The Shame Game of Stella Reddy : Kory & Allison Read


I place ALL SHAME back on Kory & Allison Read, as it isn’t mine to carry. 

They tried to get me to feel shame over their accusations but I need have no shame over things I didn’t do. I finally accept that.

Kory Read first claimed we had some prior meeting at some restaurant, that he stopped talking and writing about as time went on, as he knew it was a lie and didn’t happen. He could remember enough to quote what I allegedly said, but couldn’t remember the date. Figures he would have selective memory for things that didn’t really happen! He didn’t show up for the hearing in January 2020 as he knew I could prove his many lies for what they are. I am also sure that the staff at HRTO caught onto their Gaslighting faster than I did! 

Then, Kory Read started using my words of shock I said at the Hearing held Sept 2017 and I admit I said inappropriate thing, “black as black” in everything, trying to make me feel shame and to embarrass me. Wow, you would think I wasn’t allowed to have a normal shocked reaction to hearing details of lies! Oh well, his shame, not mine. He even tried to claim that the word Newfie was derogatory to HIM when he isn’t even from Newfoundland! I am though and I am a proud Newfie and don’t mind the word. It is my heritage isn’t it? Does Kory Read have the right to say that in the first place when he isn’t even from Newfoundland? Just another way for him to try and shame me for what I said. See the baiting he does? Yep, it get to you after awhile. 

Kory & Allison Read followed their filing for their Appeal with Divisional Court with posting online various domains laying out their fictitious narratives. They made yet tried to pretend it didn’t belong to him. Every time I made a website, free or paid, Kory Read took my words and tried to shame me for the content yet here he was with so many domains online filled with his mean and vicious personal opinions about me. I am sure most people saw this for what it was, way before I did. He twisted everything I said. Oh well to that too!

It isn’t my shame to carry, as I have come to understand that it WAS Kory Read who wrote those words against me. I didn’t make and post websites after they lost their legal actions, THEY DID. Kory Read didn’t need to even pay attention to what I was doing online, he only did it as he was angry I was trying to defend myself. Which is why I put this domain in my name, it is MY STORY about the situation Kory Read created. I am allowed to tell my story and of course Kory Read is nitpicking it all apart, it is what he does! 

It is Kory Read who made comments likeYou see does not expose the racist behavior, ignorant black-phobia, and jealousy of a Black woman by any other individual other than Stella Reddy.” “What is hilarious is that Stella Reddy is so delusional that she has convinced herself that somehow the password rest email with the link would magically be sent to her and not the owner of the domain, us.” “One would correctly consider Stella Reddy a potential threat to our interracial family at this point. Stella Reddy has stalked the family while living at 859 Kennedy Road and for two and half years on the internet.” “Stella Reddy claims that she is currently mentally sick, but she was not mentally sick when getting our family evicted. Nope, Stella Reddy was of sound mind and strong will.”  “Only after filing with the Human Rights and creating this website did Stella Reddy start playing the pity boo-hoo card of I was not mentally in the right place. Very convenient it was.” “Stella Reddy is a performer who puts on whatever face/mask is needed for the time. It is that plan, and it is that simple. This website drives her crazy because it exposes just that, her act.” when he truly just do not know what he claims.

It is sentences like these that try to screw with your mind, it is gaslighting. Kory Read is trying to convince you that he is right when it is obvious he can’t be as he isn’t me and he isn’t magic and can read minds. No matter how confident Kory Read may sound in his allegations against me, the truth is that he has no idea. 

How Kory Read can claim I am stalking them when the domain isn’t even in their names, I have no idea. is in my name, contains my info, not theirs.  

They came after me so severely and each time I tried to defend myself, they took those actions and abused me more. I have learned it is called Reactive Abuse. 

Kory & Allison Read made and posted all these domains I share, no one else!  They didn’t have the right to do these actions, and they know it. They validate their actions, claiming altruism and say that I deserve their treatment of me, though they provide no evidence of their claims, just their words it occurred. They think that is enough, but it is not.

They feel Entitled to do what they have done online in my name! 

Do society really give permission to Kory & Allison Read to degrade and negate another person in this manner? 

There is too many instances of a Toxic Person in these writings with so many traits I have learned about of Gaslighting, Projections, Manipulations, Triangulations, Slander, Defamation of Character, lies, exaggerations, deflections, and toxic behavior… etc…The more knowledge you gain, the better you can put it all in perspective and it is easier to tolerate. At least it is for me…

This is their shame to carry. It is their words of degradation of myself they have online that caused severe emotional psychological torture to my mind. Their Gaslighting of my every word and action, is what caused such dissonance within me that my mind broke and couldn’t handle the trauma of it.

I went nuts there for awhile and I place all blame on Kory Read & Allison Read’s actions with their domains and its nasty malicious content.

I have come to terms with the timeline of this situation, right back to 2016. I was doing my job of enforcing the rules of apartment living and they broke them by constantly refusing access, in writing no less, giving me the evidence they did that! Then they turn around and claim its my fault they did? 

That’s the screwed up thing to all this. Kory Read & Allison Read act like refusing access was not a good reason for them to be evicted from the apartment. They thought it was okay to stand there in the hearing and state no one was getting in when no one was home. They truly thought they could dictate when people were entering the apartment and seem so surprised that it would get them kicked out. Of course, they would find someone else to blame.

You can see my severe mental distress in my past writings that I share and I am not ashamed of it anymore. It was done to me, not by me. This is why I did this site, as there is nothing more screwed up than being blamed for the actions of someone else and the tactics they use to do it with is mind-blowing to me to see.

The way my Bullies talk, you would think they are only reacting to my Actions, not the other way around!

What came first here, Kory Read & Allison Read many domains with its vicious contents, or mine showing what they have done to me with these actions? 

If Kory Read didn’t do anything against me, I wouldn’t have anything to write about. 

I wouldn’t know this to be a Smear Campaign, if they didn’t exist somewhere. I wouldn’t know to learn about toxic people, Adult Bullies, manipulators, and narcissists, if these actions weren’t done to others in the past. I wouldn’t be able to learn about these tactics if someone else before me didn’t experience the same and doctors didn’t come up with the terms.

I am learning from other people who experienced similar things and from specialists who studied these things. The similarities can’t be missed. 

I got the help I needed. It was from my own doctor I started learning about narcissism. I reached out to many specialists over the past few years and I have read so many other people’s stories that I have now become very confident in myself these days and know I will never be triggered ever again by someone else’s nasty opinions over anything I say and do. 

No one has the right to speak for me, no matter who you are to me.

They should be ashamed of themselves for the words they have online against me and others. There is more, way too many to mention! See it all here…

“that crazy racist”

“as a bully”

 “under cover white supremacist”

“A White Pride, really bad liar”

“Stella Reddy is that piece of shit” 

“Stella Reddy has no shame, no pride, no self-worth and is so moral corrupt that it is beyond comprehension.”

“White Pride racist bigot”

“Stella Reddy the White Pride narcissist” 

“Stella Reddy has once again and not unsurprisingly been proven as the really, really bad racist liar that she is.”

“And once again Stella Reddy will try and discredit indisputable facts with nonsense, because that is all Stella Reddy can do! But you see Stella Reddy is an under cover White Supremacist because she says things that are racist, but then is not woman enough to own it.”

“Instead Stella Reddy will

  • cry about her PTSD, or
  • her alleged metal breakdown and does not remember what she did or said, or
  • she will blame it on the owners Luigi Liscio and his son Anthony Liscio, or
  • she will blame the interracial married couple / tenants for her own choice of words.”

“Stella Reddy is a coward who uses so many different excuses as a crutch because she is not woman enough to take responsibility for what SHE has obviously said and done.”

“Remember racist and bigots like Stella Reddy are always the victim! Because that is what racist Narcissist do.”

“White Pride Karen”

“boo-hoo blog.”


It is SO important for us to completely understand the Narcissist’s manipulation tactics to create chaos, traumatize us, and most importantly to control us to completely break free from the cycle of their abuse!


Understanding the Narcissist’s agenda of devaluing us and then projecting THEIR faults onto us all at the same time. Narcissistic magic to make them the virtuous one by turning it around and blaming us for what THEY do!

When a Narcissist verbally attacks, devalues, or projects slander onto their targets/victims, they have two objectives. One is projection of course (accusing us of what they do), BUT the other is to “dirty a bright spot in your character” with whatever lies or slander they are projecting at you. It’s as though any shiny part of your image diminishes the glow of their façade and that just pisses that destructive inner child of theirs off. You can never be anything but inferior to them. This is of course the mentality of the Narcissistic terrorist, who must malign and tear other people’s integrity down and ultimately harm OR destroy them with what only amounts to a chaotic counterattack to protect their distorted and damaged existence.

Projection and smearing at the same time are a work of art for the Narcissist, and it is uncanny how Narcissists manage to accomplish it. It’s all in the way their words are carefully placed, because not only do they ditch one of their faults, but they also muddy up one of your virtues in the process until they eradicate all of your goodness. They are so glib and amazingly adept at “killing two birds with that one stone.”

Think about situations where they may have been caught in one of their many lies – and instead of accepting accountability they completely divert and accuse you of the same thing and then they start dissembling you bit by bit! It is all about getting that reaction as well – because that takes the situation into another direction and away from them. SO again, this is done to get us to react – In turn we start our own projecting back to our Narcissist – but NOT in any manner similar to what they project onto us – we project in an effort to use our empathy and critical thinking to TRY to make things right or fix them. But remember the Narcissist is training us like a dog to make us do tricks. So, we learn that by remaining silent, avoiding making them accountable, showing more affection, being so good to them, or loving/caring them before ourselves, we get our just reward. Basically, we project a ‘happy face’ when inside we are conflicted, protecting ourselves, confused, manipulated, betrayed, and demeaned. It is absolutely dehumanizing and subjugation pure and simple. This is why they malign all people – I have a new term for this and it is ‘hate bombing!’ Just like the ‘love bombing’ it has its purpose to keep us controlled BUT in a negative and fearful way.

Their projection works amazingly well because it is just so much crazy thrown at us that we are never the wiser or seeing it as projection because it is shocking and then once again it adds another level of the abuse and damages our chances of fixing things ONCE AGAIN – bit by bit they are erasing us. We react by wanting to set it all straight, so it just put us back into that place where we were explaining ourselves again and bending over backwards to fix another deluded accusation – another day another loss of who we are?

Again, remember none of what they said about you was real, BUT It was real for the Narcissist because THEY were doing whatever they accused us of — SO to cleanse themselves of the horrendous wrongdoing they have done, they had to project this onto us and see us squirm and basically punish us for their acts of infidelity. They essentially put themselves up on their grand pulpit and exclaimed that they were OUR sins as well as proclaiming their high morality as in they would NEVER commit such an act when they just did. This is how they dump the guilt and patch up their virtuous façade. It is ALL about the reaction, deflection, attacking our virtues, turning the blame onto us.

It is all very confusing when you are going through it. But understand and remember this, the Narcissist isn’t attacking your ‘faults and shortcomings,’ he/she is attacking your ‘virtues and accomplishments.’ Consequently, when the Narcissist is conducting a character assassination against you or someone else, the gun the Narcissists shoots never hits one of that person’s real flaws, it is shot at you (or whomever) to just wound you enough to disable you. Believe me they will keep shooting and wounding you in the hopes of completely crippling you as time goes by because they must do this to remain in control and protect their false life and lies.

OK, so the point here was to understand some of the mechanics that will hopefully help you release from the blame and shame that the Narcissist dumped into your head. You don’t deserve to carry a debt for the time you spent with this person. You ARE a normal and loving human being that is equipped with empathy, and you proved that all along. Do you ever remember feeling like this before you got involved with this Narcissist? NO, unless you were with another Narcissist. You didn’t magically go from a good person to an insensitive, non-caring person that could do nothing right in this crazy and debilitating relationship. You are not crazy or insane either. You were abused by a very defective person that ultimately managed you down more and more until eventually you lost sight of the real you. You will become that real person you once were because unlike the Narcissist WE ARE ABLE TO CHANGE. You were disabled by the extreme tactics used on you. With introspection, time, support and real love, you can and will turn around. It is time for you to BELIEVE in yourself completely and discard everything and anything about what this Narcissist made you believe about yourself. They were a nightmare in your life, and now that you are awake and free from them it is time to put the real perspective or truth back into your reality that you are a normal and amazing person that has the tools to become whole again. You really must use them to succeed, so PLEASE no/minimal contact to start you out on that road to recovery! Greg

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