The Power of Integrity!


Integrity, it is important to me, in my career and in my personal life. It is shown in my courage to stand my ground with tenants, even property owners, to follow the rules. Everything written on these Smearing sites owned by Adult Tenant Bullies, show my integrity. It is also shown in my site and the telling of my story. I will always do what is right, no matter how hard it is.

I refused to give in and allow tenants to break the rules of apartment living. I refused to allow property owners to ignore their responsibilities with The Residential Tenancies Act and Employment Standards.

I refused to be blackmailed by Bullies and though I got quiet for awhile, in the end, I refused to back down and stay quiet. I practice my values every day. I will not be Bullied, no matter who you are. Come after me all you want, I will stand my ground and stick to my personal beliefs.

Even now, I refuse to back down and will continue to share my story of being Bullied and my recovery from that, in my own personally named domain. I could be mean and vengeful like these Adult Tenant Bullies I have, but I am not that person and don’t want to be. I don’t know the Bullies on a personal level and won’t pretend that I do. I refuse to talk about their marriage, their children, even their personal lives, as it don’t mean anything to me and I don’t know them to be able to say anything anyway. I went after their personally named sites, as they correspond with the smearing ones and show ownership of them. Besides, they are on the internet for anyone to find! If they didn’t want them found by people, don’t have them online!

I never had any problem doing the hard things in my job and enforce the rules of apartment living, enforce the rules of employment standards, or even enforce my strong beliefs in my personal life. I never will.

If I had to walk to the property I managed with a baseball bat for protection, I did it. If I had to wear a body cam, also for my protection, I did that too. If I had a tenant yelling and screaming at me in the office, or pushing me, I had no problem calling the Police on them. I learned over the years to keep notes of every day, to copy everything and get all in writing. A tenant came to the office to talk, I had them put it in wiring, all for my protection. I spoke to a tenant, I followed it up in writing. I never had any issues with sharing video’s of my car being stolen online on YouTube to find who did it and try and get my car back. I managed to deal with 2 jumpers, both of which who jumped off their balconies to their deaths and I had to identify them. I had tenants shooting at me, and I left to protect myself, as the owners refused to do so anymore. If a tenant broke the rules I took them to the LTB and refused to back down. I made the hard decisions needed, whenever needed, and never ignored anything that could come back and bite me later, like this did. I regret that decision but it is done and cannot be changed. I accept it.

I learned from it though! Never again, will I ever give in to what someone else wants, especially when I am being attacked. The one time I gave in to someone else and it came back later to bite me in the ass. Sure, they were attacked too but their business wasn’t being affected, their personal lives were not being affected, not like mine. Sure they did a domain on the property filled with their names, but they didn’t do a personal site in their personal names where all the content was just about them. They were not personally attacked like I was. There wasn’t psychological damage done to their mental health.

I never hid from doing the hard work I needed over the years to recover my mobility from 2 broken legs and the 5 years spent in mental health recovery for PTSD. I always faced my medical challenges too with strength and determination to recover from it. I took a year to adjust to having Spinal Stenosis but it don’t stop me, even now. All the Cancer surgeries I have had, 14 of them to remove cancerous lesions, didn’t hold me down for long. I may go down for a bit, but I am never out for long. It took time for me to remember who I was, after being Bullied so badly and my PTSD coming back so strongly. I know now.

I am a honest person, people who know me well, will attest to that, sometimes to a fault. I had enough to try and remember in my career I didn’t have the head space or memory to try and remember lies told. I stood up for myself and ensure my rights were respected, personally and professionally. I still do, even now.

As these Adult Tenant Bullies can attest too, I took employers to the Ministry of Labour if they didn’t want to follow the rules and I stood up to tenants, even sometimes landlords, when they didn’t want to follow the rules or wanted to short change them. Kory Read shows evidence I have a lot of integrity!

I don’t understand why I stepped back in August 2016 when that letter came, as it isn’t something I did before, but I accept I was in a bad place at the time. I didn’t want to go back to work, but felt I had too, for financial reasons then. I was a bit insecure after being out of working for a year and it was a smaller property than I was use too. I was new in the job and the building there, and I trusted the owners in that they said it was just the tenant blowing off steam, and to ignore it. I took their word, as it was their tenant and I didn’t know anyone yet, to know for sure. I trusted them in what they said, though I knew in my gut from experience, they were wrong. I didn’t want to be wrong and I wanted to believe them. That was my problem. I wanted to believe them over my own instincts, as I was tired. I took this job cause it was a small property and I thought it would be easier. I learned my mistake and I own up to that. It became worse than anything I ever did before!

In Property Management industry in Ontario, there are a lot of rules to follow in rentals from many industries like Property Standards and its RentSafeTO rules, Fire Safety, electrical safety, plumbing safety, there is health and safety which covers a lot on a property from cleaning products safety to trip and falls. There is Pest Control and its contractors and products, various contractors and City Inspectors. The procedures in Ontario to run and manage an apartment building has gotten ridiculous, to be honest. It is too much and things are bring missed as a result.

It was too much for me in the end. I came to see that just because I had the knowledge, or knew how to access it, don’t mean I should have. Doing what needed to be done in a property, whether it is your responsibility or not, is integrity.  I feel taken advantage of for my knowledge and ability to find it, in this job. The owners didn’t help always calling me the “boss”, when I was not. They tried to give me too much responsibility and I was balking at it all the time, but it didn’t matter. They knew I had integrity and would get it done, as it had to be.

I had to teach the property owners there the rules and I shouldn’t have had to do that. They were not giving Interest on tenants last months rent, they were not even giving some tenants rent increases but were giving it to others and using very old forms that could have made the increase void if the tenants disputed it. There was a lot not being done to follow the rules of various agencies and if they got caught, well they would have been in trouble. As I worked there, if they got caught, I felt it would then fall on me. So, I made sure they got caught up by the time RentSafeTO came out in 2017 and didn’t get into trouble. That was a lot of work, not just at Kennedy either as by this time I had 5 buildings with a total of 65 units, to be responsible for to get up to standards for RentSafeTO. We did it though and they all got high scores!

I will never regret having such high integrity, it has gotten me where I am today.


Definition of integrity

1firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values INCORRUPTIBILITY
2an unimpaired condition SOUNDNESS
3the quality or state of being complete or undivided COMPLETENESS

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