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Identity Theft & Smear Campaigns Online

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I knew since the beginning from all my reading over the years on privacy, that the info shared within these domains is enough that someone could try to use it to commit fraud in my name and the Toronto Police were aware of it too, but until something was done, there was nothing they could do. Now it has happened and we will see if KR & AR are held accountable. 

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YouTube Videos on Narcissistic Abuse and Gaslighting

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I am so happy to see so much information getting online on Narcissistic Abuse, like what I have experienced. It is so important to learn so you can protect yourself from people like this so it won’t happen to you ever again. The more you know, the better informed you are, the better you can choose for yourself what you need to be happy.

Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario / Smear Campaign Websites / Transcript & Audio

Landlord & Tenant Board Transcript: The Truth is Here About These Tenant’s Eviction!

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KR & AR have always maintained that I was afraid to get before a court and answer their questions, but this is projection as I was there at the hearing January 17, 2020 and waited on the phone for a hour like everyone else, for one of them to call in, but they never did. They projected their cowardness onto me…