Unleashing The Power Within

I am sharing an article from Psychology Today on Healing Trauma: Unleashing the Power Within, which is just what I have done over the past couple of years. It took a while for me, but that’s okay. Better late than never!!

I used my anger to help me “embrace the fire within” myself. I have acknowledged and shared the pain, the anger, and the hurt I have felt, through the posts on this site. I show my vulnerability and in doing so, I strengthen myself. I have shown myself compassion, forgiveness, and understanding for the trauma I went through of being Bullied by Tenants from the workplace.

I no longer shy away from my righteous feelings and let them fuel my journey towards healing. I have redefined my narrative to show my truth, as I see it. I live my life by my own values and beliefs, as I define how it looks not anyone else, especially not Tenants from my last job 7 years ago.

I thought I was powerless for a long time, sitting on the sidelines while Toxic Tenants tried to define me in the contents of their many domains for over 4 years before I started fighting back with my own truth on this site. I sat by and watched them post about me with all their nasty assumptions and did nothing but rail at the injustice of it to myself.

Sure, I emailed hosting and domain companies, but in the background. I was told for so long to “stay quiet” and “not respond” that every time I tried to do so, I felt guilty. I had to release that guilt too, as in reality, I was the one experiencing all this to the extent I did, not them. I came to see I was allowed my feelings and should not hide away from them.

For a long time, I felt too much toxic shame to fight back, as I was terrified of what lies they could come up to post on their content. Every time I tried, they would take my posts and use them to shame me more. I had to fight that feeling to become free of it.

Once I saw they were taking my posts to use on their sites to bash me more online, I had to fight the desire to remove them to stop their attacks. It was what I did in the past, removed my sites to stop them from using my words against me. Once I fought that urge and kept my content online, they finally stopped doing that.

Up until last month, they hadn’t made new posts since August 2022, once they realized I wasn’t removing my site this time. They let their sites sit on the OrangeWebsite for 3 months with no changes until they lost that hosting in November 2022 and they redirected them all to their old content on the Internet Archive, where it sat for about a year until they lost that too in June 2023.

Now, since July 2023 they changed it once again, threatening to “expose” me for who I really am. As if they know!! By now, we all know these past Tenants don’t know me as well as they imply! I am not worried anymore about others believing their lies as they write about me, they are too outrageous to believe!! They show nothing to prove their claims, not even how they believe they know me so personally!

I had to release all that shame and feelings of humiliation their words and actions caused within me before I could fight back. Going to the Police in July 2022 was the final act that helped me do that. I came to see I have nothing to feel ashamed and humiliated over.

As Brene Brown promotes, Shame cannot exist when met with empathy and I have experienced that for myself. Once I felt I was being “heard” for what I had to say I experienced, the shame went away and I became empowered instead.

In the end, it is my life to live and I plan on doing just that! Nothing Toxic Tenants do or say will ever affect me ever against as I accept they have no authority over anything I do. I am resilient!

Healing Trauma: Unleashing The Power Within

The journey to heal your trauma is like no other.

The path won’t be easy, but with a little grit, vulnerability, and a touch of righteous anger, we’ll tap into the power within and transform our wounded selves into resilient warriors.

Here are steps on how to heal trauma and rise above the ashes.

Step One: Embrace the Fire Within. You’ve been through hell, and the flames of trauma have left their mark. But here’s the thing: Within those burns lies an incredible reservoir of strength. Embrace that fire within you.

Acknowledge the pain, the anger, and the hurt. Don’t shy away from it. Let it fuel your journey towards healing. Remember, the same fire that burns can also ignite your spirit and guide you toward a brighter future.

Step Two: Rage Against the Injustice. Trauma can make you feel powerless like you’re at the mercy of life’s cruelty. But guess what? You’re not powerless. Tap into that anger brewing within you. Channel it into righteous rage against the injustice of what you’ve been through.

Stand up for yourself. Let that anger empower you to set boundaries, speak your truth, and reclaim your autonomy. Rage against the narrative that trauma defines you. You define yourself.

Step Three: Compassion—The Weapon of Healing. Compassion is the secret weapon we wield against the wounds of trauma. But here’s the twist: Start with self-compassion. Treat yourself like the wounded soldier you are. Nurture your soul with self-care, forgiveness, and understanding.

Extend that compassion to others who have experienced similar battles. Together, we create a tribe of warriors who understand, support, and uplift one another.

Step Four: Unite With Your Tribe. Healing is not a solitary journey. Seek out your tribe, your comrades-in-arms who have faced similar battles. Connect with support groups, therapy communities, or even online forums where you can share your stories and find solace in the shared experiences of others.

Surround yourself with those who get it, who understand your struggles, and who can offer support and encouragement. Together, we heal stronger.

Step Five: Harness the Power of Growth. Trauma can freeze us in time, but growth thaws the ice and sets us free. Engage in relentless self-reflection. Unearth the core beliefs that hold you captive and challenge them head-on.

Seek therapy, mindfulness practices, and journaling to unravel the knots that bind you. Embrace growth opportunities like a warrior hungry for victory. Forge a new narrative for yourself—one that is defined by strength, resilience, and the wisdom earned from the battles you’ve fought.


Embrace the fire within, harness the power of your anger, and unleash compassion upon yourself and others. Seek your tribe, unite with fellow warriors, and together, build a fortress of support and understanding. Engage in the relentless pursuit of growth and redefine your narrative.

Remember, healing is not for the faint of heart—it’s for the bold, the courageous, and the tenacious. Embrace your story, and let the healing begin.


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