The END of Kory & Allison Read Smear Campaign of Stella Reddy Online Is HERE!

The end has come… Kory Read & Allison Read are total cowards and the past couple of months have proven it!

Kory Read & Allison Read have disappeared and stopped posting on Kinda of a coincidence that they haven’t made a post since July 2021, when  he realized he couldn’t  get my site removed like the other ones he gloats about online on I find it so funny!

He gloats once he is able to get my site removed by false claims but once I have one he can’t get taken down, he disappears and stops posting. Hmm… what a coward.

I find it very suspicious and it shows how accurate I am about their actions with As long as they can continue to bully anonymously they will but once you expose who they are, they disappear. It isn’t the first time they tried to do that and I am sure it won’t be the last.

If you ever want to discern who is the truthful person, watch for the one who continue to stand up for themselves. I will always speak the truth and refuse to hide.

I have nothing to hide from, never did. Kory Read & Allison Read terrorized me to shut me up from defending myself but I have found my voice again and I will never be silent ever again. I have no need to be anymore.

Liars hide away, not only their names but also disappear and become unreachable once the truth is being exposed. They disappear so they can’t be questioned about their actions. Just like Kory Read & Allison Read have done since I met them 5 yrs ago. They always disappear when their lies get exposed. Just read my story on this site and you will see for yourself.

Kory Read confession is below as these are his words, as he always gives himself away. While he tries to imply it is me, these words would not be in his head unless he did the action himself to think of the words to use.


You see, it is clear that Kory Read is just as obsessed with my family as his obsessed wife Allison Read because she allows him to devoted endless amounts of time in front of their computer, typing away his long-winded rants on and the other sites, search for our family through social media, posting endless lies and false claims, and maybe encouraging him to deliberately commit illegal acts like trying to set up online account in her name, like LinkedIn. 


Every word ever written by Kory Read & Allison Read where they try to imply others are to blame, is projection of their own actions. They are skilled at it and you can see it so plainly in all their content in all their sites, listed below. Never do they take responsibility for anything, not even these sites they clearly own, it is always someone else’s fault.


Kory Read & Allison Read were terrible tenants, demanding special treatment and the authority to deny entry to the apartment they rented. This fact can’t be missed on all their sites.

When Kory Read & Allison Read were denied the authority to dictate who could enter and when, they turn around and make false accusations against everyone involved. It is so clear to see, you can’t miss it.

When Kory Read & Allison Read accepts that they can’t get this site,, removed like the other sites I had by their lies, they DISAPPEAR and stop posting. This is also clear to see.

I assume Kory Read is hiding out, as he hasn’t posted on anything since his typos on:

Getting closer kids… Excite to me, everyone… See you in January 2022

Always, Kory Read shows what a coward he is. In the emails he sent me, he claims that the Dominican government is aware of his site, yet once I exposed him on here, he stopped posting on that site as well. 
 It is such as shame that they live their lives competing with others. Kory Read is so full of jealousy over the fact that I was able to get them evicted and I am here living my life free of them. They have so much resentment, so much jealousy and envy is there, it permeates all their writings and is so clear to see. 
They are personally attacking individuals and don’t have the right to do that. That is why their sites haven’t gotten them anywhere and why they are being ignored and no one cares what they say in these sites. They make it personal and people don’t like that, so they are being ignored. I am sure their visitors to their sites show the truth… 
The END is here! I have no more fear, no nothing over their online websites and its nasty contents. The effects on my psyche is now GONE! I know and accept the truth, they are idiots who don’t know people like they imply they do. 
Out of the Billions of people in the world, Kory Read is one lone voice dissing so many people online within contents on various domains. Only Kory Read thinks his voice is powerful enough to have an effect on society.
The past 4 yrs of having online has shown him his words mean shit and no one is believing his narratives! All it takes is time for people’s nasty actions against others to be exposed for what it really is and this is one such incident.
Time has shown society the truth of Kory Read & Allison Read’s claims, as written in their domains.
They lie. They have shown with their disappearing act, they are cowards and liars!