The words below have been playing on my mind since I read them a while back from the Reply Toxic Adult Bullies in Sept 2018.

Toxic Adult Bullies didn’t care about proving I violated their Human Rights, he was only interested in proving what a LIAR I was.

Rather than concentrate on proving their claims I was racist and discriminating against them for being interracial, they concentrated on trying to prove I was a liar instead. If I am accepted as a liar, then there was no need to believe a word I said, or wrote, in this case. Then Toxic Adult Bullies, and what he says, is accepted.

Toxic Adult Bullies filed applications on June 4 2018 against me and the property owners, individually. There were 4 file numbers, as I had 2 applications against me and the owners had one each. The link below contains their original application.

The contents in this document are supposed to have shown the violations of their human rights, as per the list they checked off, that I share here. If you go by procedures, after this is issued, it was my job then to reply, which I did in August 2018.

Once the Respondent’s Reply is submitted, it then again went to the applicants, Toxic Adult Bullies, to answer any question within our Replies.

We got 2 replies from Toxic Adult Bullies.

These replies from Toxic Adult Bullies contain a repeat of the original papers and more allegations, that were not in the first document. They make it sound like I am a ringleader, leading the owners, and my husband, around by the nose and they had no choice but to follow my lead. Hmm…

As per the paragraph below, Toxic Adult Bullies was screwed up, as it was not my place to justify that everyone was not in cahoots, it was his to prove we were.

The reality of this situation for them is that they have provided no visual case law, presented no acceptable arguments or explanations to justify why everyone was in NOT in cahoots in their attempts to have the applicants removed from the building.”

I received the impression that Toxic Adult Bullies thought he would make his claims against me and my actions and that I would then have to prove him wrong. It doesn’t work that way.

As for the challenge issued to the 3 respondents to prove where the applicants lied? That is not my responsibility either to do that.  I gave my reply, and I gave evidence of the domain they had and provided evidence from Facebook, which was totally ignored by the Toxic Adult Bullies.

I also gave the various letters and emails where Toxic Adult Bullies is denying entry for access and showed the evidence I got from other tenants over their actions within the property, trying to get others together against me. That was all I needed to do.

Everything that came after is moot, as it wasn’t accepted anyway.

You see, if I had kept quiet and only done what I was asked of during the HRTO process, all Toxic Adult Bullies would have is my Reply as submitted in August 2018. That was all I was required to provide.

It was ALWAYS Toxic Adult Bullies’ responsibility to prove his case, not my responsibility to disprove it.

I had no need to explain away anything. They filed the applications so it was their job to prove their claims, not keep going back and forth cause I was emotionally unstable and reacted to his daily garbage and continual additions to his files. Live and learn…

“She continues to lie to the HRTO, despite being unquestionable caught.” This line has nothing to do with violations of Human Rights.  In the end, I did my job and enforced the rights of the property owners to access the apartment for repairs.

It was proven, over and over in their own writings and in person out of their own mouths, that Toxic Adult Bullies denied access to the apartment for contractor appointments, repairs, and inspections, whether it was rescheduled or not. I didn’t write their letters for them, nor their emails, where they are clearly saying they were not allowed entry at the time requested. 

How could I lie about something that is so clearly there in front of you, written by them? 

Unfortunately, Toxic Adult Bullies don’t feel that way. They truly believe that because they felt  “enough is enough” of people coming and going and nothing getting done to their satisfaction with the repairs and timings of them, then they would deny access until it is.

They learned the hard way that they couldn’t do that but are not mature enough to accept it. They prefer instead to make fools of themselves trying to convince total strangers that it was everyone else’s fault. 

The list at this point is almost endless, and at some point the Applicants have to stop addressing these endless amounts of misquotes facts, lies and obvious illegal actions of the 3 Respondents.

There as so many inconsistences that could be addressed that it would take the Applicants months just to sit down and cross reference, rebuke and show every lie and misquoted fact and questionable actions on the behalf of the 3 Respondents. It just is not realistic nor is it logical to think that they need or can do it at this time.

The Applicant would challenge any of the 3 Respondents to prove with where the Applicants have lied or mislead the HRTO?

To continue down this long written road of going through their current paper work and that of the remaining paper work the Applicants have. It would only continue to confirm that when the 3 Respondents were called out on it by the Applicants in their letters, the 3 Respondents decided to retaliate against the “ Black ”Applicant and her family by using their positions with Alto Properties Inc. to achieve it. The whole time encouraging and enabling each other and trying to build a case against them so they could have them removed for multiple benefits.

There really is no need at this time for the Applicants to continue addressing the 3 Respondents behaviour. The HRTO

has the 3 Respondents own;

  • Words
  • Documents
  • Videos
  • behaviour

to help them make a finding against them.

The Applicants have made it very obvious to the HRTO and anyone who reads this file. That despite of all the

  • Documents
  • Emails
  • Videos
  • Pictures
  • Obvious Lies
  • Racially Charged Language
  • Prejudice Slurs
  • October 25, 2017 Conversation
  • Harassment
  • Racist Motivated Behaviour
  • Discrimination
  • Intentional Inconveniencing
  • Illegal N5’s

The now alleged former Alto Properties Inc. Property Manager Stella Reddy was their – GO TO PERSON for Alto Properties Inc. owner and Alto Properties Inc. owner.

The Applicants reply, without any doubt shows that despite any words or lack of words the 3 Respondents try and use, to try explain away their prejudice and discriminatory behaviour towards the Applicants.

The reality of this situation for them is that they have provided no visual case law, presented no acceptable arguments or explanations to justify why everyone was in NOT in cahoots in their attempts to have the applicants removed from the building.

It is pretty clear and pretty obvious that the now alleged former Alto Properties Inc. Property Manager Stella Reddy is far from being “ obvious ” or “ Naive ” as it has been claimed.

She freely makes narcissist statements like “ I could have said worse, ”

She has NEVER shown a touch remorse for her behaviour or even hinted at a apologizing,

She brags how “ no will give a shit ” racially charged language, prejudice slurs and her own racially motivated actions She makes false claims “ I see people as people. To me it don’t matter what they look like, ” yet they has open compared, referred to and insulted the Applicant and her own nephew based on their complexion.

She continues to lie to the HRTO, despite being unquestionable caught.

The HRTO needs to dismiss the 3 Respondents request for deferral and/or dismissal. Thank you.

K & A