The Power In Words

There is a lot of power in words! I am sharing with you some Posters I have made over the past few years that are saved on Pinterest.

I have over 22000 pins so far!! Some I made but most I found there. Over the past year, my interests have expanded to include small animals and landscapes too. There are amazingly creative people out there who share their creations with everyone else and I for one thank them all!

Their words have given me strength and determination to keep going. I knew that one day, it would all end, I just had to hang on long enough for it to do that.

My life experiences showed me that things end at their own pace, just as I heal at my own pace from toxicity shown to me. I just didn’t know how long it would take and there were times I was impatient. The fear got in the way sometimes and I know that is understandable. I am human.

I also have a voice and have no problem using it to protect myself and all that is important to me.

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