Unsolicited Advice From Strangers

No one likes to be criticized, especially when you didn’t ask them for any advice. Throughout the documents I have, I saw the Toxic Tenants try to give their advice on how I should have done my job as a Building Superintendent, even sometimes sharing how I should be as a person! Toxic Tenant Bullies Original “Statement of Facts”

They spent over 5 pages detailing the job duties they claimed I had, claiming my title was Property Manager when I had my job contract stating otherwise. It was so important for these Toxic Tenants to be seen as “right”, that is what all this is about.

They had an agenda, and that was to create doubt in people’s minds about me and everything I was saying. That was the whole point of their websites!

They try to get you to believe that Property Management, which is the industry as a whole, is the same as a Property Manager, which is a person who works in the Property Management Industry. Now that is foolishness!!

These pages showed me without a doubt that this person has no experience working in apartment buildings, so why should anyone believe a word he says about how it should be run?

All of the unsolicited advice they give on all their domains and in all their documents show their agenda. They are pushing that I am a “liar” because they don’t want me believed when I tell my Story of their Bullying ways!

They are trying to shame me, hoping to shut me up by giving so much unsolicited advice about how they claim I am as a person. Which makes articles such as the one below so important.

Never take advice from anyone who is not personally a part of your life, and especially not from a Customer from your place of work. They don’t know you, don’t know your life experiences, not even your job, and therefore have no authority over you and no right to give their unsolicited advice!!

What is the significance of this? Why is this important?

Because Stella Reddy is a compulsive liar and is willing to throw anyone, including her past and current employers under the bus in what appears to be her trying to save her own ass and reputation.

Stella Reddy is willing to deliberately lie, even when confronted with indisputable facts and evidence that shows her to be the liar that she is.

Stella Reddy has contentiously lied and upheld these deliberate lies in her attempt to try distance, justify and deflect from her racist behaviour against interracial married couples / tenants at 859 Kennedy Road.

Let us note that there is absolutely no reason for Stella Reddy to try and lie about her job title. It makes no difference what her job title was at 859 Kennedy Road.

The disputable facts are that she worked for Luigi Liscio and his son Anthony Liscio and their company Alto Properties Inc. She and her husband maintain their apartment building 859 Kennedy Road.

But this issue of her self-proclaimed job title of being superintendent verses the property manager is very important to Stella Reddy.

So let us start with all of Stella Reddy’s denials and numerious times she deliberately refuses to admit that her job title at 859 Kennedy road was that of property manager and not superintendent.

It appears that Stella Reddy thinks that if you are property management, you are not necessarily the property manager. How do I even address this foolishness? Her words speak for themselves.

The real reason for this web detailed break down of Stella Reddy’s deliberate lies is to expose her for what she it. A pathological liar, con-artist, ungrateful employee and a deliberate racist who will lie under any circumstance to try and save her own reputation when called out for her anti-black racist behavior and actions.

Stella Reddy when confronted with the truth will always lie, play the victim and as you have seen here, try and play the sympathy card in hopes of using the proverbial hand grenade as a way to distract from her anti-black racist actions and behavior to gain pity. It really is pitiful!

That is what racist do, among many other things. Racist have a very common play book that they reference too when they are caught. And Stella Reddy is no different.

Let us look at this in a bigger picture. Stella Reddy is willing to lie about her job title, a simple job title, despite all her own evidence that says to the contrary.

Her own words and documents. We did not make it up or create false documents like she has. IT IS HERS! And still Stella Reddy is willing to argue her own agenda for no logical or reasonable reason.

So if Stella Reddy is willing to lie about this simple and meaningless point such as a job title. Does anyone believe that she would not lie about calling the interracial married couples / tenants bi-racial children the racial slur Mulatto back in June of 2016?

Would anyone believe Stella Reddy when she says that she did not know the term Mulatto was offensive?

Would any believe Stella Reddy when she says that she was not obsessed with having the interracial married couple / tenants evicted strictly because they called her out of her anti-black racist behavior?

How can you? Stella Reddy is willing to lie about something that is so trivial, and no one can not even begin to wrap their minds around why she would WANT TO LIE about it?

Because in the end, property manger, building manager or superintendent all mean the same thing. Stella Reddy was in charge and in control of all the daily activities and responsibilities at 859 Kennedy Road, period!

There really is no need for Stella Reddy to lie!

Let us note that THIS IS NOT THE ONLY lie that Stella Reddy was blatantly made without fear.

This is not the only time that Stella Reddy has shown a dislike for interracial couples / tenants and given preferential treatment to Caucasian units in the building.

These other lies and actions WILL BE brought out onto the website and people will be able to see what Stella Reddy is all about. She is a anti-black racist, bigot, hypocrite and a very bad liar!

Stella Reddy believes in white privilege and that her anti-black racist and offensive language and actions are not of anyone’s concerns. Because she just does not care what anyone thinks about it!

Stella Reddy has been using the systematic racism of the judicial system and the Social Justice Tribunals of Ontario to do her bidding for her!

All of the documents sent to me, even during Human Rights, were full of unsolicited advice no one asked them to give. Which makes this article I share below so important.

Always consider the Source of unsolicited advice! These Tenants didn’t have any job experience in rentals, no matter that they claimed otherwise. If KR had any experience working in apartment buildings, he would have known he was breaking the rules of entry!

You can tell very easily that their comments are not sincere! This is why their antics should be ignored, as they have nothing constructive to offer! It is just their opinions and assumptions over a job they had no idea how to do!

Lastly, these Tenants were never asked for their advice. Not even the Human Rights of Ontario asked them to give their opinions on how I did my job and what they felt I should have done instead. They were asked to prove allegations of racism and discrimination, not try to prove I was lying.

Don’t do what I ended up doing, and give up on your job unless it is what you really need to do. I just had enough dealing with these Toxic Tenants and I had lost faith and trust in the property owners. That situation just pushed me into retiring earlier but in all honesty, I don’t mind that. I am where I need to be.

Sometimes, life throws us curveballs and you have to change direction. How we manage these curveballs is what makes or breaks us and I choose to take the opportunity to change my life around and retire from working completely, as I was able to do so very easily. I was preparing for this for many years so had things in place for when the day came, so I was lucky. I also have a very supportive husband!

I do know how lucky I am, that the transition was easy for me, and I will always be grateful for the opportunities I have had. My life is where it needs to be and I am doing what I need to do for myself.


Too many of us allow criticism to slow us down or, many times, stop us cold in our tracks. Dealing with criticism can be difficult sometimes, but we should not allow others’ opinions to detract us from our intended actions, goals and objectives.

ALWAYS make it a point to assess the SOURCE of the criticism before taking action or changing your direction.

Some key questions to consider in assessing the source of criticism include the following: 

1. Does the critic have knowledge or experience in this particular area? If they’re an expert in the area, maybe you have something to learn from them. But if they have little or no knowledge in the area and are simply offering unsolicited advice, politely thank them, but ignore their comments or suggestions. 

2. Are the critic’s comments sincere? If someone is offering well-meant, well-intentioned, constructive criticism that is sincere and “from the heart,” you may want to listen carefully — their ideas MAY be helpful even if they’re not an expert in the area. If the criticism is insincere, sarcastic or is simply meant to undermine your efforts, then ignore it — politely excuse yourself from the conversation. 

3. Did you ask for feedback or is the criticism completely unsolicited? If you’ve asked for someone’s honest opinion, be prepared to listen — whether you like their answer or not. You do NOT have to agree with their opinion, and you may dismiss it altogether. In these situations, listen with an open mind and consider truly helpful points that are offered. If the criticism is unsolicited, you have no obligation to listen or seriously consider the comments. Never let unsolicited feedback or criticism cause you to give up on your dreams, goals or objectives. 

4. Does the person WANT you to do well? If so, listen carefully to their comments and consider constructive advice that might help you overcome obstacles and challenges. If not, then simply discount or ignore their advice — many people who have given up on their own dreams criticize the efforts of others. Don’t let their comments take you off track from the direction you’re moving in. “

Rest satisfied with doing well, and leave others to talk of you as they please.” (Pythagorus, Greek Philosopher)

P.S. I picked up the above insights when reading the book, Big Things Happen When You Do the Little Things Right, written by Don Gabor and published in 1998. 

Andy Robinson is a leading authority on career success and a 15-year career coaching veteran. Read more » articles by this approved career expert.

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