Understanding People of Bullying

Understanding People

These are the things I look for. Every day, I look for signs that I am safe, that no one will attack me here and that I am free. I also look for posters that show my Adult Tenant Bullies that I am not afraid of anything they do, as this is my story here, not theirs, and that I will do all I can to ensure my personal safety. Another benefit of having my own site! If by some slim chance, something does happen to me, it can be traced right back to these bullies actions! Everything is about protecting, ME!

Since my nightmare started with Adult Tenant Bullies, I have met more understanding people, than any other. Last year when I started with the ladies walking group, once I got to know them a bit I brought up these sites one day and said that was why I moved from Ontario, I was being severely bullied online. All I got was understanding and was told I had no worries about it here. Most had no interest in seeing it. The couple of ladies who looked, told me they knew with the Administrator name that it was a site not to be trusted, just by that alone! They didn’t like the site, only looked at the one in my name, stellareddy.com, actually, its the only one my friends even looked at. They closed it out before even getting a 1/4 thru, it was too nasty to read. I appreciate that.

I deliberately talked to people about those sites when I first moved here, as I wanted feedback and I just wanted to know. I am sure some can relate!

I was told I had no fears of anyone believing any of the typed words on any of those sites. No one cares, so I started to stop caring. Once I became confident that I was safe, I started opening up more, went out more and was living my life more. I joined a dart league and made more friends! Here in NL, during the pandemic,  we were pretty open for the longest time. For over a year, I could socialize and know I was safe, and I was. I never got this nasty virus, tho I know of people who have, but all were okay, even some family. I had my little bubble of people I was around every week and I had a blast!

It helped me to rebuild my social skills that had gotten rusty from isolating myself so much, and I rebuilt my confidence in other people, as I was shown I could trust others.

As the poster above state, I like people who understand and there are more people out there who understand, more than there are who don’t.

While Smear Campaigns are nasty to go through, I have come to see that nothing is worse than isolating yourself and giving up on living. It is lonely to isolate yourself away from life and having a connection with another human. If I didn’t have my hubby while I went thru all this, I know I wouldn’t where I am today, as he has been my steady force there to catch me if I fall. Even though there were times I didn’t treat him the best, he was always there and I knew that. There are more people out there who has my back, and I know it. Once I took my blinders off and let go of so much anger and fear that was blocking my vision, I noticed all these little things.

As a whole, the general public are a lot more understanding and all seeing that Bullies give them credit for. Adult Tenant Bullies think they can deceive people with their allegations and lies, and while sometimes it may seem they are being believed, time exposes all their lies for what they are.

I know not one tenant in that property whom kept in contact with these Bullies, other than my immediate neighbors, but even that too stopped after a couple of months and only one visit! Most Bullies are humored and allowed to think people believe them, to shut them up.. lol I can imagine the conversations over the years, of these bullies talking about me, all the time, and people getting fed up with it! I saw it happen in the building before they finally moved out!

Towards the end, I had people apologizing to me about it! And so many got up in arms when they heard hubby quit and we were moving out. Most people thought the situation was temporary and that I would go back to work there once these tenants were gone, but I had no intention of doing that. I heard it too before we left, but that was never in my plans. I was done working. When I quit in July 2018, I had no intentions of ever going back to work and I won’t. Sure, we could have more money, but we already have enough and I ain’t greedy. I am happy as long as I could do what I have to do, and some things I want to do. I have worked most of my life, now its time for me to relax and maintain my health so I can have some fun in my retirement!

I have been shown over and over, by society and by my community I live in, that Adult Tenant Bullies are meaningless everywhere, not just here in NL nd time makes it more so! They may have had leeway in the beginning when it was all new, but they lost all legal actions, and each loss showed more of the truth. If they couldn’t convince the judicial systems of their many lies, I knew they couldn’t convince total strangers, not over the long term.

While things are new and shiny they gardener a lot of attention, but over time, the cracks in their narratives started to show and the legal decisions slowly came out, showing they did it to themselves. People then started turning away from them, and in support of me.

Once these cracks started to show in their lies, and I started spreading the word on the internet myself of what they are doing, I started to see their own personal sites disappear, they even disappeared from social media or went all private. The more people moved away from their sites, and them personally, the more I noticed them going away.

As I said at the beginning of this site, all was quiet for a long time once I left Ontario, until I got that email March 1 2021. I now know that was sent out of spite as they were not getting any attention, negative or otherwise, and wanted some from me. I know they got more than they bargained for, my site is still here a year later and theirs are all gone offline, and even their personal sites are all blank parked domains! While they still have the PlayLearnHaveFun.com – Team Rhino – Never Let Good Eniugh Be Good Enough!!! and http://djlilxtra.com./, they have no personal names on there so it won’t be trusted. How can you trust someone with your kids when they refuse to show who they are and have no info there at all on the people who would be around those kids?

I feel very comfortable these days in knowing that Kory & Allison Read will continue to hide away, no one wants to associate with people who would do websites like they have, the history of their actions, speaks for itself!

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