Triangulation consists of smearing, playing the victim role, and malicious lies, all for the sake of control.

To be smeared, or lied about, is inevitable when dealing with a narcissist.

Narcissists plan ahead, knowing you’ll use your support structure.

Narcissists will sabotage, or destroy your support system. Narcissists are about winning, and that means sabotaging and destroying, you. Your resources, reputation, joy, pride, peace, and confidence.

Whatever trait, talent, or possession you have that the narcissist is most envious of is what they’ll again try to sabotage, and destroy. Your relationships will always be tested when narcissists are involved.

Be prepared to lose some friends, maybe family members.  Every experience we have is trying to teach us something. Triangulation is not personal, but it feels like it.

Knowledge changes the game! The narcissist must win! That means destroying you!

Sad isn’t it? To know that you’re dealing with a Sadistic, Manipulative, Calculating, Malignant, Vindictive, Destructive, Emotionally Immature Child.

You’re understanding of motives, as well as tactics being used when it comes to triangulation should be an eye-opener as to how Apathetic, and Devious the narcissist IS! Be wise when dealing with the narcissist.

Triangulation in psychology is a form of manipulation in which one person seeks to control a three-person interpersonal situation for their own benefit.

People who have Narcissistic Personality Disorder frequently use triangulation to enhance their feelings of superiority, raise their self-esteem, devalue other people, and keep potential competitors off balance. Triangulation is a strategy, not a trait. It is used by many different sorts of people who have one thing in common: they feel insecure and are willing to manipulate other people in hurtful ways to get more attention, feel secure, or sabotage a competitor.

My Bullies have now just turned to the internet and their domains to Triangulate me with everyone in the WORLD!! They use content, like “It does not matter; the point here is that Stella Reddy is in a continuous losing battle because, in the end, everyone who searches her name from friends, family, or future or current employers and co-workers, will all see the truth about her and will deal with her accordingly.”, instead. 


You see, they have no one else to complain about my behaviour to so decided to use the internet instead and they STILL continue to Triangulate me with whomever they can! It is all geared to control me and what I do!

Once you are onto their game you come to see that these words online are not really about me, it is about them and making themselves feel better.  It isn’t about you and never was, just them and how they feel about themselves. 

Toxic Adult Bullies provide various examples of this strategy in their online writing and in documents I have received by email. Pure triangulation here!

They constantly tried to involve others in their Bullying of me by forwarding emails they got from me to whomever they wished. All these actions caused me to become very emotionally unstable over time and it is easy to see in my writing.

Right from the beginning, Toxic Adult Bullies used triangulation to try and control my behaviour, especially with the property owners and other tenants within the property, even on Facebook! Below, I share the email that sent me into psychosis for 2 days and was the catalyst for my breakdown as well as other ones they sent out.

You can clearly see the emails that they were complaining about were to HRTO about the application I filed on August 24, 2017, which got dismissed without my knowledge. You can see the email below and the file number for that.

You have no idea what this email did to me after everything else that I had to read and go through before this. I sent info to HRTO for my personal file with them and Toxic Adult Bullies sends these personal emails to my bosses in an attempt to embarrass me. He had no right to share this info with my bosses,  it was personal and had nothing to do with them. This is what Triangulation is meant to do, shame you into compliance with what they want!

I was on the phone with one of the owners at the time this email came in and he could tell my reaction, as I started reading it out to him over the phone, that I was lost. I don’t remember hanging up and I was told later I didn’t.  He said I cut off mid-sentence and he was calling out to me but after not getting a response he hung up and called my husband, who told him I was freaking out and he would call him back later.

I don’t remember those 2 days. All my husband would say was that his wife was not there, a stranger was. He didn’t sleep those 2 days either, as he was afraid of what I would do. I found myself on the phone with the Mental Health Helpline and they helped me find a clinic I could go and see an emergency specialist, which I did, and was referred to Scarborough General Outpatient Clinic. I got to see a specialist in November 2018 and saw him till the pandemic shut me down.  I have called the Mental Health Helpline many times over the past few yrs and they have been a great resource for me when I got bad.

From: kr
Sent: July 4, 2018 11:49 AM
To: Property Owners
Cc: Stella Reddy 
Subject: Email # 1


This email has been forward requesting that you please tell your employee Stella Reddy to quit emailing and harassing us.

We do not have to live here and live this way, constantly being lectured by your employee who tries to insults us, bully and goes on excessively long and pointless rants.

As you have encouraged this behaviour from her in the past, we would hope that this time you would ” Check ” and correct your employees behaviour.

Our emails are not for ANYONES personal rants.

We request that you “check” your employee immediately.

K & A

We have attached a copies of all the emails to us from your employee Stella Reddy.

June 6, 2018  8:26 am

As per their rules I am sending you the info I sent to Human Rights Re:

File #2017-08-24-17-30-08948.

 From: Stella Reddy

To: ‘HRTO-Registrar (MAG)’ <

Subject: RE: Application Stella Reddy File #2017-08-24-17-30-08948

To: ‘HRTO-Registrar (MAG)’ <

Subject: RE: Application Stella Reddy File #2017-08-24-17-30-08948

Good Morning,

Please find attached 2 files that I received on Monday June 4, 2018 concerning a filing to your agency from the same people I filed my claim about, AR & KR. I would like to add these papers as evidence to my file, File #2017-08-24-17-30-08948. The 107 pages in the statement of facts lays out all the harassment, discrimination, actions, and complete lies,  of these tenants of 303-859 Kennedy Rd. 

They state the application was about me but it starts out with previous building staff, including their names and there are other various privacy breaches with other tenants in these papers, no names but unit numbers are there and it has their parking spaces. They have twisted the facts, omitted important regulations and facts, made assumptions about every action I have taken. Reading these papers and their personal opinions over everything I do, you can easily tell they have a personal vendetta against me and the property owners. These papers prove my case as with the detail in here about when the alleged meeting at some restaurant on Eglington Rd where the supposedly racist comments came from me, the evidence I submitted with my complaint shows I was never in that place at all nor that area around any time in June 2016, as it is not possible to be in 2 cities the same time.

As this alleged meeting is the basis of their whole complaint of racism against me the evidence I submitted shows that it never happened, and as such is considered harassment. I don’t think they really thought about what they were doing, as with receipts, bank statements, google timeline activity, witnesses of my big family, it is easily proven where I was at any given time in the month of June 2016 when this meeting supposedly took place. I am sure that’s why they didn’t pick an actual date, as I could show where I was on that day as well. They have no idea where I was before Imoved in here and started working here.

As you will see in the Stella Reddy HTRO application, under the question of if these facts were part of another application this person says no, but there are 2 applications ongoing now with various agencies. First it was my complaint, file number above that I submitted in August 2017 and these tenants filed a appeal with Divisional Court for the eviction for refusal of access they received from the landlord and tenant board in October 2017., which is still before the court and should be heard sometime in Oct 2018.

Thank you for your time and if you require anything else please let me know.


Stella Reddy

The facts are that NO ONE from the SJTO, HRTO, the Caucasian racist SJTO member Kevin Lundy, Lugi Liscio, Anthony Liscio or David Strashin are cocky enough or confidence to do anything about these sites. Why? Because they are fact based and evidence supported, period!

There are no lies, no perjury or alter documents like what Stella Reddy, Luigi Liscio or his son Anthony Liscio did back on September 26, 2017 at the public LTB form hearing.

NOT EVEN STELLA REDDY has the nerve to proceed with any legal options, despite her numerous threats of having it in the works.

Stella Reddy my play crazy, but she ain’t stupid!! She knows that bringing these websites into the legal realms will most certainly expose her as the racist and bigot to a larger audience! And Stella Reddy don’t want that. Remember she is still trying to actively find work because she can’t afford to retire on her enabler husband Russell Reddy low income job.

EVERYONE AND ANYONE IS openly welcome to challenge these websites and pursue legal recourse. Let’s see who steps up to this challenge? They all know how to get in contact with me if need be.

Remember that a SJTO member ( adjudicator ) and three Divisional courts judges all stated that Stella Reddy speaks like a racist and therefore acts like a racist!

But again this is why Stella Reddy is the racist and bigot she is. Because she knows that systemic racist system is to busy trying to protect their own the racist Caucasian SJTO member Kevin Lundy then correct her.

Any finding by any government agency that Stella Reddy, Luigi Liscio and his son Anthony Liscio acted in a racist manner. Would certainly contradict Kevin Lundy’s findings and would certainly call into question why he refused to hear the interracial married couples / tenants evidence of about the named 3.

The racist Caucasian SJTO member Kevin Lundy conveniently refused to hear or read, despite illegally taking the evidence about Stella Reddy, Luigi Liscio and his son Anthony Liscio racist behavior and anti-black treatment against the interracial married couple / tenants.

This is why Stella Reddy continues to knowingly lie day after day without fear. Because racist like the racist Caucasian SJTO member Kevin Lundy embrace, enable people like her, because they believe that they can not be held accountable for their own racist behavior and shady anti-black actions.

Remember when an individual like the racist Caucasian SJTO member Kevin Lundy, Stella Reddy, Luigi Liscio or his son Anthony Liscio show you what they are about the first time. Believe them!

This whole page is triangulation!

Toxic Adult Bullies triangulating other tenants into the situation to try and prove his point once again about Stella Reddy. This page is also a perfect example of Gaslighting!  Toxic Adult Bullies tries to show how Stella Reddy showed preferential treatment to her neighbour, who lives right next door, over allowing the tenant to be home to show my husband what was wrong.

It wasn’t my decision to make, really, it was my husband’s as he was the one who had to go there and no, it wasn’t a problem to wait and as I said before, the tenant was very nice about it, which made all the difference. As they say, you get more with honey then you do with vinegar! 

Stella Reddy wants everyone to believe that she never had any preference for tenants and that there is NO SPECIAL TREATMENT being given to any tenants in the building, NO MATTER WHO THEY WERE!

With permission from the tenants of unit #402. I now present to you, Stella Reddy being a liar, racist and a two-face bigot, AGAIN!!!

The tenants ( unit #402 ) reached out to Stella Reddy on June 06, 2017 to have their balcony door fixed.

Later that same day Stella Reddy hand delivered to them ( her neighbors ) a Notice of Entry dated for the next day on June 07, 2017 to fix their balcony door.

The page above also contain triangulation by Toxic Adult Bullies, this time questioning why I was emailing only one owner about the Fire Safety Inspection, and not the other one. trying to  imply that  “One has to wonder what is said during these private correspondence between Stella Reddy and Alto Properties Inc. owner Anthony Liscio that the father Alto Properties Inc. owner Luigi Liscio doesn’t know about?  and “how much bad mouthing outside of this known email Alto Properties Inc. property manager Stella Reddy has done with her preferred Alto Properties Inc. owner  Anthony Liscio about his father Alto Properties Inc. owner Luigi Liscio?”  This is triangulation, pitting the owners against me and each other. 

But what strike the interracial married couple / tenants as being interesting is that Alto Properties Inc. property manager Stella Reddy only emails Alto Properties Inc. owner Anthony Liscio about it.

And in fact implies that his father, Alto Properties Inc. owner Luigi Liscio is part of the problem as he “stayed with them as well”, implying that he condoned this “rushed” job and never slowed it down so it could be done properly.

It appearsthat Stella Reddy has a preference as to who she deals with. Just like the meeting that her and Alto Properties Inc. owner Anthony Liscio tried to set up for the day before with the interracial married couple / tenants.

Where it was Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy speaking on behalf of Alto Properties Inc. owner Anthony Liscio only.

It again appeared that Alto Properties Inc. property manager Stella Reddy had not included the father in her correspondence with what appears to be her preferred owner the son, Alto Properties Inc. owner Anthony Liscio.

One has to wonder what is said during these private correspondence between Stella Reddy and Alto Properties Inc. owner Anthony Liscio that the father Alto Properties Inc. owner Luigi Liscio doesn’t know about?

One has to wonder how much bad mouthing outside of this known email Alto Properties Inc. property manager Stella Reddy has done with her preferred Alto Properties Inc. owner  Anthony Liscio about his father Alto Properties Inc. owner Luigi Liscio?

This page triangulation, pitting tenants against each other over parking spots and talking about specific tenants and unit numbers.

She was obviously and deliberately lying to the interracial married couple / tenants. This Tenant Parking Pass was given by Stella Reddy and the property owners Luigi Liscio and his son Anthony Liscio to all Caucasian unit #306 at the beginning of March when they moved into the building while there was a “waiting list”. But the all Caucasian unit #306 were allowed by Stella Reddy and the property owners Luigi Liscio and his son Anthony Liscio to park their 2 vehicles ONSITE ,and in Visitor / Guest parking. Despite vehicle their 1st having a designated parking space ( #29 ) that was assigned to them. The first parking offsite was unit #305. They had been living and forced to park their 2nd vehicles off site just after Stella Reddy started in 2016. Long before the all Caucasian unit #306 even moved into the building. The second unit was unit # 302 which was another interracial couple who had a little baby girl. This interracial couple was like the interracial married couple / tenants who lived directly between everyone in unit #303.

And to sum this up quickly. This is what racism, discrimination, prejudice and anti-black behavior looks like.

I find the paragraphs below pretty funny actually, now. I didn’t at first, it is more gaslighting, and it use to frustrate me and piss me off no end! Not anymore, as I see it for what it is, just more manipulations by Toxic Adult Bullies to triangulate and gaslight the narratives.

The simple truth is that in April 2015 I was diagnosed with Cervical Spinal Stenosis, which was affecting the left side of my neck, shoulder and into my hand. I couldn’t turn my neck as needed for driving anymore and was advised against it. So, I parked my new Nissan Versa I bought in 2013, hoping physical therapy would help me find a new way to drive. Then my Dad moved from Ontario to Saskatchewan in 2019 and gave me his Alero, fully insured and covered for the year, to see if I could drive again. It didn’t help and gave it to charity in 2019 and I sold my Nissan also in 2019. I drove to NL in September 2020 in a U-haul but as it was a truck, it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t have to turn my head too much.. lol 

You see Stella Reddy in the past had absolute no problem with giving the interracial married couple / tenants a parking space for their CAR RENTALS. But the moment that they were getting ahead and bought a brand new vehicle. Suddenly Stella Reddy became infuriated with them and refused to give them a parking space that they were entitled too, for free on their application.

You have to understand that at this time Stella Reddy and her husband had two vehicles parked at the building. One had been off the road since April 2015 that they brought with them and parked in the indoor garage. And they purchased a 2nd vehicle when they first moved in, but could not afford to drive it and eventually had to get rid of it.

Racist hate to see any non-white getting ahead while they are still struggling to just get by. Stella Reddy is and was so jealous and pissed off to see that the interracial married couple / tenants were able to buy a vehicle, especially a brand new vehicle. And here is Stella Reddy and her husband struggling to survive of two incomes. Having to get ride of there 2nd vehicle they bought when they fist moved in.

Even with two incomes and them getting rid of their 2nd vehicle. Stella Reddy still could not afford to get their 1st vehicle that has been off the road since April 2015 working and insured and back on the road. The same vehicle that they brought and parking in the indoor garage when they moved in back in July 2016.

Stella Reddy and her husband were extremely jealous of the fact that the male of the interracial married couple / tenants was a stay at home / work from home dad. And that the female of the interracial married couple / tenants was a successful self-employed event coordinator.

And this is why the racist Stella Reddy really refused to give the interracial married couple / tenants a parking space.

Below I share a picture of the letter that Toxic Adult Bulliessent out to all tenants in the building, informing them of the domains they did of This site was put online on April 21, 2019, just before they sent out this letter.

Just the Facts

DatesCreated on 2019-Apr-21
Updated on 2021-Apr-20
Expires on 2023-Apr-21
Registrant EmailContact Registrant
RegistrarGoDaddy Online Services Cayman Islands LTD
Name Servers

As you can see it is signed by the R and they stated within that they spoke to the owners “AND THEY NEVER FIRED HER!”.  This was the intention all along, they hoped to kick up such a stink that I would be fired.  I knew it but this letter I got a picture of from the tenant proved it to me. Toxic Adult Bullies moved out on June 1, 2019, not long after.

Below, I share a bunch of emails I got during HRTO process where Toxic Adult Bullies is continuing his triangulation, this time with HRTO!!  Every time I wrote something he didn’t agree with, he went running complaining to HRTO about it. I even accused him of being a tattletale, running to HRTO every time over silly things. See his childishness below!

From: k
Sent: December 9, 2018 8:40 PM
To: Stella Reddy <>
Subject: HRTO FILES: 2018-32808-I, 2018-32809-I, 2018-32810-I, 2018-32811-I.

Hello, I am not one to get into trivial things like others in the world, but I just felt the need to address the most recent attempts by Stella Reddy to again pull us into the rabbit hole with her.

First and foremost, I have had absolutely no issue with the HRTO receiving all the correspondents between Stella Ready and myself from today. As I have obviously attach all parties to my emails from when speaking to Stella Reddy.

Reviewing Stella Reddy’s most recent email to the HRTO, it is clear that she has deliberately not included all the correspondence between us today.

She has once again conveniently left out some of the emails in hopes of the HRTO buying into her outlandish and puzzling behaviour and at best conspiracy theories.

After reading the entire correspondence attached to this email in a .PDF file. They HRTO can clearly see that it is nothing like what Stella Reddy wants the HRTO to believe.

And yet we ( The Read’s ) are the ones that are always trying to be deceitful and shady according to Stella Reddy.

Why did Stella Reddy not include her email at 14:37 address to only me and no one else?

This is the same email where she again continued to rant, insult, express her legal knowledge  and tries to justify her defence to us.

Who really is the one  ( and I paraphrase from Stella Reddy’s early email)  picking ,choosing and deflecting?

Stella Reddy has no control over  herself.  Instead of just responding and staying on topic, she rants, insults and then conveniently forgets to include these ranting email when complaining to the HRTO about myself.

This in turn just forces me to address her behaviour and her deceitfulness. Which  in  turn just bogs down the whole process?

Seeing how she is willing to  behave like  this openly with the HRTO and LTB, you can only imagine what she is like in person when others are not around?

I guess I should not have unblocked her in hopes of  seeing her response to today’s Form 10. I should have known better that Stella Reddy would have again used this opportunity to insult and tell us how wrong we are for filing with the HRTO and Divisional Court.

Thanks and sorry for this stupidity.


From: k
Sent: January 10, 2019 4:20 PM
To: HRTO Registar 
Cc: >; David Strashin < >; Stella Reddy <>
Subject: HRTO FILES: 2018-32808-I, 2018-32809-I, 2018-32810-I, 2018-32811-I.

Hello everyone..

We are forwarding this email to the HRTO to let you know that because we have not filed any replies to the emails from Stella Reddy, that we emailed to you labelled “ Please Place In File “ does not mean that we agree with her, nor could we not prove the lies that she constantly makes.

We have chosen to leave it alone until the hearing, as every time we send something to the HRTO, Stella Reddy feels the need to respond by regurgitating and recycle the same old misleading statements and arguments.

In the interest on moving this alone, we will not entertain Stella Reddy at this point, as it appears she is just trying to stall the process, despite her numerous claims of wanting it to move forward A.S.A.P.  due to her “health”

It has been explained that we have the right to respond, but at this point it really is meaningless and unproductive. There will be more than enough opportunities at a HRTO hearing to address her behaviour and misquoted facts.

If the adjudicator has any questions about the emails or considers something in them as a positive point, we request an opportunity to address this positive point that the adjudicator is considering.



From: K
Sent: January 11, 2019 3:24 PM
To: Stella 
Cc: HRTO-Registrar (MAG) <
Subject: Re: RE: HRTO FILES: 2018-32808-I, 2018-32809-I, 2018-32810-I, 2018-32811-I. – Emotional Outburst

Hello, I would like to note that Allison blocked Stella emails some time ago just for today’s reasons. It appears that Stella Reddy has gone out of her way to created a brand new email account just so she can harass Allison with this foolishness.

Allison again has block Stella Reddy, disabling her ability to try bring unwarranted harassment upon her.

It appears that Stella Reddy does not understand what harrassment is. I do not appreciate these childish games that she is playing. She has threatened us today with calling the Childens Aid today, Threatened us with some kind on illegal actions that would put her in prison.

All this because we enforced our rights to file with the HRTO.

Please place in file..



Sent from myMail for Android

From: k
Sent: January 31, 2019 9:22 PM
To: HRTO Registar
Cc: >; David Strashin < >; Stella Reddy <>
Subject: Police Report


I am forwarding this email in regards to Stella Reddy’s claims of getting the Police report from January 11, 2019 when the Registrar had to call the Police on her after she AGAIN issued threats of violence and retaliation against me and the family in an email at 11:20am.

  “ Attn: Registrar, I am sorry I am at the end of my rope and am in my way to the Scarborough hospital as I am afraid I am getting overwhelmed and feeling psychosis coming on and am afraid I may do something drastic once again. DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS ASS OR I WILL, PRISON OR NOT. “

On January 13, 2019 Stella Reddy claimed that she was going to the Police department that coming Friday to get the officer(s) report(s)

“ 2019-01-13 08:17 – I am heading to Police station tomorrow to get that report from Friday when they were here. ”

Did Stella Reddy supply the HRTO with this these officer(s) report(s) and she did not give it to me and/or David Strashin?



From: k
Sent: February 4, 2019 10:35 AM
To: HRTO Registar 
Cc: >; David Strashin < >; Stella Reddy <>
Subject: Video

Good morning…

And here we go again…

  Stella Reddy gets caught deliberately lying to the HRTO AGAIN!

“Once again they are FABRICATING things in order to try and provoke a response from me that they feel they could use to help them in their eviction case.”

Again it appears that Stella Reddy is outright and deliberately lying to the HRTO stating that I have “fabricated” the photos previously supplied in an earlier email.

So I have taken and supplied a video of my personal Facebook page showing that Stella Reddy used a 2nd Facebook account ( Lorrie Reddy ) as her original account Stella Reddy was blocked by me, to go out of her way to send me this harassing, insultive and offence picture on January 5, 2019 at 9:44 am.

This is not the first time Stella Reddy has use this behaviour, as like before when she was blocked by AR., Stela Reddy had went out of her way also on Jan. 11, 2019 by creating a 2nd email account  ( ) to email A.

I will also be keeping it on my Facebook page, will not be deleted in case anyone would like to see it first-hand.

If you are unable to view the video, please let me know and I will convert it to a different file type.



From: K
Sent: February 4, 2019 3:29 PM
To: david strashin <
Cc: >; HRTO-Registrar (MAG) ; Stella Reddy <>
Subject: Re[2]: HRTO & Divisional Court


I noticed that Stella Reddy did not included David Strashin in here email response. I have taken upon myself to bring awareness to him of it this email as his clients are active parties in this matter and should be aware of what there former Property Manager and now tenant is doing in their building.



Sent from myMail for Android

From: k
Sent: February 7, 2019 12:17 PM
To: Stella Reddy <>
Cc: HRTO Registar <>; David Strashin < >
Subject: Small Claims Court

Hello everyone….

Stella Reddy, You do understand that you no longer have any applications with the HRTO?

You and your family are free to file with Small Claims Court at any time. The HRTO is not in the business of giving you or anyone else any legal advice in regards to your ability to file with Smal Claims Court or not.

Although I am not a lawyer, I know that you and your family are more than free to file with Small Claims Court without any issues with the HRTO.

So please stop waiting for answers from the HRTO that you’re never going to get.

Just file with Small Claims Court and serve us the paper work when ready.

You and your family filing with Small Claims Court WILL NOT jeopardize our HRTO cases against you.



From: k
Sent: February 8, 2019 12:07 PM
To: Stella Reddy <>
Cc: HRTO-Registrar (MAG) <; >; AR <
Subject: Re: HRTO Files 2018-32808-I, 2018-32809-I, 2018-32810-I, 2018-32811-I

Hello everyone,

Stella Reddy – You want me to lie about our first encounter at the restaurant where you used a racist slur to describe our bi-racial children?

You want me to lie about your racist views and use of prejudice language in an attempt to probe Allison about her background?

And you want me to lie and claim none of this “truth”  never happened?


But you don’t want to tell the truth that you deliberately and maliciously, in bad faith filed your N5 for September 26, 2017  against us?

Despite the facts that 3 of the 4 N5’s you have ever given us, were considered to be invalid (ILLEGAL) by Kevin Lundy.

This means Stella Reddy, that 75% of all the N5’s you have every given us,  were done deliberately and maliciously and ILLEGAL!!!

You adamantly claim over and over, you have had training, you know the rules of the RTA. If this is the case, this means that if you knew the rules, you knew you were breaking them!

I also would like to address another  deliberate act by Stella Reddy to deceive the HTRO.

It is clear that Stella Reddy did not include the email where I clearly stated

“I am not asking you to lie, I am asking you to tell the truth ” with her email this morning where she deliberately and makes false accuses about me of telling/impling to her to lie for me.

What is amazing is that Stella Reddy deliberately does not included this ONE specific email, in her email this morning to the HRTO.

Let us all notice that she has attached every email, to her email this morning ( before and after in a running compilation/history of emails from beginning to end )

But has not included the one email that clearly contradicts her false claims and deliberately lie about me telling her or imply to her to lie for me.

As this running compilation/history of emails is just text at the bottom of a email that you are sending.

It would be easy for anyone to just removed/delete the text be before sending their email.

Stella Reddy has again shown to be acting in bad faith. She has once again be proven to be trying to fool and lie to the HRTO in her attempts

to avoid her accountability for her racist behaviour over the past 2  ½ years.

It is clear that Stella Reddy thinks that she is smarter than everyone involved in this situation, even the HRTO in her attempts to bully, and tell/demand the HRTO to do their jobs, and by deliberately present misleading and bias information.

Please submit this into file as another racist attempt to punish us for standing up for our rights.

From: a
Sent: February 12, 2019 5:06 PM
To: Stella Reddy <>
Subject: Form 10

Hello everyone…

HRTO – We would like to request an order be created that prevents Stella Reddy from re-submitting the same old regurgitated arguments and false claims that she has previously filed with the HRTO in the past.

Stella Reddy has made it a habit of pleading her case on a regular basis to the HRTO. Even in her more recent email to the HRTO dated Feb. 8,

2019 where she opens up with,

“Mr. R, Please, tell me ONE GOOD reason why anyone would go up to total strangers,”

It is clear that she has tried to fool the HRTO into believing that this email is addressed to me, but she is clearly trying to layout her defence again to the HRTO for her racist behaviour by asking questions that she knows I (we) will not respond too or address.

Stella Reddy has this bizarre concept that if someone does not respond or address her pointless questions, YOU ARE GUILTY as you have REFUSSED to answer to her and she tries to present it to the HRTO as just that.

It appears that Stella Reddy has no idea that people just don’t care about her needless questions and that people do not have to answer to her when she wants them too.

Stella Reddy being a Narcissist, thinks that everyone, including the HRTO has to address her wants and needs because she says so.

This is so overwhelmingly obvious, as her behaviour over the past couple of months has grown even more ignorant and demanding in her emails to you where she has continuously try to bully, strong-arm the HRTO into coming up with a decision in her favour and on her timeline.

Stella Reddy has included new unfounded fake “facts” about encounters that range from us assaulting her while walking past her, to myself potentially assaulting her, to I will assault her after Divisional Court.

“ I will be there at 9:30 am at Divisional Court to watch this all come to an end and I will be here when you vacate the building. I am also letting you know that I have put some things in place for my personal protection come the next few weeks as I do not trust you and you will never find me alone at any time ”

There are some many false and slanderous claims made by Stella Reddy against our family to the HRTO that it would be practically impossible to keep up with Stella Reddy and addressing them.

Because as soon as you address one, Stella Reddy finds new ways to create new false claims in an endless stream of misleading and deliberate fake facts.

She has gone from using her past family history and illnesses in an attempt to gain sympathy with the HRTO, to now making unfounded allegations of fear that I will physically attack her after Divisional Court to try and gain some form of sympathy from the HRTO in her favor.

“ nor will you have any opportunity to physically attack me and try to twist it back on me that I attacked you.”

Stella Reddy is so obsessed with trying to create new fake claims to give to the HRTO. That she has forgot that these false and extremely slanderous claims clearly fall within the realms of  Cyber-libel and defamation by her own emails and words.

But again, Stella Reddy is so possessed with trying to deflect the actual facts from the HRTO Applications that she is willing to deliberately lie and create false claims to try and save herself from being held accountable. ( muddy the waters )

It is at this point that we request that the HRTO please make an order that prevents Stella Reddy from presenting anymore of her old fake claims or arguments that has already be presented to the HRTO.

If Stella Reddy has any new claims or alleged facts, she is more than welcome to present them. But at this time and every time Stella Reddy presents her old and regurgitated arguments and claims. We feel like we should address the issue, but then decided not to, as it would just be tie up the HRTO with her stupidity.

It is clear that Stella Reddy is deliberately trying to bog-down the HRTO with all these frivolous emails and regurgitated false claims in an attempt to get the adjudicator confused and frustrated with the whole situation in hopes that they will just dismiss it.

This is obvious just by the amount of worthless emails and repeated false claims that she has sent over the past few weeks.

She has become so desperate, that she is now including issues from Divisional Court proceedings despite them having nothing to do with the HRTO.

Again we request that the HRTO please restrict Stella Reddy to only having the ability to file new evidence and new facts in all future correspondence, immediately.

Also we would also like the HRTO to remind Stella Reddy that she is required to send all correspondence to David Strashin, as Luigi Liscio and Anthony Liscio are  active parties in these proceedings. She has made it another habit of not forwarding these same emails to the HRTO, to them despite knowing the rules that she must.



Sent: February 15, 2019 2:00 PM
To: Stella Reddy <>
Subject: Re: Found Feb 15, 2019 online on Facebook.docx Re: HRTO Files 2018-32808-I, 2018-32809-I, 2018-32810-I, 2018-32811-I
Importance: High

Hello everyone…

Stella Reddy you need to take this up with HRTO.




February 3 ·

So some time ago, I posted about our Property Manager being racist against our family. some people have messaged me to ask me what happened since.

Well she filed a Human Rights Compliant against us claiming alleging discrimination in employment contrary to the Human Rights Code because we appealed the eviction order she got in the LTB with the Divisional Courts.

Well the HRTO finally made a decision about Stella Reddy application without us ever having to give a response.

See More

K shared a link to the group: ToWER (Toronto Working to End Racism).

January 7, 2018

A little something I put together to spread the word.
More to come, the story gets bigger…


ALTO Peoperties, Stella Reddy and Kevin Lundy

This email has Toxic Adult Bullies even daring me to do what he asks of me, I truly dare you. Who does that?

From: K
Sent: April 28, 2019 12:12 AM
Cc: HRTO-Registrar (MAG) <>; >; david strashin < >
Subject: Calling Out A Liar


Well unfortunately I have to unblock Stella Reddy to do this, but in the interest of transparency and uncovering a liar. I will.

Stella Reddy, I dare you to provide a list to the HRTO of all the SELECTED units that you say you gave your lies to in your letter. I truly dare you.

As I know you gave it to everyone in the building a over the past few days several tenants have approached us about you and your recent actions and their disgust for you.

I have social media conversations and have people willing to sign a copy of your letter stating you placed it in their mailbox.

So let’s see if your units can match mine?

I know already Stella you will not supply the HRTO with this list of units; because you have no idea who I have talked to and who is willing to vouch that they got your letter.

This means that you cant call their unit number in your list if you dont know who they are.⁷

As I said, Stella you again have been caught in a lie, that you could easily prove differently by supplying the units you gave the letter to, and me not being able to get proof from any other units.

But we both know Stella you are a liar and that you gave every unit a flyer. And we both know that you will not supply a list to the HRTO because you know you have once again been caught lying.

As I said, I dare you, prove me wrong.

By not giving up a list that could support your lies, you clearly are refusing to discredit me and my accusation against you. And logic says… Why wouldn’t you want to prove your telling the truth this time and make me look like the liar?

Because you can’t!!!

I call you out again for your lies like when you said we bumped into you in the lobby.


I will now be blocking Stella Reddy again.

If she provides you with a list, let me know and I will provide you with social media and signed copies of her letter by all the tenants that have approched us, and let us see if the two list match up!

I dont need to see or know her list to provide my evidence that she gave the entire building her letter.



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Once again, they emailed the owners, hoping to sic them on me…

From: K
Sent: April 28, 2019 3:32 PM
To: HRTO-Registrar (MAG) <>
Cc: ; Stella Reddy <>
Subject: Vidro

Hello. Everyone..

Can someone please explain to us why it is that Stella Reddy is monitoring the security system to stalk our family?

Also can someone explain to us why Stella Reddy is sharing and sending videos of our family walking and talking to other individuals in the building with other tenants?

Can someone explain to us why Cindy Jones ( Stella Reddy’s sister) is telling people visiting the building that were are “nasty’ and that I am racist “prejudice “?


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These are emails I got from Toxic Adult Bullies. How old is he again?

I also wanted to make you aware that the bullying emails are continuing as I received the email copied below yesterday. I know it from KR as it has some of the exact wording and spelling of a email I got back in January 2019, which I also copied here.

“Name: Anonymous
“Ohh boo hoo..” you have a pity party blog. You are so sad and pathetic.”

From: K
Sent: Wednesday, January 09, 2019 9:31 PM
To: Stella Reddy
Subject: Re: RE: HRTO FILES: 2018-32808-I, 2018-32809-I, 2018-32810-I, 2018-32811-I.

Ohh boo hoo..

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Coming Soon

This website will be showing the public how Alto Properties Inc. is willing spend large amounts of money to protect a racist employee and tenant is the legal system.

This site will also be showing the public how these Caucasian landlords from

Alto Properties Inc. ) deliberately allow their employees and tenants ) to harass, threaten, lie, behave in a racist, prejudice and discriminate against non-white tenants for over 3 years and they have done nothing to stop it.

It will be supported by their own, employee and tenant:

– personal and legal documents
– emails
– videos
– pictures
– transcripts

Another Dare from Toxic Adult Bullies!! 

From: K
Sent: October 10, 2019 11:53 AM
To: HRTO-Registrar (MAG) <
Cc:  >; Stella Reddy <>
Subject: Internet History

Helly Stella,

I have a proposition for you. Since you are now accusing myself of filling out the Canada Post online request for new mail box keys. How about we both sign and agree to allow the Police and the SJTO/HRTO to look at out internet history from our cell phone and homes and see what they come up with?

I will agree to allow the SJTO/HRTO to create an order for my internet history,, are you willing to do the same?

I suspect not, as I know that A nor I did it, and that your internet history will show most certainly you were on the Canada Post website that same day at that same time. Maybe you were ordering keys for your mailbox at the time instead.

I will wait for your reply. I really hope you would agree to it. It would certainly put this issue to rest. I am more than willing to clear my name because I have nothing to hide or worry about. How about you? Are you willing to prove me wrong and clear your name?


From: K
Sent: October 10, 2019 1:24 PM
To: Stella Reddy <>
Cc: >; HRTO-Registrar (MAG) <
Subject: Re: RE: Internet History

Just as I thought….



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