Written December 14, 2020

So many labels and outright manipulation were done by Toxic Tenants.

This post I wrote on December 14, 2020, for the other site I had, was when I first started believing the articles I was reading about Toxic people and narcissism and seeing the traits in their many written documents and in their many vicious websites. I also managed to get connected with counselling then too after moving back to NL by this time.

My education was seriously amping up by this point and I was starting to see more clearly everything they did to me. Keeping everything I ever got from them during this time, also has helped me greatly, as I can show these documents to others trained to recognize these traits more than I ever could. I tore up the printed documents I had, but it is all still on my computer!!

Showing the written documents to professionals who were skilled to recognize toxic traits, has helped me as I see them in action and is how I am able to step back from their taunts and see them for what they really are, the desperate ramblings of a toxic person being found out!!

There was no boundary they won’t cross, no nasty label they won’t use, and no toxic trait they won’t apply, in their endeavours to ruin someone else’s life because they are mad at you.

They very proudly claim to be publishing everything, but only in terms of other people, not themselves, obviously...and they have no shame or embarrassment, otherwise they would know that what they do, how they write, exposes them, not anyone else. Normal people don’t go around trying to destroy other people!

No one will ever accept that a grown assed Adult of 40+ years of age was ever “forced” into making and posting any websites about someone else!

No one forced them to write the quote I share below, on this site, they did it of their own free will!

We will publish everything that was said, done, and written by all parties involved because we no longer feel that we should be ashamed or embarrassed for bringing up this kind of behavior

I have come to see and accept that there is nothing KR & AR won’t do to get their way and their new site as of November 2, 2022, shows that they clearly wrote the words there of their own accord! No one forced them to write the quote I share below, on this site, they did it of their own free will!

We will do whatever it takes to not only to expose and destroy their lies and racist behavior by making these individuals accountable. But to make sure they understand and they know it was our family that did it!


The poster below tells the truth about KR and his many domains online containing content full of lies and malicious gossip, trying to ruin and destroy the reputations of all named. There is no other purpose for having such domains online.

KR is showing what nasty tenants they are by showing how they have no problem invading their neighbour’s privacy to try and prove a point. They have no problem crossing any boundaries as long as it gets them their way.

I have read enough online to know that what this tenant shows is Narcissism.

His ability to take the written words of a stranger and twist them around shows these traits. The name-calling and labels, the misdirection, blaming, projection, triangulation, and the very act of posting content online about other people show what a narcissist he is!

” a crazy racist like Stella Reddy?

Stella Reddy is such a racist and a lair”

 “fearless racist Mark Meadows and Stella Reddy are identical. They both act, speak and believe in the same negative way about non-whites as all other offenders do.”

Let it be noted that the interracial married couple / tenants HAVE NEVER referred to or made reference to Stella Reddy whiteness as being any source of her harassing, discriminating and acting in a reprisal manner racist and anti-black manner against them.

In the paragraph above I copied from stellareaddy.com. Toxic Tenant’s whole case is about the fact that I am a Caucasian, and she is not. This word, ‘Caucasian” are all throughout these domains owned and managed by Toxic Tenant so, this is a BIG LIE! They have this word in front of many names on their domains! What do they think this word means? They are using this word as a label, and not in a good way!

You can tell by the content, Toxic Tenants are mad at everyone. Toxic Tenants is trying to make it sound like so many people “targeted” them because there was just something so special about them!

Toxic Tenants is trying to convince you that he knows these people and what they do by manipulating the narratives. I defend myself and Toxic Tenants still has to take that defence and twist it around! What other evidence do you need than their own written content as they have online?

No one should have to tolerate having such content written online about them! This is what I want people to see. The ability of total strangers to steal your name to post nasty comments about you online. All because I did my job too well and was able to get them evicted!

Toxic Tenants is mad I did my job and made them accountable for breaking the rules of apartment living in Ontario!

I didn’t make the rules, I just enforced them but Toxic Tenants makes it sound like I made them all up and was doing such illegal things!

Toxic Tenants has written so much content online, some of it he took from various pages I wrote, in his attempts to show me in a bad light. He is just reflecting on his own personality as these domains contain his own thoughts! He can take what someone says and give it his own personal spin, in the end that is all it is, not facts he can prove.

I have come to understand that all Toxic Tenants is doing with his content online is proving what a malicious mean little man he is. He is so pathetic, he has to use comparisons, labels, and name-calling in trying to get you to accept his point of view!

Toxic Tenants uses so much word salad to confuse you with his way of thinking! So obvious!

The toxic Tenant is a manipulator. The ability to take a sentence written by someone else and twist it around to sound nasty is his trait! It is all within the content of his domains.

I refuse to go back and forth with these Toxic Tenants and give him any more of my attention. The more he writes on his fraudulent sites, the more he is exposing himself and his own actions against so many!

Toxic Tenants is ruining his own reputation, and that of his wife, and showing people he can’t be trusted. It doesn’t matter if he has an administrator on the site, his name is easy enough to find out by searching and I have shown enough evidence of his ownership on my own sites!

Toxic Tenants is also showing the property management industry that he and his wife are terrible tenants! They prove so clearly that they don’t follow the rules of apartment living and have no problem going after property owners, building staff, as well as other tenants living there with their nasty smears!

Why would any rental building want tenants like this living on their property? They are ruing their own reputation as tenants, showing how they are as neighbours! I don’t need to say anything about them as tenants, they are doing it all to themselves!

Toxic Tenant’s own written words are a reflection of their personalities! How they write about others is how they think about other people.

Remember, if someone shows you they have no trouble bashing one person online, it means they will have no trouble doing it to anyone!

Toxic Tenants is showing what nasty tenants they are by showing how they have no problem invading their neighbour’s privacy to try and prove a point. They have no problem crossing any boundaries as long as it gets them their way, and they manipulate however they can!

Toxic Tenants like to bait people for a response and have shown this towards me so often. I disprove his claims, and he avoids what I have said. Typical.

I have reached the point where it is useless and a waste of time to go back and forth with Toxic Tenants, he only uses it as an excuse to try and tear me down even more!

No one is interested in his nasty narratives, people look for positive stories these days not spending time on such negativity that shows how miserable a person Toxic Tenants actually is!