Tenant Bullies Made Conscious & Calculated Decisions

Be Cautious

Adult Tenant Bullies made a conscious and calculated decision to post personal information about me within the contents of a domain titled in my personal names. No one made these Tenants do that with stellareddy.com. They did that on their own and use it to post anonymously online. The contents of this domain in my name is filled with lies, criticism of my very existence as another human being. They use this site to judge me, when they have no right to do so. They use this site to question me, when they have no right to do so.

I have previous tenants, writing on a domain in my name, all about my life and how they question every little thing I do and say, from 5 years ago, trying to imply with their words how terrible I am as a person. What type of person does that to another? A Narcissistic Adult Bully!

I have come to see these actions are for these Adult Tenant Bullies self-gain. They were hoping to incite the general public with their accusations of racism, hoping someone would be incited enough by their propaganda that they would attack me and do to me what he was too afraid to do, which was beat me up or even kill me.

He tried to promote my suicide, said it often enough in his documents that he wished I would either kill myself or have a heart attack from all the stress, trying to imply it is what even my own husband was hoping to see.

All these actions show me now is the truth about their own character, integrity, self-esteem, and core values. It shows me they have none. I have read so much on Bullies, I see more clearly now the actions done against me. They are idiots who think they have the given right to psychological torture another human being with their lies and implications, all because they got mad they were evicted for their own actions they admit to doing.

All the name calling of me that they do, all the labels they place on me with no evidence, gives their Bullying ways away. Why should anyone have to tolerate this behaviour towards them and just let it continue? They don’t. Yes, I label them, as their actions have proven the label of Bully. My own doctor told me he was a narcissist, just from reading the documents he wrote to me. I have evidence that shows they deserve the labels I place on them. Where is their evidence proving I deserve the labels they give me?

All their actions were for them to feel better, hoping that if they put their words of degradation out there on me, that someone , somewhere, would give him some satisfaction and beat me up or come to him and support him against me. He was also hoping the stress of having my personal info online like it was, would drive me so crazy I would kill myself to get away from it. Neither has come to pass. I was terrified, but I didn’t give in to the fear. I am stronger than that. I was initially attacked verbally a few times, but once I quit my job there, nothing came. I couldn’t leave my apartment, as I was questioned all the time by other tenants, it wasn’t always in a bad way. I just didn’t want to hear it and I didn’t want to answer to anyone.

My environment became so toxic to me, I had to leave. All due to these Adult Tenant Bullies actions with stellareddy.com, which even to this day, still continues. I was living in a Province with 14 million people and was terrified someone, somewhere, would be incited by their words, as it was happening around me at the time. I could not live like that anymore. I didn’t NEED to live like that anymore.

I have a right to protect my name from Adult Tenant Bullies and will do everything in my power to protect my name from their abuse. If anyone does come out of the woodwork and attack me in my new environment, I will not hesitate to protect myself and will do all I can. No more hiding away, if anyone does dare to question me about those sites, I will do all I can to make them accountable for it.

I won’t tolerate disrespect anymore. I have choices now and I am taking them. I have since come to see I have rights too.

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