Toxic Adult Bullies & Cruelty

Toxic Adults who Bully others will create such a false narrative about you, your experiences, and your character because they refuse to be honest about what they have done. They created such elaborate lies to promote their agenda against me and don’t have the courage to be honest, not even after the Legal decisions showed the truth.

Their cruelty knows no bounds!

As noted in the document I share below, Toxic Adult Bullies refuse to admit I have reason to have fear, of them and the general public, as they refuse to admit they had a part in creating that fear within me by their actions. They minimize my fears and mental health issues as they don’t want to be made accountable for any of it!

Their incitement of hate on their many domains was enough for me to feel terrified and the comments I got from strangers looking to rent an apartment, showed me I was a sitting duck. I had no way of knowing if the person who wanted to see an apartment was being honest or not and that scared me too! Part of my job was to deal with strangers coming to look at an apartment for rent, which made me a sitting duck to anyone with bad intentions! Their domain of was deliberate and their words there were inciting hate and pushing people to contact me about their allegations. I heard enough from strangers, which also played a part in why I quit my job.

No matter how Adult Bullies phrase it, their many domains and their contents, have created a threat to me and my family. Their domains have ruined my sense of safety in this world and have created distrust within me of other people’s intentions. The anxiety got so bad, I would jump at every sound and was throwing up all the time. I lost 83 lbs over that time! They made false allegations of racism and with the social climate, it was terrifying to see. I saw so many stories come out in Canada over people being attacked and statues being toppled and defaced and the US was even worse. I share an article below that came out at the time that played on my fear too.

It is pretty obvious that Stella Reddy is the one twisting the situation and deliberately exaggerating her fears.

I read this document and was totally shocked at the fake familiarity they show with me. What right does this person have to contradict my own personal feelings? I have my own thoughts and can speak for myself but according to this document sent during the HRTO process, apparently I cannot. If I do, it is taken and minimized by them into something else.

Yes, these people sent this document to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario where they clearly tell HRTO that I have no right to feel any fear, that I have no right to any feelings at all over their actions in my name. This document totally invalidates me as another human being with a voice of my own. Once again they show their deliberate actions of trying to speak for me and tell you what I am doing.

With this letter and many others they sent, they stripped me of my individual human rights right in front of the people who adjudicate these things. They assert authority over me and in no uncertain terms, strip me of my rights by their minimizing any personal feelings I had at the time.

Toxic Adult Bullies can’t take away your voice. You have every right to express your own personal feelings brought out by the actions of someone else and they don’t have the authority to deny you that right.

The email below this document was received the day before and my response is below that. KR was looking for a copy of the Police Report, thinking I was in trouble for the empty threats I made about calling Children Aid on them so they could see what it felt like to defend themselves against false claims as they did to me. The context of the email went right over their heads!

You can tell by my words, I was very emotional and I did end up going to the Emergency Dept at the hospital, where I sat for a couple of hours till my blood pressure went down. It was just after I got home that I had Toronto Police show up at my door to do a welfare check on me instigated by the person who read my email and saw the state I was in. If the police were called because of my words, not the emotion behind them, they would have gone to see them at their apartment to get a statement, as I said in my response.

This email was their attempt to get a copy, thinking it would help them in their case against me but all it showed was their total ignorance of mental health issues and what they can do to a person suffering from them. I wasn’t required to share that Police Report with them, it isn’t their business.

This document proves without a doubt, that my human rights were being violated by Toxic Adult Bullies and their cruelty knows no bounds!

No wonder I am so strong today in speaking my mind! Spending so long feeling my voice wasn’t being heard, made me more determined to use it.

Read this document and see all the toxic traits on display by Adult Bullies I had for so long and see for yourself their projections.

From: k
Sent: January 31, 2019 10:52 PM
To: HRTO Registar
Subject: Police Report


I am forwarding this email in regards to Stella Reddy’s claims of getting the Police report from January 11, 2019 when the Registrar had to call the Police on her after she AGAIN issued threats of violence and retaliation against me and the family in an email at 11:20am.

  “ Attn: Registrar, I am sorry I am at the end of my rope and am in my way to the Scarborough hospital as I am afraid I am getting overwhelmed and feeling psychosis coming on and am afraid I may do something drastic once again. DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS ASS OR I WILL, PRISON OR NOT. “

On January 13, 2019 Stella Reddy claimed that she was going to the Police department that coming Friday to get the officer(s) report(s)

“ 2019-01-13 08:17 – I am heading to Police station tomorrow to get that report from Friday when they were here. ”

Did Stella Reddy supply the HRTO with this these officer(s) report(s) and she did not give it to me and/or David Strashin?



Attn: Registrar,

I am sorry but this sentence has been playing on my mind since I read it this morning in this email sent, as it shows once again how he interprets things to his own advantage to make things seems how he wants them to look and shows his attempts to provoke me and deliberately cause me distress and aggravate my mental health issues. They don’t seem to realize that by continuing these actions they are proving to your office that they are selfish and only care about themselves and what they want.

“when the Registrar had to call the Police on her after she AGAIN issued threats of violence and retaliation against me and the family in an email at 11:20am.” 

This sentence copied above is a complete lie as we all know the Toronto Police were called due to my mental health issues I was having, not over any threats I may have issued to the applicants. If there were any perceived threats against the applicants I am sure the Police would have attended their apartment to speak to them that day, but they did not. I am grateful that the registrar recognized by unstable state and reacted but it seems it flew right over the applicants head, which is not surprising to me and I am sure is not a surprise to your office by now either, as the applicants continue to show no regard for what their actions have caused me in my life. 

This is why I believe the applicant is once again trying to provoke me by making false statements in the hope I would retaliate to help their eviction case as they go out of their way to make things seem the way they want and they hope that it will make me mad enough over their lies to do or say something. This is how the applicants have been operating with me since I met them and it will never change.  The only time this will change is when they are notified they have lost, as then I am afraid all gloves will be off and the applicant will attempt the illegal route to vent his vindictiveness towards me. As they live only one floor below me, and are friends with my neighbours next door so are back and forth, there is a camera just outside my apartment door, I have a personal camera I wear when I leave my apartment, and I have a camera to put on my car, as he knows where it is parked. If they attempt anything it will be caught on cameras.

As a personal message to Mr. R, I will not do what you wish and in 19 days time I will be there at 9:30 am at Divisional Court to watch this all come to an end and I will be here when you vacate the building. I am also letting you know that I have put some things in place for my personal protection come the next few weeks as I do not trust you and you will never find me alone at any time where you may hope to get at me and twist everything once again nor will you have any opportunity to physically attack me and try to twist it back on me that I attacked you. I know how you operate now: Twist everything around onto the other person as you have constantly tried to do to me.

I await your decision and I hope the applicants do the same and stop all these irreverent emails trying to provoke a response from me.

Thank you for your time.

Stella Reddy

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