The Narcissistic Adult Bullies Attacks Your Core

Narcissistic Abusers Attack your Core

In the beginning of my nightmare with Adult Tenant Bullies, I was so confused over why they felt they could accuse me of being a racist, when they didn’t know me. That thought drove me a little nuts to be honest.

I KNEW that there was nothing of that, not in any shape or form, as it isn’t who I am. How could they make up a story of some prior meeting they claim we had at some restaurant off site, even before I moved in to live and work there, and say I said inappropriate words about them, all knowing their words were total lies? I kept thinking they were so stupid, making a claim like that, months after they say it occured, yet they did nothing at the time? If it was anyone else and this prior meeting actually happened like they say, they wouldn’t wait 2 months later to bring it up, not even in such vague terms! It took over a whole year for me to get details of this prior meeting they say we had at this restaurant off site. I heard it all at the Hearing held Sept 26, 2017! 

I was stumped by their actions and their ability to lie so effortlessly about me with things I could so easily disprove with my records, and they knew it. I have no history of that behaviour, not in my 50 yrs at that point. I knew there is no such behaviour shown by me, not to anyone, not even them.

I came to see all these antics were the Adult Tenant Bullies way of trying to shut me up and get me gone. They were trying to cause so much ruckus, that I would leave with my tail between my legs in shame and embarrassment over their lies they were telling about my character. They thought they had the power to control my actions, with their many tactics that were intended to keep me quiet. I am glad it didn’t work, then or now. 

  • The letter sent August 31, 2016 was their first, hoping their words would cause the property owners to fire me. They thought that implying that I was all these things would be enough to cause triangulation and turn the owners against me, to get rid of me. They thought if I was gone, they could continue doing what they wanted and get away with it.
  • The Work Order sent August 22, 2017, with just one item of repair noted there, was their way of starting shit up again. I now know they had no intention of allowing me entry, it was their way of trying to get to me once again, hoping they would get something to bully me over and give them more to try and get me fired and gone from the building so they could manipulate the owners into allowing them to stay. I followed Entry rules to the letter, yet it still didn’t matter. They denied entry and bullied me the same time. You heard this Bully, he wanted me there at 8 am with a contractor to do the work needed, he didn’t want to have to wait around. Just another way for them to try and get control to get me gone.
  • Once the Notice of Hearing was sent to them, they proceeded to file a Landlord and Tenant Board complaint on us as well. The day of the hearing, Sept 26, 2017, is when we got the paperwork for that, I watched one of the Bullies ask for a Certificate of Service form, to complete showing they gave us the paperwork that day. Yet, this man thought he could get his issues brought up the same time? They had a hearing scheduled Oct 31, 2017 but they hoped that they could get it all addressed the same time. No one will expect anyone to speak on a application against them when they only got the paperwork that day out in the lobby of the building. We all know what came about when they got evicted, all brought out by their actions and own words during this hearing.
  • They were evicted October 3, 2017 by Order of the LTB and had to be out by end of October that year. They were even given more time to look for a place, as they had kids, and didn’t get the 10 days they normally give. They responded with the website on November 2, 2017 where they lay out their defense and never mention they refused entry, of course.
  • They filed an Appeal on their eviction with Divisional Court in November 2017, and all during the 19 months of that process, they tried numerous times to talk to the owner and getting them to step in and “fix it” so they could stay. These Bullies shared their conversations with the owners during this time and you can see their manipulations with them.
  • They tried to get a Tenant Association going, in hopes of getting me fired, I was told by someone who went to the one meeting held. This Association went nowhere.
  • When they lost their Appeal with Divisional Court in April 2019, that’s when all the other sites came online,,,, Once again, tactics in the hopes of shaming me to leave.
  • In the middle of all this, they also filed applications with Human Rights against all of us, which lasted 18 months. During this is when most of the psychological damage was done to my psyche, as I had almost daily emails from these Tenant Bullies filled with so many tactics, along with additions to the domains contents almost daily, that I got lost for a long time. Almost 2 years, during this and the Divisional Court, I was a mess. The fear was terrible. I felt exposed and vulnerable to attack, physically and mentally, by everyone around me.
  • Even the djnotnice site, claiming they taking it off due to stalking by me and claiming they had to move out when they found out I was saving video from the security systems of their actions, rather than state they lost their appeal and HAD to leave as the Sheriff was coming to lock them out.

They NEVER tell the truth!

I stuck with the applications against me, didn’t I? I refused to quit as I knew they were lying. It is terrible that they got to walk away from that! I would have loved to go ahead with it all and have them proven wrong once again. I am happy they walked tho, as that action just showed they were lying! No one walks away after spending 19 months on something, unless they knew they would not win and didn’t want the embarrassment of it!

I was lied about, my every word and action picked apart by total strangers and made to look the way they wanted it too with their personal nasty implications. My whole environment became so toxic, I just had to leave there and move far away and start over! If I wrote anything, it was taken by them and twisted with their vicious suppositions they could never prove. It went this way for a long time.

I learned in the end, their implications were all they needed to do, as it bothered me, no end. I went a little nuts trying to defend myself against their daily missives filled with lies during the HRTO process. I came to realize the whole fiasco was just for my benefit, to try and make me suffer with embarrassment and try to make me hide away in shame of what they accuse me of. They wanted me to suffer and if someone else came onboard with them in their hate of me, all the better, but it never happened. After over 5 years of my name being online with my pictures, NO ONE came to help them with their lies against me, as there is nothing there. 

It didn’t work. I didn’t feel shame over what they were accusing me of, I felt so much shame from the reactions of everyone else around me to the motives expressed by these Adult Tenant Bullies, claiming they were mine. I did get a little confused with the gaslighting there for awhile, but it didn’t last long. I know who I am and this thought has saved me too many times to count. I had to stay with my own beliefs of myself, otherwise I would totally be wiped out by their implications on my motives. IF I didn’t have such a strong sense of myself, they probably would have won.

Persistence against you is the key and they were persistent, still are! Even with their Parked Domains now going to the Internet Archive, they still try to take control over the narratives of this. I accept they have control over their own perspective, they just can’t control who believes them. They can write all they want online within their own paid for domains, even one in my personal name, but that don’t mean anyone will accept it. They don’t know me, their many words and implications show that. All their content is filled with so much hate and resentment that people  reading their words, can feel. It’s all negative, hate, and resentment and so many assigning of my personal motives, which people know are impossible for a stranger to know about.

Everything within the contents of all these Bullying domains, is pure speculation! Just as the poster above says, all these Adult Tenant Bullies actions were always about shutting me up! They wanted the focus on me and what they say I did, not on them and their actions, even the domains they did. They spent so much time, energy, and money, on ways to try and shut me up from telling MY Story! I am glad to say, they never will.


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