Unhealthy Behaviours Of Toxic Tenants

Adult Bullies are not interested in resolving conflict they are only interested in dominance, power, control, and getting their way.

They show very unhealthy behaviours!

This document shows such beliefs!

When Toxic Tenants first shared these pages, it made me very angry as they went after the children in my family when they had nothing to do with them or the situation. If they were confused over the “nephew” I was speaking of, all they had to do was ask!

It was this type of behaviour that got to me so badly. The habit they had of making assumptions and proceeding as if their assumptions were true and factual. Just because they believed I sent an email to Canada Post trying to get a copy of their mailbox key, doesn’t mean that I did.

This document below is shared in parts as I refuse to share the page which contains pictures of my niece & nephew with their 4 children that these Tenants took from social media. There was no need for them to go after children. On the same page, is a picture of his own wife and 2 children. He had these pictures there to compare skin tones, which I also came to see as toxic behaviour!

They did this act to try and prove a point but all they ended up doing was showing their own toxicity instead. They are sharing their beliefs, not facts they could prove.

There is no question that Stella Reddy again embellished and deliberately lied about the whole situation“!

There is no question that these Tenants keep trying to pass off their personal assumptions as facts they think they have proven just with their own explanations!

As noted, these Tenants were stuck on proving lies they claim I told, not proving violations of their Human Rights as they made in their applications against me. It was this habit that also showed me they had no interest in resolving anything!

As for the BBQs? It was for Propane BBQs!! The forms even specify Propane tanks! I am sure any person will believe I was stupid enough to let my sister move in with a propane BBQ that anyone could see on the balcony, just as they did. Not all BBQs are equal nor do they all work the same way…They might want you to think they are, but it is not.

It is very frustrating to be told who you are and what you are doing, by a total stranger, in no uncertain terms as they did and it was immensely sickening!

The only clear pattern of deliberately and outright lying, embellishing, and quoting false facts were done by these Tenants in this document and in all the others they wrote and issued to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.

Getting past their gaslighting was paramount for me and becoming so strong in my personal truths was how I managed to do it. I know I didn’t do this act they accuse me of, I don’t have it in me and I am too smart to think a set of keys could be attained that way.

I made a comment at the LTB hearing out of frustration from hearing details of their fantasy of a “prior meeting” that was a mistake, which I acknowledged in my reply to their applications. I did not become a terrible person overall just because of that mistake and it doesn’t mean I am a racist person.

I told the Human Rights Tribunal that I was willing and able to accept anything they deem I did wrong, just as long as these Tenants were held to account for their actions as well.

One thing to remember in this situation. I was there at the Teleconference Hearing scheduled for January 17, 2020, and they were not.

After all the 300+ pages they wrote during that process, they were the ones too afraid to show up and be held accountable for their false allegations. They wasted everyone’s time for nothing, as in the end, they were too scared to face the consequences and finish what they started.

I had no problem showing up for this hearing, no matter how it was held, as I knew I would be okay. I was willing to be a responsible Adult and accept my fate that HRTO deemed I should get for my own words, but it seems that these Toxic Tenants were not willing to do the same. That was all I needed.

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