Toxic Adult Bullies has built up his domains in such a way by implying that he and his wife, and their 2 children, are just so important and special that others have to go out of their way to “bring them down” as they say. This is grandiosity.

I never saw anything special about them, I had absolutely no interest in them as individuals, they were tenants living in an apartment in a building I helped manage with administration, cleaning, and maintenance, just like thousand before them in my 18-year career.

When I look back, I don’t remember the tenants, except the nasty ones who made my job harder than it should have been, but most tenants are nameless and faceless to me as they came and went. Even the tenants who were nasty, I don’t remember their faces or names, just the situation they caused.

I remember most of my co-workers, the management company I worked for, and the property itself and the work I was a part of there. I have so many pictures from my past places of employment and there may be a scattered one here and there from tenant events we held, they are mostly about the property.

If you bother to read any of the lists below, you will notice the theme of Toxic Adult Bullies where he tries so hard to convince total strangers that he is right about me, that he knows me better than I do myself, and the most important is that he is trying to convince you that he is innocent and do no wrong. Toxic Adult Bullies is showing the trait of Grandiosity!

What Toxic Adult Bullies doesn’t see is that while he tries so hard to convince you, the degrading words he uses to describe others, the labels on people, and the very way he writes, tells you that Toxic Adult Bullies is arrogant and boastful. He truly believes that he is that special that I went out of my way to “target”

By the way, you will see that word a lot on these pages, “inconvenience”. According to Toxic Adult Bullies that is all I was after, was to “inconvenience” them.

According to Toxic Adult Bullies, I wasn’t there to do a job, I didn’t have 33 other units, with tenants living in them, to look after, nor did I have to take care of the building itself, my sole purpose was to “discriminate and inconvenience” him and his family. This is grandiosity.

It is this grandiose thinking, that Toxic Adult Bullies and his family are my sole purpose in life and nothing or no one was more important, is that gives his narcissism away! Toxic Adult Bullies is trying to imply that my job, upon moving into 859 Kennedy Rd, was to evict just him and his family. How absurd is that?

Stella Reddy, Luigi Liscio, Anthony Liscio and a barbecue.

We are going to again in this area of the website show how the bigot and racist Stella Reddy along with the enablers, Alto Properties Inc. owners Luigi Liscio and Anthony Liscio allowed Stella Reddy’s willfully tried to discriminate and deliberately tried to inconvenience and harass the interracial married couple / tenants.

 Hmm… Is Toxic Adult Bullies really implying that I all of a sudden decided to try and get rid of all propane BBQ in the building, just, so I can “discriminate” and “inconvenience” Toxic Adult Bullies? I love how Toxic Adult Bullies tries to portray himself and his family as “all that”, as they say!

These domains are a way for Toxic Adult Bullies to show everyone that he is so special and so important that others went out of their way to “target” them for eviction, just to take them down and “inconvenience” them. Oh no, it wasn’t just me they make these claims against, it is EVERYONE they had dealings with for the eviction.

It will once again be show how the Caucasian racist Stella Reddy deliberately lies about the interracial married couple / tenants and tries to portray them as uncooperative and liars.

I don’t need to portray Toxic Adult Bullies as uncooperative and liars, they did that for themselves within these pages online in all these domains they own.

    1. It was Toxic Adult Bullies that refused entry so many times within their tenancy, even before I started working there. He even admits it!
    2. It was Toxic Adult Bullies who were demanding how they paid rent and expected special treatment, so they wouldn’t have to pay any extra fees for personal cheques or money orders.
    3. It was Toxic Adult Bullies who got upset and demanding over having to remove their propane BBQ from their balcony. KR even prints out paperwork to prove me wrong over the rules. You can see how upset he is with the words he writes on this subject!
    4. It was also Toxic Adult Bullies who tries to imply that all BBQs at the property were propane and refuses to acknowledge that there are different types, like electric that my sister had, as that wouldn’t fit his narratives.
    5. It was Toxic Adult Bullies who got upset over not getting a free parking spot on site, and even demanded that we take a spot away from a paying tenant, so they can have it.
    6. It was Toxic Adult Bullies who went around the property at night and took pictures of other tenants’ vehicles, inside them, and posted them on the internet.
    7. It was Toxic Adult Bullies who tried to start a Tenant Association within the building after their legal eviction and before their Appeal, with the intention of having me fired.
    8. It was Toxic Adult Bullies who contacted other tenants within the building and attempted to scare them into cooperating with him over a letter they got about A/C dripping and their Tenant Association.
    9. It was Toxic Adult Bullies who gave his cell phone to his young son many times out front so that they can record me just sitting on my balcony.
    10. It was Toxic Adult Bullies who posted on November 2, 2017, with the hopes of influencing the general public against the property owners and the building staff.
    11. It was Toxic Adult Bullies who walked the property and took pictures of other tenants’ balconies and their personal possessions there and posted them online.
    12. It was Toxic Adult Bullies who filed Motions with their Divisional Court Appeal to have me included in the proceedings, without success. Divisional Court stated there was no racism.
    13. It was Toxic Adult Bullies who applied to Human Rights, one month, after they learned my applications, failed as the application for rental did not have Toxic Adult Bullies’ name there and I went by what was there of Darwin Charles, as Toxic Adult Bullies lied on the application.
    14. It was Toxic Adult Bullies, while during the process of HRTO, that constantly tried to submit new items, as he didn’t have any evidence of what he already accused me of, just his words.
    15. It is Toxic Adult Bullies who uses comparisons of others within the content of his domains.
    16. It is Toxic Adult Bullies who is trying to news jack with anti-black racism to get more exposure for his sites.
    17. It was Toxic Adult Bullies who stood in the Lobby and bashed me to tenants coming and going and even some prospective tenants who came to see a vacancy, at times while I was within earshot in the office.
    18. It was Toxic Adult Bullies who tried to pressure other tenants into joining his vendetta against me.
    19. It was Toxic Adult Bullies who stole my personal name and posted,,, and, in April 2019 after they lost the Appeal for their eviction, in the hopes of inciting the general public against the people named within.
    20. It was Toxic Adult Bullies who, after 19 months of the process, decided to walk away from their Human Rights application and not bother to even show up at the hearing scheduled for January 2020.
    21. It Toxic Adult Bullies posted the social justice website in June 2020 to go after all the tribunals of Ontario, including the Ombudsman Office.
    22. It is Toxic Adult Bullies who went after total strangers on this site, Cherie White and her husband, just because they showed support to me online.
    23. It is Toxic Adult Bullies who tried, under his djnotnice name and his bird and worm web design name, to get added to the social media of myself and another family, so they can stalk me and where he took the pictures he shares on these domains.
    24. It is Toxic Adult Bullies who share pictures of my great nieces and great nephews online, as well as my sister.
    25. It is Toxic Adult Bullies who negates and degrades so many people within the content of these domains he owns.
    26. It was Toxic Adult Bullies who targeted my sister’s friend in the Lobby and got the video recording of the argument between my sister and her friend and shares it online.
    27. It was Toxic Adult Bullies who shared on various Facebook groups and also has 2 groups of his own on there now, hoping to influence people against me and my husband.

Stella Reddy again tries to use her Caucasian complexion as a tool to discredit the interracial married couple / tenants. 

I don’t need to do anything to discredit Toxic Adult Bullies, as their many written words online do that for me! Toxic Adult Bullies implies so much against me, and others named, but in the process of defending himself, he shows evidence that contradicts him!

Toxic Adult Bullies is using the fact that they are an interracial couple/family as an excuse to validate having so many malicious websites online tearing down others in such a mean fashion.

Toxic Adult Bullies shows his own documentation filled with labels, personal info, pictures, emails, and addresses with phone numbers, of so many individuals online that discredit himself!

Toxic Adult Bullies believes that he is “entitled” to make and post these domains for what he perceives was done to him and his family.

No one believes that anyone would take the chance of ruining their own careers, just to target Toxic Adult Bullies, as they laid out within these domains. These people are not worth that, no one is worth that to me.

Toxic Adult Bullies are the ones, with these scenarios they write online, who try to make themselves seem so special and important that I, and others, would go out of our way to evict them and that I made up things to “discriminate and inconvenience” them all the time.

What would be the purpose of me, or anyone for that matter, to do any of what they claim online? Why would I put that headache on myself and take the chance of getting caught and losing my job?

As Toxic Adult Bullies states on this website, our plan was to retire at 859 Kennedy Rd so why would I take any chance on ruing that all, so I can evict Toxic Adult Bullies? No, sorry, no one is worth that. I would not deliberately put myself in the position I ended up in, no one would. 

Why would I deliberately make my life harder by trying to think up ways to “inconvenience” Toxic Adult Bullies? Common sense would tell you that this is not true.

Why would I make my life harder by “targeting” Toxic Adult Bullies for eviction, with all the paperwork and stress that goes with that, just to “inconvenience” them?

Remember, I knew since August 2016 what Toxic Adult Bullies were like and how they went out of their way to try and discredit my job performance with everything I changed there in procedures for the property.

I am not stupid, I knew after all these incidents, any request to them for the apartment would be met with questions, demands, and outright refusal to cooperate, as they had done up to that point over pest control, fire safety inspection, and maintenance. You can even read the timeline on I only contacted them when I absolutely had to do so, and only by written text so I can have documentation of all interactions for my own protection. I kept them at a distance and rightfully so.

It is this grandiose thinking in his writings that show Toxic Adult Bullies thinks he and his family are special and important enough that anyone would go out of their way and ruin their own lives over it.

Toxic Adult Bullies think he is so special that I would do all this in my job, that everyone he names, would do these things in their jobs, just to inconvenience Toxic Adult Bullies and target them for eviction. This is grandiosity! 

Common sense would tell you that if I was there to settle and retire in a few yrs, why would I go out of my way to create drama and stress in my life, as Toxic Adult Bullies claims I did?

Please, tell me why I would put this nightmare of dealing with Toxic Adult Bullies, on myself in this way, as they write online. Why would I do that to myself and my family?

Read the article below and see these traits within the content of

Grandiosity and narcissistic personality disorder

Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) means you have consistently exhibited traits of narcissism since at least adolescence in a way that has made all areas of your life a challenge. NPD sees you being self-centred, unable to have empathy for others, and manipulating often to get what you want.

You might experience grandiosity in the following ways:

  • over-exaggerating you own achievements and talents
  • criticizing and undermining the dreams and talents of others
  • constant boasting
  • believing you don’t need others and are much better than them
  • seeing yourself as without limits
  • acting pretentious and talking about yourself often
  • having fantasies of power and unable to see yourself as weak and vulnerable
  • acting and thinking in a selfish manner
  • not recognizing the effect of your behaviour on others
  • quick to anger it others don’t go along with you
  • unable to see that your demands or dreams are unrealistic.

I know what Toxic Adult Bullies is all about and I can tell you that no one in their right mind would “target” them for anything, as Toxic Adult Bullies is not that important!

I played a part in their eviction and as a result, I had my name and reputation torn to shreds by their bullying and smear campaign online.

Toxic Adult Bullies’ domains and the content within them, show his true nasty personality and his grandiose thinking.

In the writing below I copied from this site and you can see their thinking here as they try to imply that I was jealous of them for having a brand-new car. Talk about boasting!

Toxic Adult Bullies makes the deliberate point of putting in the fact that they had a brand new car and that I was jealous, as he needs to convince total strangers this is why I went out of my way to “target” them. This also shows his constant boasting over materialistic things they have.

I am sure people will believe that I was petty enough to not give them a “free” parking spot cause I was jealous they had a new car?

But the moment that they were getting ahead and bought a brand new vehicle.

Suddenly Stella Reddy became infuriated with them and refused to give them a parking space that they were entitled too, for free on their application.

This paragraph below shows his true feelings, jealousy over the fact I had 2 cars parked on-site while he couldn’t even get 1 space for himself.  It also shows his narcissism. Toxic Adult Bullies totally contradicts himself here and shows his total illogical thinking.

Toxic Adult Bullies implies that we were so poor I couldn’t get the car parked back on the road, yet I could afford to buy another car, pay insurance, registration, and everything for it to use, all while another vehicle was just sitting there. How stupid is that?

Toxic Adult Bullies thinking is totally illogical. If I had funds to buy another car and get it on the road for use, don’t you think I would have used those funds to get the newer car I had parked back on the road instead? It would have been less hassle. 🙂 

These words show without a doubt that Toxic Adult Bullies just do not know me but love to imply he does! 

You have to understand that at this time Stella Reddy and her husband Russell Reddy had two vehicles parked at the building. One had been off the road since April 2015 that they brought with them and parked in the indoor garage. And they purchased a 2nd vehicle when they first moved in, but could not afford to drive it and eventually had to get rid of it.

Wow, I would really like to know that if I could afford to “purchase” another vehicle, as Toxic Adult Bullies claims here, why wouldn’t I just take those funds and get my newer car that was parked in the garage, on the road? This is Toxic Adult Bullies illogical thinking with trying to convince total strangers he knows me well enough to write all this so blatantly! Toxic Adult Bullies has no clue about how I had 2 cars and trying to make such implications here just highlights that fact!

Racist hate to see any non-white getting ahead while they are still struggling to just get by. Stella Reddy is and was so jealous and pissed off to see that the interracial married couple / tenants were able to buy a vehicle, especially a brand new vehicle. 

This mentality proves Toxic Adult Bullies’ grandiosity in thinking. He is implying here that I am a petty individual who does these petty childish things. 

Toxic Adult Bullies expects people to believe that I, at 52 at the time, just all of a sudden snapped and acted totally out of character, just to go after them out of jealousy. They really have no clue, do they?

Toxic Adult Bullies has built up his domains in such a way by implying that he and his wife,  , and their 2 children, are just so important and special that others have to go out of their way to “bring them down” as they say.

Toxic Adult Bullies is delusional! He comes across as thinking he is ‘all that” when in reality he is nothing!

I have no interest in people who have to tear others down to make themselves feel good.

I also have no interest in living life like Toxic Adult Bullies, in front of my computer bashing others in various domains, while ignoring my own family.

The time and effort it takes to keep just one site online are bad enough for me, Toxic Adult Bullies has 6 of them! No wonder still says on the way, they are time-consuming!

Toxic Adult Bullies have time, as he is a lazy shit who relies on his wife to support the family while he sits on his computer all day with these domains, thinking up new word salad to tear down others. It’s been going on for over 6 years now yrs now and I don’t see it changing any time soon either, as he just renewed the domains for another year! More gaslighting, triangulation, manipulation, and outright lies to come!

He boasts within these sites how he is a stay-at-home dad while his wife works to pay for all the bills, including his many domains! I would be ashamed for people to know that an able-bodied man isn’t working to help support his family! His kids are not young anymore, they don’t need supervision, yet Toxic Adult Bullies still sits on his ass, typing up various domains in which t tear down others for doing better than he is!

Toxic Adult Bullies even did a business site for his wife, that has been online now for about a year, claiming they have an event planning business in Dominica and they don’t even live there and their company isn’t even registered there!! Trying to dupe the people living there. This is how grandiose Toxic Adult Bullies are, promoting a company that they don’t even have registered in a city and country they don’t even live in!

If Toxic Adult Bullies have no problem trying to dupe the people living in Roseau Dominica that they can help plan their special events, they have no problem trying to dupe people into believing their lies about me and other people.

It is Toxic Adult Bullies who are fake.

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