From the first moment, I felt intimidation by the aggression shown by these Toxic Tenants I had in the workplace. I never felt this type of aggression before from any Tenant.

It is a scary situation knowing the sites are still registered for use, they are slowly renewing them until 2024, and a bit unnerving not knowing their intentions with them, but I had to accept it. They are going to do what they will do.

I have hope though that all the work I have done over the past few years will help stop that from happening. I am monitoring the situation and I am okay with that.

Don’t be afraid of toxic narcissistic adult bullies, they don’t have the power they believe they do! Find your courage, your own strength, your own voice. Rise & stand tall and take back your life!

Let the Adult Bullies do whatever they want, as in the end, they are only exposing their own toxic traits. They lost and were evicted and it is easy to see everything they do is retribution for that.

No one will ever accept they know me as well as they pretend they do in their writings and their speculations are just that, not facts they could ever produce any evidence of.

The “Statement of Facts” contains numerous acts of Intimidation of others, not just me. Toxic Tenant Bullies Original “Statement of Facts”

I appreciate that no one likes changes in procedures, there are better ways to react to it than to become loud and aggressive, bullying me into taking their cash for rental payment after telling them I refused for my own personal safety. Of course, they mention everything but that!

Fighting their acts of intimidation wasn’t easy but I have a strong personality who followed the rules for a reason, safety. The rules were there for a reason, no matter what Agency created them, and I fully believed in them and felt they would protect me in the end, which was just what they did.

The Residential Tenancies Act isn’t perfect but it is there and should be followed, whether you agree or not. Just as the rules of all the Legal Tribunals and Divisional Court they applied should be followed. They applied to these Tribunals, they should have been willing to follow their guidelines and accept the determinations they made, even when they didn’t agree with them! Otherwise, what was the point?

Looking at this section of the “statement of facts” is pretty short, but it contains a lot of information that you can assume occurred. I can tell you that I “eventually had to give in and take their pash payment” because of their aggression and pressure to do so that I got from them. If they were being polite in their requests and the statements they made, there wouldn’t be any pressure for me to give in to!

They yelled at me, were condescending as you can see in their writing of the situation, and just didn’t care about my reason, they wanted what they had been doing for 13 months since they moved in and to them, that was the end of it. They didn’t care if I was killed over their rent payment, as they got their way.

When you make such a statement as ” eventually had to give in” you assume some form of pressure was applied on the person for that to happen. In this case, there was aggressive pressure applied on me that I “eventually had to give in” and accept it to get them to stop and leave me alone! Isn’t that why people intimidate others?

Just as they tried to intimidate me later over the propane BBQs with their “prepared documents” and in August over not accepting their cash rental payment by recording me on their cell phone. It was toxic behaviour to try and control how I responded. By this point, I refused to give in to their intimidation tactics!

They thought that recording me would scare me, but I know my rights and once I informed them I do not give permission for them to record me on audio, they had no choice but not to use it. They still showed evidence they kept recording me and others without knowing about it! That shows they are people who do not care about another person’s rights!!

Their lie of some fantasy “prior meeting” was also being used as intimidation and the websites were even worse. Every time I disagreed with what they said, another post would show up on gaslighting the situation into what they wanted you to see, not as it really was, trying to scare me with their lies online about me. At each loss they experienced, another domain would be created filled with their personal opinions over the situation, degrading everyone involved.

They wrote what they wanted, with no concern for the facts. Everything I said and did was taken and twisted out of proportion with their many speculations and personal assumptions. That is all they CAN do!

Every one of these posts was Intimidation of me, trying to control me with the fear of what else they could post on these sites! They use their many domains as intimidation and it is obvious to me these days.

Toxic Bullies & Intimidation

They were aggressive in their approach and went out of their way to act in an intimating manner toward me right from the start. It is everywhere in all their documents and emails I have! RePost: Stella Reddy Experience Narcissistic Abuse from Toxic Adult Bullies

I will give you back the responsibility and the ownership of these terrible things. I will leave this shame and guilt with you

Rather than keep putting up with their bullying and intimidation tactics, we took them to the Landlord and Tenant Board instead and have them deal with them.

When you are faced with continual aggression and refusal of access for every request of Entry, there comes a time to give up dealing with it. I had enough.

After all the issues with Entry in the past, when it happened again even after giving them more than enough notice in August 2018, it was time for me to quit trying and let the LTB deal with them. That is what they are there for, disputes!

Not my fault they wouldn’t accept it was their own actions and very deliberate words, that caused that result, not anything I did.

“I will give you back the responsibility and the ownership of these terrible things. You did those things. I did not. I will leave this shame and guilt with you.”

I read so many posters that state a Narcissist will turn on you and claim you are a bad person just because you reacted to their abuse of you. I was called a “racist” and because I reacted to that allegation, they want you to accept I am a bad person for doing so. Reacting to emotional abuse and false allegations by others towards you is normal. Looking for justice is also normal and I will never stop seeking that for myself.

Find your courage, your own strength, your own voice. Rise & stand tall and take back your life!

Wikipedia says the below on Intimidation, which is what Toxic Tenants do to “induce fear”.

They used their HRTO applications, and many domains, as a way to induce fear in me of what else they could write and post next that would be degrading, humiliating, and embarrassing to me.

They claim their sites and applications were a way to “expose” me and what they consider my “racist” behaviour but the only thing they expose is their own personal thoughts about me and the situation, as they see it. They speculate and create an elaborate narrative by asking leading questions and giving their opinions, not sharing any facts they could prove.

So with that said, Happy Anniversary, Stella Reddy; we have many, many more years together in this journey to expose your racist behavior to as many individuals as we can. Because remember, racist people like you need to be “called out.”

Oops!…I Did It Again

It is reasonable to assume that acts of this nature, as noted in their Statement of Facts and in the contents of their websites, would scare anyone!

 Intimidation is defined as an interaction style that emphasizes on “bullying, exploiting, or manipulating others, solely for one’s own advantage.”[7] 

Intimidation is to “make timid or make fearful”;[1] or to induce fear. This includes intentional behaviors of forcing another person to experience general discomfort such as humiliation, embarrassment, inferiority, limited freedom, etc and the victim might be targeted based on multiple factors like gender, race, class, skin color, competency, knowledge, wealth, temperament, etc.

Intimidation is done for making the other person submissive (also known as cowing), to destabilize/undermine the other, to force compliance, to hide one’s insecurities, to socially valorize oneself, etc. There are active and passive coping mechanisms against intimidation that include, and not limited to not letting the intimidator cross your personal space, addressing their behavior directly, avoiding the person, being gingerly around them, honing breakaway skills, etc.

Victims of intimidation would reasonably develop apprehension, experience fear of injury or harm, etc from the unwanted behaviors or tools of intimidation that include, and not limited to, condescending, rudeness, sarcasm, disrespecting, patronizing, degrading, disparaging, etc. However, it is not legally necessary to prove that the behavior caused the victim to experience terror or panic.[2]

 Intimidation is defined as an interaction style that emphasizes on “bullying, exploiting, or manipulating others, solely for one’s own advantage.”[7]