I find Toxic Tenant’s attempts to try and get under my skin and have me react badly, very humorous these days.

Not only has KR upped his insults and degradation, but he is also giving you a glimpse of his true nature.

These Tenants are Adult Bullies.

He believes that tearing down the character of other people, it makes him look important and altruistic. KR looks and sounds like an idiot to me with his grandstanding and trying to come across as special that I would give up everything to obsess over. Like I had no life other than watching and scheming against him and his family!

The more you read KR’s written garbage, the more outlandish it becomes! Such grandiosity I ever had from one person!

As proven by so many websites already, all KR is doing is part of a Smear Campaign where he is trying to influence people against people. He is writing anonymously, hoping that enough people will accept what he says to have some effect. It is negative propaganda against others, as described. https://www.uvm.edu/~jleonard/AGRI183/propoaganda.html

I noticed this page on stellareddy.com and shared it on another page only to find more was added to it after I did that. It is posted below. I haven’t read it yet, but I am curious to see what else KR took off my site and twisted in his nasty fashion as he did.

I am laughing at your attempts to get under my skin with your content online these days, as you are only proving you are Bullies. Please, continue to show the world your nasty narcissism, as it is obvious for anyone to see. I have learned about these traits on display, so I guess there is something to it!

I am sorry they feel they should have been allowed to dictate when the entry was given to the apartment they rented, as they say, you get more with honey than you do vinegar! If they had been more respectful, instead of demanding and condescending, they may have gotten somewhere.

Their attitude of “This is my home and you are not getting in unless I am there”, is what got them evicted. Not anything anyone else said or did, but their OWN WORDS!!

This attitude is clearly evident in all their letters and emails given and it is these words written by them, that show all involved that no matter what, they will remain this way! It was Toxic Tenant’s own words and behaviours that got them evicted! Why is it so hard for them to accept that I wonder?

As landlords should not have to fight for every entry they request into their own property, they were evicted rather than having to fight on it all the time. I don’t care if they agree or not, it is the way it is.

You can’t always say no and then be pissed off when they hold you to account for it. Eventually, there are consequences for your actions and continually refusing access, and even saying for us to go ahead and file with the Landlord and Tenant Board for you doing so, you knew it would come to a head. The rules are very clear and there for a reason.

KR & AR were evicted for being demanding, insulting, grandstanding, and disrespectful to everyone else’s rights but their own.

They showed no consideration, no respect for the rules, and didn’t care what they said to people or about people. It is clearly evident in the letters and emails they sent and in the content within their various domains.

KR is losing steam so once again has to negate my actions and words, trying to sic others on me and hoping to have some influence against me. Trying desperately to get me to shut up defending myself. Awe well. Toxic Bullies have shown what a sore loser he is with the list of domains he posts online and the content within them and this new page is just one of many proving what a narcissist he is!

Keep going, the world is watching!! One day, everyone will know the type of people they are and see what they do with their malicious domains!

Again Stella Reddy is the gift that keeps on giving! 

I am happy to oblige you! I came to see I am allowed my own voice and they can take all they want from my sites and twist it with their own speculations, as it helps me for them to do so.

Stella Reddy now tries to justify her White Pride and White Privilege actions by stating. You can see in the email how considerate and approachable the tenants of 402 actually were in working out entry. That was the BIG difference than from how the tenants approached it with their “Give me some dates and I will choose from those dates” approach. These tenants also were helpful in what was needed so the repair can be done faster. If they don’t see the difference in how it was done, than they are total idiots!”

August 30, 2017 – The interracial married couple/tenants forward an email to Stella Reddy in regards to her wanting to change their door lock because suddenly after 2 years their key from the office lock box went missing.

Stella Reddy responds with a extremely long demanding email where she scolds and lectures the female from the interracial married couple/tenants with threats of illegal actions.

Remember Stella Reddy is the same individual who claims over and over that she is so totally informed about how the Residential Tenancies Act works. And still she deliberately threatens the female from the interracial married couple/tenants with the illegal act that “the lock will be broken for access to change it” 

Actually, changing the apartment door lock while a tenant is in residence is legal, as noted by section #24 I copied below from the Residential Tenancy Act of Ontario. As stated in my email, there were 4 keys made for the legal tenant to receive, so they wouldn’t have any costs of getting them cut themselves. It is in the email above so everything was above board.

Maybe KR should have done some research before he made groundless accusations once again!

Changing locks https://www.ontario.ca/laws/statute/06r17#BK30

24 A landlord shall not alter the locking system on a door giving entry to a rental unit or residential complex or cause the locking system to be altered during the tenant’s occupancy of the rental unit without giving the tenant replacement keys.  2006, c. 17, s. 24. 

As we has 4 copies made for the tenant and access was not being denied, it was legal to do!

Again did Stella Reddy think that because the female from the interracial married couple/tenants was Black and not born in Canada. That she had the right to delebratly lie about such an illegal thing? 

Where did I lie? The laws are very clear and I followed them.

It is clear that Stella Reddy though she could do it and that she must have gotten the okay from the racist Alto Properties Inc. owners Luigi Liscio and Anthony Liscio. Because why would Stella Reddy make such a illegal claim if she was not comfortable with the idea of doing it? 

Actually, I showed above it was legal to change the locks on the apartment, and we were allowed to do it. Such stupidity! Do you really think I would ever do anything that could be exposed so easily as illegal? KR must think I am stupid to say things that cannot be enforced in my job!

You see, again here is the yet another perfect example of Stella Reddy being who she really is, A liar! 

I didn’t lie and proved it above. Keep going Mr. R…. Maybe you should do some research before you accuse me of illegal things.

Stella Reddy is trying to and intimidate a non-Caucasian into believe that she has the right to do something illegal and is hoping that the non-born Canadian is not informed enough to know better. 

I proved above they are not informed! It is clear as day, written in the rules!

We have to wonder if Stella Reddy has ever actually done this illegal action in the past to any other individuals who were probably non-Caucasian and non-born Canadians. 

Yes, I have done this legal action before in my position. Also, locks have been changed when they get broken, when a roommate moved out, even under domestic issues. As long as a tenant gets the key for the new lock, it is all legal and allowable.

Yes, Stella Reddy is that racist and ignorant to believe that non-Caucasians and non-born Canadians can not be informed about the laws of Canada and that she can do as she wants freely and illegally. 

How is any of this related to racism? I don’t care if you are informed or not. I have no problem sending links to the rules if you don’t follow them, it was part of my job to inform tenants when they break the rules.

Remember when Stella Reddy want the female from the interracial married couple/tenants to know that she has “been a superintendent for 16 years here in Canada” 

Yeah, I am sure people accept I talk like that. It’s redundant, as we live in Canada!! Their lie about me saying I am here in Canada” is why I made reference to being a Newfie at the LTB. I don’t reference myself as “from Canada”, “here in Canada” or even “Canadian” as I reference myself always as a Newfie from Newfoundland and Labrador, where I was born and raised.

If these Tenants knew anything about me as they claimed to know, they would have known I was a Newfie long before the LTB!

Someone who has been a property manager in Canada for 16 years knows that it is illegal to break a lock on a tenants door without and order from the Landlord Tenant Board! It is that plain and simple. 

You would think that these people would have done their research before making such claims as they do in this post!! I would really like to know where he got that info from, as it wasn’t from the RTA!

Changing locks https://www.ontario.ca/laws/statute/06r17#BK30

24 A landlord shall not alter the locking system on a door giving entry to a rental unit or residential complex or cause the locking system to be altered during the tenant’s occupancy of the rental unit without giving the tenant replacement keys.  2006, c. 17, s. 24.

So yes, Stella Reddy did know better and that is why she did not do it! 

It wasn’t done as we decided to file for a hearing to evict these Tenants instead for their many refusals of entry and demands. Why waste our time when we no longer needed to do so? It was better to wait and have the LTB deal with it.

So clearly it was an attempt by Stella Reddy to try intimidate the female from the interracial married couple/tenants into compliance with her demands. You know, the individual who was not born in Canada and was not the same Caucasian complexion as her. 

Mr R would like for you to think that but as he doesn’t know me he doesn’t know any of this, does he? KR is speculating!

Stella Reddy goes on to try and justify her racist behavior by stating “You can see in the email how considerate and approachable the tenants of 402 actually were in working out entry.” 

Awe but they were!

As you can read from the email sent by the husband of unit #402 to Stella Reddy. He clearly states “I would like to be there as well. My shift doesn’t end until 7:30PM, but I will try and leave work earlier so we can meet some wear in the middle.”

There was no “working out entry” as Stella Reddy wants people to believe. It is clear that the husband wanted to be their and that was final. 

Yes, the husband wanted to be there, but there was no demand that if you can’t do it then don’t enter, was there? I see nothing from these Tenants of #402 demanding that we do it when they can be home that day, or we will have to wait for anther day that they can be.

Unit #402 did not offer any alternative dates or times. In fact their grown daughter who was 20 years old at the time was home, but she refused to be alone in the unit with Stella Reddy’s husband Russell Reddy, because of previous interactions between them. 

Such hearsay! Actually, there were many times my hubby went in when the daughter was home alone…These Tenants even apologized to me for supporting these Toxic Tenants in their endeavours when I was moving out in Sept 2020!

Now the interracial married couple/tenants were okay with the locks being changed, but they could not again sit around all day waiting for RR who lived in the building, 1 floor up to conveniently find his way to their unit during a 3 hours time frame, late in the afternoon. 

See what I mean? It’s okay for other tenants to get a time frame for entry but nope, KR wanted special treatment and wanted attention right away. You are not allowed to have other responsibilities to do, other tenants to deal with, nope, KR wants your attention, right now!

You see RR was just a cleaner, he had no real responsibilities other than clean the lobby and the hallways floors once a month. Outside of that he sat in the unit with Stella Reddy and stalk the interracial married couple /tenants through the staff only building surveillance system. 

More obvious insults and degradation! More familiarity they have no idea about!

Yeah, I am sure any building can get away with cleaning once a month! See what I mean about KR thinking he is “all that” and so important that we have to spend so much time on him? Such grandiosity, like no one and nothing is more important than you are!

KR is putting this in place, no one else, with his grandiose thinking and way of writing. You would think that there is something just so special about him and his family that others become obsessed with that they give up everything just to watch them and obsess over it!!

Again Stella Reddy knows that the interracial married couple/tenants are always out and about as she and her husband would sit in the office and at their unit stalking and watching them leave. 

Grandiosity is not a nice trait to have, is it? KR wants people to believe that he is so special that we gave up living, just to watch him and his family.

Wow, KR needs to get over himself, don’t you think? How obsessed is he that he does these things and thinks this way?

Stella Reddy admits to doing this and has even admitted to sharing video of the interracial married couple/tenants having guest over to their unit with her family, and a tenant. 

More projection as I have been seeing my family and myself in videos and pictures that you shared on your domains and on YouTube. You stalked my family and only spoke to this person you recorded to try and get dirt on me and my family, that’s all. It is obvious as this info showed up on your domain! Where is the evidence of their allegations that I have a video about them, let alone shared it with anyone? Seeing videos and sharing them, are two different things…

The interracial married couple/tenants were more than willing for Stella Reddy to pick a date at her convenience for her husband to find time between cleaning to change the lock, of which she threw away the key for. 

Such devilment here, blatantly saying I threw away the key when you so obviously have no idea. We picked a date of our convenience, but it wasn’t good enough for KR & AR, even said for us to go ahead and file with the LTB, which is what we did.

The interracial married couple/tenants were more than willing to change the lock that day, just that the time did not work for them. Just like the time did not work for unit #402

Using comparisons again when the situations were so obviously different as night and day. Go for it, it won’t fly! Too bad the time didn’t work for you, I didn’t have to care about any of that!

But again the difference was that unit #402 was a all-Cacsian unit and the the interracial married couple/tenants were not. 

Excuses again… Trying to make something out of nothing. Keep it up! It is obvious now what you are doing!

Stella Reddy claims over and over hat she tried to work with the interracial married couple/tenants. But the facts are that the one and only time she had an opportunity too, she chose not to! 

Of course I chose not to allow these Tenants to dictate when entry was gained for the lock change, it was one too many times of trying to get things done there without a fight! After so many issues with entry, I had lost the will to fight with them anymore and just wanted to get them before the LTB so that someone there could explain the rules to them over the entry.

Did these tenants actually think that I would just keep going the way it was? Sorry, I am not masochistic, I knew it was time to give up and let someone else deal with them as they so obviously didn’t want to believe me when I tried to explain that they couldn’t do what they were doing.

Why? Because the unit was not an all-Caucasian unit like her friends in unit #402, #502, #202, #206 and #407.

 Nope, I just had enough of the constant refusing entry and complaining over what I was doing, with their false allegations and showing a familiarity with my life they just do not have. Adult Bullies many speculations do not have any resemblance to the facts.