As you know my hubby was off last week on vacation and we had a blast!!

We went fishing a few times, walked all over this City, and went on the Hop On-Hop Off Bus Tour again.

Long Pond July 12, 2023. Hubby and I went fishing for a few hours and it was very relaxing. It was beautiful weather for it!

Quidi Vidi July 13, 2023. We went for a stroll around Quidi Vidi Lake, taking in the scenery. The weather was fantastic for most of the week he was off and we went out and enjoyed it every chance we had!

Below, I share our Trip to Cape Spear we did on July 15, 2023. It was foggy but very awesome too! I love the fog, makes everything so mysterious! As it was a very hot day, the Fog kept it cooler there.

We took the Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour that we have been doing every year. It is a perfect way for even locals to get out and see the various sites they can’t get to on their own. We spent the first day at Cape Spear, the most easterly point of Newfoundland. We even saw some whales!!

It is Pride month here in NL with the Parade coming on Sunday the 23rd. As these events involved a lot of people, I never felt comfortable going to them. Until now…

The comfort I felt all week talking to others I meet in my travels outside, has shown me I am okay. I spoke to people from all over the World on the streets of this City, and with no issues at all, I knew I could go to the Trans March and support my child, crowds or not.

I went to the Trans March on Sunday, July 16, 2023, and took part with my hubby in support of my oldest child, who is Transgender. I met a few of his friends and some people he has met through his advocacy work.

My son is one of the founding members of TransNL here in Newfoundland. He has worked with Pride and helped with their events over the years, and as you know he now has his own business helping companies be more inclusive.

I had no issues at all, standing in a crowd of people marching up and down Water St. We went to the Pride on the Pier event that was held not far away at the Alt Hotel with lots of people, music and free food. I had a fantastic time!

After I left downtown Sunday afternoon, hubby went home while I went to a mini family reunion of sorts. I have a brother who lives here so we had family come down from the mainland and we all arranged to get together out there. I love spending time with my family! That will never change…My brother, his partner and their 2 kids with my niece, her hubby and their 2 children. I was amazed at how her children have grown since I left Ontario!

I sat there, on the back steps of my brother’s beautiful house he build himself, watching them all frolic in the pool and realizing just how much I have grown as a person myself. I’ve changed and am no longer the person I use to be. My niece brought me home later and commented on how much happier I seemed to be than when I left Ontario 3 years ago and after a minute I had the perfect answer for that. I feel more like ME here.

I feel more able to just be myself here in NL without worrying about being judged by others. I am accepted here, even with all my mental and physical issues, and I see so much support for others here than I saw anywhere else. Newfies look out for each other and it is written in our DNA. The history of Newfoundland and Labrador speaks for itself in that it is a Community effort.

This is an article I share on just how supportive Newfies can be! It is nice to see that there is no room for hate here in NL!

Hubby is back to work now, at least for a few weeks when he is off again.

TJ is getting MARRIED!!

I am beyond excited to watch my oldest son get married in a few weeks. I have my outfit and have arranged to get my hair done and all that nice stuff… I just need shoes…

It is gonna be an awesome day that day… Just as it was when my youngest got married a few years ago! I am truly blessed to have raised such wonderful people who bring me so much joy.