I am speaking up about the Toxic Tenants I have as it is important to hold them accountable for their actions. There is no excuse for them to have domains registered in my personal name, filled with just their personal criticisms and judgement of me, still. They lost their fight against me in January 2020, yet their sites still remain and they renew them every year!

All this mess should have ended in January 2020, when they didn’t show up for the Human Rights Tribunal hearing they fought 19 months to get. It was dismissed as abandoned, just as all of their applications with the Tribunal have been.

As a result of their websites and the fear their contents generated for me since November 2017, my hubby and I packed up and moved over 3000 km away a few months later in September 2020. We even moved during a pandemic, as I was that desperate!

Once I moved back to Newfoundland, all was quiet for many months, I was starting to relax, even though those sites remained online filled with nasty content. For 6 months all was quiet in my life and my fear started residing. That email I got set me on my journey of making and creating my own website, in my name too. It was deliberate so if anyone does search my name as they claim they will and find “their truth” they will also find mine. That is important to me.

It isn’t the first time I made a website, but it is the longest I’ve kept it online. Toxic Adult Bullies Sent This Email to Bait Emotional Response With my own website online, I do feel more protected.

No matter their excuse, creating websites anonymously filled with criticisms of another person, is Bullying.

Does this writer show his name and his relationship to me? Does this writer show any valid evidence of their claims, or is it just filled with their “general allegations of unfairness” they feel for being evicted? I assume they hide as they don’t want anyone questioning the stories they have online! They make every effort that no one can reach them!

Making false allegations within the content of those sites is even worse. They never showed any evidence for their claims, just their opinions and assumptions they made. Making claims that I am “going crazy” is also Bullying!

stellareddy.com was recently transferred to Hostinger and is hosted on a Parked Server there. lorriereddy.com is registered with Internet Domain Service BS Corp and was renewed last month. and is also directed to stellareddy.com on the parked server with Hostinger. All of their sites are!! As they lost access to the Internet Archive in June, they started changing the content about 3 weeks ago.

Over the past couple of years, I have come to a realization…Even if their complaints were legitimate against me, making and posting their domains online since November 2, 2017, would cause anyone to question the validity of their claims! If you want to win in any court, you don’t post your case on the internet. At least, smart people who want to win, do not!

People who have real complaints of racism and discrimination wouldn’t jeopardize the validity of their Human Rights applications by making it so public before it has a chance to go through the system. They ruined their chances before it even started! No matter how anonymous they try to be, there are always ways to find out who owns websites!

By publicly showing their claims online in their posts as they did, they showed HRTO that they didn’t care about legal processes, they just wanted revenge. I see that they used emailing the HRTO as an excuse to get to me, as they knew I had to read their emails.

Their actions and words show me they were deliberately being malicious in the hopes their words would cause me mental instability enough that I couldn’t fight back and defend myself against their applications. They tried every way they could to affect my mental health. They try every which way not to be associated with those websites as they know how it will hurt their case against me.

I share below some of the words they wrote towards the end of their applications and some from a Form 12 I got on October 17, 2019 that caused me so much fear and anxiety.

I have felt very violated and bullied by the Toxic Tenants over their actions and accusations, especially online. I filed complaints with their Domain Providers and hosting companies, and while some have helped me most have asked for a “Court Order” to have the domains removed from their servers.

I filed complaints with the Ministry of Justice and while Canada added to the Criminal Code Cyberbullying, it is only for young people, not Adults. I filed complaints with my local Police last July 2022 and after a few months of investigations, I was told there wasn’t anything there to have them criminally charged., but they did reach out to the Internet Archive requesting the sites be taken down. They finally were in June of this year!

The only recourse I have left is filing a claim in Civil Court. We all know how long and expensive that process is!! I would need help with that, as I am not in the head space to do it alone. I need a lawyer or paralegal experienced in Civil Cases like this of defamation and libel. As long as the sites remain registered for use, I have time to work it out so I am still debating. I know taking them to the Civil Court will finally end all of this mess.

Below, you can see for yourself the many implications being made by them.

KR claims that “With so much evidence against us of their racist, prejudice, and inappropriate behaviour. Why have they all continued to try antagonizing and inconveniencing the applicant and her family?” He goes on to state “With so much overwhelming evidence why do we continue to fight this in the courts?”

When did “antagonizing and inconveniencing the applicant” become a mandate of Human Rights?

Let’s flip this around for a minute. With so much evidence showing they are Bullies, why do KR & AR still continue with their websites online against me? With so much evidence showing their bullying ways, why do they still continue with their nasty websites?

Maybe they should consider that all their implications made against me can also be flipped around and asked of them too.

They totally left out their constant refusals of access as a reason for their eviction! At no time do you see them admit to anything they have done, is always about blaming me for it all.

I fight for my personal autonomy and the right to live my life without fear of Adult Bullies and the many domains they created 7 years ago. They abuse my name out of spite and revenge for my part in their eviction and refuse to accept they lost.

Their actions show me and all who read their content, that their purpose is to try and turn people against me. That is the true purpose of a Smear Campaign!

It has been 7 years now and I will continue my fight until all domains are no longer registered for use. It is my name after all and my right to protect it.

I have always been stubborn, but this situation has added a whole new level of determination. I will never give up as it is too important to me.