Valentine’s Day 2024

I love Valentine’s Day! I do find it has become more commercialized, like everything else, but I make it however I want anyway. For me, it is about celebrating the love I have for everyone in my life, not just my hubby.

Looks like it is going to be a quiet Valentine’s Day here but I don’t mind that, I had planned on staying home. I have more fun at home anyway on Valentine’s Day, don’t you?

We have another Blizzard Warning for tomorrow here in Newfoundland and Labrador with my area getting the hardest hit. We will see if it comes, hopefully, it will change again, either way, I will be okay. I love the snow, just not too hot on walking in it, as it throws me off balance. 🙂

Whatever your Valentine’s Day looks like, I hope you enjoy it!

Winter Storm Warning

Issued at Tue 10:53 AM Feb. 13 Issued by: Environment and Climate Change Canada

Recommended Action
Consider postponing non-essential travel until conditions improve.
Heavy snowfall with blowing snow is expected.
Locations: the northern Avalon Peninsula, eastern, and northeastern Newfoundland.
Total snowfall: 30 to 50 cm, locally higher amounts possible.
Maximum wind gusts: northeasterly 80 km/h.
Time span: Wednesday morning until early Friday morning, with the heaviest snow expected Wednesday and Wednesday night.
Remarks: Conditions will deteriorate quickly Wednesday morning as accumulating snow occurs in conjunction with strengthening winds.

Snowfall rates of 2 to 3 centimetres per hour are possible before gradually diminishing in intensity on Thursday. However, a stiff northwesterly flow and continued snowfall will continue to cause poor conditions.

As with all nor’easters, a small change in the forecast track results in large changes in the snowfall forecast. This alert represents the current most probable scenario based on the latest forecast guidance and analysis. This alert and corresponding local forecasts will be updated regularly with the latest guidance and analysis by Environment Canada meteorologists.

Storm Surge Warning

Issued at Tue 10:54 AM Feb. 13 Issued by: Environment and Climate Change Canada


Impacts from storm surge are expected, including coastal flooding, beach erosion, minor infrastructure damage, spread of coastal debris, and localized coastal road washouts.
Locations: Cape Spear to Deadman’s Bay, especially northeast-facing shorelines.
Maximum Water Levels: exceeding high astronomical tide, with water inundating vulnerable sections of coastline.
Maximum wave heights: 5 to 7 metres, breaking upon approach to shore.
Time span: Wednesday night. Worst near high tide.
High tide: 11 P.M. Wednesday to 1 A.M Thursday.

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