The Beginning & End of The Smear Campaign by Kory & Allison Read

Hell Changes You

Living with PTSD, no matter what trauma gave it to you, is Hell. But I survived, and always will because I am strong and a badass!

I am too stubborn to give in and allow Bullies to abuse my personal name the way they are on the internet! As long as is there, registered for use, I will be here writing about how they stole my name to abuse me in this way!

It changes you, changes the way you think and feel, not only about yourself, but also about others. The symptoms of PTSD can make your life a little more complicated, but it can be maintained. The trick is learning about your emotions, triggers, and open your eyes on the actions of the person who caused the Trauma. You become less trustful and this lack of trust leads you to learn about the toxic traits you feel you are being exposed to from others. The lack of trust, leads to getting a education of Human Nature and see just how nasty one person can be to another.

For me, I am a little bitter and resentful, but these things give me the strength to write and post my own site showing what they did to me with and the other websites they have. They so obviously don’t care about the mental health of their targets nor do they have any respect for the legal systems of Ontario. They show it in their content!

I reacted to what they did in such a drastic way, I had to find out why. These people were just tenants, there was no reason for me to get so upset, and in the beginning, I wasn’t. I knew what it was about, what got to me was the long process with the legal systems, as during that 2 years waiting for Divisional Court and HRTO, I was dragged thru the mud and I felt hopeless. The domains online were driving me nuts, just knowing they were there, and it played on me that these words, true or not, were there on the internet for anyone to find. It was my name, my pictures, my personal info online, put there by someone else. It was enough. it was scary, as you can imagine.

It was the public exposure of their lies online, that played on my psyche. I got up in arms over the fact that they felt comfortable writing such garbage online about other people, not just me. The twists and turns of their narratives, got to my emotions, over that 2 yrs. it was a process and over time, I changed with it. The fear of attack, got to me. Fear is not easy to live with!

They showed they just didn’t care about anyone, not even their own children, to expose them in this manner. It was the total lack of comprehension to what they were doing with their domains and the total lack of empathy and compassion, for another human being, that played on me. I just couldn’t understand it. I was always thinking. “what the hell?”

The lack of support I received, the many comments about “letting it go” ” ignore them” ” their time will come” and the total lack of action by the property owners, also played on me. I felt deserted and ignored. The slow process of HRTO didn’t help either and having to read their constant emails about how I am such a terrible person, also didn’t help. The gaslighting, the triangulations, played on me over time. It would on anyone, I have learned. I reacted as bad as I did, as I am human. I was hurt, frustrated, and in pain and it showed. 

The total lack of support shown to me by the Government of Canada and Ministry of Justice and their rules on Cyberbullying, also do not help. There is nothing the Government of Canada will do about another adult being able to steal and use a individuals personal name and personal information, in a anonymous domain on the internet, like they have with 4 Yearsa go I was told there were changes coming, but still, nothing.

While Internet Service providers claim in their policies that their services can’t be used in this manner, the emails sent to Rogers, whom Kory & Allison Read use, go unanswered. I have made numerous complaints to ICANN as well over these people being able to steal and use my personal name, and personal info, in a domain online where they tear down my character and reputation.  It is clear Cyberbullying, yet, I have no recourse to getting it removed?

Sure, my many complaints to hosting companies got the contents deleted at times over the personal identifying info, they just moved them to a new server and started all over again. The internet archive has all the versions of each of their domains they had online at any given time! In 3 yrs, has had 23 nameservers, just for the one site! These actions by these Bullies show how determined they are to spread their lies anonymously!

Learning about Narcissism and Adult Bullies helps you not take their actions and words so personally, as it isn’t about you at all, but about them looking good! When I look back now, that is all I see! Everything Kory Read did and said, was to try and benefit Kory Read! He tries to make himself look so innocent, yet here he is writing anonymously on a domain that isn’t even in his name and contains info about other people!

This was the beginning of my Hell with this C-PTSD, Smear Campaigns and Cyberbullying by Kory & Allison Read within They deliberately made this site to make their accusations of racism very public on the internet on November 2, 2017.  They spread far and wide on the internet on their site and over Social Media with sharing this site and doing polls. I found links to this site on all kinds of groups on Facebook, that I got removed over time.

Kory & Allison Read, from the beginning, made great pains to try and show they were such perfect tenants who did no wrong, claiming they did not one thing that could cause them to be evicted. They even said they get along with anyone in the building, including my own sister, as if to imply we are making up their actions of refusing access, no matter the reason needed. According to the text below they sent to HRTO, they claim we were trying to evict them out of retaliation, not because they broke the rules of access.

Of course, Kory Read do not mention the refusals of access they did nor do they mention this is the reason they were taken to the LTB in the first place. This was ignored, at all times, even when asked about it, it was ignored. They also ignore anything to do with their many domains they gained after each loss in the legal systems too! 

Below, I share the words shared by Kory & Allison Read on this website and with HRTO. You can see for yourself they avoid even mentioning their refusals of access. Why do they ignore something that people can read? They thought people were gullible and would believe whatever crap they said about others!

At least they were nice enough to share the complete audio of the LTB hearing there!

Where does it say in the Residential Tenancies Act that a landlord, or its agent, have to cooperate with a tenant over entry to the apartment? At no time does the Landlord and Tenant Board state that a Property owner, nor its building staff, have to cooperate with tenants for entry! If a tenant can’t be home for access for any reason, the landlord has a right to enter anyway. 

They are right, the first sentence below show facts that are not grounds for an eviction, as they leave them out, deliberately. They totally leave out the facts of their persistent, and consistent, refusals of access, on purpose, as noted in the released decision October 3, 2017, in attempts to look innocent. Why do you think they do that? 

My education showed me that no matter what accusations someone has against you, they do not have the right to steal your personal name for a domain title where the contents are there to put you down and tear your life apart with their nasty implications over such a terrible thing as racism and discrimination. They thought all they have to do is, imply. 

These Tenant Bullies show very clearly they filed with legal systems, even shows the released decisions they made, and takes every opportunity to put them down, including the people and agencies that did them. Kory & Allison Read show such disrespect towards other people and the jobs they have.

Kory Read shows such grandiosity in this first sentence below, you can’t help but see it in how perfect he tries to make them sound.

These words below, are total lies, they did disturb other tenants into trying to help them against me and the owners, they tried to get a Tenants Association going, they did not get along with anyone, as I lived there too and am part of the ‘anyone” they claim here and so was my sister, and they also didn’t pay rent on time, as it was often paid after the 1st! If they took such great care of the unit, they would have been willing to get the repairs done when scheduled, not fight all the time over scheduling and “inconvenient” timing of entry for them. If the work was so important to be done, they would have allowed to to be done.

The act of the bald-faced lying to Property Standards about the owners “refusing” to do repairs, showed me their true nature. When I got the Notice from the City of Toronto over their complaints, and I was told by the Inspector that they said there was never any attempts to complete repairs needed in the apartment for over 2 years, I got really mad. How could they lie like that?

They didn’t even tell the City Inspector that they had been before the Landlord and Tenant Board for refusing access for the repairs. They left so much out of their complaints to the City of Toronto Property Standards and it was easy enough to show that they lied! 

All I had to do was send the City Inspector the copies of all the Notices of Entry I had given them since I started working there, as it is all the evidence showing we tried to enter to get work done, but they always refused. I even sent her copies of the emails I got from Allison Read telling me we were not getting in at the requested time. I would have loved to have heard that conversation! I do know the City left me alone after and the repairs were done when they moved out! 

This was as all it took for the Inspector to know they had lied to her, straight to her face. They lied to her, deliberately, in hopes of getting me into trouble, just as they lie about everything!

This is some of the lies being told in the contents of their many domains that are being exposed. Kory & Allison Read deliberately did things in the hopes of affecting my personal life, all out of revenge for their eviction. Ya can’t miss it anymore! Everything they have done to me, is all out of revenge!

Even the act of re-posting their domains on a parked server with Hostinger, is a deliberate act of revenge. They actually thought that losing their hosting with Orangewebsite and having the sites “down” for 4 months, would be reason for me to remove this site I have, and then see show back up online somewhere else down the road, as it is still registered for use, they all were! These sites were not “down” as they tried to claim, they just lost hosting but were still registered for use. It is for reasons like this, I will never trust a word Kory & Allison Read ever write or say! Their actions are all I need to see to know the truth of what they do.

The Applicant and her family pay their rent on time, in full and take great care of the unit. They do not disturb other tenants and they get along with anyone in the building.

So it is clear that these above facts are not any grounds to want an Applicant and her family out of the building.

But what does make sense, is that Alto Properties Inc. owner, Alto Properties Inc, owner  have been following blindly and condoning the words and actions of Alto Properties Inc. Employee Stella Reddy for personal reason that are truly only know to them.

Whatever the reason are that Alto Properties Inc. owner , Alto Properties Inc. owner continue to endorse Alto Properties ·Inc. Employee Stella Reddy’ and her employment and behavior.

Their recent action is just another great example of everyone working in collusion to have the Applicant and her family removed from the building.

And for all of their bad-minded intentions and actions over this past 2 years, creating such a negative and hostile environment for the Applicant and her family. They cannot be rewarded and need to be corrected their behaviour is not social acceptable nor at ·any time have they acted in good faith or tried to cooperate with the Applicant and her family. All they have done is try to have the Applicant and her family removed from the building in retaliation for her enforcing her rights and for calling them out on their behaviour and actions.


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  • Eexii Read

When I got the Notice of Summary Hearing in March 2019 for January 17, 2020, We were requested to do a response for it to be discussed at this teleconference hearing that day and I wrote, and submitted, this document below where I lay out what I knew. I wanted it out of the way…. I know, I gave away my position to Kory Read but I didn’t care. 

I knew, 100%, that the HRTO would go after them for their own actions, as they can never give a reason as to why they waited to make their claims against me.

No one waits 2 1/2 months make a claim of racism against someone, and even then, only in general terms.

If Kory & Allison Read truly felt discriminated against, they should have filed with HRTO against me in June 2016, as soon as they returned home from this alleged prior meeting before I even moved in to work and live there, not wait 2 years. 

This document below would have been used for all these applications against me with Human Rights of Ontario by Kory & Allison Read and it lays out my beliefs, and my evidence I supplied to them, that showed what they claim is a all a lie.

When you look at the timeline of this situation, from the date I moved in, June 29, 2016 till they sent that letter August 31, 2016, you can see there was no mention of this alleged prior meeting at some restaurant they claim we had. For someone to be so upset over my behaviour, they took their time disclosing it, didn’t they?

It was only on September 26, 2017, just over a year later, that I heard details of this alleged meeting and you can hear from my response they kindly share, I was shocked by what they said. My shock to their lies was enough for people to know that it didn’t happen.

I do believe that it is because of this document they got, that helped them decide to ignore this process. They knew that any Hearing with Human Rights would demand a response as to why they waited to bring their many allegations of racism and discrimination against me, against all named, until August 31, 2016 and even then, they didn’t ask for a investigation, said they didn’t care to know what we had to say to their allegations in their 7 page letter. 

Kory & Allison Read, by their own design, screwed themselves before they even started, by claiming  a violation of their Human Rights, 2 1/2 months after they claim it occurred. They, all of a sudden, got so up in arms over something they claim happened months before, but it is only mentioned when they get a Form N5 for refusing access. Funny coincidence, or by design?

They sent that letter August 31, 2016, after getting a Form N5 for refusing Pest Control, and even though they clearly say they don’t want a response and don’t care to know what we have to say about the contents of this letter, they later make such a fuss over not getting a response from anyone? Such contradictory behavior and actions they show! They say they don’t want to hear from anyone, yet get mad when they don’t! So childish!!

The first paragraph of my document below, lays out their lies on their HRTO applications, and as they could not come up with any acceptable excuse as to why it took them so long to say anything about racism and discrimination, against anyone, not just me, they decide to ignore the process going forward and it was dismissed, and they get away with what they did to me online. 

There was no way Kory & Allison Read could explain why it took them 2 1/2 months to make these claims against me, and they knew it.

There was no way they could explain why it took them 2 years to file with Human Rights either, over their allegations against me and everyone they name!

If a individual is so upset over racism and discrimination towards them, there is no way they will wait as long as Kory & Allison Read did, to bring it up, unless it is a lie!

Kinda suspicious that this allegation came out after they received a From N5 for refusing access for Pest Control, in writing no less, and all the issues I had over entry, cash rental payments, and propane BBQ’s.

Those first 2 1/2 months after I moved in to work there, was plagued with tenancy issues with these tenants, and they show all these issues in their own documents. It is because of these tenancy issues, was why they were evicted, as a tenant cannot control the things they tried to do. 

If Kory & Allison Read are to be believed by their applications, they felt so intimidated and scared for their lives, since the beginning of their tenancy with the previous staff and with the building owners, yet, they never did anything about it?

At least, not until I came to the scene and all of a sudden everyone is out to get them and are doing illegal things to get them evicted!

The change, was me. I came on site, started making changes that they constantly fought, like no cash for rent, no propane BBQ’s and clearing of balconies of storage items that could cause fires. Keeping all hallways doors closed, locking the laundry room up at night, not sitting on the laundry machines, like I caught them doing.  Even Kory Read shows how they balked at the changes I was making! Every procedure on site, was now all of a sudden, wrong, according to them. Even the way I delivered my Notices of Entry, were wrong! Everything I did, they complained about and you can’t miss it, they wrote it all out to see for yourself!

They tried to claim that every action I did, was racist and discriminatory, just because they are a interracial couple. I put the Notice of Entry on their apartment door, rather than knock and hand it to them directly, and I was being racist by that action. I refused to take a parking spot away from a paying tenant, even take one away from myself, and I was accused of being racist, cause they are a interracial couple and I refused them parking, for free at that!

I file with LTB for an hearing to mediate their persistent, and consistent, refusals of access, in writing no less, and I am accused of being racist against them. How does that compute?

It is scary to see such allegations in any document, as it makes me think that they will use this “racism” as a excuse against anyone.  I do feel sorry for their current landlord, as they are nightmare tenants and always will be with the mentality they have!

Summery Hearing

The basis of the applicant’s complaints is that Alto Properties Inc. enforced their rights to avail of the Landlord and Tenant Board process of eviction over their consistent refusal of access to the apartment for repairs. It was only after issues of entry from July 2016 – end of August 2016 that the applicants made reference to any claims of violations to their human rights by anyone in the email that was received August 31, 2016. This is shown in the evidence submitted by the applicants in their own Statement of Facts.  Even this email on August 31, 2016 does not give specifics on this alleged meeting and the applicants did not request any investigation, just vented their nasty opinions and told us to leave them alone, which we did.  All was quiet for a year until September 22, 2017, when I received a completed work order for bathroom ceiling repairs, and I issued entry for Sept 24, 2017 and attended the apartment once again to access repairs that day and was once again refused entry, that the applicants were given another form N5 for this refusal and it was sent to the LTB for their process of eviction. I also completed and submitted online Aug 24, 2017 my own application with Human Rights against them, File # 2017-08-24-17-30-08948 that was dismissed in March 2018 sometime for the false allegations of racism they level at me during this time. I didn’t receive any letter that was sent out for this, as I noted in email in May 2018.

The applicant’s application is based solely on their own personal opinions and suppositions, not on any actual facts they can prove. There is no proof they can provide, as their allegations of violations of their human rights didn’t actually happen. The applicants are going on the belief that if they claim what they say is true, then it has to be true, whether they can prove it or not. They have the belief that all they have to do is say I am a racist and prejudice enough times that people will accept it as the truth, even without proof.

The applicants wanted to control entry for every reason needed and if they didn’t agree, like with the Fire Inspection that was held Oct 2017, with why we were entering, they wanted to be able to say we were not allowed to enter and that we would have no choice than to accept it.  In the email send by the applicants to this entry, the applicant states that as the building staff replaced batteries in their smoke detector in June 2015 there was no need for Mircom Guardia to enter to do it once again and they were refusing entry. As I explained that the building staff are not certified Fire Protection and that Mircom is under contract for the yearly Fire Inspection, it was required for them to check it that entry was granted. When entry was gained it was noticed that the smoke detector was disconnected by the applicants. They refuse to accept that it was their behaviour of consistently refusing access that caused them to receive a Form N5, as no one can give these forms to a tenant for no reason. If the Residential Tenancies Act did not allow the owners to avail of these forms to look after their rights, what’s the sense of having them there for use? If the owners were expected to always work with tenants over the times they allow entry it would end up a mess. The applicants are claiming that the giving of this form was not for the refusal of access they admitted to doing, but due to my racist and prejudice views of them. If the applicant’s claims were true, and I was a racist and prejudiced against them, the LTB would not have accepted the Form N5’s and the eviction would not have been granted.

The majority of the complaints the applicants complain about in their Statement of Facts are procedural in nature over how the property is operated and has nothing to do with Human Rights Code violations. Items like parking spaces, what other tenants do and have in their tenancy, are none of these tenants concerns and how the management deals with these others tenants is also none of the applicants concern and has no place in human rights code violations. These procedures are common across all apartment buildings in Ontario and enforced by RentSafeTO since the summer of 2017 as well as other agencies such as Fire Code. It is not a Human Rights code violation to not work with tenants over entry times to the apartment when needed; there is no code violations in giving Form N5’s to tenants for their behaviour that is interfering in the rights of the property owners; there is no code violations over taking a tenant to the LTB for their process of eviction over these Form N5’s when the tenants still refuse to comply. The provisions of the RTA in allowing landlords to give Notice of Entry with a time frame for entry was made just for these issues with tenants on entry to the apartments and give procedures to follow when tenants refuse to comply to the rules.  Inconveniences to tenants with rescheduled contractor appointments and inconveniences to tenants over entry times, is not against the Human Rights Code. There is also no code violation to charge a tenant rent on parking spaces nor is it against any rules to not allow tenants to park in Visitors parking area when they refuse to pay for parking. All letters, notices, and emails sent to the applicants were professional and only contained information on the rules and regulations set out by other agencies for residential apartment living and decisions made by the property management that fit with the rules. As there are various agencies and rules we have to follow it is also our responsibility to ensure the tenants are also aware of the rules and follow them. If we didn’t follow procedures for issues that come up in an apartment building it would be chaos and unorganized and no business can run like that. If we had to arrange contractors around the entry times allowed by tenants, repairs would not get done in a timely manner as required and the staffs work hours would become too erratic. It was due to the refusal of entries when asked that the repairs are not done in this apartment. Even though this is a business that supplies people a place to live, it is still a business and is required to be operated as one. The running of an apartment building does not automatically lead to violations against the human rights code for tenants yet the Statement of Facts submitted by the applicants claim all procedures I did in my job went against their human rights. Where is the proof of any of this?

Example of RTA violations by the applicants:: there are provisions in the RTA that state a tenant cannot deduct any funds from rent for any reason yet in these papers the applicants state they will deduct funds from the rent the cost of any parking tickets they may receive for parking in Visitors area and they already deducted funds from the rent for a toaster oven. As the applicants don’t agree with these provisions in the RTA, they believe they don’t need to follow them so they don’t. They think they can make their own judgement over deducting funds from rent and did so with no regard for the actual rules. It is the same with entry to the apartment and the parking areas. The applicants believe that they should be able to say who enters the apartment, and when, so go on that belief and once the owners and management refused to allow that, the applicants came up with this story of racism against everyone as a way to distract from their own actions. Same with the parking, they refused to pay for parking like everyone else and therefore decided they would park in Visitors for free and have no concerns over how it affects anyone else, including the owners, and are basically threatening the owners with rent deductions for enforcing their rights. The RTA also provides that as long as notice of entry is given for a valid reason and time, a tenant cannot refuse access to the landlord to do repairs or inspect the apartment yet they consistently did so.  These acts of defying the rules and regulations is proof of the applicant’s own duplicity that they have shown throughout this whole process. 


As noted in the CAD received March 8, 2019 the applicants Statement of Facts begin June 2015, which is well beyond the limitation period. Also to be noted, they make no claim of filing any official written complaint to the office for the apartment building for property owners alleging any issues named in this application at any time in these Statement of Facts. Even if the applicants were able to explain the delay in filing back then for any code violations they perceived, this action should then also be prejudice as the previous staff were not named as respondents and therefore this information cannot be included.

The applicants have also not provided any confirmation that they complained to the property owners of the building about any alleged transgressions committed by the previous staff.

Another point I would like to make in delay in filing, even if the above was met and the Tribunal allowed the application, is that the applicants claim, on all their submissions including the website they made, that I allegedly, at some point in June 2016 as no exact date is given, (which I have to stress is before I moved into the building to work here) that I went up to them in a public place and asked Ms. Read “where she was from”, made statements of how I am a “Canadian” and that I have “worked as a Superintendent for 16 yrs in Canada” and that I called her children “mulatto”. If this alleged conversation was so stressful and upsetting, why did they not file a complaint with anyone as soon as they got home? Especially to the property owners of the building, as the applicants state I did tell them I was to be new staff that would be moving into the building they lived in during this alleged meeting, as by doing so this allegation could have been investigated right then and they could possibly have prevented themselves from going through everything else they have alleged against me since. Instead, they mention this alleged previous conversation in very general terms in the email received August 31, 2017 that you have, which is 3 months later, and only after all the issues we had with entry for repairs and pest control. It is very suspicious why this alleged prior meeting wasn’t mentioned before this by either of them, especially if this alleged meeting was so stressful and they had to deal with me during those 3 months.  I also would like to stress that the applicants made no such reference to any allegations of any previous meeting or conversations at no time during that 3 months. I KNOW this alleged conversation they are claiming at some restaurant DID NOT HAPPEN at all. At no time did I say ANY of the words the applicants claim I did.

As noted in the application, the applicants claim the last incident of code violation was June 2, 2018 but I see no violation in the action of asking about the rent payment shortfall and reminding the applicants of the cancelled rental payment from October 2017.  I see no code violations in any submissions by the applicants. It is common practice for any business to ask why a payment was not the amount expected. This is standard procedure for any rental payment shortfall received from a tenant and rent collection was part of my duties. As there was no direction received with the short rental payment, just the short payment was made, it is reasonable to ask why, which I believe was worded professionally and politely. It was only after they received this email they realized that the email they did with the explanation did not go through as Ms. Read had issues with her email. It was within my duties to ask why they paid short rent and is not violating any code grounds. If the action of asking a person why they paid less for the service you provide to them is considered violations of human rights, companies would go bankrupt.

Another Proceeding: Landlord and Tenant Board

As submitted to you, there was a hearing scheduled for October 31, 2017 based on the application submitted by the applicants alleging the same issues in this application, the perceived harassment, prejudices and racism they claim they received from all the respondents and when called before the adjudicator, the applicants dismissed their application of their own choice, as noted in the copy you have.  As they chose to cancel when all parties were in attendance ready and able to proceed, they forfeited their opportunity to have these issues heard before any tribunal.

The hearing held Sept 26, 2017 was adjudicated and Order received for consistent refusal of access for repairs. Applicants initially filed an appeal, as noted in their Reply, and on the website they made, , as they hoped this appeal would give them the opportunity to confront me over their allegations and offer them a higher judicial forum in which to layout their claims against us. It was only when the applicants learned they could not do as they hoped at Divisional Court, they filed these claims with HRTO.  The applicants went from one judicial system to another when they realized that the first wouldn’t give them what they wanted, the chance to attack me and accuse me of this racism. It was also after my own application with Human Rights that I filed against them on August 24, 2017 was dismissed for delay file # 2017-08-24-17-30-08948 that they filed this claim. As my application didn’t have Mr. Read proper info, as there is no such information in the tenant file, I went by what was on the application for the apartment, which I have since learned some of it is false. Since they filed this claim, I have done everything required and asked of me to show these claims of theirs is all lies and did not happen.

While I appreciate I wasn’t at my best during this hearing, when hearing details their accusations for the first time and accept that I did say my nephew was as black as you can get and that he was darker than Ms. Read. These words came out of my mouth upon hearing more details for the first time about this alleged meeting they claim we had at some restaurant. The adjudicator saw my reaction and knew it was a spontaneous gut reaction to what I was hearing and that these claims by the applicants were shocking me to the point it made me incoherent. I do admit these words and the way they were said did not make much sense and it was due to the shock of hearing what I did from these people. What I said was inappropriate and I have admitted as much. Seems the applicants have taken these words I said and have blown them out of proportion, even going to the point of making polls on Facebook, as proof that I am a racist person. We did receive the paperwork with their application for the hearing dated Oct 31, 2017 that same day, as they signed a Certificate of Service at the LTB office that same day showing it was given to us. While Mr. Read tried to say he was forced to give us his documents during the hearing, they were given to us before we went to the hearing room that morning and I didn’t even get a chance to look at it until after I returned back to the building. I didn’t see more details of their accusations until I got the chance to read that. It is also included in the website, at the bottom. It is in their application they filed against the company and myself. This is the application they cancelled when before the adjudicator Oct 31, 2017 that they posted on their website.


There is no evidence to support that myself nor the property owners tried to prevent the applicants from applying to any agency about any of their rights. The applicants have submitted to you various letters, emails, and notices I issued during my job duties here that all include information for the tenants to look up what I am stating for themselves and it included the telephone number for the LTB, even the Notices of Entry has the rule on the bottom. I even included emails from contractors I received so they could contact them for themselves if they wished to find out why appointments were rescheduled, same for Pest Control. There is even one email where I gave the applicants the name and contact information for the Scarborough Legal Clinic for them to call for advice, as they seemed to not want to believe anything I said or gave about RTA rules. I always gave the applicants information they could use to investigate what I am saying and in no way did I try to stop them from accessing any one for help. You even have emails from David Strashin where he offers free advice to the applicants but they respond telling him they don’t need his advice and proceed to call him names. There is no evidence to support their fear of reprisal for standing up for themselves either with human rights or with their tenancy. They had ample information that was provided by me to call others to verify what I was doing in my job.

I submit this application is vexatious and only done as retribution for issuing and going ahead with an eviction based on the tenants consistent refusal of access for repairs. They made up this story of racism and a previous meeting between us as a way to distract others from their actions. If I had done as they claim, I am sure they would have said something sooner, way before their claims in August 2016 and especially when they finally did file their complaint on June 2, 2018.  To now claim they felt intimidated won’t wash as they have had no problem speaking up for their rights and getting at anyone who goes against them, even strangers as shown by comments from Mr. Read to someone on one of the Facebook posts that you have. You will see a poll and a comment made by someone about the poll and Mr. Read attacks him about his comment. I know that if I had backed down and given in to the applicants demands for entry for these repairs, we would now not be in this position. It is only due to the fact that I stuck to the rules and procedures under the RTA and LTB, basically I did my job, which I now find myself in this position. The website,, the various Facebook posts and polls, were also done in retribution for the eviction and asked other people to comment to us about what they claim we did. The attempts to start a Tenant Association in the building was a way for them to spread these lies to the other tenants here and in the hopes of finding others willing to work with them to have me fired, as I have documents for this Tenant Association that I submitted to you, showing what their agenda was.  As they noted on the website, “it could be nothing else as we have NEVER been late on paying our rent”. They are telling people that there was no other reason they were evicted, other than our discrimination and prejudices against them, and only them, as they do not mention they refused entry numerous times, though people can see it if they read through everything and listen to the recording he shares on there. This website has paperwork issued by the LTB that holds various personal information including names, addresses and telephone numbers and the applicants also include personal information on the page itself. There is enough information on their website that someone could steal my identity if they wished. The applicants have gone out of their way to make every aspect of their accusations, which have yet to be proven by them to anyone, very public. By posting all this information on the internet, he is exposing everyone to ridicule, including their minor children, as it is easy to trace their children also back to them through social media. In their endeavours to expose me for what they say I am, the applicants have also exposed themselves and have gone out of their way to also try and access mine and my family’s social media, as shown by the pictures he took from my niece’s site and of myself and the requests I received from him from another email to grant access. He hid his real identity to try and access our social media, did it through one of the other websites he owns, Bird and Worm web design and some Nubbilo Event Management site.

I submit that this application, as well as the Appeal to Divisional Court, were submitted for the sole purpose of Reprisal against myself and the property owners for picking up for the landlord’s rights of entry to complete repairs to the apartment through process of the Landlord and Tenant Board. These applications were brought against us for enforcing the rights of entry to the apartment and the lies they perpetuated against me of racism and prejudice was fabricated in order to give them something to come back at me with to try and hide their own behaviour. The lies about me are a smoke screen for their own actions and as a way to detract the focus from them onto me. This behaviour is noted throughout the applicant’s paperwork. I say anything against them, and I am attacked for something else and they totally ignore their own behaviour.

Please whatever you do, hold the applicants accountable for their actions with this website, and the Facebook posts as well as all the other incidents where they discriminate against others in their paperwork. They called the adjudicator from the LTB “ghetto”, labelled all people dressed “sloppy/bummy” as from Hamilton, and tried to pressure other tenants into telling lies over interactions with me that did not happen. As he discusses in text in his paperwork, he tried to pressure 203 into confronting me over something that he claims I did, but did not.  These tenants refused to lie about incidents that didn’t happen, which is why these applicants filed on their own and are the only one who made any claims against me.

If I was an actual racist person I am sure the applicants would not have had any trouble finding any other tenants, past or present, whom feels I also violated their human rights and would have worked with them against me. As they have no proof of their claims, as there was no previous meeting and there was no racism or discrimination against them by anyone, please dismiss this application and make them accountable for their own discrimination and harassment against others they wrote in here. As you are aware, these false allegations made by the applicants have caused me undue mental health issues and I went into psychosis on July 4, 2018 when once again the applicants sent an email to the property owners in an attempt to embarrass me. I quit my job that day and have been in extensive counselling and are on various medications for the severe depression, anxiety and PTSD symptoms I have been experiencing since. I have spent the past 9 months living in fear of more retaliation from the applicants online and in person and as a result avoid leaving my apartment in case I run into them or anyone else whom may make nasty comments over their allegations.



Stella Reddy

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