Journaling Changes Perspectives For Stella Reddy

Writing your way to happiness… such a apt statement. For the past year, I have been writing my way to my own personal happiness. With every post, I release so much from my mind and spirit, over all this mess. I am so much calmer over it all…. I came to terms with my fears […]

Stella Reddy: Proposed Changes to the CHRA in Canada

I am sharing with you this morning something I am very excited about! The proposed changes that are coming for the Canadian Human Rights Act is something that is very much needed here in Canada with the age of the internet. These changes I copied below, are the coming changes I have talked about for […]

Quora Digest: What’s the Future for a Narcissist?

  Relationship with Narcissist Follow Answered by Karolina May 12 What is the future for a narcissist? Narcissists are destined to get older and then experience nothing but loneliness and sadness. They’re destined to end up alone. Because they never learn from their mistakes. Which is why you should not feel bad for them. They had plenty […]

Article Found by Stella Reddy: Journal Prompts to Explore Anger

I just read this article just now that I got in my email and am sharing to you. It is another blogger I follow for a few years. I am going to take some time over the next little while and work on these, see how it helps me. I am wiling to try anything, […]

Stella Reddy & Thoughts of Anger

I’ve been doing some reading on Anger and what I can do about it. I want to release it, as I love myself too much to hang onto it. It is hurting me to hang on to this anger. Anger is a very powerful emotion, I know.  It has caused me to react in ways […]

Stella Reddy & Sense of Self-Worth

I have been pondering this article I read a few days ago and I came to quite a few conclusions. I wasn’t raised this way, I didn’t go looking for validation from others. I don’t even recall looking for validation from my parents for anything I did, or didn’t do. So no, even during my […]

False Accusations Of Racism Against Stella Reddy

I have been putting off writing a post like this, but it’s time. Time for me to share my feelings about this.  Kory & Allison Read, made False allegations of Racism against me, all because I was enforcing the rules of apartment living in Ontario. It became a nightmare that was hard to wake up […]

Narcissists Behaviors, Like I See with Kory Read

Very Important traits to remember to look for! Whenever you come into contact with someone with narcissistic traits, recognize them and know how to protect yourself. Please, for goodness sakes, don’t be like me and allow them to get under your skin, as once they do, it is very hard to get them out of […]

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