The email thread below is important for people to see as it highlights what I have been saying about their tactics.

In February 2019, I sent them an email, copied below, through HRTO and you can see their response.

There was no way I was doing that, and they knew it. Talk about bribery! I wanted to make it easier for their kids but Toxic Adult Bullies wanted what Toxic Adult Bullies wanted. He didn’t care about his kids…

This response told me that there was no mediation, no compromise with these people. They wanted their pound of flesh and that was it. They are determined to get it, one way or another no matter the personal cost even to them, they are hell-bent on destroying my name. At the time, I just wanted it over and done. I got my wish, tho it took forever!

“You come to Divisional Court as a witness and admit you filed the N5’s in bad faith against A. I can have the website taken down and the Facebook post removed. And I can ensure that this issue will not be on the internet or social media again. That way it is a win, win for everyone.” 

On 2019-02-07 08:47, Stella Reddy wrote:

Attn: Registrar

To Toxic Adult Bullies

In the interests of resolution and the spirit of mediation, I am writing this morning to offer the applicants an opportunity to make things easier, and less stressful over the next few weeks. Please understand this is not being done out of fear of losing but out of consideration and empathy for the children in the household of the applicants. As a parent myself, I understand the uncertainty the children must be feeling and with the stress of having to pack and move everything within a short period of time, it will be harder on the children, and I would like to take the opportunity to alleviate that for them as much as I can now. It is up to the applicants if they wish to accept and take responsibility for these actions now, rather than later.

I am willing to forego applying to Small Claims Court, and willing to not go after the applicant’s financial, personal, or professional reputation through any judicial system for the website and Facebook posts and allow the applicants to leave the property in peace when the time comes if the applicants are willing to accept and complete the following, IN WRITING:

  1. They admit they fabricated the complete prior meeting they claim we had at some restaurant before I moved in to work here and I have never made any of the comments they have accused me of at this alleged meeting.
  2. They admit they made this website and Facebook posts out of deliberate and malicious spite in retaliation for the eviction and access to the apartment for these repairs.
  3. They delete and remove the website, and all Facebook posts from online completely.
  4. They agree to leave peacefully once Divisional Court decides to uphold the eviction with no retaliation, in word or deed, to myself or anyone else. The applicants have to agree to leave without making any derogatory comment to ANYONE, including other tenants in the building about their opinions over what has occurred.
  5. The applicants agree to keep any further opinions and suppositions to themselves over these proceedings and accept all decisions made by HRTO or Divisional Court and abide by them 100%.

For agreeing to complete these things in good faith, I will agree to not go after them financially, personally, nor professionally, for any of these things they have done against me with this website and Facebook posts and will ask my family members to do the same.  I will stay away from the Divisional Court hearing and will not be in the lobby to watch them move out.  The applicants will be able to move out of the building and go on with their lives knowing I will not come after them for any of their actions they deliberately made against me in any judicial setting and face financial uncertainty for Small Claims Court. Once they leave the property, there will be no more contact between us and no more judicial actions on either end. Unfortunately, I can’t control the Property Owners so what they do over the website as I have no say in it.

If this is acceptable to HRTO and to the applicants, as I believe I am not being unreasonable, please let me know by tomorrow so I know how to proceed.

I need for the applicants to accept responsibility for their lies, this website,,  and Facebook posts and admit, in writing, that everything they have accused me of has all been fabricated to get back at me for the eviction and how I did my job here with accessing the apartment for repairs and the changes I was implementing to comply to the rules of property management. I require that they admit all this in writing that they made it all up, and is the only thing I will accept. Anything less and I will do anything and everything I can to get it in writing by force if I need to. It is all throughout their paperwork, how things have escalated by their false claims, the changing stories, the constant suppositions as well as their own racial comments about other people. They show how they tried and failed to get other tenants here to make false allegations against me to support their claims so as to not be alone in their endeavors against me. As I am sure your office has determined by now, this alleged prior conversation never took place at some restaurant between us, as not only do I not speak like they claim using words they claim I did, but it was impossible for me to even be there at the time they claim. There were no issues with racism from me towards the applicants in any word or deed I issued while working here, and they have not proven any of their allegations against me, as there is nothing there to prove. I am sure that you have determined by now that the applicants came up with this wild story as a deflection from their own actions of refusal of access for repairs, that they admitted to doing by their own words even before I worked here as noted in the Transcript they provided from the LTB hearing in Sept 2017, to try and put the spotlight onto someone else, namely me. Am I perfect? No, I have admitted I have not been perfect and at times I reacted unprofessionally, but I am human. I have no trouble admitting my mistakes and I will accept the consequences for my own actions. This is part of being an adult and I hope the applicants are willing to do the same and accept responsibility for their actions in this mess.

Thank you for your time.

Stella Reddy

From: k
Sent: February 7, 2019 10:36 AM
To: Stella Reddy <>
Cc: HRTO Registar 
Subject: Response to Stella Reddy Proposal

Hello everyone,

Stella Reddy, I have read your email and it just does not work in the interest of our family.

But let me throw something by you, and the property owners.

You come to Divisional Court as a witness and admit you filed the N5’s in bad faith against Allison.

I can have the website taken down and the Facebook post removed. And I can ensure that this issue will not be on the internet or social media again.

That way it is a win, win for everyone.

Let me know.


From: k
Sent: February 7, 2019 10:57 AM
Cc: Stella Reddy <>; HRTO Registar 
Subject: Re: Response to Stella Reddy Proposal

Dear Mr. Strashin,

Again, I do not need you legal advice. Thank you though…

And you know the state of mind of Stella Reddy for her filing the bad faith N5’s how?



From: k
Sent: February 7, 2019 11:34 AM
To: Stella Reddy <>
Cc: HRTO Registar <
Subject: Follow Up # 2

Hello Everyone..

Stella Reddy, the offer still stands.

It appears that maybe David Strashin is concerned about this idea, as he is ONLY looking out for the best interest of your former employers during these mediation talks.

David Strashin cannot do anything to you in regards to you speaking about your N5’s, that you filed with the LTB. The same hearings he was not even at.

If you wish to present evidence in regards to the reasoning for your filing that contradicts your previous reasoning’s. That is your right to do. If you wish to correct a wrong, that is your right to do. I will request that you be able to speak at Divisional Court, and I will be granted that request.

I am not asking you to lie, I am asking you to tell the truth and for telling the truth. I can have the website and Facebook information taken down.



From: k
Sent: February 7, 2019 11:45 AM
To: Stella Reddy <>
Cc: HRTO Registar <
Subject: Re: Response to Stella Reddy Proposal

Hello everyone..

Okay, see Feb. 19, 2019…



These emails below were sent once he realized I wouldn’t be doing what he wanted of me so once again he got nasty and malicious. He even sent me a blank email, copied below, out of his frustration!

You know what I see now when I read these missives? Toxic Adult Bullies acting like a spoiled brat for not getting his way!

He tries to bully me with his attitude again, reminding me of his lies of some alleged prior meeting that never happened and trying to bait me over Civil Court. These words don’t bother me anymore as I can see the truth now.

From: k
Sent: February 7, 2019 12:17 PM
To: Stella Reddy <>
Cc: HRTO Registar
Subject: Small Claims Court

Hello everyone….

Stella Reddy, You do understand that you no longer have any applications with the HRTO?

You and your family are free to file with Small Claims Court at any time. The HRTO is not in the business of giving you or anyone else any legal advice in regards to your ability to file with Smal Claims Court or not.

Although I am not a lawyer, I know that you and your family are more than free to file with Small Claims Court without any issues with the HRTO.

So please stop waiting for answers from the HRTO that you’re never going to get.

Just file with Small Claims Court and serve us the paper work when ready.

You and your family filing with Small Claims Court WILL NOT jeopardize our HRTO cases against you.



From: k
Sent: February 8, 2019 12:07 PM
To: Stella Reddy <>
Cc: HRTO-Registrar (MAG) ; >; A
Subject: Re: HRTO Files 2018-32808-I, 2018-32809-I, 2018-32810-I, 2018-32811-I

Hello everyone,

Stella Reddy – You want me to lie about our first encounter at the restaurant where you used a racist slur to describe our bi-racial children? You want me to lie about your racist views and use of prejudice language in an attempt to probe Allison about her background? And you want me to lie and claim none of this “truth”  never happened?


But you don’t want to tell the truth that you deliberately and maliciously, in bad faith filed your N5 for September 26, 2017  against us? Despite the facts that 3 of the 4 N5’s you have ever given us, were considered to be invalid (ILLEGAL) by Kevin Lundy.

This means Stella Reddy, that 75% of all the N5’s you have every given us,  were done deliberately and maliciously and ILLEGAL!!!

You adamantly claim over and over, you have had training, you know the rules of the RTA. If this is the case, this means that if you knew the rules, you knew you were breaking them!

I also would like to address another  deliberate act by Stella Reddy to deceive the HTRO.

It is clear that Stella Reddy did not include the email where I clearly stated “I am not asking you to lie, I am asking you to tell the truth ” with her email this morning where she deliberately and makes false accuses about me of telling/impling to her to lie for me.

What is amazing is that Stella Reddy deliberately does not included this ONE specific email, in her email this morning to the HRTO.

Let us all notice that she has attached every email, to her email this morning ( before and after in a running compilation/history of emails

from beginning to end ) But has not included the one email that clearly contradicts her false claims and deliberately lie about me telling her or imply to her to lie

for me.

As this running compilation/history of emails is just text at the bottom of a email that you are sending.

It would be easy for anyone to just removed/delete the text be before sending their email.

Stella Reddy has again shown to be acting in bad faith. She has once again be proven to be trying to fool and lie to the HRTO in her attempts to avoid her accountability for her racist behaviour over the past 2  ½ years.

It is clear that Stella Reddy thinks that she is smarter than everyone involved in this situation, even the HRTO in her attempts to bully, and tell/demand the HRTO to do their jobs, and by deliberately present misleading and bias information.

Please submit this into file as another racist attempt to punish us for standing up for our rights.

From: K
Sent: February 8, 2019 3:43 PM
To: Stella Reddy <>
Cc: HRTO-Registrar (MAG) 
Subject: Re: RE: HRTO Files 2018-32808-I, 2018-32809-I, 2018-32810-I, 2018-32811-I

–Sent from myMail for Android

From: a
Sent: February 12, 2019 5:06 PM
To: Stella Reddy <>
Subject: Form 10

Hello everyone…

HRTO – We would like to request an order be created that prevents Stella Reddy from re-submitting the same old regurgitated arguments and false claims that she has previously filed with the HRTO in the past.

Stella Reddy has made it a habit of pleading her case on a regular basis to the HRTO. Even in her more recent email to the HRTO dated Feb. 8,

2019 where she opens up with,

“Mr. Read, Please, tell me ONE GOOD reason why anyone would go up to total strangers,”

It is clear that she has tried to fool the HRTO into believing that this email is addressed to me, but she is clearly trying to layout her defence again to the HRTO for her racist behaviour by asking questions that she knows I (we) will not respond too or address.

Stella Reddy has this bizarre concept that if someone does not respond or address her pointless questions, YOU ARE GUILTY as you have REFUSSED to answer to her and she tries to present it to the HRTO as just that.

It appears that Stella Reddy has no idea that people just don’t care about her needless questions and that people do not have to answer to her when she wants them too.

Stella Reddy being a Narcissist, thinks that everyone, including the HRTO has to address her wants and needs because she says so.

This is so overwhelmingly obvious, as her behaviour over the past couple of months has grown even more ignorant and demanding in her emails to you where she has continuously try to bully, strong-arm the HRTO into coming up with a decision in her favour and on her timeline.

Stella Reddy has included new unfounded fake “facts” about encounters that range from us assaulting her while walking past her, to myself potentially assaulting her, to I will assault her after Divisional Court.

“ I will be there at 9:30 am at Divisional Court to watch this all come to an end and I will be here when you vacate the building. I am also letting you know that I have put some things in place for my personal protection come the next few weeks as I do not trust you and you will never find me alone at any time ”

There are some many false and slanderous claims made by Stella Reddy against our family to the HRTO that it would be practically impossible to keep up with Stella Reddy and addressing them.

Because as soon as you address one, Stella Reddy finds new ways to create new false claims in an endless stream of misleading and deliberate fake facts.

She has gone from using her past family history and illnesses in an attempt to gain sympathy with the HRTO, to now making unfounded allegations of fear that I will physically attack her after Divisional Court to try and gain some form of sympathy from the HRTO in her favor.

“ nor will you have any opportunity to physically attack me and try to twist it back on me that I attacked you.”

Stella Reddy is so obsessed with trying to create new fake claims to give to the HRTO. That she has forgot that these false and extremely slanderous claims clearly fall within the realms of  Cyber-libel and defamation by her own emails and words.

But again, Stella Reddy is so possessed with trying to deflect the actual facts from the HRTO Applications that she is willing to deliberately lie and create false claims to try and save herself from being held accountable. ( muddy the waters )

It is at this point that we request that the HRTO please make an order that prevents Stella Reddy from presenting anymore of her old fake claims or arguments that has already be presented to the HRTO.

If Stella Reddy has any new claims or alleged facts, she is more than welcome to present them. But at this time and every time Stella Reddy presents her old and regurgitated arguments and claims. We feel like we should address the issue, but then decided not to, as it would just be tie up the HRTO with her stupidity.

It is clear that Stella Reddy is deliberately trying to bog-down the HRTO with all these frivolous emails and regurgitated false claims in an attempt to get the adjudicator confused and frustrated with the whole situation in hopes that they will just dismiss it.

This is obvious just by the amount of worthless emails and repeated false claims that she has sent over the past few weeks.

She has become so desperate, that she is now including issues from Divisional Court proceedings despite them having nothing to do with the HRTO.

Again we request that the HRTO please restrict Stella Reddy to only having the ability to file new evidence and new facts in all future correspondence, immediately.

Also we would also like the HRTO to remind Stella Reddy that she is required to send all correspondence to David Strashin, as Luigi Liscio and Anthony Liscio are  active parties in these proceedings. She has made it another habit of not forwarding these same emails to the HRTO, to them despite knowing the rules that she must.