As time passes and I learn more about the Toxic Traits that I have been exposed to in my last workplace from Tenants who Bullied me, the more I come to see and understand their behaviour.

As the poster says, the Smear Campaign isn’t about me, it is about them looking for attention. They are deliberately being salacious in their speech to shock people into reading more of their content.

Toxic Adult Bullies enjoy the attention, good or bad, that they get from talking about me and others on the internet. Otherwise, they wouldn’t keep doing it, not only to me but to other people, even now.

To me, the act of renewing domains to keep their opinions online for people to find, long after the situation has been resolved through legal venues, shows me it is about the attention they feel they get. They enjoy the thought that there are people out there possibly reading their content, whether they actually are or not doesn’t matter.

They truly believe that the opinions of strangers on the internet will get them the outcome they want, which is noted below, me being ostracized from my Community. They hope the fear of possible attack for their words will cause me to hide away from living too! They want all their Targets ostracized from their community and to lose their jobs, all just based on their own personal opinions. They want me shamed and humiliated, afraid to show my face.

For me, it wasn’t their actions that caused all my mental health issues, I already had PTSD for many years, they just aggravated the symptoms by playing on my fear of being attacked for their false allegations of racism. They wanted me fearful, they still do otherwise they wouldn’t have done Their actions are evidence of their intentions and I see them now. It is twofold, attention for them, and cause fear in me.

Creating and posting on a personally titled domain in my name all the issues these Tenants had with me during my time working there, and sharing it on the internet where millions of people could find it, showed me it was all about gaining attention for themselves, not about righting any wrongs.

They spent more time and energy on the many websites I share here than they did on their legal applications! Sharing your dirty laundry in public does not help you in any Tribunal but they don’t care, they just want all the attention they could get from readers of the internet.

This showed me where their priorities were as they worked harder to make an impression on readers of their content than they did on the legal applications, as they thought they would get more out of the internet than in court. They still do, which is why they keep going after 6 years!

During the process of Human Rights, I have numerous emails from them filled with comments they say others have said about me. They also shared one on that is now removed.

In this post they wrote on March 22, 2020, that they shared and then quickly removed, they clearly state that they “have had people review their names online and they end up stating that Stella Reddy is “a fucking lunatic, who should be medicated”.

You also see their statement that I am “a racist who needs to be exposed even long after death” and their goal is to make the community aware of my immoral behaviour and beliefs. They claim that I am not working due to retirement but because people found their sites they claim is the truth, and ran far away from me as they could.

In the past, those words would have cut deep into my psyche and I would be demoralized and filled with fear, but after all the healing I have done up to this date in 2020, all I could do was laugh at their audacity in making such blatant statements about me.

The detailed familiarity they try to claim about my personal life is very outlandish and hard to believe from a Tenant I had in the workplace. No matter the exchanges we had during HRTO they can never claim such detailed familiarity with my personal life, not even my professional one, as they do in their contents.

All you need to know is they were just Tenants, who pretend to know me on every level when it wasn’t possible.

I came to see that they are very detailed in their outlandish claims to draw attention to themselves, the more outrageous the allegation, the more shock value they could get and the more attention they have in the end.

I even play in that by sending people to their websites but I have reached the point where I don’t care about that anymore, I use their websites as they are great examples of their toxicity. Once they are gone, so will my references to them on my own site. The time will come, nothing lasts forever!

Below, I share the content from an earlier version of that shows their intent was to get attention from their websites. In this version, they pretend that they are helping me find a job, thinking they could bash my reputation to any property management company before I even tried to find one. They thought they could get possible employers against me before they get a chance to meet me!

I have discovered that even their attempts to interfere in my ability to gain employment didn’t work!

In September 2021, a year after moving to NL, I was offered a job working for a property management company here as an administrator for the head office. I seriously thought about taking it, but I knew physically, I couldn’t, so I did turn it down.

I am glad I went through the process, as it showed me that nothing these Toxic Tenants could ever say about me will cause anyone to turn away from me, not even in employment! When I told these people about those sites, as I felt I had to, they laughed and said that someone’s personal opinions will never sway them against another, especially someone they haven’t met for themselves. They knew after 5 minutes in my company that I am not as noted in the contents of those websites.

This experience just validated my own personal beliefs about the intent of the sites being online. They know they won’t affect my life, personal or professional, they just like the attention they get from trying!!

Not just from strangers but also from me!


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