behaviour! If these Bullies were so intent to complain about inappropriate behaviour by me towards them, they would make it about that, not about the N5 they got! 

As my memory serves me, your original notice that I signed and agreed to was dated for: Monday August, 29, 2016 between the hours of 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

On this above date, you notified me at 2:01 pm via an email and not by a phone call that you had cancelled that appointment after 3 hours of me waiting, and you had already rescheduled for the next day at 9:00 am without okaying it with me or getting my signature for the Tuesday August 30, 2016 pest control appointment. This is my Bullies way of implying I deliberately cancelled the appointment, just to inconvenience them. She also states I didn’t get a “okaying it with” her when it is obvious I did. What is this text I have a picture of if not giving and “ok”. This is what evidence is! Something you can actually prove what you say! 

These are your ( Stella ) exact words:

“Magical Pest Control screwed up our service date and has moved treatment to tomorrow at 9 am for this building. I am very sorry about this but it is out of my control. Treatment will be done tomorrow at 9 am. “

It is obvious that Louie, Antonio and yourself ( Stella ) could not be bothered to ask anyone if it was convenient for them, nor did you care if it even was. NO, I don’t care if it is convenient for tenants, as there is a provision in the RTA stating there was no need for me to worry about that, entry cannot be denied once notice is given, OR the tenant agrees to the entry, which this clearly was! 

Obviously you had some deep desire to get into everyone’s unit as fast so you could ( I assume ) to assess their standard of living and report back like a good little worker to Louie and Antonio on what you had seen. This is projection, as my bullies really could not know what I think! 

There is no other logical reason for the pest control to come back immediately the next day less than a 24 hour period later. Sure there was, they screwed up the service dates! 

It could not be the cock roaches as they have been present in this building since I moved in over a year ago. So I am unclear as to why you could not reschedule the pest control for at a minimum couple of days later?  Why didn’t you ask for a delay?

This would allow people to make any arrangements they needed to have someone there when you enter their units. Believe it or not, people are not comfortable with strangers in their apartments, even alleged superintendents that have been working in this field for 16 years in Canada.  It don’t matter what tenants are comfortable with, as provisioned in the RTA over entry. Where is it say I need to ensure tenants are “comfortable” with anything the owners do on their property to maintain it?

Noting that the previous date that you set for pest control was set in and about a week prior to them coming. Suddenly on this day, you NEEDED pest control to be there STAT the following day.

I guess that Louie, Antonio and yourself ( Stella ) think that people do not have to go to work, nor do they have any type of errands, appointments or business to take care on any given day.  It is for these statements that they were evicted, as it is not allowed.

Apparently Louie, Antonio and yourself ( Stella ) did not care that everyone emptied their cupboards, pulled out their stoves and refrigerators and waited 3 hours for an appointment that never happened that was arranged by you. Nope, I didn’t care! 

Instead of the 3 of you being considerate to everyone else needs, and the fact that you have now asked the tenants to do pest control back-to back days. The 3 of you decided that you would do what you want, when you wanted and how you wanted.

Under the act it clearly states:

27. (1) A landlord may enter a rental unit in accordance with written notice given to the tenant at least 24 hours before the time of entry under the following circumstances:

I may not have been in school for a while, but when I last check 2:00 pm on Monday August, 29, 2016 until 9:00 am Tuesday August, 30, 2016 is ONLY 19 hours. This obviously does not fall with in the 24 MANDATED time frame.

Once you did not meet YOUR OWN timeline that YOU created for pest control, YOU decided to reschedule without considering anyone else’s ability to meet your needs to have this done on back-to- back days. It did not become mine or any other tenant’s problem when you could not met your arrangements with pest control.

We as tenants are entitled to a 24 hour written notice and I would expect someone who claims to have been an alleged superintendent for 16 years in Canada, would have a much better and clearer understand of the act with its clear wording.

But being that you are a bully in nature, you just tried to set a date and time and expect everyone to fall in line with YOUR needs.

Apparently you deliberately misread the act and were trying to use the Entry Without Notice clause to get into my unit.

(1) A landlord may enter a rental unit at any time without written notice,

in cases of emergency; or if the tenant consents to the entry at the time of entry.

Which we both know that you cannot apply this to the August 30, 2016 date.

Up until this very moment, I am still confused as to what was the big hurry to get pest control into everyone units? I suspect that there is more to this than just pest control issues.

I also need to address the fact that you stated in your email, and to everyone involved that pest control would be here at 9:00 am on August 30, 2016. And yet you did not knock on my door until around 11:30 am I am told. I am sure that your video footage would confirm that.

That is a 2 ½ hours gap from when pest control was supposed to be here according to you. Pest control had to do 3 apartments on the 4th floor before reaching my floor ( 3rd ).

That means if pest control was on time, it took them 50 minutes to do each unit on the 4th floor with a little powder sprayed behind the refrigerator an stove and some gel in the cupboards.

Upon speaking to other tenants that did receive the pest control treatment. Pest control was in and out in approximately 5 minutes. So I can only conclude that again you inaccurately stated what time they were coming. Triangulation!

I again guess the Louie, Antonio and yourself ( Stella ) think that tenants have nothing to do for 2 days in a row other than sit around waiting for your timelines to come and go?

So with the above now clarified, I know what to express my thoughts about your deliberately inaccurate and false N5 legal document.

I do not appreciate Louie, Antonio and yourself ( Stella ) harassing and threating me and my family with eviction purely based on the issue that I told you in an email this morning, that I was going to file a complaint with the Landlord and Tenant Board based on the issue of the camera you have facing into units. 203, 303,403 and 503. Actually, it was for refusing access when it clearly was given permission for in text! 

There is no room to interpret this spiteful act as being any form of coincidence or happenstance. It was only after I emailed you ( Stella ) at 8:45 am on Wednesday August 31, 2016 for the names of the owners of the building for my application for the Landlord and Tenant Board. That suddenly I am now being targeted and given a deliberately inaccurate and false N5 legal documents that PROMISE to get me evicted based YOUR INABILITY TO GIVE PROPER NOTICE.

It amazes me that more than 24 hours had passed before you suddenly decided that there was a need to give me this inaccurate and false M5 legal document threatening eviction after learning of my intent to take an issue in front of the Landlord and Tenant Board. This is all conjecture on my Bullies part, as there really is no way for them to know. They got the N5 for refusing access they agreed to by text message. Why do you think I took a picture of that text on the phone? I knew what they were like and would try to deny it. 

It also amazes me that I was in fact given over 24 hours of time before I was served with your deliberately inaccurate and false N5 legal document. And yet I could not get that same courtesy in regards to the pest control wanting to come into my unit on back-to-back dates. How would they know what is a inaccurate and false N5? Are they trained in the LTB procedures? 

You have been nothing but a bully since you enter this building as the superintendent. I want to inform you that I no longer wish for you to seek me out to speak to me anymore. If you wish to speak to me regarding something related to my unit or the building, you need to put it in a letter or email from this point forward. I WILL NOT communicate with you were a paper trail cannot be made and followed. Such childish behaviour represented here with these words by my Bullies! I was already ensuring everything to them, and received, was in writing so I could “cover my ass’ as they say. Remember, I met them in July 2016 and knew what they were like so was prepared for any eventuality with their tenancy. 

I have to say that from the moment I met you, I had the strange feeling that you had some kind of issue with me. You asked inappropriate questions, at first you refused to accept my rent on the grounds that you “ were not comfortable “ with taking it, and then the excuse changed to it was “ a liability issue.” Pure projection, and conjecture as my Bully clearly cannot read my mind to know if I had any problems or not! This is clearly narcissistic traits! It also shows without a doubt that they met me when they came to pay rent in July in the building office, not at some restaurant they later tried to claim. 

Now there is the issue of Louie, Antonio and yourself ( Stella ) placing a camera that looks into my unit and takes pictures. By the wording here you would think the camera was in the hallway, pointing directly at their apartment door and that it was magic and could see through walls into their apartment! Instead, it was inside the elevator to catch vandalism on the door! My bullies have the specs of this camera and know it don’t see through walls and don’t take video, just pics. 

Add this threating and intimidating N5 eviction legal document that is based on information the 3 of you know is deliberately inaccurate and false. Has only strengthened my beliefs that I am being targeted by the 3 of you. More projection of their personal feelings and thoughts towards others and clearly shows the beginning of their elaborate plan they claim that they were “targeted” and so many working in “cahoots” to do it. 

Let me make this very clear for you Stella, Louie and Antonio.

I am not sure why it is that suddenly everyone has taken such a sudden interest in trying to build a case on me and wanting me out of YOUR building. I am not sure if sudden on of you realized I was black, maybe someone realized that my children were mixed, or because I am on Social Assistance.

I mean it could very well be that because my partner is white and that inter-racial relationships are frowned upon by you 3 white people and is not tolerate or welcomed in YOUR building. But I do know that the problem starts with you, Stella. Clear conjecture and projection of their own thoughts and feelings they have towards me and everyone else. You can clearly see how they are attempting to speculate and only giving their reasons they think it is, not prove anything. They have no way of knowing if anything they say here is true, which is why they speculate in such detail, they are trying to convince you! 

I have lived here for over a year without ANY issue and suddenly I am having issues with Louie, Antonio and yourself ( Stella ). You not wanting to accept my rent, threating me with eviction if I don’t pay my rent via cheques or money order, even after paying with cash since I moved in.

I don’t know if Louie and Antonio never had the nerve or courage to act upon their hatred for me and my family, and now that the old superintendents are gone and you’re in. Maybe now they have suddenly found themselves the MARTER that they can rally behind? More conjecture! 

Seriously, the 3 of you give me an N5 form that threats me with evictions based on everyone knowing that the information that is to be provided is deliberately inaccurate and false. How is it false and inaccurate? I see no evidence of that. 

By threating to present this deliberately inaccurate and false legal document to the courts as a legal document, you would be acting in bad faith. The N5 that has been presented to me by Louie, Antonio and you ( Stella ) is at worse misleading. It certainly violates the basic standards of honesty in dealing with others and it would be recognize just as that in any civil lawsuit. Hmm. It wasn’t for Civil Court, but LTB

Let us not even start to discuss the issue the serving me with this deliberately inaccurate and false legal document and how it was done purely to be spiteful and, to send me a message that I should not question the actions of the owners or staff of 859 Kennedy Road.

I now would like to address the issue of our past conversation Stella, where you ask my where I was “from?” Please, tell me why would I care where any tenant is “from”? It implies a certain personal investment in tenants as individuals I just did not have, and had no reason to have. This is a complete lie, as after 16 years working in the property management industry I learned it was inappropriate question. If I hadn’t learned that after all that time I shouldn’t be working in rentals!

I do not appreciate your ignorance and stereotypes in thinking that because I am black that I could not be born in Canada. I also do not appreciate you asking me if my children were “malado”. Another lie. Yes, I had no idea what that word meant and had to ask my niece.  Talk about being obvious in that my bullies are trying to convince you not only was I uneducated, but I didn’t have a clue on how to do a job I was doing for 16 years!

I did not think that I need to explain this to you Stella, but these are terms and questions that are no longer acceptable in society, and the fact that you felt comfortable enough with me to ask these questions after only speaking to me for a brief time. Says to me that you have some form of personal issue that need to be dealt with. Conjecture, giving me traits they have no idea of.

I also found it offensive that you said that you have been an alleged superintendent for 16 years here in Canada. This sentence is complete give away that shows it was not possible that this conversation ever took place between me and these Bullies. Anyone who has ever met me will also know this is a complete lie. This is what I was bringing up at the LTB hearing held Sept 26, 2017 as I definitely do not use, Canada nor Canadian in any sentence! Its a moot point, as it is obvious we are in CANADA! I don’t use Canada or Canadian, I use NEWFIE! 

I am perplexed  as to why you felt the need to include the word “Canada” at the end of your sentence? I am too, as it is a moot point and redundant. Do I really come across as someone whos uses redundant words? 

I can only guess, were you trying to imply that because I am not white, that I could not have been in Canada for 16 years? Projection once again

Or is it that you feel that your 16 years in Canada makes you a better person and better qualified to be an alleged superintendent than someone who was a superintendent abroad?

Maybe you said it because you were an alleged superintendent in Canada for 16 years, so your opinion and views on being a superintendent have more weight and value over someone like myself who was born abroad?

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you Stella. I never had any doubts that you lived and work in Canada. In fact I had absolutely no reason to even question what country you have been alleged a superintendent in.

Apparently you feel that being a superintendent in Canada comes with some kind of Canadian privilege and/or pride attached to it? I guess you could not have just said that you have been a superintendent 16 years.

If you were a superintendent in Italy, would you have said the same thing?

In speaking with you it appears to me that you are considered yourself a great superintendent because you were born and raised and work your whole life in Canada.

I think at this point in time, I need to clear the air of some misunderstanding the 3 of you have about me.

If anyone of you think that you are going to threaten and try to bully, force and intimidate me and my family to bow down to you and you deliberately inaccurate and false legal document.

You have totally fooled yourselves and miss read me.

Under the Charter of Rights and Freedom, the Criminal Code and the Landlord and Tenant Board.

I have the right to file an application with the Landlord and Tenant Board, and I have the right to do without fear of ANY form of repercussions from ANYONE. I have the right not to fear for my safety or the safety of anyone known by me. Hey, I gave them the contact info for the LTB so many times just so they could call them and have them explain the rules to them, as I was sick of doing it.

Under section 23 of the act no landlord shall harass, obstruct, coerce, threaten or interfere with a tenant.  Works both ways!

Louie, Antonio and yourself ( Stella ) obviously thought I was just some dumb, uneducated NIGGER who was willing to bow to your servant ways and not challenge your actions in YOUR building. These are her words, not anyone else’s. 

Let me inform you that Unit # 303 have nothing but pride in ourselves and we all stands very tall with our heads held high. We don’t bow or serve anyone!

So you can take your deliberately inaccurate and false N5 legal document and shove it up your ass, and I dare you to file it as is! Now, after reading this garbage, who is the Bully, really? 

The 3 of you have now taken your personal ideology towards myself, my family and our color and made it into a personal agenda to make mine and my family’s life as uncomfortable and as inconvenient as you can. So much conjecture here in this sentence when it is clearly obvious no one said anything of the sort to any of them. It is in this letter their allegations found root and was expanded on ever since. 

I am happy to say and I am thankful that I was not raised with some much hatred in my heart towards other races. Hopefully one day you will find God and he will help you heal your feels towards others that don’t look like you.

I have some serious doubts that you Stella, have ever been a superintendent in any building. I would strong suggest to Louie and Antonio that they do a more thorough background check upon yourself as you have absolutely no idea about the Land Lord Tenant Act and how to interact properly with tenants.

Your attempt to try and bully/force tenants to remove their BBQs off their balconies, and to remove everything that is “none seasonal” , all the while again deliberately quoting misinformation and bylaws to try and reinforced your views and impose your will on all the tenants of this building.

It appears that me that your signature and pattern of deliberately lying and misquote wrong information to try and prove a point is constant.

Louie, Antonio and yourself ( Stella ) childish attempts to threaten, harass, intimidate and targeting me, along with every other issues in this letter will be addressed in my application to the Landlord and Tenant Board.

This is the same application that you were trying to intimate me from filing in regards to the cameras looking into mine and other units.

Please do not respond to my email. I do not need for you to try and deny or even try and justify to me that you are not an undercover racist.

I do not need to know that you have black friends, or that you eat and love “Caribbean food” and that you have a “Black Person” in your family that you love or that there is Black in your bloodline. Because I really don’t care!

A. R

303 – 859 Kennedy Road Scarborough ON

M1K 2E3 647.60

August 31, 2016

The attitudes expressed in the letter above is their true character and you can see the manipulations within and projecting their own angst onto me. I never did a thing to them, but that don’t matter, as they can make it up.

Oh look, they got evicted so they are just doing this out of revenge!  That is what people are now seeing and I will help show them the way! 

They feel they don’t need evidence, they think repeating it often enough will eventually turn it into the truth. They are learning you can manipulate people only for so long before they catch on! 


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