Toxic Adult Bullies: Baiting for Responses

I have come to see these traits online and I know that the email they sent on March 1, 2021, was also part of that trait and I also know I reacted badly to that. I accept that. It did cause me to be more determined though to get my side out online, so any search that is done of my given name, the public will also find my site filled with my perspectives. That is all they have become at this point!

Below, I share some text I found online that helps to describe what baiting is and it helped me understand what was going on. I started picking up this action that Toxic Adult Bullies does a long time ago, as I noticed a trait during the HRTO process. His emails are filled with this, as each time I asked a direct question, Toxic Adult Bullies would turn it around and try to make it about me instead and make more accusations.

This is also all over the content on their domains and is plain to see. This is also partly why they refuse to put their name on their domains!

The whole domain of is baiting and so clear to see… Toxic Adult Bullies baits people by writing so unequivocally, claiming things like

It is pretty clear that if Stella Reddy imaginary “They” individual was in the elevator, or in the stairwell,  or behind the hallway door just past the elevator, when they “heard” the lobby door buzzard go off. There is absolutely no possible way that Stella Reddy’s imagery “They” individual would have been able to see the male from the interracial married couple/tenants and their dog come through the lobby door.

Of course, Toxic Adult Bullies uses so much word salad to invalidate what I said he did, trying to prove he is right in all things. Of course, he would claim that it was impossible to have happened as I said it did, he has negated what I say, as it is constant.

It is words like this, and what I share below, that show the truth. Toxic Adult Bullies takes the personal items I shared during the HRTO process and is sharing them online, with his own perspectives, and he refuses to show everything, just what he wants you to see.  It’s ok, as it all will be here for you to read!

Fear-provoking & scaremongering – these include any attempts to illicit fear and anxiety in you or others. A narcissist will seem to inherently attune to your specific fears, insecurities or anxieties.

Intrigue – classic narcissistic fishing technique of trying to pull others in. Usually a snippet of info or vague, intrigue-inducing comment is offered in order to trigger the other persons anxiety or intrigue. They may or may not elaborate further – thus aiming to provoke more anxiety or intrigue. With this, they have caught you and your attention.

False accusations – this type of bait is one that can often trip people up and keep them locked into an unhealthy dynamic. Like any kind of bait, with false accusations, the narcissist is looking for a reaction. They may or may not even believe the accusation they may make about you, but with this bait they are seeking to rely on our instinctive tendency to automatically defend ourselves, to deny, justify or correct any wrong views others may have about us. (A narcissist will believe what they want to regardless – so you might as well just leave them to it!)

Guilt-tripping – feelings of guilt can go hand-in-hand with then feeling overly responsible. Guilt and fear are two things that can cause a collapse in our boundaries – which is what the narcissist is ultimately and usually trying to achieve when they are attempting to guilt-trip.

Victim – another form of manipulative bait is to portray themselves as the ‘poor me’ victim. With this bait they are seeking to elicit your sympathy, empathy and understanding and avoid taking responsibility themselves. They aim to reel others into a care-taking, fixing or rescuing position.

False-hope – this is the dangling of the carrot on a string specifically about what they know is important to you or what you want in life. The fantasy idea is presented that they will provide you with this but it is just used as bait to make you stay or to control in any other way.

How to manage the bait

First of all it’s important to learn to recognize the bait. What are the different types of bait you recognize with the narcissist in mind? Be as specific as possible.

Are there certain types that particularly affect you or make holding boundaries difficult? How do these kinds of bait make you feel? Then what do you do?

A powerful shift can occur when you start to recognize the bait for what it is… an attempt to reel you in, catch and manipulate.

You may even be able to begin to predict the next bait tactic.

Don’t take whatever the narcissist does or says personally. Try to leave them to it.

Recognize bait as bait and then more importantly, notice how that leaves you feeling. Notice the immediate urge within you as to how you may want or feel the need to react.

Remember, for any narcissist, any kind of reaction they can illicit in others is a twisted way in which they try to feel better about themselves.

Whilst you (or anybody else) is reacting strongly to them, you are reinforcing the message that they have power and control.

You can learn to manage your own responses by becoming more mindfully aware of them. You do not need to show the narcissist your reaction.

You can also learn to stop biting the bait when you focus more on recognizing your own feelings and then attending to that and your own needs appropriately.

All the time a narcissist continues to get a reaction from you, they will continue to do so. The moment you can consistently manage yourself and therefore take that away from them, is the moment you alter the dynamic . You regain control.

“As you can read in Stella Reddy’s own racist words and behavior. She is shown as a bully who without fear, makes open threatens physical violence, threats of harm to tenants children, uses racial slurs and actions against interracial tenants.”

How is it possible that Stella Reddy can still claim that she did not understand what racial slur Mulatto meant while using it in the correct context?

And there you have it, Stella Reddy The Liar!

It appears that Stella Reddy wants the world to believe that a Caucasian, late 50’s female, born and raised in Canada, with a diverse family did not know what the word Mullato meant.

For Stella Reddy to even try and convince anyone of this, only shows here desperation to try and free herself of her own racist and anti-black actions.

What is next? Stella Reddy will claim she does not know what the N-word or Jigga-Boo means. And again she will have to her niece to get some cultural awareness lessons on inappropriate vocabulary.

This is so ridicules for Stella Reddy to make such a far absurd statement. It crosses the border into bizarre.

Stella Reddy and offenders always have some type of excuses for their racist behavior and it is never because of their own doing.

The Liar / Catch Me If You Can Routine does not always have to make sense and actually most times it doesn’t. But it does not stop people like Stella Reddy from trying.

Stella Reddy is the typical racist and a horrible liar!

several tenants have approached us about you and your recent actions and their disgust for you. ” 

To: “
Subject: Calling Out A Liar

Well unfortunately I have to unblock Stella Reddy to do this, but in the interest of transparency and uncovering a liar. I will.
Stella Reddy, I dare you to provide a list to the HRTO of all the SELECTED units that you say you gave your lies to in your letter. I truly dare you.
As I know you gave it to everyone in the building a over the past few days several tenants have approached us about you and your recent actions and their disgust for you.
I have social media conversations and have people willing to sign a copy of your letter stating you placed it in their mailbox.
So let’s see if your units can match mine?
I know already Stella you will not supply the HRTO with this list of units; because you have no idea who I have talked to and who is willing to vouch that they got your letter.
This means that you cant call their unit number in your list if you dont know who they are.⁷
As I said, Stella you again have been caught in a lie, that you could easily prove differently by supplying the units you gave the letter to, and me not being able to get proof from any other units.
But we both know Stella you are a liar and that you gave every unit a flyer. And we both know that you will not supply a list to the HRTO because you know you have once again been caught lying.
As I said, I dare you, prove me wrong.
By not giving up a list that could support your lies, you clearly are refusing to discredit me and my accusation against you. And logic says… Why wouldn’t you want to prove your telling the truth this time and make me look like the liar?
Because you can’t!!!
I call you out again for your lies like when you said we bumped into you in the lobby.
I will now be blocking Stella Reddy again.
If she provides you with a list, let me know and I will provide you with social media and signed copies of her letter by all the tenants that have approched us, and let us see if the two list match up!
I dont need to see or know her list to provide my evidence that she gave the entire building her letter.


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Reading Stella Reddy, response to our application, it is very clear and obvious that there are throwing around a lot of accusations that can easily be discredited by us.

All of their accusations are purely based on he said/she said evidence, which means they could later, after being confronted with the truth.

Altered and/or create some form of new paperwork forcing the HRTO to then determine who is telling the truth, based on these after the facts documents.

With a copy of our tenant file in the HTRO hands. It creates a situation where Stella Reddy, CAN’T NOT alter or create any new documentation when confronted with their unexplainable behaviour in our response.

It will also help the HRTO in determining who is telling the truth, if suddenly new allegations are made of fake documents arises, when these new documents are not in the HRTO possession.

With the HRTO having a copy of our tenant file in hand, it would most certainly prevent any form of bias being placed against us, with their deliberate and false statements and no supporting documentation to be made after the fact.

It will remove their ability to create any new documentation after hearing our response in an attempt to muddy the waters and discredit our claims against the above named. Hoping that a he said/she said situation would go in their favour.

Even after emailing the new property manager at com, with our request for our tenant file. It appears that he has also been instructed by Alto Properties Inc. owners not to respond to our emails or request as they previously did with Stella Reddy.

It appears that have, as simple put by Stella Reddy. They “poisoned” him against us, without him ever meeting or interacting with us.

With the above said, we are more than willing to present our case in full, but to do it without having a complete and secure copy of our tenant file in the hands of the HRTO. It would certainly put us at a disadvantage, and would again like the Landlord Tenant Board; offer the above named an opportunity to once again manufacture after the facts documents that would cast doubt on our application and claims.

We would like to request, that you request a copy of our file on our behalf, or on the behalf of the HRTO, as to make sure that everything from this point will be on the up and up, and we can respond in full without any fear of there suddenly being, after the fact documents appearing after hearing our response.

If the HRTO does not or cannot request a copy of our tenant file. Then we are extremely limited on what we can respond to in regards to everyone’s responses, and by forcing us to presenting our case in full under this bias, it would allow the above name to get in cahoots and work in collaboration in an attempt to possibly create more fake documentation to cover up their actions and claims by us.

From: k
Sent: December 9, 2018 8:40 PM
To: Stella Reddy
Subject: HRTO FILES: 2018-32808-I, 2018-32809-I, 2018-32810-I, 2018-32811-I.

Hello, I am not one to get into trivial things like others in the world, but I just felt the need to address the most recent attempts by Stella Reddy to again pull us into the rabbit hole with her.

First and foremost, I have had absolutely no issue with the HRTO receiving all the correspondents between Stella Ready and myself from today. As I have obviously attach all parties to my emails from when speaking to Stella Reddy.

Reviewing Stella Reddy’s most recent email to the HRTO, it is clear that she has deliberately not included all the correspondence between us today.

She has once again conveniently left out some of the emails in hopes of the HRTO buying into her outlandish and puzzling behaviour and at best conspiracy theories.

After reading the entire correspondence attached to this email in a .PDF file. They HRTO can clearly see that it is nothing like what Stella Reddy wants the HRTO to believe.

And yet we ( The Read’s ) are the ones that are always trying to be deceitful and shady according to Stella Reddy.

Why did Stella Reddy not include her email at 14:37 address to only me and no one else?

This is the same email where she again continued to rant, insult, express her legal knowledge  and tries to justify her defence to us.

Who really is the one  ( and I paraphrase from Stella Reddy’s early email)  picking ,choosing and deflecting?

Stella Reddy has no control over  herself.  Instead of just responding and staying on topic, she rants, insults and then conveniently forgets to include these ranting email when complaining to the HRTO about myself.

This in turn just forces me to address her behaviour and her deceitfulness. Which  in  turn just bogs down the whole process?

Seeing how she is willing to  behave like  this openly with the HRTO and LTB, you can only imagine what she is like in person when others are not around?

I guess I should not have unblocked her in hopes of  seeing her response to today’s Form 10. I should have known better that Stella Reddy would have again used this opportunity to insult and tell us how wrong we are for filing with the HRTO and Divisional Court.

Thanks and sorry for this stupidity.


From: K
Sent: December 10, 2018 10:31 AM
To: Stella Reddy 

Dear Stella Reddy

You do understand you did refer to your own blood

– As Black As You Can Get – You do know that there is a recording of you saying it?

I mean, you said it, so own it. Do t be embarrassed by it now. If I was you I would stand on the highest mountain and say the words…. My nephew is a black as you can get!

There is no need for ne to try and embarrass you, you did that yourself. The funny part is that you claim you did nothing wrong but you wont acknowledge what you said.  LOL… you are definitely scared that your words are going to come back a hurt you. Because if I was in your position, I would be.

As I said take pride in what you said, there your words. No need to be scared now about them.

All the best


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