Timeline Of Initial Events With Toxic Tenants

When you are a target of toxic people with narcissistic traits, you tend to validate your perceptions many times in your recovery and this is one such time. If you know your toxic abuser is making things up, having a clear timeline of events is very helpful!

After getting the forms the other day from HRTO over File Number: 2019-37049-I against my hubby after so many years, it did trigger me a little bit, just enough that I went back and looked for evidence that there was not one thing I could have done to prevent these toxic people from the path they choose. I am shocked that these files are still being processed after all this time.

Everything I ever read on narcissistic traits has told me that narcissistic toxic people will go after your reaction to their actions, and never acknowledge what they did that brought that about.

Reading the content of that application, where they state they believe my husband wishes I “would have a stroke or commit suicide so he could get away from that mess”, is terrible to see. How this man could state this belief with such conviction, was scary. It boggles the mind over the audacity they have in making such statements!

In the timeline below, you will clearly see that with each change I had made in procedures, the more argumentative these tenants became until it reached the boiling point for them on August 31, 2016, with the submission of that letter to us where they made vague allegations of racism against me.

You see, up to this point, they had gotten upset with me over not being able to pay their rent in cash anymore, were asked to remove their propane BBQ, had gotten a letter about sitting on the washers in the Laundry Room, they were upset over pest control mixup over dates, then there was the Swann camera in the elevator.

Once they got the Form N5 for not allowing entry for pest control, after agreeing to the change in a text message, apparently was the last straw for them… Which is where that letter came in On August 31, 2016.

I always felt it was suspicious that they would claim a “prior meeting” when no mention of it was ever said during those 2 1/2 months. At no time during any interaction, not even when they got so upset and aggressive on August 1 over the rent payment, not one word was ever mentioned about this “prior meeting” they later stated we had. I guess they hadn’t made it up yet!!

I guess they got upset over my offering to help them with their Landlord and Tenant Board application and giving them the info for the local Legal Clinic. I gave them all this info, including the phone number for the Landlord and Tenant Board, all the time so they could call them and verify the info I was telling them. They were more than welcome to call the LTB to ask about my actions too! I have a feeling they did…

Toxic people are willing to do any action they deem necessary to abuse their targets, even going so far as to contact total strangers and try to convince them that I am racist. They don’t care what these strangers think of their actions, they just hope to cause instability in the relationship I might have with them.

  • July 5, 2016 – First contact with leaseholder, when she came to the office to pay her balance of rent
    in cash.
  • July 28, 2016 – Issued letter to all Tenants about removing storage items on balconies and about propane BBQ’s, asking tenants to clean up their balconies and remove propane BBQ for safety. Referred tenant to the Landlord and Tenant Board.
  • August 1, 2016 – second meeting, came to office with the male whom I thought was Darwin Charles,
    to once again pay her balance of rent by cash and when I wouldn’t accept it, she got irate and tried to record me on her cell phone not accepting her cash rental payment. Male didn’t say anything to me that time, just got to leave the office. Later, sent letter to about hers and her partners aggression and raised voices, over not accepting her cash rental payment and her act of recording me on her cell phone. Referred tenant to the Landlord and Tenant Board.
  • August 2, 2016 – AM – Male from #303-Kennedy Rd brought printed documents to the office in the office
    about propane BBQ, said I was misinterpreting the rules over propane BBQ on balconies. My first meeting with her B.F, as noted in my work journal. Referred tenant to the Landlord and Tenant Board. PM-came to the office to discuss E-transfer for her rent. She did spend some time in the office discussing changes
    I was making on site, and why, such as no cash. We also discussed a letter I sent about short rental payment, as I was fixing up the Interest owed on deposits made for last months rent. Tenant File didn’t say there was a husband, so I assumed the male who came looking for her, was a boyfriend. was in the office alone at that time.
  • August 3, 2016 – Got email from over alternate payment of rent, stating she cannot afford to pay
    outside of her rent. I responded 2x, the same day.
  • August 22, 2016 – August 30, 2016 Sent Notice of Entry for pest control to come to their unit on August 29, 2016 between the hours of 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Tenant signed & returned permission slip from form. Magical Pest control scheduler screwed up our dates, moved all treatments to Aug 30 in her system, rather than 2 separate days. Spent afternoon calling, texting, and emailing all 5 units affected, for permission to enter for the changed date the next day, as I knew it was less than 24 hours and needed permission from Tenant. Got Text saying “okay” to the change from cell phone. Still, no one was home to give access for Pest Control treatment, so didn’t get done.
  • August 30, 2016 – Got email from concerning my personal Swann camera we placed inside the
    elevator, facing the elevator door, to catch vandalism we were having of the inside of the elevator. Referred tenant to the Landlord and Tenant Board.
  • August 31, 2016 – Received email from looking for of all the owners last names and their contact
    information for her application to the Landlord Tenant Board.”. I responded at 2:44 pm. Even offered to help them fill in the forms for the LTB, sent them the info to contact the Scarborough Legal Clinic that is there for Tenants for help with tenancy issues. Referred tenant to the Landlord and Tenant Board.
  • August 31, 016- Issued First Form N5 to Tenant for refusing Pest Control Treatment on August 30,
    2016, giving them 7 days to comply with treatment. As per Notice of Entry given 7 days in advance, which they agreed in writing to the change of date to the 30th in text, N5 was valid to be given for the refusal of access that they agreed to give for Pest Control.
  • August 31, 2016 – Received 7-page letter from where she alleges in vague terms that I am racist. She
    states. “ I have to say that from the moment I met you, I had a strange feeling that you had some kind of issue with me. You asked inappropriate questions, at first you refused to accept my rent on the grounds that you “were not comfortable: with taking it, and then the excuse changed to it was “a liability issue. Now there is the issue of L, A, and yourself ( Stella Reddy ) placing a camera that looks into my unit and takes pictures. Add this threating and intimidating N5 evection legal document that is based on information the 3 of you(Alto Properties Inc. owners and son and Alto Properties Inc. property manager Stella Reddy) know is deliberately inaccurate and false. Has only strengthened my belief that I am being targeted by the
    3 of you
    .” and proceeds on a rant over getting the Form N5, claiming I issued it because of her email over the
    camera in the elevator and her message about filing with the LTB, not for Pest Control that it was for.

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